Report: Bucs Part Ways With D-Line Coach Melvin

January 16th, 2013

This is an intriguing development.

Despite Roy Miller having a breakthrough season, Gerald McCoy making his first Pro Bowl, Michael Bennett solidifying himself as an upper tier defensive end, and Daniel Te’o-Nesheim exceeding all expectations, the Bucs have parted ways with defensive line coach Randy Melvin, per a report this evening by PewterReport.com head man Scott Reynolds.

Melvin earned a Super Bowl ring coaching under Bill Belicheat and coached for Greg Schiano at Rutgers, in addition to other stints in the NFL. Before he joined the Bucs, he was working in the CFL.

Joe has not received any comment or confirmation on the report from the Buccaneers.

“Front-7″ coach Bryan Cox spent a lot of hands-on time with the Bucs defensive line. It seemed to Joe, from viewing locker room interaction, sideline chatter and practices, that Cox was closer with the D-linemen than the linebackers. Perhaps that has something to do with the Bucs making a change.

Joe will monitor this through the night and provide updates.

40 Responses to “Report: Bucs Part Ways With D-Line Coach Melvin”

  1. Andrew 1 Says:

    my comment didnt get through on the previous thread.

    @ lightningbuc

    first of all my name is not Andy. second of all Ill admit I did go a little overboard, possibly from lack of sleep as a tend to be a little cranky when Im tired and for that I apologize, but nothing changes that fact that you and other people who post comments about who is running the draft dont know for a certainty who is calling the shots when it comes to drafting players so to suggest otherwise would be a discredit to Dom and is outright wrong and pisses me off. btw you dont need to come to Joe’s defense for my previous comment as he had plenty of chances do that himself and for whatever reason did not. if Joe felt strongly about it he would have let me know. that’s between me and him, not you.

  2. ShayneGoodfellow Says:

    Joe you have some really good points at the start, but I think Melvin was let go simply on the fact that we were at the bottom of the league in sacks. I will assume Schiano wants to bring in a guy that really knows his pass rushing moves so we can get these guys sacking the QB more often. Miller is a free agent correct? I’m hoping we bring him back because I was happy with how he played this year.

  3. Macabee Says:

    I am not surprised! I think there is more to come. The guy that coaches special teams should immediately seek asylum in a foreign country!

  4. Buczilla Says:

    We had Keith Millard… *slaps forehead*

    I know it is uncustomary to keep just one man over from a jettisoned coaching staff, but he may have been the exception to the rule that no one would have argued with.

  5. DanDid Says:

    So, any chance this could lead to the return of Keith Millard? He is currently an assistant D-line coach for the Titans… So I think the bucs would be a move up! I was disappointed to loose him last year!

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    i have never seen a GM go thru so many coaches, coordinators, and assistant coaches.

  7. Andrew 1 Says:

    did my comment go through.

  8. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ lightningbuc

    @ lightningbuc

    first of all my name is not Andy. second of all Ill admit I did go a little overboard, possibly from lack of sleep as a tend to be a little cranky when Im tired and for that I apologize, but nothing changes that fact that you and other people who post comments about who is running the draft dont know for a certainty who is calling the shots when it comes do drafting players so to suggest otherwise would be discrediting Dom and is outright wrong and pisses me off. btw you dont need to come to Joe’s defense for my previous comment as he had plenty of chances do that himself and for whatever reason did not. if he felt strongly about it he would have let me know. that’s between me and him, not you.

  9. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Joe

    for some reason some of my comments are not going through. I would like to know why that is and if there is anything I can from my end of the computer to fix this problem. thanks.

  10. Stevek Says:

    We need sacks. We should hire Sapp. He would no doubt get the attitude and swagger back to today’s soft NFL.

  11. Red86 Says:

    Agree Bucszilla. I want to see Millard come back. Atleast the pass rushing was better last year. No stunts needed.

  12. 1976Buc Says:

    This is a bit of a surprise.

  13. Andrew 1 Says:

    What the heck are they thinking over there at one buc place. there dismantling the whole coaching staff. I thought the defensive line played superb, minus the lack of sacks.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The pass rushing was not better last year. We had fewer sacks, fewer pressures and fewer QB hits. How is that better?

  15. Joe Says:


    First thing Joe thought of. Unlikely only because Millard is under contract with the Titans. They would have to turn him loose from his contract. Doesn’t always happen to good coaches unless they are getting a promotion at their new team.

  16. ShayneGoodfellow Says:


    exactly what I was thinking.. The stats prove it, we were worse when Millard was here. I think Sapp would put some fire into the life of all our D-line, they would play with a mean streak and be hungry more then ever to get after the QB. Sapp also knows a thing or two about getting to the QB. Then Cox would still keep all of them grounded with stopping the run. Very unlikely to happen, but I think it would benefit our D-line way more then Mevlin or Millard has, we have been at the bottom of the league with boys these guys.

  17. Joe Says:


    Not sure why your comments are not going through. Either you are using certain words that Joe has blacklisted or you are trying to use HTML codes in your comments or you are including links. Those types of comments are usually spammed by the WordPress software.

  18. Red86 Says:

    Part of the stat issue is that McCoy had an early exit. That line was better performance wise those few game McCoy was there.

  19. Daniel Says:

    Raheem morris is interviewing for the browns d coordinator position.

  20. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Joe

    o. wow, Joe your right. I though it was your website but in turns out its my computer. for some reason some of the words that I type are highlighted in red with a link attached to them. I think I might have a virus or something. thanks.

  21. Capt. Edward Teach Says:

    Or maybe Schiano evaluated the situation and decided that since B Cox apparently had a better repoire with the lineman, he’d make Cox the new lineman coach and do away with the front seven coach position, or hire a LB coach or hire another front seven coach. However you slice it their are always casualties when a team plays subpar at certain positions and Mel was the weakest link.

  22. IheartTheBucs Says:

    Andy ur PC sucks

  23. ShayneGoodfellow Says:


    read that on PFT, I just can’t see Rah being a good DC, secondary coach he is good at. Poor browns fans if he comes their next DC

  24. Big Marlon B Says:

    Sapp will not come here for a D line coaching position. He makes a nice chunk of money on TV, and the hours are much less demanding. Of course you can never say never, I just don’t think it’s likely.

    Rod Marinelli would be great, but I think that’s pretty unlikely too. I’m sure loyalty is pretty important to a guy like him…if Lovie is really going to wait until next season for a HC opportunity, i think Marinelli might wait to be his right hand man and DC instead of taking a step backward and coaching DL again. That would be a pretty sweet deal though if they can convince him to take the gig.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I love Sapp as much as any Bucs fan, but that doesn’t mean he will be a successful coach. First of all, does anyone here really think that any coach can get along with him, especially one like Schiano? That seems like oil and water to me. Sapp is not a yes sir kind of guy by any stretch of the imagination. Second, you can’t ignore the off the field stuff Sapp has had in his recent past. It’s one thing to have to worry about a talented player doing something stupid, it’s quite another to worry about an unproven and inexperienced coach going all Lawrence Taylor the night before a big game.

    I’m all for Sapp having an open invitation to visit/help out with the players, but I think it’s a horrible idea to have him be a part of the staff. Besides, I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe he would even be interested. It’s a lot of hours as a coach in the NFL, and he probably makes a lot more in the comforts of the studio.

  26. lurker Says:


  27. toneman850 Says:

    Schiano can now get quality coaches now that he has a year under his belt in the NFL. A lot of the coaching hires were last minute hires because either teams would not allow their coaches to interview or all the other good ones were taken up because Schiano was a late hire himself, but a good one.

    The Bucs showed they have talent on the team and some coaches should want to come to Tampa to coach damn good player, except our secondary, they need a lot of help.

  28. Saskbuco Says:

    See marinelli Rod as he is not going to be with the bears anymore, but most likely join Monte in Big D.

  29. Andrew 1 Says:

    @ Iheartthebucs

    I know. My PC does suck.

  30. MadMax Says:

    Dont know what operating system you’re using or your browser….Im on windows 7 and use the chrome browser, and I run the free version of AVG for my antivirus. You can google “easy cookie cleaner” its free and cleans out cookies and old cache files. I also use an older version of “auslogics boostspeed”, it fixes registry errors and does a great job of defragging the hard drive, well worth the $25. Ive used it for 4 years now and run it once a week. I havent had to do a reinstall of my system in 4 years ….something I used to do once a year. Anyways, hope you can fix your problem.

  31. lurker Says:

    what words are blacklisted?

    Please don’t waste time with such nonsense. Use good judgment and your posts will be fine.–Joe

  32. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    Why not give Steve White a shot at DL coach?

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Steve White for DL and Jeff Carlson for QB. Wow, that makes some sense. Never happen but I sure like them both. Maybe Schiano can just do the whole thing himself. Hire a few elves to run around and give messages to the players, should work great.

  34. Meh Says:

    I don’t understand the Millard love at all. We stunk it up when he was here.

  35. lurker Says:

    well there must be special words because i am not using “poor judgement” words…

  36. BUCS4755 Says:

    My Vote: Steve White!

  37. DanDid Says:

    Joe: Millard is listed as the ASSISTANT d-line coach for Titans. I was thinking he could get out of his contract if it was a PROMOTION… Which I was hoping would be fulfilled in being the Bucs D-line coach. What do you think?

    Millard Haters: alright, Millard isn’t a savior, but I thought the d-line improved under his care. He had young players to develop, no DT’s, (injured McCoy,miller,price) and had the line playing hard. I think he was on his way building the line, and we saw more of his hard work come to fruitfulness this year. The questions on him would be philosophical- does he teach to d-line like Shiano would want. I like his motivational skills, but not a hill I’m willing to die on!

    Marinelli: he was an assistant head coach (and still is) under contract with the bears, so he is not an option. However, if he were to come available, I’d chase him like crazy! I’d place him higher than Millard. Once again, he’d have to line up with Shiano philosophically, but that would be an amazing hire!

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    lol good one Joe

    …couldnt resist 😉

    On Topic: Rod Marinelli d-line? Just red he wont be retained

  39. PRBucFan Says:


  40. Andrew 1 Says:

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