Raheem Gets A Call From Cleveland

January 17th, 2013

Liquor sales reached an all-time record in the state of Ohio last year, and that trend should continue if the latest news out of Cleveland Browns camp gets serious.

Raheem Morris, the architect of the failed Tampa 2.0 defense, will interview soon for the Browns’ defensive coordinator position, per various reports out of Ohio and the Tampa Bay Times.

Apparently, new Browns head coach Rob Chudzynski has no interest in stopping the run.

Raheem coached the Redskins secondary in 2012. The unit ranked 30th in the NFL.

Joe thinks Raheem is a much better head coaching candidate than a potential defensive coordinator. He at least had stunning success as a head coach in 2010, when the Bucs were 10-6, started a bunch of rookies, and he was a deserving coach of the year candidate. But as a defensive coordinator, Raheem was dreadful on all fronts.

Joe wishes Raheem well.

27 Responses to “Raheem Gets A Call From Cleveland”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Raheem the Dream, its party time in Cleveland. Bust out the Chronic and the Adderall. Clubbing til the sun rises and no taxi driver is safe. First order of business is to trade for Aqib Talib.

  2. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Raheem was set-up to fail here and EVERYONE knows it. Hope he gets the job. Many coaches are booze hounds behind closed doors

  3. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Lmao @bigmacattack. That pretty much sums up the bucs tenure under Raheem. I heard a guy on 98.7 yesterday saying Schiano was a failure this year because of all the talent. I hate to break it to him but we had NO talent with the CB’s besides wright but made substantial improvements against the run. And on the offensive side, well we set franchise records. He also said Raheem could have went 7-9 with this team. That’s a bunch of BS because even the players wanted change from Raheem.

  4. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Ian, how was he set up to fail? Last time I checked, we had one of the most undisciplined teams on and off the field. Even EJ biggers in training camp this year said he didn’t know where he had to be half of the time in Raheem’s defense. Send the link joe. Talib HIMSELF said things got too loose in the locker room and they needed change. Now that’s saying something.

  5. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    When ownership spent no money his last season…the whole team tanked after McCoy got hurt b/c we had no depth. Players read websites…every website was filled with people bashing the Glazers for leaving this team with no depth or Free Agent signings. Raheem was not allowed to pick his own staff and the staff that Mark Dominik hired was on the cheap and were not guaranteed any money…so we got the bottom of the barrel coaching staff to

  6. ClayBURN94 Says:

    How do you know it was only Dominik that made the coaching hires? How do you know it wasn’t collective by him and Raheem? Were they cheap? Yes, but they were also stockpiling young talent which needs discipline and almost like a father figure. Not a best friend that goes out partying with them at the clubs. That’s why the players got tired of it and quit on him. They wanted to go to work and win, not have fun like a certain “soldier” who is unemployed now.

  7. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    I’ve heard from a popular radio show host with connections to the locker room and 2 other people that cover the Bucs everyday re: the hiring of coaches & there non-guaranteed contracts (essentially, a 3 year deal was a series of 1 year deals….what established coach would take that????????????) Anywho, here’s how i break down the blame: 50% Owner/GM 25% Players 25% Raheem (plus, who is ready to be NFL head coach at age 32??? He was nwver even an NFL Coordinator) SET UP TO FAIL 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. eastsidebuc Says:

    Another opportunity for “Joe” to lay into Raheem. Like he cant be a better coach if he was fired. SMH bruh… Why are you still writting articles on this dude??? Lets move on… LMAO at dudes handle “Ian’s gay lisp & Ron’s drinking problem”

  9. Jacko101 Says:

    How was he set up to fail lets see. They added no major free agents, and let go of the ones who’s contracts were up like Cadilac Williams who converted over 50% of our 3rd downs via screen plays. The coaching staff he had no control over. I’m sure you haven’t forgot about all the fans asking why are the Glazers so cheap. But when shiano comes in we spend, spend spend. I wouldn’t call that a fair shake buddy. And rah did carry the BUCS to a 10-6 season

  10. OAR Says:

    Set up to fail? Too funny I just love that excuse. Raheem’s brain and loose personality set him up to fail!
    But, really was fired and is no longer part of the staff so Who Cares!

  11. OAR Says:

    “opportunity for “Joe” to lay into Raheem”

    First, I didnt know it was laying into somebody, with truth and facts.
    Second, it is Joe’s site.

  12. OAR Says:

    “Lay into” whoever you want, Joe!

  13. Jacko101 Says:

    Rah wasn’t close to perfect, but indeed used as a rat for testing. Rah is a players coach, so was Dungy Rah will have another chance and I hope he does well. It’s funny to see such hate towards someone who dedicated so much to an organization. Some Fans

  14. MadMax Says:

    I just have to say about that beauty you’ve posted the past few days, Juliete Cabrera…that is one of the absolute sexiest of the models you’ve posted. I looked her up and now have a folder full of pics. One of the prettiest Ive seen in a long time.

    And sorry about Tampa not being on that restaurant list, but my own home of Greenville SC is. We have a lot of places to choose from here in the downtown area.

  15. Vic Says:

    Funny link to the Ohio drinkers

  16. eastsidebuc Says:

    LOL @ OAR

  17. Eric Says:

    The fact that we consider one winning season around here as “stunning” pretty much says it all as far as the lowering of the standards.

  18. LDAY Says:

    Raheem made an average secondary good this year. Joe stop your hating!

  19. OAR Says:

    “Raheem made an average secondary good this year.’
    You are exactly right, but that is as good s Raheem is going to get at the coaching level, position coach.

  20. PRBucFan Says:

    I think he can be a successful DC.

    We shall see, I’ll eat crow if i’m wrong.

    If I’m right however, i’ll have some tasty plates available for some of you.

  21. Brandon Says:

    I liked Raheem. He had a huge part of the blame of what went wrong in Tampa. Accountability was not always a top priority with Raheem but under another head coach, it shouldn’t be as much of an issue. There are numerous cases of a stunningly different coordinator getting even more out of his players because of the contrast in styles to the head coach. Buddy Ryan in Chicago, Wade Phillips anyplace he has gone, the Ryan brothers, Norv Turner… these, at times, lackadaisical coaches in the area of discipline were able to exceed talent expectations on their sides of the ball because they were allowed to continue their less than drill sergeant ways because the head man provided the much needed “yang” to their “ying”. Think of it as them being able to play the role of good cop to the HC’s bad cop.

    Raheem can succeed, if given another chance, as long as he has a steadfast bad cop to his good cop routine. In theNFL coaching system of checks and balances, if Raheem’s X’s and O’s are good enough, he will be fine… as a coordinator. Perhaps down the line he can show he learned from past mistakes and become a HC again… though it seems unlikely he’ll ever get that shot again. I wish him luck.

  22. Nick2 Says:

    Joe, good head coaching candidate? Yeah if your talking about the Pop Warner league. He might not be over his head there and he won’t have to complain about lack of free agent money. Raheem is over his head as clipboard holder in my opinion.

  23. Nick2 Says:

    God save poor Cleveland they just can’t catch a break! What is their GM smoking anyway?????

  24. OAR Says:

    So far his record as a DC has been horrible!
    But, I have personally found that ka-kaw ka-kaw is best served grilled with a pinch-of-garlic or I-told-you-so!

  25. PRBucFan Says:

    I wasn’t aware he’s ever served solely as a head coach without having any other responsibilities to worry about such as having to be the HC?

  26. PRBucFan Says:

    sorry served solely as a *defensive coordinator

  27. OAR Says:

    Didn’t know you could be a head coach and a head coach on one team simultaneously????

    Sorry, but it is what it is. His defenses SUCKED as defensive coordinator!!
    Do you really think his horrible coaching interrfered with his horrible defensive scheme and coordinating?
    He was horrible, period!