Remorseful Eric Wright Ready For Action

December 26th, 2012

Bucs cornerback Eric Wright, fresh off his four-game suspension for popping Adderall, faced the Tampa Bay pen and mic club this afternoon and, perhaps knowing this could be his last week with the team, expressed remorse for being caught violating the NFL’s banned-substance policy.

“I apologize to the team, the organization and the Glazer family,” Wright said. “It hurt me a lot to let the team down. It’s just an unfortunate situation. I’m looking forward to moving forward.”

Then Wright was peppered with questions about his future with the Bucs. The fact he was popped for Adderall voided the second year of guaranteed cash by the Bucs, per reports. So in effect, the Bucs could cut Wright after the season and not owe him any money.

“Until someone tells me otherwise, I am a Tampa Bay Buccaneer,” Wright said. “I say that with a lot of pride. It is an honor to put on that jersey.”

Wright also explained that the root cause for his suspension was that a letter of exemption to use Adderall that was to be sent to the NFL for approval was never filed.

Wright wouldn’t elaborate further.

“It was extremely difficult being at home, being away from my teammates and my coaches,” Wright said. “You work all offseason and preseason to get to this point and have to sit down and sit out for four games; It really hurt. The situation is that it is over and I served my four-game suspension and I am back with my team.”

For those of the belief that the Bucs didn’t miss Wright’s services, consider the Bucs haven’t won a game since he was suspended.

In an unrelated matter, Wright, who was slowed by a gimpy Achilles injury before he was suspended, admitted he is feeling closer to 100 percent than he was before his suspension.

“I feel a lot better,” Wright said. “I still have to finish the week of practice.”

18 Responses to “Remorseful Eric Wright Ready For Action”

  1. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    it’s a shame that it didnt work out. look forward to taking a 70% pay cut next year. You love California sooooo much…..have fun playing with the Raiders while the Bucs correct the mistake of signing you

  2. Justin Says:

    “It was extremely difficult being at home, being away from my teammates and my coaches,” Wright said.

    I thought he needed a change of pace from his suspension and went to Laguna. STFU and get off our team.

  3. ElioT Says:

    See you later pal! It was a mistake signing this guy and I can’t see how anyone on the Bucs staff could want him back except at a substantially reduced salary. Even then I’m not sure he would be worth the trouble.

    Nice job losing a ton of money there Eric!

  4. MadMax Says:

    Sorry Eric, but I dont think you’ll be here next year.

    We need a lot of help back there, so if he does remain, Im sure there will be a major discount attached…or could we packaged him for a draft trade maybe? Another 4th maybe?

    So what do you guys think of Denard Robinson? Im liking what I see so far from his highlights. He could also be one hell of a speedy CB with the right coaching.

    A QB/RB/CB/WR hybrid. Might be there in the 2nd round too.

  5. Joe Says:


    So what do you guys think of Denard Robinson?

    As a return guy, probably but hell no not as a corner. When’s the last time Robinson played corner, grade school?

  6. Sensiblebuc Says:

    ““I apologize to the team, the organization and the Glazer family,” Wright said. “It hurt me a lot to let the team down. It’s just an unfortunate situation. I’m looking forward to moving forward.”

    Whatever dude. What a waste.

  7. MadMax Says:

    lol, safety maybe? Slot and a returner for sure though….not so bad as a rushing/passing QB too.

  8. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    What a pathetic season for Wright, I pray to god that we dont bring him back, and if we do the only way is at an extremely reduced contract, 2 years 6 million? 90% chance he doesn’t want to take that contract then we get rid of bum.

  9. Fan Says:

    BOOOOOO, in my book this guy is worst than Talib get rid of this clown!!

  10. FloridaGirl Says:

    Hurt so bad to be away from the team he needed spa treatments in CA….get rid of him.

  11. Ramdog Says:

    This guy takes moron to whole new level. He signs a new big contract, which according to everyone way overpaid him. Most people when they are overpaid try to really do a good job. Not him though.

    He has some sort of a personal issue or something in the offseason, gets suspended for Adderrall when the BUCS are in the midst of a playoff run. Then to top it off tweets about his vacay and spa treatments with his wife. He deserves to be cut and most likely will be. The BUCS will then save around 7 million for cutting him, coupled with Quincy Black we could save almost 14 million. Which could be spent on getting one or two new corners in Free Agency.

    After we cut him we should see if we could get Talib to pistol whip him for his stupidity.

  12. Fan Says:

    I truely belive we have to pursue freeagent DRC i.e Dominic Rogers-Cromartie and our first pick has to be either DeMarcus Milliner, CB, Alabama or Johnthan Banks,CB, Mississippi State. If we can’t match up Mark Barron with a freeagent like freeagent Fs Dashon Goldson 49ers then we need to trade back in the 1st rd and try to get on of theses Safties Kenny Vaccaro S, Texas Tony Jefferson S, Oklahoma all of those would be significant up grade.

  13. Fan Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention trade back in the 1st to try and snag Xavier Rhodes CB
    Florida State

  14. Architek Says:


  15. Adam Says:

    Eric WRONG.

    Maybe next time you get a nice, fact contract you’ll PAY ATTENTION!!

    AWW…. too soon?

  16. Jwayne Says:

    Eric…you suck! stay home on sunday!

  17. Andrew Says:

    he almost got me feeling he was sincere when he said he took pride in wearing our jersey. almost. I really hope we cut him but with our organization you just never know…

  18. ladyz Says:

    And to think about it; it’s just a matter of late paperwork. RIGHT!!! This hard luck kid needs to sit out Sundays game. He doesn’t deserve any gametime, and we certainly don’t want him to get hurt. The sooner he is on his way back to California the better. He bares a lot of the blame for our seasons demise along with a certain irratic ball slinger.

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