Too Much Sideline Study With Sullivan

October 8th, 2012

If there’s a guy among the media that knows Mike Sullivan and his offense, it would be former Giants receiver Amani Toomer.

Sullivan was Toomer’s position coach for five seasons (2004-2008) with New York. So Joe’s all ears when Toomer weighs in on the Bucs offense like he did last week with Whitney Johnson of WHBO-AM.

Toomer believes Josh Freeman looks very uncomfortable and Toomer doesn’t like the sideline interaction between Sullvan and No. 5.

“I just feel like [Freeman] doesn’t seem like he’s mastered it yet. You know, you can just look at his face, look at the body language and he just looks a little unsure of himself,” Toomer said. “Things happen and he’s going over to trying to talk to Sully. I know Sully is a guy who is very hands-on and he tries to explain to him. But there’s some point in time where you gotta just play the game and coach it off of the tape in terms of ‘Ok, Sully, I did that wrong and let’s move on and seek something else.’ Because there’s too much going on to be learning during the game.”

Toomer went on to say the bye week should be good for Freeman’s development.

Joe, too, has noticed Freeman and Sullivan poring over still shots together during games and seemingly in deep coach-player instruction.

Joe can’t call that a negative, like Toomer seems to be. But there is such a thing as overcoaching.

12 Responses to “Too Much Sideline Study With Sullivan”

  1. Gus Says:

    I absolutely agree with toomer on this one. During the game they should be in what to do on the next play. During practice and during film study they can go over the things that he has done wrong. I’m not saying ever position should be taught that way but qbs have to have short term memory and its hard to do that when you spend the time pouring over mistakes instead of going over how to take advantage of the defense on the next possession.

  2. Macabee Says:

    Now that Toomer brings that up, I’ve seen the same thing. If that is what’s happening, it needs to stop. If it persists, Josh should take a page out of Cutler’s book on sideline interaction with your OC.

  3. Mrbullgator Says:

    The problem I see with this offense and from what I hear from the radio stations down here is Schiano is controlling what Freeman can and can not do. This isn’t Rutgers Coach. I like the direction Schiano has us going but he needs to learn to trust these guys this is the NFL! Also I think he needs to use Blount more than what he’s doing. I like Martin but he just isn’t getting it done in the run game. There is no way we should’ve lost that Giants game, steady doses of Blount maybe we pick up a few more first downs! Schiano just needs to let go a little bit this isn’t college anymore buddy,

  4. skp Says:

    half the time you see a sideline shot of a QB, he’s looking at pics from the previous drive with a coordinator or QB coach….especially if a drive didn’t go as planned. i thought that was the basis from which playcallers and players make their adjustments. never seen it painted as a bad thing before. seems like first thing peyton manning does when he goes to the sideline is look at the pics from the eye in the sky, and that’s how he becomes a coach on the field. i imagine it’s something you have to practice to become adept at. i also imagine that you are worse at it when you start and improve over time – all the more reason not to curtail the practice.

    the coaching staff is trying to coach him to play and read the game they want him to for the rest of his career. it’s probably alot of pressure on the kid but we have one year to figure out if josh deserves another 5+, so it makes little sense for this staff to spoonfeed him. 2012 is a grace period for the staff, but if he doesn’t get better at handling their style of coaching, then the priorities in the 2013 draft become very clear

  5. Bob Says:

    Hey watch brees. And manning they study all game long ,is josh just not smart enough or what

  6. JerseyBucsFan Says:

    I think Sullivan should let Free just do his thing and see how well he can handle the offence

  7. buddah Says:

    Freeman, Freeman, Freeman, I’m sick of it. Freeman didn’t lose the game in NY, the constant blitzing did; he didn’t lose the Redskins game and damn near won it for us. He didn’t lose the game in Dallas either, which was stolen by the refs. Sure, he didn’t win it either, but this constant emphasis on something that is not the problem is irritating as hell. Freeman will improve.

  8. PewterC Says:

    Kudos to you Mrbullgator, very well said.

    The Bucs are an example of a team who can’t win because COACHING GETS IN THE WAY. By that I mean poor game-planning, questionable schemes, and misuse of personnel. Oh, and throw in virtually non-existent game adjustments while we’re at it.

    It’s like ordering an employee to build your product blindfolded and with one hand tied behind his back… COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE!

  9. Sneedy16 Says:

    I am pretty sure they are looking over pictures of the defense and why that play didn’t work and what to do the next time they see it. That is what Manning and Brees does. I think the problem is that Freeman was coached up so much on a play that he gets confused when adjustments are made. With practice he will get better at adjusting to defense during the game that probably the reason he is good on the first drive and sinks until the 3rd or 4th quarter.

  10. Facts Matter Says:

    If you watch Giants’ games, you will see constant shots of Eli and David Carr on the sidelines deep in study with OC Kevin Gilbride going over pics of the defense and the playbook. That is what Sullivan has been trained to do. It’s what Freeman MUST do, EVERY GAME, EVERY SERIES. Especially when he is still learning how to run a complicated offense.
    It will take some time to get comfortable with the system. This isn’t about making the team a SB contender this season. This is about building up a team to compete in future years.
    Freeman will be fine. Stop stressing over every little detail along the journey back to being a quality team.
    Tampa has been competitive in every game its played. They weren’t last year. This isn’t about overcoaching… it’s about overanalyzing and underpatiencing.

  11. robert Says:

    too much coaching, coaches weren’t any good, the whole team sucked,
    he’s only in his 4th season, the line des not give him enough time, the system does not fit his style, he’s not holding his tongue riht.

    did I miss any?

  12. Dave Says:

    I am a golfer so allow me to make a golf analogy:

    You can overthink about every little aspect of your swing and approach on the driving range, but when you get to the first tee…. just swing.

    When it is game time – time to stop thinking and just play.