It’s Brady Quinn For The Chiefs, Unless…

October 10th, 2012

Speaking to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club this morning, including Joe, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel stated the Chiefs will go with backup quarterback, former Browns first round pick and pretty boy Brady Quinn as Kansas City’s starting quarterback against the Bucs Sunday at the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway.

That is, unless doctors let embattled Chiefs quarterback Matt Crassel play.

Cassel suffered a concussion last week for the Chiefs, which led to controversy because some Chiefs fans cheered as he hobbled off the field.

“We are going to see how this is going to turn out, but right now this is the situation,” Crennel explained. “Matt has been going through all the tests you have to do when you get a concussion. He has seen the doctors and they are evaluating. He has not been cleared yet. We will proceed today by getting Quinn ready to go.”

Crennel added if Cassel is given the green light by team doctors, he will start. If Cassel cannot go, the former Notre Dame star will battle the Bucs.

9 Responses to “It’s Brady Quinn For The Chiefs, Unless…”

  1. Santos Says:

    if this guy torches our secondary i will lose it….we better step up and dominate this game!

  2. tye Says:

    This is 1 of the few games I predict the Bucs will win… If they lose this 1, they might struggle to win another game!

  3. flmike Says:

    Their only consistant weapon is Jaamal Charles, stop him and we win.

  4. Bucnjim Says:

    Even going back to the glory days; for some reason the Bucs have always struggled to dominate backup QB’s. I’m not sure if it’s taking these teams for granted or what, but I hope Shiano has them ready for a long physical day.

  5. Jrock Says:

    @flmike right on brother! Hopefully our front 7 comes ready to play. I bet we’ll have 8 in the box for the majority of the game

  6. Says:

    Our last encounter with the back up chief qb didnt go to well.. Quinn has sucked but our secondary is just what he needs to land the starting job..his agent is telling him this is his dream scenario or just what he needs to jump start his career. I thought we would win this game going in to the season so let us pray! GO BUCS!

  7. bucbucbuc Says:

    Problem with facing a backup QB in his first start of the season is the lack of game tape on him. We haven’t seen how Quinn will operate in the Chiefs offense, making it more difficult to scheme against him.

  8. skp Says:

    this is the kind of game that we rode to a 10-6 record in 2010. when a team is wounded as badly as the chiefs and they come into your home stadium, a good team needs to just crush them. so, the bucs should at least be able to squeak out a win

  9. Eric Says:

    This guy is actually still in the league?