Bucs Should Exploit Turnover-Plagued Chiefs

October 10th, 2012

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has been horrible this season, the main culprit in the team’s league-leading 19 turnovers.

Joe is fully confident Greg Schiano and his New Schiano Order would melt down in Kansas City the way the Chiefs play Santa Claus each and every week.

There is no easy way to put it: The Chiefs are horrible taking care of the football. After five games, Kansas City has given the ball away 19 times. Yes, that is correct, 19 times! That’s damned near four turnovers a game.

As one could imagine, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is beyond frustrated with the turnovers, but what has kept him somewhat sane is the fact the Chiefs are giving out gifts in all sorts of ways.

“They are coming from a lot of different areas for a lot of different reasons,” Crennel told the Tampa Bay pen and mic club via conference call this morning. “There’s not one thing you can put a finger on. It has been several different things. Two weeks ago, we get the ball ripped out. Last week, we had a dropped ball, a fumble of a quarterback exchange. We throw tipped balls, we threw balls into bad places, it’s several different things.”

How bad have the Chiefs played charity football? they are on pace to challenge the NFL record for turnovers, 65.

Chiefs fans blame embattled starting quarterback Matt Cassel, who has been no less than miserable this season, accounting for 13 of the Chiefs turnovers (nine picks, four fumbles). But the main turnover machine for the Chiefs may not be on the field against the Bucs Sunday as Cassel has yet to be cleared to play after suffering a concussion against the Baltimore Crows last week.

The gift of Chiefs giving should be catnip for the Bucs and their struggling offense. Turnovers often lead to short fields. That’s just what the Bucs need.

12 Responses to “Bucs Should Exploit Turnover-Plagued Chiefs”

  1. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    The problem is that even with short fields the offense has still struggled to get the ball in the end zone. And when the defense doesn’t give them a short field, the offense has been almost completely ineffective. I hope the bye week has moved Free and the offense in the right direction but if not, I see a long and bad day for the Bucs this Sunday.

  2. SteveK Says:

    Battle of the Brutals:

    Bucs vs Chiefs.

    Freeman vs. Cassel

  3. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Freeman vs Quinn actually but I think this game will come down to Bucs run d vs Chales.

  4. Jbrooks8604 Says:


  5. Adam Says:

    The Bucs couldn’t exploit the secondary of the worst coach in Buccaneer history when they played the Skins. I have NO DOUBT that the Bucs are going to take the field on Sunday and make Brady Quinn look like Joe Montana.

  6. SteveK Says:

    @ Adam,

    I am fearing the same.

    The same effect could be said about the Tampa Bay Rays when they face sub-mediocre starting pitching, they make those guys look “All-World”.

    I will be the most frustrated Buc fan in America if Brady Quinn looks like a surgeon and Freeman can’t wipe the dumfounded look off of his face.

    Freeman needs to step up and use his physical gifts, thinking is not his strong suit.

  7. Mike J Says:

    Turnovers are nice to get, but not something you can rely on.

  8. BucFan20 Says:

    Almost the same look as Freeman when he comes off the field. Damn. I missed another pass.
    This will be the battle of who can keep their defense off the field. So far we know we would not want to make a large bet on.

  9. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Man, you guys sound like a bunch of defeatist. We stop Charles, keep Quinn in check, we will win. Even if we only win with the best special teams kickers in the game. Koenen keeping them pinned deep and Barth’s 60 yards and closer bionic leg. The Key: stop Charles!

  10. ElioT Says:

    The Bucs need to shut down Charles and Hillis, and Freeman needs to play mistake free football and the Bucs should win. If they make Quinn look like a starting QB then were in deep s**t!

    Go Bucs! Time to beat the crap outta somebody!

  11. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “The Bucs need to shut down Charles and Hillis”

    Did anyone get the tag # on that 6th round truck that ran them over 10 days ago?

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Did anyone get the tag # on that 6th round truck that ran them over 10 days ago?”


    You mean the guy who’s the #4 RB in the league right now?