Bucs Inactives; Jeremy Trueblood Will Not Start

October 14th, 2012

The Bucs just announced the inactive players for today’s game against the Chiefs at the stadium on Dale Mabry.

RB Michael Smith

CB Keith Tandy

LB Najee Goode

G Cody Wallace

WR Chris Owusu

TE Danny Noble

DE Markus White

The good news in this? Defensive tackle Roy Miller and his aching back are active.

Joe doesn’t get how Michael Smith has all but been put in a closet since Week 1.

One would think if the Bucs have a struggling running game, and they do, why not try to use a guy with blazing speed to break away since the other top two running backs have yet to get on track?

UPDATE: Despite an erroneous report in the Tampa Bay Times, Jeremy Trueblood will not start today for the Bucs.

The Bucs also announced E.J. Biggers will start to fill the void of suspended Aqib Talib at cornerback.

9 Responses to “Bucs Inactives; Jeremy Trueblood Will Not Start”

  1. espo Says:

    Its not that the other 2 can’t get on track, its that coach hasn’t attempted to put our 1000 yard headache inducing freight train on track. Give the man the ball! Everything else will click afterwards.

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I agree Joe, this crap with Smith and a struggleing offense is getting ridiculous. It’s almost if they are to stubborn to try something different. If we can’t beat the chiefs, this season is lost.

  3. raphael Says:

    Biggers will be busy today…

  4. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Michael Smith would be totally ineffective with the blocking our other backs have been receiving. His speed requires large wholes and second level blocking. The Bucs are not doing either.

  5. McBuc Says:

    One of my all time fav pics of the greatest Bucs cheerleader of all time. Thanks joe!

  6. 1976Buc Says:

    Michael Smith would be totally ineffective the way we have called plays up the gut. Outside is another story. This coaching staff has been ineffective utilizing our players. Not sure what two headed monster approach Schiano has talked about but it hasn’t happened with Smith or Blount.

  7. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Well…this is the chance for Biggers to turn things around. We haven’t really seen whether he’s still got quit in him since Schiano came along.

    So, even though I have been ragging on the kid…I’m not going to hope he fails just so I can be right. I hope he has a career game.

    GO BUCS!!!!

  8. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Michael Smith should be active…if for nothing else to return kicks.

    A KO return for a touchdown can energize a team. Look how it happened with Spurlock.

    Blount needs more runs. 10-12 would make me happy.

  9. teacherman777 Says:

    I would like to Blount get 30 carries!

    Has he ever had that manu carries?

    I guarantee the dude would put up 200 yards if given 30 carries just once!

    I dont think Coach thinks that Smith can break tackles.

    Thats why hes not playing.

    Hopefully, he keeps working hard, gets stronger, and will be ready next year.

    Who do u think will swoop in and sign Blount in the offseason?

    The Pack or the Steelers?

    I guarantee you that a contender will turn him into a Pro-Bowler and we will be left regretting what ‘could have been.’