Graham Breaks Down The Bucs’ Running Game

October 3rd, 2012

Manning the 98.7 FM airwaves last night, Joe checked in with his friend and former Bucs fan favorite Earnest Graham.

Graham weighed in on all things Josh Freeman, Erik Lorig, LeGarrette Blount and more.

Any Bucs fan should enjoy this interview.

Among the highlights, Graham talks about Freeman needing to loosen up, and remember what Warrick Dunn used to advise his teammates, “You’re just playing a kids game,” meaning Freeman must relax, be himself, make plays and enjoy gameday again.

Also, Graham explains how he used to coach Blount entering and exiting the huddle, and how Blount was respected by opponents and struck fear in defenses, “I’ve looked in the eyes of those defensive backs when LeGarrette Blount is coming downhill,” Graham said. Click below for the entire audio.

17 Responses to “Graham Breaks Down The Bucs’ Running Game”

  1. 1976Buc Says:

    There’s a lot of respect around for Graham.

  2. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I’m sure our opponents are quaking in fear over the prospect of Peanut 1.0 running them over and possibly Peanut 2.0 coming off the inactive list.

    That would be like Mike Tyson fearing Pee Wee Herman in the ring.

  3. bucobruce Says:

    On inside the nfl 2 of the replacement refs were on set and was asked what coach was the hardest to ref for and he said Shiano because every other coach was just on a differt level and he could tell Shiano was out of collage.WOW this scares me,but anyways go Shiano and Bucs!

  4. PewterC Says:

    Bucobruce – Be afraid… Be VERY afraid…

    Schiano can’t see the forest because of the trees…

  5. Creekd1 Says:

    PewterC…….You are an idiot! We shouldnt be afraid of a smart leader that still has a bit to learn. Shiano isnt perfect but he is a huge upgrade to the previous regime. I’m sure you read that quote in a Cracker Jack box and thought it would make you sound smart but it doesn’t. Also, Shiano is figuring out gradually how to make adjustments at this level but hasn’t quite perfected his approach yet…….so he sees through the trees but it is still a bit foggy halfway through the forest (now please read that and see for yourself how cliche and dumb it really sounds). Finally during game four’s secoond half we made great adjustments until the last 1:40. There is no doubt in my kind that he will right this ship and we will be a playoff contender again soon and you’ll be on the bandwagon saying I told everyone he was gonna be a great coach

  6. mr.t.50 Says:

    Ha! He could tell Schiano was out of college….those refs were straight out of high school games!

  7. Creekd1 Says:

    I second that Mr. T!

  8. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I am not sure why some of you Buc fans are hating a coach who has made us competitive again?

    Ask Freeman to start converting on more 3rd downs… that’s really the Bucs biggest weakness… just sustaining drives.

  9. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Oh yeah… I can see Obama going the way of Raheem Morris next month after the whopping he took tonight. It all eventually comes down to performance.

  10. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Buc Fan #237

    The reason we aren’t converting alot of 3rd downs is because we’re only getting one or two yards on 1st down. I don’t think Martin has gotten more than four or five yards on any single 1st down called run play. We have to start winning on 1st down. If you can’t average close to 5 yards on 1st down it’s really hard to consistently move the ball.

    Like Earnest said, until they figure out that Blount is the real deal, our offense will sputter. As a former college offensive lineman, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your RB go down continuosly by the first guy that touches him and nothing pumps you up more than seeing your RB create yards for himself by running through arm tackles.

  11. PewterC Says:

    gotbbucs: “…Like Earnest said, until they figure out that Blount is the real deal, our offense will sputter…”

    Please ask Creekd1 why the “smart leader” Schiano hasn’t figured that out yet. Were the 2010 Buc tapes destroyed? Were last year’s Buc tapes destroyed? Why does it take the Tampa Bay Media to remind him that he has a 4-5 yds/carry guy on his team?

    @ Creekd1

    Schiano is not figuring out gradually HOW to make adjustments. He’s figuring out that he BETTER START MAKING adjustments (hopefully). By his own admission, halftime adjustments are for bathroom breaks. So that gives me little confidence about any other in game adjustments he’s making.

    If he had showed half of the passion towards “adjustments” that he shows forcing the defense to blow up opposing teams Victory Huddles, maybe we would have more wins.

    Face it, this coaching staff is waaay behind the curve and Schiano’s approach is is BIZARRE…

  12. PewterC Says:

    edit:—Victory Formation—

  13. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Buc Fan #237 Says:
    October 4th, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Oh yeah… I can see Obama going the way of Raheem Morris next month after the whopping he took tonight. It all eventually comes down to performance.
    Pinch yourself 😛

  14. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Those hating are impatient.

  15. Nick2 Says:

    I just hope Schiano opens his eyes on this one. Blount obviously has tackle breaking skills that are better suited for runs up the middle which is what Schiano loves. I like Martin but more on third down and in the open field so why they haven’t designed some screen passes or pitch outs to him is beyond me.

  16. SteveK Says:

    The Dutch Master Journal,

    We are impatient. Buc fans are due for a winner out there on Sundays.

    We are better then at this point last year, but we should still be playing much better.

    Your boy, Josh Freeman, needs to learn how to make reads, call protection, and not call a run up the gut on 3rd & 9 with 2 minutes left in the 4th Quarter.

    Freeman is in his 4th year and he still looks clueless.

  17. skp Says:

    Unless Graham is still not rehabbed, he should be in the RB room and be lead blocking for martin, blount, and ware. he’s less than 12 months from his last competitive game, and was a respectable lead blocker who could help his backs find daylight