Eric Wright And “The Dreaded C Word”

October 3rd, 2012

The leader of the New Schiano Order doesn’t like to detail injuries more than NFL rules mandate. Joe gets that.

However, Joe thinks the head coach is taking things a little far when it comes to what he calls the “the dreaded C Word.”

No, Joe doubts Greg Schiano is referring to the gutter slang further popularized in Porky’s 30 years ago. Schiano is talking about “concussion.” Previously, Schiano has shied away from talking about concussions and saying the word. He did it again Monday. 

Why? Joe has no idea.

The NFL has gone wild in recent months to openly talk about concussions, aka traumatic brain injuries. The league has tried to limit head injuries via rule changes, established concussion diagnosis protocols, and protected players from returning to play too fast, and the NFL has worked with the military and other groups to study concussions and promoted their efforts.

Even Ray Rice, Schiano’s ol’ Rutgers bell cow, is doing every national interview he can talking about concussions and touting some fancy, allegedly more protective helmet he uses.

But Schiano doesn’t like to say the “C Word.” Eric Wright was drilled in the head Sunday and was very slow coming off the field and apparently suffered a concussion, but on Monday the head coach updated Wright’s status like this.

“It’s a head. We’ll find out if it’s the dreaded C-Word or not, I’m not sure,” Schiano said of Wright.

Again, Joe doesn’t get why the coach is uncomfortable talking about concussions when league honchos all around him are working hard to make the injury transparent to fans and players.

Today, Schiano said he’s very confident Eric Wright will return against the Chiefs. As for Wright’s injury, it remains unclear.

13 Responses to “Eric Wright And “The Dreaded C Word””

  1. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “Previously, Schiano has shied away from talking about concussions and saying the word. He did it again Monday.
    Why? Joe has no idea.”

    I think someone has mentioned here 4 or 5 times about people with certain psychiatric disorders like the Napoleonic Complex which are often associated with compulsive lying. Remember, compulsive liars are selfish people who absolutely can not and will not share the simple truth. No matter how trivial.

    There is no method to the madness.

  2. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Dude. You are the one with the certain psychiatric disorder. You are obsessed with creating an ill character for Schiano.

    Who else do you want to be the coach? Raheem Morris?

  3. dan Says:

    because there is no diagnosis for a concussion, there is not test to say yep, thats a concussion, if you ask a doctor they will say ‘did you hit your head hard’? yep, did you have any dizzyness or any symptom for more than ten minutes? then you have a concussion.

    there is no scan or test to do to determine it.

    i have been told i have had 9 concusssions and one of them developed into post concussion syndrome (concussion symptoms that lasted for a full year after the injury)

  4. dan Says:

    which by the way makes much more sense of an explanation than, he has a psycological disorder making him physiologically unable to tell the truth’

    now miguel on the other hand has illusions of grandeur and a hyper inflated ego, mayhaps he is a sociopath?

    makes just as much sense as what he posted.

  5. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Dan, I think there IS a test that confirms concussions. At least some types of concussions.

    I’m no doctor though. Maybe you are right. I would think that a swelling would be detectable though. Even if it is inside (swelling inward instead of outward). Or would that be diagnosed as something else?

  6. E-Swift Says:

    He doesn’t like talking about it becaue he knows that it is a serious injury and not only hurts him but hurts the team with out him being on the fiel.

  7. Kennedy Says:

    As a doctor, I can confidently say there is clear diagnosis for concussion/brain injury, and a scan can determine brain injury.

    Don’t advise listening to dan..

  8. skp Says:

    miguel, i think you could apply your description\amateur diagnosis to 2/3 of the coaches that have hoisted the lombardi trophy.

  9. PewterC Says:

    Dr Kennedy would it be safe to assume that the concussion diagnoses can be obtained within a day or so (if not within hours) particularly with the medical resources the Bucs have?

    If so, who does Schiano think he’s fooling?

  10. lurker Says:

    damn, the troll is still around. i thought perhaps the 90 y.o. man eaten by his hogs in oregon was the troll, but that is incorrect.

    joe, i thought you have been around sports and the bucs for awhile. most sports people are supersticious to one degree or another. the “c” word thing just comes across as superstition to me.

  11. Have a Nice Day Says:

    If the league and union want to really crackdown on concussions, mandate mouth guards. Easy fix.

  12. Have a Nice Day Says:

    @Pete Concussion is a strictly symptomatic diagnosis. Any specific damage can only be assessed in the following days/weeks/months barring MRIs, CTs, and other procedures. Outside of those tests, the only thing we work off of is symptoms: symptoms that are fairly common sense but widely inconclusive.

    The NFL takes a very cautious approach. Much more cautious than most medical practitioners. Good and bad for the ballers.

  13. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “Who else do you want to be the coach? Raheem Morris?”

    My choice would have been Chip Kelly, I would have made him the highest paid coach in the NFL, I would have put him on a private jet to Tampa and never let him out of my sight. The Bucs fumbled that opportunity.

    Oregon has 86 straight sell outs. Last week Arizona had the ball in the red zone 6 times with zero points. This week Oregon led Washington State 23-19 at the half, Kelly went into halftime and coached his freaking ass off. The Ducks won 51-26 going away. The Ducks are well on their way to the National Championship game. Averaging over 50 points per game.

    After 4 years at Rutgers, Schiano was 12-34. Kelly 39-6.

    Schiano never won the Big East, Kelly has won his Pac-10 conference every year.

    Greg’s offense is dull, boring and unimaginative.
    Chip’s offense is exciting, brilliant and one of the best is college football history.