Freeman Talking About A “100-Yard Game”

October 12th, 2012

Run, Josh. Run!

Lots of fans have been wondering what happened to the Josh Freeman that was second in the NFL in rushing among quarterbacks in 2010. And fans have been longing for those old school Freeman runs that showcased great escapability and punishing hits — on defenders.

Freeman hasn’t been seen much running this season — not for his life, not to create, and not for yardage.

But that could change in a huge way Sunday against the man-to-man trending Chiefs defense, Freeman told Steve Duemig on the Buccaneers Radio Network on Thursday.

Freeman made it clear that there’s no leash on him. He also said rarely playing this season against man-to-man defenses has limited his running, as has standing in the pocket longer because he has such great receivers and wants to give them maximum time.

“I don’t want to say that it’s any sort of an issue. I feel like everbody’s making it out to be an issue,” Freeman said. “I’m not [restricted by coaches at all]. The Chiefs are a big man-to-man team. And, you know, if I have an opportunity where I step up and there’s nobody open downfield and there’s a lane, I’m gonna to run. You know, I was talking to Donald Penn [Thursday], and we were talking about the over/under for a 100-yard game for [me]. And I’m dead serious. Do I want to run? I want to do whatever works best for the play.”

Joe hopes Freeman gets some clean looks to take off and pick up huge gains. It’ll move the chains and it might do wonders for his confidence. But Joe knows Freeman has had plenty of chances to run this season and hasn’t taken much advantage since a fancy spin move on opening day that didn’t make Greg Schiano happy.

For whatever reason, Freeman’s running instincts aren’t what they used to be. Hopefully, that changes Sunday.

18 Responses to “Freeman Talking About A “100-Yard Game””

  1. patrickbucs Says:

    He needs to run some more, it will extend drives like he has in the past. I don’t see a 100 yard game for him but that would be interesting.

  2. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Uh-oh! The Little General has rules against players discussing gambling over/unders.

  3. SullivansLostPlaybook Says:

    Ill believe it when i see it, just chatter at this point, show me. Ive seen plenty of running lanes not taken advantage of resulting in 4th down. Id love to see it, ive been waiting for it , just like ive been waiting to see mor of a split between the backs carries

  4. 941-Bucs Says:

    I don’t feel it is all in Freeman’s head. It’s the way of the NFL.

    A. No one wants their QB’s to take unnecessary risks of getting hurt to run 5+ yards down field. Freeman doesn’t slide well so he normally just goes head on or for the side line.

    B. If you haven’t noticed EVERY good running QB that has come out of college is STRONGLY pushed to NOT run and just pass the ball. For the same reason above. Vick, Cam, McNabb, and McNair all have faced this throughout their careers.

    C. the NFL wants pocket passers.

  5. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Nice job in telling the media your game plan Josh!

  6. lurker Says:

    wow miguel, you are still a waste of space! your stupid little conspiracy theories are still tiring. all the name-calling, and yet you whine and cry when you get called names.

    you have shown on numerous occasions your mental illness issues. not even mentioning your thoughts on cancer as a fungus and taking dangerous, umproven remedies, all against scientific evidence. you are such a joke, jerk, and jagoff who trolls this site for his own nefarious reasons.

    i just hope this is all some attention-seeking behavior and not a real, sick person who is allowed to contaminate the minds of his children with such craziness.

  7. Jason Dearth Says:

    #237 I would not be concerned about giving up the gameplan. Running the football when lanes are open are part of every plan against KC. If KC bites on it, there secondary is not strong enough to cover Tampa’s receivers down field. KC’s defense is good and we will have to work to score, but their offense is struggling and the one thing Tampa has been good all year against is the run. Should be an exciting game. Josh didn’t divulge anything he did not want to put into the Chiefs mind. He is learning this offense but is really starting to show some football intelligence. I honestly look forward to swing him aground week 8-9. I think this offense will really come in to their own around that time. Just my observation from the games so far. And Miguel is a moron.

  8. Mr Lucky Says:

    You have GOT to be kidding right? Do you want another Michael Vick running the Bucs?

    What you and I WANT is for Freeman to do the following:

    1 Stop staring down receivers
    2. Learn to throw accurately meaning 70% and above.
    3. Realize that it’s ok to throw the ball away outside the pocket
    4. Finally comprehend the offense

    Stop with the RUN FREMAN RUN mantra – Brady doesnt’ do it, Manning’s don’t and neither does Brees. God I just want Tampa to get a REAL NFL QB!!!!!!

  9. Drew Says:

    Run Forest Run!

  10. Gackrider Says:

    I really don’t care how much Freeman runs…. I just want to see him play a good 60 minutes. If that means running when he sees a chance for a first down so be it

  11. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    If anyone thinks Freeman has revealed our gameplan by talking to the media about his desire to rush, they must quickly stop watching football and take their naive behinds back to kindergarten and hopefully pick up some common sense before they graduate.

  12. Ladyz Says:

    It became a possibility to me when I heard him on 620 that it is his decision not to run because He doesn’t want to get hurt at his new weight, remember he can not slide well. He keeps saying there isn’t any issue with his confidence. I think he needs to grow some fortitude . Know what I mean. This is not the powder puff league. He didn’t want the treatment Kansas City gave there quarter back. Freeman, it’s time to get with the program. Go Bucs!

  13. Adam Says:

    The bar for the Bucs has been set so low since the Raheem Morris era that I actually thought that Freeman was referring to 100 yards passing.

  14. FloridaGirl Says:

    Just win baby…..and don’t get hurt!

  15. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    To expect a QB to have a completion percentage above 70 percent is unrealistic Lucky. As far as Josh running he should and here is why. He is closing in potentially losing his job if he doesnt do something right. He should go down in a blazing glory, giving everything he’s got if it turns out he is not meant to be an NFL QB. Lastly, if he gets injured, then the Buc fans get to see Olgolvy. Not much different than benching ole Josh. So yes. Josh should go all out. I would much rather see him man up, lead the team like a leader, utilize ALL of his talent and go out in a blazing glory, OR turn the corner as a leader of the Buccaneers offense.

  16. OptimisTroll Says:


    Sadly, that is exactly what popped into my head as well.

  17. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I initially thought it was 100 yards passing as well.

    I see people are attacking me again, I thought I had won. I thought I had driven the Amen Chorus out of here humiliated and beaten like the rats of Hamelin town. I haven’t seen lurker for over a week.

    Oh well, it’s more fun proving the AC wrong week after week after week.

  18. SteveK Says:

    Hey Josh,

    With two minutes left in the game and you are facing a 3rd and 9, don’t run it up the gut. Be a man, put the game in your hands.

    Don’t be scared to go balls out.