Big Opportunity For Mark Barron

October 12th, 2012

Veteran WTSP-TV, Ch. 10 sportscaster Dave Wirth touches on some interesting points in this jam-packed exclusive video for Wirth is a big fan of Jeremy Trueblood playing guard, and hits on some keys to the game, including why he thinks this could be showcase game for Mark Barron.

7 Responses to “Big Opportunity For Mark Barron”

  1. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Sounding like the Little General is the biggest joke in the NFL this year.

    The local media, Buc fans and NFL pundits keep trying to apply some type of logic or common sense to the Knute World Order, but like I have said from the beginning, there is NO method to the madness.

    He will not change, adjust, adapt or allow his coaches or players to. He has rules against that. He will never admit he is wrong. He is terribly out of his league when he takes the reins in pressure situations.

    By now, every opponent has a book of information on how to beat him.
    It will only get worse as the book grows by volumes.

    Every victory formation in every NFL game the winning team chants, “TAMPA BAY, TAMPA BAY, TAMPA BAY.” How embarrassing!

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    I agree with Wirth.

  3. lurker Says:

    wow miguel, you are still a waste of space! your stupid little conspiracy theories are still tiring. all the name-calling, and yet you whine and cry when you get called names.

    you have shown on numerous occasions your mental illness issues. not even mentioning your thoughts on cancer as a fungus and taking dangerous, umproven remedies, all against scientific evidence. you are such a joke, jerk, and jagoff who trolls this site for his own nefarious reasons.

    i just hope this is all some attention-seeking behavior and not a real, sick person who is allowed to contaminate the minds of his children with such craziness.

  4. Pete 422 Says:

    I agree with the video also. The Chiefs have the #2 running attack in the league, so stack the box and dare them to throw. If they do, then send most everybody in the box after the QB (yes some will drop into coverage).

    The offense will have to put together some scoring drives to take some pressure off the defense. That’s why we lost to the Giants, Cowboys and Skins.

    Let Freeman relax and play some ball.

  5. Teddy Says:

    Lurker, I find it rather ironic that Miguel changed his name, presumably in the hopes that people would lay off of him a little bit around here. So much for that thought.

  6. Vic Says:

    Wirth has a good handle on the game. I just have serious doubts the Bucs will stop the run. They will run wide and exploit missing Clayborn.

  7. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “Lurker, I find it rather ironic that Miguel changed his name, presumably in the hopes that people would lay off of him a little bit around here. So much for that thought.”

    Nice thought, thank you for that. I changed my name because some people were uncomfortable with the nickname “GRANDE.” It somehow made them feel small and threatened.

    I promised that I would change my at the bye week to Miguelito Salton which roughly translates to little jumping mikey if I was wrong about the direction of the Bucs and their fearless leader. There is a famous book in Mexico called El Frijolito Salton, the little jumping bean. It would make the Amen Chorus feel better about their insecurities.

    On the other hand if I was correct about the direction of the Bucs and the incompetence of the Little General, I would change my name to Michael the Magnificent. Not quite as intimidating but quite accurate.