Various Local Scribes Call Bucs’ Record

September 8th, 2012

For what it’s worth, various local media types have gone on the record with their 2012 predctions for the men in pewter and red.

Wily Tampa Tribune veteran eye-RAH Kaufman hit the 98.7 FM airwaves today and told Rock Riley he sees this edition of the Bucs as a 6-10 team. Kaufman is down on the Bucs defense but believes there are “no excuses” for the Tampa Bay offense. Kaufman believes Josh Freeman is under pressure given the weapons around him and the 40 starts under his belt.

Stephen Holder, of the Tampa Bay Times, dropped an 8-8 vibe on the Bucs, also during an interview yesterday on 98.7 FM. And the ruler of the universe, Scott Reynolds, went through the exercise of projecting a result of every 2012 Bucs game and came up with a 7-9 record.

What might be soothing to Bucs fans is that the so-called experts are rarely accurate. That includes Joe, who laid out his 6-10 take yesterday.

4 Responses to “Various Local Scribes Call Bucs’ Record”

  1. bucobruce Says:

    10-6 and playoff bound winning atleast one playoff game.A lot of people will be saying the same thing after we start 3-1.I would not be shocked if this happens with the way Im looking at it.

  2. Miguel Grande Says:

    Do people still buy or read newspapers? Who pays their salaries?

  3. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    It’s a breath of fresh air to see a Bucs fine with optimism. I like your style bucobruce and i’m with you. I can’t wait to shut the haters up.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Two seasons ago I went game by game for the Bucs and came up with a 10-6 record…. I was dead on. I did the same thing for the Bucs last season, and after 6 games, I had us at our record of 4-2. Of course I had us going 11-5, and the team dropped their last 10. So for 22 games, I had correctly predicted the Bucs having a 14-8 record… and then the wheels fell off and I could no longer beat my chest.

    Predicting game-by-game with a new coach, new coordinators…. new everything would be pretty hard to do… so why not take a shot?

    Week 1 vs Panthers-Bucs start fast and throw Panthers for a loop with a new and improved defense. They aren’t stifling, but they are effective, Bucs win 20-16

    Week 2 at Giants-Giants play on a totally different level than the Bucs AND they have an extra 4 days to prepare (not fair at all). Sullivan and Sheridan know more about Giants tendencies than Giants know about ours… but it isn’t nearly enough as Bucs fall 27-17

    Week 3 at Cowboys-As much as I’d like to see America’s team get punched in the mouth, not this week, too many options on O, Ware makes life difficult for Freeman and co. Media starts talking about how the Bucs are who they thought they were, a 1-2 team. Bucs fall 30-13

    Week 4 vs Redskins-Redskins vastly improved, but rookie QB and patchwork running game not enough against swarming Bucs D. Bucs win at home again, 24-10

    Going into bye Bucs stand 2-2… doubters persist, stating they haven’t beaten anybody…

    Week 6 vs Chiefs-Chiefs too inconsistent on both sides of ball as Bucs pressure Cassel into mistakes. Two headed monster of Blount and Martin really gets rolling as Bucs prevail 34-14

    Week 7 vs Saints-Battle against hated Saints. Saints have been up and down, this week down against the upstart Bucs who seem to be finally getting comfortable in new schemes as they jump into the division lead with a 24-23 victory.

    Week 8 at Vikings-Bucs roll into Minnesota with a 2 game lead but Vikes aren’t much improved from last season’s disaster. Bucs take another one in Minnesota, 27-17 and move to 5-2

    Week 9 at Raiders-Bucs travel across the US to face a very beatable Raiders team. Though I don’t think a Schiano team is as prone to West Coast failures as previous Bucs teams, Bucs still drop a game they feel they should have won, 20-16.

    Week 10 vs Chargers-Back home the Bucs critics continue the echo after dropping an offensive explosion by both teams, they still haven’t beaten anybody! Chargers outlast Bucs 34-31

    Week 11 at Panthers-Rematch of week 1, Panthers have tape to watch and aren’t unprepared this time. Bucs drop 3rd straight and critics say Bucs are collapsing. Panthers win 31-17

    Week 12 vs Falcons-After the ugly loss in Carolina, Bucs answer the critics and doubters and go out and manhandle the Falcons, team moves to 6-5 as Bucs trounce dirty birds 27-10.

    Week 13 at Broncos-Broncos and Manning trying to put away West early and are motivated to play their best. Broncos prove too much as Bucs fall 37-23.

    Week 14 vs Eagles-Eagles lead Bucs in pursuit of Wild Card. Vick’s been up and down throughout the year and the calls for the rookie QB are heard over the Philly airwaves. Bucs pressure Eagles early and often and run the ball well and prevail 26-20.

    Week 15 at Saints-Saints seek redemption and revenge and hold nothing back in New Orleans. Bucs make a game of it late, but the Saints firepower in full display. Bucs lose 37-31.

    Week 16 vs Rams-Jeff Fisher quickly realizes the Rams job wasn’t nearly as attractive as the Tampa job. Bucs prove too much on both sides of ball and move to 8-7.

    Week 17 at Falcons-Both teams on the playoff bubble. Falcons season doomed by a terrible offensive line, no depth at RB and an aging defense, Bucs on the upswing and take it to the Falcons in Atlanta, pulling off the 27-20 victory.

    Final Bucs record, 9-7…