Here’s How Bad Of A Day Josh Freeman Had

September 23rd, 2012

Joe’s trying to remember a worse day for Josh Freeman, and he can’t, short of the last game of the horrible 2011 season.

Freeman couldn’t find open receivers, couldn’t get rid of the ball, threw too often to receivers who were defended, rarely stretched the field.

When there were open receivers, Freeman couldn’t quite get the ball to the receivers, and in some cases, that’s being polite.

In a play-by-play summary on, even professionals in the press box seemed to guess who was covering some Bucs receivers they were so wide open.

As Joe stated earlier, Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan did Freeman no favors today. Here is a guy gifted with wheels. Did SUllivan call for a play for Freeman to roll out, dodge the heat from the Cowboys’ pass pressure and perhaps make a play with his feet? No!

Oh, Mr. Sullivan, you seem like a swell guy, but running Doug Martin up the middle each and every first down is beginning to become tiresome. Just a hunch, but NFL defenses can figure out this pattern too.

Hat tip to Twitter follower @BennyCL for the graphic.

34 Responses to “Here’s How Bad Of A Day Josh Freeman Had”

  1. Patrick Says:

    All of a sudden I actually want Jon Gruden back.

    We have too much talent to be this horrible on offense. At least Gruden did decent with a lack of talent.

    Martin is not bad at all, he’s just getting too much of a damn load on his shoulders!!

    They should’ve used Blount early on in the game.

    Thank Talib for one score we did get!

  2. Stanglassman Says:

    Free looks like he is thinking too much, it seems like they coached the play-maker out of him. They want him to play like Dilfer and he is naturally more of a Steve Young type player.

  3. Adam L Says:

    Wasn’t that Dungy’s go to play? Dunn up the middle with Keyshawn in motion?

  4. Patrick Says:

    @Adam L

    Dungy had Dunn and Alstott on offense.

    Problem solved. The Bucs won during his tenure.

    Dilfer could at least manage a game.

  5. YP Says:

    I was the biggest believer of Josh to be our “quarterback of the future” among my friends and family. After today’s performance, I have my doubts. I also believe his offensive coordinator didn’t help him out as much. I was a sad outing for the offence. Reminded me of Dilfer days.

  6. orlandobucfan Says:

    @ Joe
    The two running plays to Doug Martin in the fourth at the end the 3rd down play freeman says he called that play because his head set went out and thats the first play he thought of. honestly on 3rd down with less than two min thats what you want to run. A leader and competitor wants the ball in his hands when the games on the line. something needs to change.

  7. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Well… if the team keeps losing then the coaching staff will start seeing a mutiny on the bounty.

    Schiano was more interested in the game ending kneel downs than trying to score in the 2nd half.

    If I was the othet team, I would start going Madden on them, line up in the victory formation, then call an audible to 5 wide shot gun and air that b out.

    The victory package would have all the speed WRs in it… huddle like a kneel down… then, bam, audible and deep pass.

  8. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Haha, Freeman trying to take the blame for the running plays. His headset supposedly went out and he called the draws.

    When asked if he called both of them on the last drive he stumbles trying to bs his way out of it.

    Face it Free, you havent shown signs of improving but you don’t have to carry all of the blame for that pathetic showing. Sullivan should be shouldering most of the blame here.

  9. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    For real? Freeman called that run on 3rd down???

  10. Justin Pena Says:

    Josh Freeman is a middle of the road QB at best. He is late on his reads a lot and never puts enough zip on the ball. All of his throws float and he is too timid of a runner. I saw about 5 opportunities for him to run last week against the Giants and another 4 or 5 opportunities today against Dallas but he never did. Comparing him to Big Ben is a slap in the face to Mr. Roethlisberger.

    Please check out my site Facebook= Ninja Sports Blog. [email protected]

    Justin Pena, @PenaJT2

  11. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Thats what he claims Buc Fan #237

  12. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Stanglassman

    EXACTLY. 3 OCs in 4 years and I think he had a couple OCs at KSU. He’s way more robotic than he was in 2010. I think he’ll loosen up as the season goes along.

  13. Steven Steiner Says:

    I agree with all of the above except that I would guess that Sullivan doesn’t call a lot of plays because he doesn’t have the confidence that Freeman can execute. Freeman is only good when he can execute a called play with no pressure and the play unfolds exactly as planned, and at that only 50% of the time. Freeman seems to have little or no capacity to “make plays” happen on his own. Oh yeah and he seems to be wearing some type of lead shoes! Unless we get a starting quarterback we might as well wright this season off. Josh is not a starting quarterback. Dan Orlosky time? At this point we might as well purposefully lose the rest of our games so we can get a #1 quarterback out of the draft and save our AWESOME top 5 defense for next year. We are one more year away from a superbowl team!

  14. @eric Says:

    I was behind Freeman up until I had to witness that horrible game he just played. I thought like most of us that he would be the answer for years to come but after that…..more sure now that we need to Draft some young stub that the new staff can better predict or evaluate QB talent and dump Freeeman afer this year…………………….if he makes it through this year………not looking good for him at all at this point.

  15. Will Says:

    Agree with what has already been said. Freeman was not put in the best position to succed by the O staff. But with that said, he looks tenative, confused, and losing confidence. And the defenses are not afraid of him. He was more dangerous when defenses where respecting his scrambling ability. Romo sucked today but still got the ball out to the right receivers more often then not. Is it time to start the clock on Freeman?

  16. Dano Says:

    I agree that Freeman sucked today, but the guy had NO time to throw
    all day. And Sullivan should of called plays to neutralize Dallas’s pass rush

  17. james Says:

    yea give freeman a laxitve before the game starts that will loosen him up,then at half time give him an enema to clear his mind!

  18. jb Says:

    Face it Folks, the Josh Freeman Experiment is OVER! His new name is Helen Keller. Simply because Helen (if she were still alive today) would have better pocket presence than Josh Freeman has now. It’s amazing to me how a guy coming out of college with so much promise gets WORSE over time.

    We have to remember though…this guy was handpicked by future Hall of Fame coach RAHEEM MORRIS.

    It’s pretty obvious that Freeman is every bit as stupid as Morris.
    Enough said….

  19. [email protected] Roof Cleaning Says:

    C’Mon, read between the lines. Josh Freeman’s negative tendencies are well known, in the league. Listen to what Troy Aikman was saying, Freeman sucks. He can’t even remember the plays, for crying out loud, and messed the pitch to Martin, though he did get us a first down. He threw to Dallas Clark with a man right on him, but Josh had daylight to easily get the first down, had he chosen to run.

    Look, we are in the NFC South. Our opponents all have star QB’s, and we do not.

    We played one HELL of a defensive game today, yet Josh couldn’t get us a win. I have seen enough, actually I saw enough long ago, just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Josh Freeman is holding us back.
    I thought we should have kept Rudy Carpenter!
    He always seemed to provide that little “spark”, and was a leader.

  20. Bobby Says:

    Either Freeman really sucks or he’s being way over coached. He just plays too scared. They need to turn this offense loose or we’re in for a long year.

  21. Rican Says:

    There’s no way any coach in the NFL would call two runs in that situation, a scared, confused, pathetic Free did it. At least he man’d up about it.

  22. Rican Says:

    In 28 attempts he was miserable and eventually the coaching staff like everyone else feared what would happen when he did drop back so they ran it. Pick your poison

  23. SteveK Says:

    Agree Bobby,

    Just let the big athlete run and gun.

  24. SteveK Says:


    Freeman had too much time to throw. He routinely held onto the ball and spaced out in the pocket. He looked mentally handcuffed out there.

  25. SteveK Says:

    @ J. Peña,

    It ain’t the 1st time the Raperberger has been slapped in the face.

  26. BucFan20 Says:

    Freeman is not over coached. He is doing the same stupid things over and over. The play [email protected] is talking about not only does he throw it with Clark covered but a mile behind him! 2010 was a fluke year just as most called it. Garbage teams, no tape on Freeman or Williams. Well the gig is up. But on top of that as far as running the line still sucks too. New “Bell Cow” same result. No Holes. He is dancing too. I guess you could use your own players back as a ladder and just climb over. Remember Martin was sold as being able to change direction, get lost behind the line and so on…
    Maybe on a team like the Panthers. Now the question is how good were they? That was the usual game. 1 long drive then FG. Same as this offense has been.

  27. MTM Says:

    It must be the air in Tampa. It makes Offensive coordinators run basic high school plays. Apparently 3 and out is a way of life. Buc fans expect black outs for the rest of the season with that kind of offense outings.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I was thinking the same thing. No matter if we have Dungy, Gruden, Raheem, or Schiano, we are a boring and very predictable offense.

  29. john Says:

    he isnt a pocket passer. he can only make one read if that read isnt there he needs to run simple

  30. ElioT Says:

    That was one of the worst offensive performances I’ve ever seen.

    I’m sick of that lost look on Josh’s face and his body language on the field. This guy is supposed to be a team captain/leader?

    He looks like a pu**y out there!

    Step it up Josh!!

  31. BRoy3434 Says:

    I love how all you guys bash the quarterback non stop…how well did Vjax play? how often did mike williams get open? how often did free had blocking? you guys need to seriously stop acting like you’re watching these games on a different network and realize you people see NOTHING downfield and have just as much of a clue as I do about what he is looking at…did he not last week make several good throws? his defense couldn’t stop a 2 AM drunk driver last week and instantly as soon as it swaps and the offense is terrible, you attack Freeman….when McCoy tweets in the offseason, only to have a great start to the year, you bash “Geraldini” point is some of you guys are ridiculous and while freemans line was bad, the playcalling by Sullivan has been so atrocious that it’s hard to watch. Last year, even worse hence why we struggled. All summer ive kept quiet and read your guys ignorant comments about McCoy and this team and how Clayborn is the only one you guys aren’t worried about on defense….hasn’t even been relevant while McCoy has been dominant. you people know nothing about the game of football besides Joe and even he was being ridiculous today about Freeman…and for the fools that think Freeman always throws ducks? ya that drop by Dallas Clark right in his hands on a perfect throw that was a dart? nobody bashes him because he was a product of Peyton Manning….obvious playcalling lack of execution on the line and an oustanding pass rush with a good secondary made for a bad game by Freeman….lets call for blackouts the rest of the season….makes sense considering you people in Tampa are terrible fans….and Joe I couldnt care less about you “banning” me from this website that bitches more than anything. I’m just glad to get this crap off my chest…every week if one area plays bad: we suck

  32. jb Says:

    I’m just wondering WHEN they finally realize their mistake of listening to Raheem Morris and drafting Freeman, and put in Dan Orlovsky? Sad….very, very, very SAD!

  33. Rican Says:

    BRoy dont be a Homer lololol

  34. McBuc Says: