September 17th, 2012

Veteran sports columnist Gary Shelton gives his take on the Bucs fourth quarter defensive meltdown to the Giants Sunday in this Tampa Bay Times video.

9 Responses to “Heartbreaker”

  1. stimpy Says:

    Havent watched the game yet…i have it waiting on DVR. I did see the NFL higlight on that kneel down. Honestly, i thought it was unprofessional.

    If you want to teach your team to not give up or be quiters, great! Dont do it on a cheap play that meant nothing. And yes; i know what you were trying to do. Its just that you should have done it when you had the lead but you didnt.

    Instead of playing to not lose, you should have been playing to win the game. That would have been an even greater lesson and one that would have been made clear to ALL other teams.

    Like this:
    If the BUCS have a lead on you we will NOT let up. We will pound you with a run game and passing attack until you stop us.

    See the difference?

  2. Paul Says:

    Am I the only one that saw all of the bad calls? I haven’t seen anything about it anywhere. Maybe I had one too many while watching the game, but it looked to be one of the most biased games in terms of officiating.

  3. Paul Says:

    Greg Schiano was outcoached. Halftime adjustments destroyed us. Remember when Schiano said he doesn’t do halftime adjustments. He said halftime is potty time. Hope he changes his mind. Halftime adjustments are very important.

  4. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    One of the knocks on Schiano at Rutgers was his lack of in game adjustments. Still wondering why Blount or Benn barely saw the field but at least we fought to the end against the defending world champions (coming off of a division loss in (primetime).

  5. raphael Says:

    horrible officiating…..I saw muscle hamsters helmet get completely turn around, almost took his head off and …no call ! then again Talib was holding on almost every play !

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Too much whining by so called fans! This is a team that just a few games ago (not years) was down 40-0 at half time. Great physical play, but just came up short.

  7. Jbrooks Says:

    Whining? The fact is no team should be up that much in the 4th quarter and then your defense completely meltdown due to the worst play calling on both sides of the ball. Shouldn’t have happened

  8. Paul Says:

    Bucnjim.. The defense regressed big time. We set a franchise record for defensive ineptitude. 604 total yards. Set a record! How is that not worrysome?

    Giants didn’t get off to a good start because they didn’t have much tape to go on. Excellent halftime adjustments. Once teams start learning our tendencies, then we will really be exposed. I don’t think Eli throws those 3 picks if he had more film.

    2nd half looked as bad as that Falcons game you talk about.

    I even saw a Benn’d around.

  9. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:

    Did Shelton sound a little drunk?