Giants Accuse Bucs Of Kneehunting

September 17th, 2012

Giants offensive lineman Chris Snee claims the Bucs were trying to take out people’s knees yesterday.

Joe loves the NFL Network. LOVES it. One reason is they show old games and highlights of old games like the Raiders-Steelers classics.

When those two teams played, it more a backalley brawl than a football game. Defensive players were going after opponents’ knees — 10 yards out of bounds — and clotheslining players and kneeing people in the groin play after play and a yellow hanky was not to be seen.

Now, half the roster of both teams would be suspended.

Well, it seems the Giants players are whining that the Bucs are the new Raidesr and trying to take out knees, so the Giants told Mike Garafolo of USA Today.

Re: scrum on last play, Snee called Bucs’ actions “Busch league.” Said they were throwing “helmets into knees.”

Well. Was it just the fact the Giants may not be used to other teams punching them in the mouth? Giants players were dropping like flies out there Sunday.

Then, Giants headmaster Tom Coughlin gets into a hissyfit with Bucs coach Greg Schiano for the Bucs playing too hard.

Sad. Joe thought better of the Giants than to get all snippy like this.

26 Responses to “Giants Accuse Bucs Of Kneehunting”

  1. Eric Says:

    Kicked em right in the mouth, right up until they racked up 31 first downs, 600 yards of offense, 500 passing yards, and 41 points.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    You can count on Eric to have a crappy attitude! The Giants were expecting a team that gave up and crawled under a rock by half time. What they got was a physical team the gave them everything they could handle on the road in a hostile environment.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    It may be unusual and uncommon in the NFL, but last I checked there was 60 minutes in a football game. Them taking a knee doesn’t constitute us letting them.

    Knee hunting? Hardly. The Bucs have talent, play hard, and now the rest of the league knows…for 60 minutes.

  4. Meh Says:

    Schiano should buy Coughlin a skirt for Christmas.

  5. flmike Says:

    It took an EPIC comeback by Eli to beat the Bucs, next season or even later this season, this comeback doesn’t happen. This is a process, and the foundation is being laid for a very physical type of ball that the NFL has seemed to have lost, some teams still play it, but for the most part the NFL has become p***yfied. If Coughlin didn’t like the play, tough s**t, the Bucs and the NSO were not here to please him, they were there to beat him.

  6. Eric Says:

    It took an epic comeback due mostly to mistakes by the Giants, most notably a very unusual pick six. Two dropped touchdown passes etc.

    The Bucs competed and played hard, but when one receiver gets 199 yds and another 179 it’s hardly mouth kicking.

    That last play was one of the few times Eli was on his back the whole game.

    Let’s face it our defense was totally shredded.

  7. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Our guys were in position most of the time, just couldnt make the plays.

  8. Rick330 Says:

    I agree with BSPN analyst Jaworski..You could see the Bucs were coming. All were in 4 point goal line stances. The Giants should have been ready. If Coughlin wants to talk what’s right or wrong. Have your RB score when given open lanes. Not having them fall on their butts. I’m still fuming over the horrible play calling yesterday. Both offensive and defensive.

  9. mikeck Says:

    Yep, Mike Golic, Anthony Pierce, Mike Ditka and Ron Jawarski ALL agree with Schiano and the Bucs on this. Jaws says coughlin “owes Schiano an apology”. Seems the players and coaches know what’s up…only the pen n’ Mic club seems to want to whine about it (no offense joe, present company excluded)

    Schiano is trying to instill a team identity here. Play until the game is over and the whistle blows.

  10. mikeck Says:

    Eric..the fact that Talib got owned by Hicks doesnt take away from the physical play of the Bucs D. Can’t you guys recognize the difference between the team this year and last? Yet some here want to still complain about every aspect. Did you think we would go 16-0? ^@%, we just went up to the Superbowl Champion’s house and played them hard. Our secondary got beat. fair enough.

  11. Eric Says:

    I recognize the difference, but I also recognize atrocious defense when I see it too.

    I’m not participating in a ticker tape parade when a guy lights us up for 500+

    Yes we played hard.

  12. MegaDave Says:

    Look – it boils down to this. There are 60 mins in a game, not 59. You do not stop because you are close to the end – you reach the end! You reach the end and never stop trying!

    Schiano and Co made the right move – Something I’ve noticed is the vast majority of people bitching about that play on forums seem to have issues with Schiano from Rutgers – move on kids, Schiano has!

  13. MegaDave Says:

    Also, does anyone remember how close our Green Bay game was last year when we had no defense and no offense and no interesting play calls?

    We gave them a hard run for our money – and this year is gonna be an even better run by the bucs. Let me remind you that Panthers had 10 rushing yards against us – CAM NEWTON INCLUDED 😉

  14. Paul Says:

    My problem is that there was no adjustments. Nicks is running by Talib, totally uncontested all day long and our safeties are still creeping up in the box letting the play get behind them.

  15. Gusjackson Says:

    @Paul Absolutely agree. No one could cover nicks one on one. We needed help but Cruz was also have a damn good game. I guess it was one of those pick you poison games. Doesn’t get any easier next week I’m afraid.

    @ The Bucs were in control for most of the game. In the words of Denny Green “we let em off the hook”. Our defense showed flashes of 2011 in the fourth quarter.

  16. Rush2589 Says:

    Of course our defense got shredded in the fourth, they were up near 90 snaps by the end of the game! You’re on the field that much with little depth it’s hard to keep it up. I don’t wanna make too much excuses for them but I blame our offense. Not enough running, terrible play calling. Pound the rock and rest the defense. We did neither.

  17. Miguel Grande Says:

    If you want to learn about halftime adjustments, watch the Will Muschamp Show on TV, he and his coaches are masters of this art.

    The difference was the Giants players and coaches sat down at halftime, recognized the Buc’s gameplan, made offensive and defensive adjustments came out and blew out the Bucs in the 2nd half.

    The Little General took a leak, had a hot dog, an icy cold drink and smoked a Marlboro outside the locker room during the half time break.

    While the Bucs initial game plan worked well and surprised the World Champs, the Buc’s head coach mailed in the 2nd half again.

    The Giants were surprised at the chippy play of the Bucs. They thought they were playing a gentlemen’s sport in 2012. The game has evolved. In effect, they brought 16 ounce gloves to a knife fight. NFL means “not for long”, teams talk, no one will be surprised again.

    Next week, say the Cowgirls are up by 10 points at the game’s end, instead of taking a knee like gentlemen, we might see 4 Hail Mary’s into the end zone. Then, we will hearing some real whining.

  18. Nic Says:

    What do you expect? The defense played a game’s worth of football in one half. The Bucs could’ve put this game away 5 or 6 times and they know it. When it wasn’t bad play calling, it was bad execution. Look for them to adjust this week and bring hell to the Cowturds. When your defense is on the field for nearly 80 plays, you can expect the QB to have better separation downfield.

  19. Christopher Says:

    It was only “helmets into knees” because the bum Giants players weren’t ready for a play on a football field. The Bucs players weren’t going for knees, they were going for the ball. If the Giants realized they were getting paid to play football, even with :05 to play on a “free play”, they’d have their knees bent, protecting the ball & the line of scrimmage. None other than Ron Jaworski (among others who actually played the game like Herm Edwards, Antonio Pierce, & Mike Ditka) agreed with the Bucs’ play. Jaworski was there when the Giants tried a kneeldown, but Dick Vermeil wasn’t having it…so the Giants tried to run a “real” play, fumbled, & the Eagles won the game (the Pisarcik game)
    & the fact that Gerald McCoy seemingly disagrees with it only confirms to me that he is the softest of the soft (in relative football terms, of course). All the talent in the world, but the head of a baby cheerleader out there. Sapp would be ashamed.

  20. Miguel Grande Says:

    “Well, listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN…Anthony Peirce, Mike Golic, Ron Jawarski and Mike Ditka ALL agree with the Bucs on this”

    “Former players, former NFL coaches are agreeing with Schiano so who is the unintelligent one?”

    On the sports talk shows, the producers assign or sort out the participants as to what their opinions will be before the segment. That way it is more entertaining. You two say french toast is great, you two say pancakes.

    Hawaiian nailed when he said the NFL is a fraternity but Schiano peed into the punch bowl.

  21. Oahubuc Says:

    The last snap is on the Giants oline, agreed. Misdirected anger from these loudmouth yankees. Suck prunes, Coughlin.

  22. BucFan20 Says:

    I have never seen it in the rules. Does it state some place if one team goes in to the victory formation the other team must wave the white flag??

  23. Mike Hayes Says:

    Oh I guess the Giants meant nothing by the head to head hit on Vincent Jackson.

  24. Buc_The_World Says:

    Let’s switch some letters around in Eric’s name. Let’s see, the C first, the R 2nd, the I, then the E…That’s better “Crie”. We should sll call Eric “Crie” from now on because all he does is cry about nonsense. First of all our defense was not shredded, they were tired. They had 3 interceptions and held the Giants to field goals most of the game. In the 4th qtr they got lit up because the offense was nutralized by the coaches and the defense was on the field majority of the 2nd half. Eli manning has 22 comebacks against good teams maybe it so happens that maybe the Giants are good at what they do. Like I said in my last post go irritate another fanbase.

  25. Jose Negron Says:

    Has anyone stop to think, that, maybe, just maybe, with all that money in NYC, the replacement refs were getting payed under the table for not calling bad plays on the NY Giants?????????

  26. Fritz50 Says:

    “the replacement refs were getting payed under the table for not calling bad plays on the NY Giants?????????”

    Nah, nice theory, but I think, the truth is, they’re just not up to the job.