Greg Schiano: Back Off Josh Freeman

September 25th, 2012

A number of Bucs fans have become positively unhinged since Sunday after the Bucs lost a close game to Dallass, where Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman turned in a lackluster performance.

As Joe pointed out yesterday, there were Bucs fans who not just suggested Freeman be benched (for Dan Orlovsky of all people), but some went so far as to argue Freeman should be cut, in part, to give the Bucs a chance of drafting Matt Barkley.

Well, while not exactly addressing Freeman’s job status (because that would be absurd), the leader of the New Schiano Order went to bat for his now-beleaguered signal-caller telling listeners on WDAE-AM 620 Monday that not only does Freeman have the option of changing plays at the line of scrimmage, but Freeman will be a stud NFL quarterback and is “going to have a great year.”

Warren in Orlando: How much latitude does Josh Freeman have [to check out of a play] once the offense is lined up and do you think he has improved since the preseason?

Greg Schiano: I will answer that backwards. No. 1, I do believe he has improved since the preseason. I think he will continue to improve. This is a new offense to him. In fairness to Josh, he is learning and executing a new offense against top NFL defenses. I think we will only get better and better in executing. His freedom to check things at the line of scrimmage — often times he has that ability. There are certain plays that are run where the purpose to just call it and to not check those plays. There are a lot of plays where Josh got us in the right play on Sunday. He needed to identify that front and to check and he did a good job of that.

Schiano went on to say that Freeman checked out of a play at the line into a new play Sunday “quite a bit more than five times.” He also said Freeman “has the green light to tuck and go.”

To listen to the full “Greg Schiano Show” from Monday, click the little arrow below.

76 Responses to “Greg Schiano: Back Off Josh Freeman”

  1. Gavster Says:

    If he has the green light to run, then I am disappointed that he has not used his athleticism as much as he should.

  2. flmike Says:

    I missed this yesterday in your post on the other tread, but thanks for validating my point about new systems, by mentioning Joe Flacco being in multiple systems and now he is tearing up defenses. This is his 4th year in this system under Harbaugh, and if you remember, the Raven fans were calling for his head the first two years he was in the system, it was only midway thru last season where he actually started to figure it out and this year they added the no huddle aspect which is the last piece, 4 years into the new system, 4 years it has taken Flacco to learn the new system completely, why not give Josh the same latitude. Also, Ray Rice’s presence has helped him greatly, and he was drafted 4 years ago, coincidence?

  3. flmike Says:

    wish there was an edit button…
    My error:Flacco has only been in one system under Harbaugh, further proving my point about QBs and new systems, he has only had to learn one system and it still took him 4 seasons to learn it, mastering it may take a bit longer.

  4. raphael Says:

    Freeman IS going to be fine…Its ALL 11 guys getting on the same page…Some of the fans need to relax, its bordeline insanity what we here them saying…..fanatics ! lol

  5. big007hed Says:

    If he has the green light to go why doesnt he? He needs to use his legs some… He also needs to learn pocket presence, he had none against the Cowboys!!!!

  6. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    “From the ground up” takes more than 3 games. When Freeman has 64 games under his belt (4 full seasons) I’ll evaluate. For now I’m trusting Schiano and company to know what’s best. By the way…Josh only has 44 games under his belt right now…that’s how early some people have given up on him.

    No wonder the quarterback curse was born.

  7. jb Says:

    Josh Freeman = Trent Dilfer… best!

  8. Macabee Says:

    Let’s give Freeman the “football skills, he will get the scheme sooner or later” benefit of the doubt. Where is the confidence, not-to-worry I got this smile on his face like Manning or Romo? Where is his superman cape, his Giselle, his Aaron Rodgers sense of humor. When is he going to start having fun? I listen to his (de)pressers and they’re almost apologetic.

    I love Freeman and I want him to succeed. But I wish he would act like the star and leader of this team. Do something exciting once in a while. Date a Kardashian! Make me believe there’s a superstar in there somewhere!

  9. jb Says:

    Make me believe there’s a superstar in there somewhere!

    You can’t get what’s NOT there!

  10. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Hey, quiters…fyi, nfln is up a d running right now on brighthouse! Happy day!

  11. raphael Says:

    @jb …get well soon

  12. princespanky Says:

    Let me sum this up. Each week up to this point there has been somebody in the line of fire from the fans. First week there was Sully and his atrocious play calling. Second week it was blitzing Bill and his telegraphed rushes at Eli. This week it’s Josh Freeman.

    There are going to be some growing pains. If Freeman comes out this week and goes for 300 yds and a couple scores everybody will back down and move on to somebody else.

    We are all joking ourselves if we think everything clicks for the first 3 weeks of a new coach implementing new systems. We played 3 good ball teams and beat the one we should have had a chance to beat. I am alright with that and you should be too. The defense looks like it will be good enough (which is pretty mind blowing thinking back to last year) to keep us in games so this year will be the foundation of playing Bucs football again. Leave Josh alone until he gets it going and focus on the positives. He will figure it out, he obviously has Schiano on his side.

  13. Tye Says:

    It is difficult for most highly talented Qbs in college football to become competitive at the NFL level so it must be near impossible for a once mediocre college Qb to do it….

    The cold hard truth is (if Josh continues to play lousy) the Bucs are damaging their future the longer they continue giving him excuse after excuse…. For the 1st couple of years it was understandable but this is year 4… It is beginning to sound like some fans just want Freeman as QB even if the Bucs never win another game!… That will NEVER sell seats at RJS much less do anything to help build respect for the Bucs!…. Not everyone pans out as an NFL QB and Josh just might not either.

  14. Gunner Eleven Says:

    Seriously! We are expected to by this garbage. I’m a rational Bucs fan that lives in the Washington DC area. It’s troubling to hear these excuses and apologies. This is what Skins fan do. How many years before they finally realized Jason Campbell wasn’t going to improve? I really like Josh Freeman. I love seeing him air it out and run over linebackers. But that’s the problem. He’s not doing that. Maybe it’s the running game. Maybe it’s the playcalling. Either way, this Bucs offense stinks. Just like the old days, we can win if we can keep the opponent under 14 points. 4-12 Bucs Season 2012.

  15. Gunner Eleven Says:


    Are you sure, because Harbaugh’s 49ers did pretty well last year. It didn’t take the Bucs too long to learn Gruden’s complicated system (and that offensive unit was primarily free agents – lousy free agents). Be honest – the Bucs offense is terrible. The Bucs defense is fast, bruising, and opportunistic. If it wasn’t for turnovers and short fields, the offense would have even less points.

  16. Eric Says:

    Remember we have Ron Turner as our quarterback coach. Why? I have no idea.

    That can’t be helping Mr. Freeman.

    Ask any Chicago Bears fan.

  17. flmike Says:

    You guys need to go back and read the Ravens’ fans sites and look for posts from 2 years ago, this is exactly what they were saying about Flacco, they were calling for his head, they wanted him to be waived or flat out released almost daily, now he is one of the leading QBs in the league, and what school did they draft him from, oh yeah that NFL QB breeding ground Delaware. You really should hear yourselves…

  18. MTM Says:

    I understand it takes time to learn the “new offense”. What does that have to do with the QB running when the opportunity is there. Does it make sense to hold the ball in the pocket and get smashed, lose yards and possible get hurt. Poor decision making is the problem. I think that is why so many Bucs fans are up in arms over Freeman’s latest performance.

  19. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Gunner Eleven Says: September 25th, 2012 at 9:44 am


    Are you sure, because Harbaugh’s 49ers did pretty well last year. It didn’t take the Bucs too long to learn Gruden’s complicated system…


    Actually you are wrong. The defense got us to the Superbowl that year and the offense didn’t really jive until the second game of the playoffs. You know…17 games from now?

  20. Bill Says:

    Bull Crap!JOsh in his first full year(in a new offense)tore it up! He made no mistakes, threw and ran! Whats changed so much? He does not have a green light that is easy to see!Just like there is nothing wrong with BLOUNT right! Because MARTIN is doing a damn good job. J/K! Martin should never have been named the starter jjst because he is the head coaches pick!

  21. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Yeah I’m not sure what Schiano’s intent was but admitting Free has the freedom to check out of plays, throw deep, and take off and run doesn’t help Free’s case. The best excuse for his poor performance is the coaches hand cuffing Jim. If he has all the freedom of a normal qb then it’s not good for Free.

  22. raphael Says:

    Some of you people kill me with this Josh Freeman sucks stuff, I mean have alittle patience….Whats funny is Peyton Manning has not looked good early in the season and I doubt that he sucks …it takes time to jell

  23. Mike J Says:

    What everyone has said is all well & good. What concerns me is that Freeman seems to have lost the ability to throw an accurate short or medium pass. Maybe all go routes?
    We shall see what the Washington game brings.

  24. robert Says:

    you can’t polish a turd

  25. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Raphael this isn’t new. This didn’t sneak up on us. Freeman was terrible last year and these year he seems to have regressed even further so far. Peyton Manning just came from missing a season and neck surgery and you are comparing his situation to the completely healthy Freeman?

    Nah man, this is Freeman’s 4th season, I don’t care if it’s a new offense or not because next year, if the offense continues this way, there is no way Sullivan keeps his job and it will be yet another new offense and another set of excuses for Free. This year is it, sink or swim. Free isn’t Schiano’s man, he didn’t draft him and if the offense and Free don’t turn it around then his replacement is incoming.

    Freeman has fundemental flaws to his game that have gotten worse over time and has nothing to do with learning the new offense. You can’t stare down receivers no matter what the offense is. You have to be able to occasionally go through progressions no matter what the offense is. You have to be able to avoid pressure instead of standing stationary and not even seeing it coming.

    I wonder how much time some people think we should give Free before they accept the fact he might not make it in this league. Again give him the year and decide afterward.

  26. lightningbuc Says:


    Flacco has improved every year. Freeman took a major step backward last year, and that was in his 3rd year in Olsen’s system, which you maintain is so valuable. And now he appears to be regressing more. You really should hear yourself – you sound like Freeman’s lotion boy!

  27. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    I really hope Joe writes an article calling out all you naysayers when Freeman leads us to a Superbowl…and he will.

    And Robert…yes you can. A dry one with wax? (Not that I’ve ever tried it)

  28. robert Says:

    if he bombs this week, i bet orlovsky gets 1st team reps and come poput of the bye week the starter

  29. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @Robert- I gotta disagree. While after the offensive failures of the first 3 games my faith in Free is waning but why would we put Orlovsky in? We aren’t winning a superbowl this year, if we somehow made it into the playoffs Orlovsky isn’t going to take us on a playoff run, he’s not a good QB.

    There’s no point in playing g Orlovsky period. Leave Free in their and let him dig his own grave or dig out of it. At the end of the season get his replacement if he hasn’t improved.

  30. OAR Says:

    Come on! Is that why we made it to the Super Bowl all those years with the same top 10 defense? Please, understand it takes an offense too! Maybe, not a great one but atleast a good one! Remember, all Sapp wanted was 17 points from them? Dungy couldn’t get it done with his team because of no offense. Gruden got it done because he added an accountable offense! Very #$%@ing simple!
    Also, you missed GunnerElevens point about length of time learning new offense, not that Gruden’s offense was the reason we made the Super Bowl.

  31. lightningbuc Says:

    Pete Dutcher,

    You mean all the naysayers that said you were a dope for adamantly stating that Mark Barron would be fined for his week 1 hit? Incidentally, I must have missed the article about his fine. How much was it?

  32. Gunner Eleven Says:


    I have almost every game the Bucs have played since 1999 on VHS. I’ve watched the 2002 season many times. It’s true that the first win was a result of the Defense alone (I was there BTW). Under Gruden, Brad Johnson “merely posted by far the best season of any Buccaneer passer in franchise history. After a nervy home-opening loss to the Saints, the Bucs posted winning streaks of five and then four games to sit at 9-2 by Dec.”

    Unless, the 2012 Bucs put 8 in a row together, and Freeman goes to the ProBowl – Everyone apologizing for Freeman is wrong! Trade for Tebow!

  33. Jamaal Says:

    I never said we should cut free but I mean something has ta give if he was ta even have a decent game we would’ve won. He needs ta learn the system And just relax, play his game and get comfortable with his strengths such as utilizing his legs on broken plays or plays ta where his receivers aren’t open such as Sunday ta get them open or create good yardage situations rather than being 3rd and 9. Then our Donald penn was a pro bowler a couple of years back and his play against great passrushers doesn’t reflect that. he needs ta loose a little more weight in my opinion and work on a faster kick step but run blocking him and carl nicks are monsters run it right off there backs would be better than running behind Ted larsen or whomever our starting right guard i. needs to create more of a push for martin and blount and ware ta be successful. And with that being said we need ta see more Blount I’m sorry I like Martin but only 4 carries for Blount is drastic don’t ya think. Utilize your players such as underwood and spread teams out so we can take some pressure off free. Because I can guarantee a four receiver set against the cowboys someone would’ve been open. We just have ta open up and quit being so vanilla on offense. But that’s just a fans point of view hopefully the coaches are working on that and hopefully we continuously get better. #Bucsnation

  34. MTM Says:

    @ OAR

    Completely agree. The days of winning a Super Bowl with a great defense and a sub par offense are over. Teams can barely win that way during the regular season let alone, play offs and a super bowl is ridiculous. Pete must have a medical marijuana prescription.

  35. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    OAR spot on. The whole “it takes time to learn a new offense” thing is the most leaned on excuse today. Yes ittakes time to learn a new offense but what we have seen in the first three games isn’t just learning a new offense, it’s a complete lack of an offense. Something is wrong. VJax is a good receiver, so is Williams and Clark. Benn is a threat, Blount is a play maker and Martin is a solid addition.

    For our offense to play as sickeningly poor as it has in the first 3 games there is a problem. Yes give Freeman the season, of course. There is no other option. Orlovsky is not our future so why play him. But there is no way anyone who is being honest can say that it’s unfair to criticize Freeman right now. This isn’t new, he played one year and regressed the next. This year so far he has regressed even further.

    Should we give Free 5 years? How about 8? 10 maybe? Come on people just because you CAN win a superbowl with a “game managing qb” (aka a bad QB) doesn’t mean your goal should be to have one. And if people look at it how many “game managers” have won super bowls compared to actually capable QBs? It’s not even close. Free has regressed even further this year so why is it so bad to discuss it? Should I just sit back and say great job every week even though he plays like crap along with the rest of the offense and coaches?

    You know what’s just as bad as over reacting? Being completely complacent and delusional over the situation. Fact- Freeman has played like trash so far this season continuing from last season. Fact the offense is pathetic, defenses are loading the box to stop the run because they have no respect for our passing game. Fact- our defense is keeping us in games, even the giants game which they got burnt for 600 passing yards but gave the offense great field position over and over with turnovers so they could have a chance to score despite their inability to sustain drives and move the chains.

    Shall we sit here and clap while ignoring it? It makes me laugh when people say not to judge the team because it takes time to improve and then when you bring up ways to improve the team by getting rid of personnel that aren’t getting the job done they call you crazy.

  36. raphael Says:

    @jbrooks…What offensive failures at the first (3) games are we talking about ? the opening touchdown drive with the Panthers (Think Free was 7 for 7)..or the awesome TD throws in the Giants game ? how about the sideline pass right on the money to Williams that was ruled incomplete???

    so really Free has had one bad game against a good Dallas opening day Rob Ryan defense…..srsly ? Freeman is and will be the Franchise QB here for a awhile…..and I am with Pete , he will take us to the SB !!

  37. Eric Says:

    The days of waiting for years for your QB to develop are also over. Sure Flacco has improved, but he didnt start from the depths Free has sunk to so far this season. A big difference between polishing your game to get through the playoffs and breaking fundamental errors of the type Josh is exhibiting. The guy looks lost with little confidence.

    That said, I still hope Josh can be the guy, so we don’t have to go through another five year rebuild based on a newly drafted replacement.

  38. Rob Says:

    Freeman was dreadful against the Cowboys. Few can deny that. It was not Josh’s fault that “hands of stone ” Ward let the ball bounce off both his hands and into the waiting arms of a Dallas defender. What troubled me most about Freeman’s performance is his lack of accuracy in hitting receivers in stride and thowing a catchable ball consistently. Our receivers have no idea where the ball will be thrown as they are often way high, behind them, or at their feet. A completion percentace in the mid to upper 50’s is not capable of winning many games, let alone the Superbowl. I for one will give Josh this year to get himself more consistent before I give up on him. I believe Schiano will not let Freeman determine his nfl coaching legacy if he does not improve dramitically. This season will go as Josh goes. If we lose a bunch of games due to no offensive production, Josh may just be shopped and or replaced, depending on how high we pick in the draft next year. Hope he is succesful here. Go Bucs!

  39. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @ raphael- are you watching these games? The offense can’t move the ball at all. One TD against the Panthers who have had 27 and 30 something put up on them the weeks after and you call that good?

    Did you watch the giants game? When the defense didn’t serve up the ball on the giants side of the field for the offense they couldn’t do crap. Absolutely no passing game until they started launching hail marys and hoping for the best at the end of the game. They haven’t done crap on offense all year.

  40. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @ rob- agreed, it’s not all on Free but he gets some of the blame and if we give him a pass every time he has an excuse we will never improve. Give him the year and if he hasn’t stopped at least regressing he has got to go.

  41. Jason Dearth Says:

    Some pretty good points made here, but another point that is being missed is how young Freeman is. The previous coach had NO clue or desire to progress a QB in the NFL. Josh has upside and this team needs time. Those of you who think that an open field in front of you equates to tuck and run will have an offense that just continues to labor along. Making mistakes creates learning opportunities. 2 lucky wins now does not equate to championships down the road (see NY Giants). Good thoughts guys but don’t pull the rip cord yet. Eli Manning looked like HOT GARBAGE at this point in his career and he ad our OC as his QB coach then. Time will tell, not panicking.

  42. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @ Jason, while I agree with most of your post and think Freeman should be given the year this is his 4th year. In Eli’s 4th year, 2007, he won a superbowl and looked pretty good doing it so that comparison isnt that great.

  43. raphael Says:

    @jason… well said !

  44. raphael Says:

    @jbrooks can you have 4 td’s passing and have no passing game whatsoever? are you watching the games ? V-j’s td and MW td’s in the giants game were excellent throws ..

  45. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @ Raphael I’m not surf you are a troll here or not but I don’t loom at two plays out of 3 games and judge an offense based off of that. The offense could have put that game away long before those two passes if they were half competent. Also fun fact for those not paying attention. Tampa is 32 in total offensive yards. That’s dead last. And 30th in passing. I mean even the most delusional can’t argue with facts.

  46. raphael Says:

    no troll here but your delusional….We would be 2-1 if not for our defense in the giants game….your wrong on Freeman thats okay you will jump on the bandwagon eventually….

  47. Rican Says:

    Words are cheap. Show me this Josh you speak of and I’ll gladly run with em.

  48. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @Raphael. Do you have stats to back up these claims?any evidence. As I have pointed out we are dead last in yards per game and 30 th in passing yards. You have comeback with “you are wrong” and you have pointed out two plays at the end of the giants game.

    Evidence please?

  49. Bill Says:

    AAAHHHHH, Martin is really sucking it up! Start blount and the passing game will open up!You heard it here first!O, and for those of you who say blount can not block, watch martin he isnt blocking much if anything!

  50. raphael Says:

    Last I checked we have 11 guys on offense….so if were # 1 passing in the league then thats all Josh freeman right ????

  51. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @Raphael No one ever said that. It’s also the coaches fault. But missing a wide open Vincent Jackson on third is freemans fault. Having no pocket awareness is freemans fault. Not moving out of the pocket to avoid pressure is freemans fault. Terrible footwork is freemans fault. Not getting rid of the ball on three step drops is freemans fault. Not going through progressions is freemans fault. Rob Ryan is on record saying that he told the defense to roll the coverage to the side of the field Freeman first looked towards because he stares down receivers. That is Freemans fault.

    Anyone who has seen any of the games this year can obviously see that there are a lot of issues with this offense. But Freeman so far is a part of the problem.

  52. Oahubuc Says:

    The new offense requires Freeman to stare down half of the field and give the defenders a chance to get there before throwing a wild pass into coverage. Y’all don’t understand the game.

  53. Rican Says:

    Homers will be homers lolol

  54. Tye Says:

    Rican Says:
    September 25th, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Homers will be homers lolol


    Where the line between fantasy and reality must be severely skewed! {Rofl}

  55. bucs911 Says:


    I agree with you totally. Some Rookie quarterbacks come into the league and just tear it up there first year. Why don’t they need years to develop. It s ridiculous that Josh can’t throw for 200 yards a game consistantly.

  56. Rican Says:

    Exactly lol
    Lets give him another 4 yrs why don’t we haha cause apparantly by year four you should still be learning how to not stare down receivers, look like a scared rookie, and be completely inaccurate. My bad. I forgot that’s all because of the system lol. Lol funny little homers. News flash potential doesn’t make a good QB in the NFL. At some point the potential has to be realized and reality is lots of times that doesn’t happen. Lil Free Free seems to be going towards that percentage. Sorry homey homers

  57. raphael Says:

    LOL @ the Freeman haters ! don’t quit your day jobs …..when Freeman has more 4th qtr comebacks this year, eat your whiny ass crow ….

  58. bucs911 Says:


    Lets hope we dont need 4th quarter comebacks. Put the game away early

  59. raphael Says:

    @bucs911…true that !

  60. Rican Says:

    Talk is cheap. Either he puts up or you shut up. Seems like the more Free sucks the more you open your mouth. I’ll gladly eat the crow and I genuinely hope I end up having to. But in this moment I’m not gonna turn into an ignorant homer just cause I want him to succeed. I’m gonna talk about the product he’s putting out onto the field and that’s ish. Plain and simple. I understand that you the Homer Mascot Mr. Raphael will always be blinded by your homerism but c’mon now. Your starting to make me chuckle here.

  61. raphael Says:

    @ Rican…your not a fan thats all….Your like the guy who waits for his team to win a SB then all of a sudden he is a fan…..the easiest thing to do is criticise , REALLy don’t care what you call me… #Freeman>>>loser fans

  62. Rican Says:

    Lol oh yes I forgot to be a fan you have to ride the jock of every player on the team (especially the QB’s) no matter what the product they put out on the fiels is my bad hahaha. You think you questioning my fandom means anything? Lol negative ghost rider. You go find any posts I had put up in the past couple years and show me where other than last weeks debacle and Free’s play now that I have critiqued anything as harshly. As a matter a fact you can show me all the posts I have put up in the past where I much like you are now anointed Free a probowl franchise QB. Unlike you I can admit when I’m wrong kid.

  63. raphael Says:

    or to be a fan you have to understand the team concept and maybe they are starting from ground zero !!!

    kid ? thats funny…junior !

  64. Rican Says:

    No ones denying that as a team their isn’t alot that growth occurring right now. That has no bearing on the things that as a fourth year QB Free should not be struggling with right now or as Joe put it “digressing” in. I want to be a fan if Free, but some things just can’t be over looked. Thats very concerning. What he’s struggling with right now individually is not a team thing it’s a Free thing. No one else is playing QB, he is. There’s a reason every credible football analyst out there that watched his performance is just as concerned.

  65. RustyRhino Says:

    Looking at this photo of Freeman getting blindsided I don’t want to rise any feathers but that looks like a missed block by #22. Yeah I know he had only one. But how many times did he miss a block on Sunday. Not disrespecting Martin, just want a fair chance for our other back to miss a block and still play…

  66. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Raphael has still yet to put forth evidence to support his claim. Yet it’s everyone else who doesn’t know anything about football.

  67. raphael Says:

    @jbrooks…you do realize its 3 games into the season and 3 games the coaching staff and team has been together right ? and if not for the defense giving up 500 yrds ,we would be 2-1 right ? Free is the starter and will be for awhile…there is your evidence…BTW I think Shiano knows more than your dumb a$$ so we just go with that !

  68. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    @Raphael you delusional. Again still no evidence. I guess you think last year never happened? Freeman played lights out right? The offense is DEAD LAST in the league. Teams with rookie coaches and rookie qb’s have been better so far. Please support your theories with some sort of fact. Your opinion means nothing. Bring facts as I have.

  69. raphael Says:

    jbrooks = dumb inbred clueless about football

  70. tha truth is... Says:

    stop staring at receivers like hooters girls and go.deep 2 Jackson a couple times and he’ll be alot better

  71. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Raphael agianno proof. Kind of funny. Miamis offense is ranked 12th with new coaches and a rookie qb. Now tell me again about why new coaches = struggle. Your making yourself look like a joke in this thread. Mo evidence, no knowledgeable argument. Just name calling. Very impressive buddy.

  72. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    I could sit here and school you all night just as I schooled you all day but some people don’t learn or can’t Lear. Try watching a game and learning the basics. Try not to pick arguments when you have nothing to back up your claims.

  73. Rican Says:

    We’d be 2-1 if freeman could produce more than a 32 completion percentage against the cowboys haha. And I tell you what I give Free 2 maybe 3 games like that before he gets benched. I hope that doesn’t happen but Schiano won’t tolerate anymore of that play for long. He already put his neck out for Free, now Free better not make em look like a liar or hes not gonna be a happy camper lol.

  74. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    No Rican your obviously wrong. It’s not the offenses fault. It just takes time even though as I have stated before other teams with new coaches and rookie qb’s are doing way better than Tampa. I will say this though, we won’t be benching Free unless we have a better option for our future at QB. From what I have seen Orlovsky isn’t a starting NFL QB so unless we trade for someone Freeman will have the rest of the year to sink or swim and I think that’s fair. People say Eli sucked early in his career but in his fourth season he helped win a super bowl. From what I have seen so far in Freemans fourth season he hasn’t helped win one game. Not all his fault but he isn’t playing well.

  75. Rican Says:

    Like I’ve mentioned before better QBs have been benched before. And it’s hard to play as bad as Free did on Sunday. But I only think that will happen if he repeats that kinda performance again and again. He would force their hand single handedly.

  76. raphael Says:

    LOL @ jbrooks schooling anybody, you incompetent fool …LMAO

    # Freeman