The Bucs Get A “B”

May 2nd, 2012

There are many accolades coming from all circles on the work of Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik during last weekend’s NFL draft.

Count ornery Pete Prisco among the fans of the Bucs’ draft. The NFL columnist put fingers to keyboard and banged out a grade of every team in the NFL on their picks and he gave the Bucs a “B.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Best pick:
They landed a future Pro Bowl player in second-round linebacker Lavonte David. They have their next Derrick Brooks.

Questionable move: Trading out of their spot in the first round to pass on Morris Claiborne and take safety Mark Barron. Corner is a much more valuable position than safety.

Third-day gem: Linebacker Najee Goode is a run-thumper from West Virginia who is worth a look in the fifth round. He plays the run well. Has played inside and outside.

Analysis: The Bucs landed three starters with their first three picks in Barron, running back Doug Martin (who I really like) and David. That’s a nice bounty. I don’t know if Barron is quite the player some think he will be, but Tampa Bay had a big-time need there.

Grade: B

Prisco of late has been a fan of Dominik’s dabbling in the draft. Just two years ago, Prisco wrote how Dominik “owned” the draft and was impressed specifically citing Dominik’s prowess in landing Gerald McCoy, Brian Price, Myron Lewis, Mike Williams and Dekoda Watson.

30 Responses to “The Bucs Get A “B””

  1. Stevek Says:

    Quincy Black,

    Your seat is getting warmer buddy, time to “remember” how to tackle.

  2. Capt. Tim Says:

    Agree with that analysis. Love the Mariin and David picks. Thnk Goode may start at MLB next year- hopefully we get an aging vet to help teach him the ropes.
    Baron will be a great safety- rob ably an All pro.
    But missing out n Claiborne was a big mistake.fortunately, his later picks helped out alot.

  3. Brad Says:

    I’m guessing this is the highest grade he gives out. Everyone that has covered the draft including multiple media outlets puts the Bucs in the top 5 of the entire draft. Our great supporter here who hardly picks the Bucs to win games and I don’t mean just last year also gave us a B. Why Ira continues to cover the Bucs is beyond me.

    Just watch the man network tonight to get what the majority feel about our draft and it wont be a miserable B. Of course no one really knows how any team really did but it’s fun to debate for a few days.

    Clayton was the only moron that gave us a failing grade. I know that was after day 1 and I wonder when he realized how stupid he looked if he up’d it a few notches.

  4. Karl Says:

    No one missed out on Claiborne.Yeah he gave us a B but he still dont get that we wanted a physical player that hits hard unlike Claiborne.Im GLAD we didnt take Claiborne.Corner is much more valuable…..? Yeah if you have a great safety already.Bucs made the right choice going with Barron!

  5. Macabee Says:

    I bring no professional expertise to this forum other than just to express an opinion. I have no facts and I have no extra sensory perception to allow me to foresee the value of the Bucs 2012 draft. I give no grade because where I come from a grade is usually given at the end of the semester after the test has been taken. However, there are a few observations that I think are worth mentioning.

    My first observation – I do not know if the Bucs always had Mark Barron at the top of their draft board. I know what they say and I take them at their word. Did they make the right decision? Time will tell, but in the world of the draft prognosticator, Dallas is being given a high draft grade principally because they moved up and picked Claiborne.

    I believe they made the right decision to trade down and pick up the 4th round pick because it allowed them to get the next two targeted players (both starters) that may not (probably not) have happened if they had taken Claiborne with the 5th pick.

    Here is where I differ with most and we will never know the answer. If Dallas hadn’t moved up and both Barron and Claiborne were both there at #7, would they have made the same pick? They say so, but I would have picked Claiborne! I know, I know – IF a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his a$$ every time he took a hop. But it is worth a thought!

    My final observation – we needed a good corner and if Alphonso Dennard was good enough for Belichick in the 7th, I want to think he was probably good enough for us in the 6th. Keith Tandy may turn out to be all-world, but Dennard was Big Ten defensive player of the year at CB and some analyst (WalterFootball) had him targeted as a 2nd round pick. He is a big physical corner that plays in the style that Schiano loves. He made a mistake, he punched a cop – remember we all like Adrian Clayborn and he punched a motorist too.

    I like the Schiano way and everything it stands for. I just hope we don’t become so rigidly principled that we no longer have any room for the exception. We should strive to maintain our high standards, but remain flexible enough to do what is good for the team also! I would have picked Dennard!

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Looks like we’re trying to get back to the glory days when stopping the run was number one priority. If this is the case; then Clayborne was NERVER part of the Bucs Plans. Cover 2 or any style of zone coverage reduces the importance of a shutdown corner. Ronde has had a pro bowl career playing zone and I don’t think there is a man coverage D that would touch him. If this is going to be our base D; then you have to believe MD did what was best for the team by gettting three very physical starting caliber players. I would give him an A for getting us some smash mouth players and letting go of the finesse players that are taking up space.

  7. OAR Says:

    Singing a different tune I see.
    And to think you said this was the worst or most horrible draft you had seen in years? Too funny!

  8. OAR Says:

    “I like the Schiano way and everything it stands for. I just hope we don’t become so rigidly principled that we no longer have any room for the exception.” – see Talib (if he stays on the team which it appears he will).
    BTW Punching a cop is way more serious than punching joe motorist, no offense joe.

  9. RCH Says:

    I find it real intreasting that multiple people have compared Lavonte David to Derrick Brooks. Those are some BIG shoes to fill! I guess we will see love the pick but that comparison is no walk in the park to do. If you would of asked me before the draft if I wanted Claiborne or Mark Barron I wouldve picked Claiborne because it was a safer choice. But if you wouldve said how bout you get Mark Barron and get some trade up aminition to get Doug Martin at the end of the first round I wouldve went with that 2 for 1 deal all day long. Love our first three choices with not giving up the house to get back into rounds. Go Bucs!!!!

  10. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Capt Tim

    Wow, a little bit of praise for the Bucs. I respect the idea that Claiborne should’ve been taken at 5, and at the time I would’ve been ok with it. However, after I read his comments about the wonderlic, I don’t think I would burn a first round pick at all on him. I understand the results of the Wonderlic get overblown sometimes, but to feel he shouldn’t need to take it when EVERYONE else takes it, is an attitude I wouldn’t want to re-enforce with a first round pick.

    I figure most Bucs fans will compare Barron’s career to Claiborne’s career for the foreseeable future, personally I’ll be comparing Barron to Kuechly, because I’m perfectly happy with the results of us trading down to #7, and the picks that happened at 5 and 6 as a result, but given the choice of Kuechly or Barron, I would rather have had Kuechly (I like Barron and figured it would be one or the other, but I think Kuechly may become Urlacher-esque).

  11. Have A Nice Day Says:

    CB is only more valuable in the draft when you haven’t lost both starting safeties. Mark Barron was more valuable than Claiborne as we had a far greater need at safety.

    The Mark Barron move was the right one. Without it, we may not have gotten Doug Martin or Lavonte David as well.

  12. Eric Says:

    Sounds like a fair evaluation, although i cringe when folks compare people to 55.

    Id drop it down to C- due to the safety over corner decision.

    I know they say that was “our guy”, but General Managers/coaches have been saying that since the draft was instituted, along with “we couldn’t believe he dropped that far, we had him rated much higher”. So, I take the statements regarding Barron with a grain of salt.

    All acros the NFL landscape GM’s are saying “we got our guy”. Its not a lie, just how things work. You cant admit you wanted someone else because (1) its not a good start to the relationship with the player actually drafted (2) don’t want to look incompetent.

    IMO the biggest regret will be not doing what was necessary to get TR.

    C- for two missed opportunites for elite players.

  13. raphael Says:

    Bucs sign DT Eric Legrand…..awesome gesture ### SHIANO

  14. Jrock(mobile) Says:

    I was geeked after our draft and realky enjoyed the accolades that followed. However these draft grades are starting to burn me out. These kids don’t even get to PRACTICE until tomorrow for gods sake.

    I thinl it would be better for the pundits to make an initial grade, then make a more informed grade.. oh I don’t know, by the 4th preseason game. Those meaningless gamea cannot come soon enough..

  15. MrGone Says:

    Eric, we all know you’re either an ATL or NO fan, and for hanging around and trolling our Buccaneers blog, — MR. GONE, there’s no value in insulting Eric in the way Joe just deleted. That’s over Joe’s line.– Joe

  16. SteveK Says:

    Glad we passed up on Claibourne.

    The guy has an “on/off” switch, and doesn’t bring the same kind of intensity and passion needed at this next level.

    Ron Brooks coached Claibourne in College, and he knew SOMETHING that led for us to pass up on him, and glad we got Mark Barron.

  17. Snook Says:

    Only reason this tool thinks the Bucs made a mistake on passing on Claiborne is because that’s who he picked in his mock draft for the Bucs to take at #5.

    Therefore, he criticizes the pick that goes against what he thought would happen.

    Typical idiot.

  18. SteveK Says:


    Claibourne was not worth the pick. He has a questionable motor, and he seems to be disinterested in always putting forth his best effort.

    Claibourne has a questionable willingness to tackle. That is a theme far to familiar with the Buc Defense of recent.

    As for Richardson, he just cost too darn much. The best Safety in the draft + the 2nd best (complete) RB + Lavonte David > Trent Richardson.

    Dom played his hand perfectly, and I truly believe we were concerned Dallas was going to take Mark Barron. Glad they went with the guy with a questionable attitude towards work, he will fit right in Dallas.

  19. OAR Says:

    I agree. Us passing on him and having his position coach on our staff speaks loudest.

  20. Eric Says:

    Hey c- is still passing, heck Al Gore got a D in Natural Science……….

    I happen to think TR was one of those rare talents worthy of trading up. Mike Holmgren agrees with me. Ill take that company.

    I heard Mo might not have been the bightest bulb in the box, but I didn’t see any questions about work ethic pre-draft. Tackling issues yes.

    You guys may all be right. Its a crap shoot. A little like Derby Lane.

  21. Chad Says:

    Some “experts” keep saying the bucs made a mistake by not taking Claiborne and trading down. However they are forgetting one very important part of the puzzle and his name is Ron Cooper. Cooper was Claiborne position coach in college and is now the bucs defensive backs coach. I sure the front office talked to Cooper about him and if he was such a unbelievable talent to pass up they wouldn’t of traded down like they did. Obviously the bucs didn’t think that highly of him.

  22. Capt. Tim Says:

    Oar- no, I stil consider missing out on NE of the 6 elite players a huge screw up. 6 elite layed- we have the 5th pick, and don’t get one- huge mistake

    But love the Martin Pick. Love the David Pick. Really like the Goode pick. Think Drake will make a good Fullback

    I think, counting Barron, we have 4 new starters. Thats a great draft.

    But they gambled on Claiborne. Dallas outsmarted them, and we lost a rob owl CB. Those are much, much harder to find than Safties.
    It was a bad gamble, and we lost.
    But, still did a great job on next two players, so a B is my grade also. I’m excited about Barron. He’s a good player. It will be hard to get a shut down CB now.
    That’s why we should have gotten one of the great FAs last year. They are to hard to find, to ignore that oppurtunity

  23. Capt. Tim Says:

    Oar- if you think we passed on him- you’re right.

    But most don’t think we did. Most believe we traded with JVille, knowing they wanted Blackmon. We knew he next team didn’t need a Cb, they wanted a de!
    Voila- we get our man, and a 4th
    Dallas trading up was the unforeseen x factor
    You don’t spent 9 minutes and 45 seconds to draft ” your guy”
    You spend that much time scrambling when you missed out on” your guy”

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    One thing you are forgetting Eric is that unlike us, Cleveland had plenty of extra picks that enabled them to trade for TR. Obviously we would have had to have given up more than they did, which would have cost us our entire draft. That’s not a smart thing even by someone like me who would love to have him.

  25. OAR Says:

    I never said they got thier guy, I just dont think Claiborne WAS their guy. I’m certainly no draft guy, but it’s not that hard to understand. There’s no way you trade down and hope to get “your guy”. There’s too many unforeseen variables, like teams trading up to steal “your guy”. You want “your guy” you trade up or stay put and get him.
    But whatever, its done and over with finally. I’m happy with who we got, and happy for Dallass!

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Do you guys really think we traded down to 7 not knowing that other teams can trade to 6? I’m pretty sure they know better and were willing to live with it. They also knew Jax was picking Blackmon and the Rams were interested in a corner. Not sure why some feel they weren’t. If they wanted Claiborne that bad, they would have taken him at 5. To think otherwise is completely foolish. However, as a result, they got 2 first round picks and didn’t really lose anything. How can that move be questionable, especially with a diva like Claiborne? He’s exactly what we don’t need in Tampa. What’s he going to say when Schiano tells him to put his toes behind the line, “That has nothing to do with football, so I’m not going to do it”! Yeah, we should have brought him here!

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    There was no DE even close to being worthy of a #6 pick. No way in hell the Rams were taking a DE

  28. Eric Says:


    I don’t think it was lost on Dominik that Mo could be gone by number seven.

    He took a calculated gamble and was willing to live with Barron if Mo was gone. Perhaps he would have chosen Barron over Mo if both were there. I don’t think we will ever know that for sure. no GM provides the reality of something like that.

    As for TR, i view him as one of those rare players it is worth giving up a lot for, kinda like when the Giants went all in on getting Eli Manning.

    A team changer IMO.

    But, im not draft guru by any means. I thought Brooks was too small to justify where he was drafted, and I saw him play at FSU in person lots of times.

    I do remember when Sapp dropped down that I was yelling at the t.v for us to take him. Got that one right.

    WHo knows, these guys may very well be very good players and the right moves were made. Just have a sinking feeling in my gut that TR is going to be all-pro for a long time, ala Emmitt Smith. Well see.

    Not like I do this for a living ya know. Just my opinion.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I gotcha Eric, and trust me, I wanted Tr just as much, if not more, than you. You know I argued for that guy for months now. I screamed at my TV as soon as the trade with Cleveland was announced. I believe he truly is a special back, ala Adrian Peterson (different type of back, but same category of skill). But even I know you just can’t give up everything for one guy, especially when we have so many holes to fill. Then imagine if he were to get injured, we would have thrown away that entire draft. You just can’t do that, not for anyone.

    TR will be an All-Pro, I have very little doubt about that. I do think Martin has the chance to have just as good of a career, if not better. Better line, better surrounding players, and probably a better organization in Tampa. We also don’t have to go against the Steelers and Ravens twice a year. Cleveland was probably the worst possible place for him to go, but he will still be visiting me in Hawaii every year (that is, if there were still going to be a Pro Bowl).

  30. Eric Says:

    I agree about Cleveland Hawaiian, but one would think the law of averages would apply at some point and they would field a decent team, after all the Lions did it.