First Day Of Bucs Rookie Mini-Camp

May 4th, 2012

Joe, along with the rest of the Bucs pen and mic club, was allowed to watch the first 30 minutes of practice on the first day of the Bucs rookie mini-camp Friday.

Now Joe prides himself on his photography but he must apologize. The team practice so far away from where media was allowed that Joe really needed a better lens on his camera. The following photos are usually below Joe’s level of quality, mostly grainy because Joe had to blown them up so much.

With apologies up front, here are some sights of One Buc Palace Friday.

Scene at Bucs rookie mini-camp Friday.

Per the loud, implicit orders of Bucs coach Greg Schiano, players had to run outside the end line and around a pylon after running each play.

Per the loud, implicit orders of Bucs coach Greg Schiano, players had to run outside the end line and around a pylon after running each play.

Ron Girault, who played for Greg Schiano at Rutgers, gets ready for a defensive back drill Friday at Bucs rookie mini-camp.

Bucs first round draft pick safety Mark Barron, 24, listens to assistant defensive backs coach Jeff Hafley Friday.

Chika Madu of Nichols State during a defensive backs drill.

The scene at One Buc Palace Friday afternoon.

Safety Tramaine Thomas of Arkansas during defensive backs drills as Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik watches.

"Run around the pylon!"

Safety Kenji Jackson of Missouri.

Running a play.

Former Largo High School quarterback and Iowa State cornerback Leonard Johnson skies for an interception.

Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik and coach Greg Schiano chat.

The scene at One Buc Palace Friday afternoon.

Ready for the pickoff.

The scene at One Buc Palace Friday afternoon.

10 Responses to “First Day Of Bucs Rookie Mini-Camp”

  1. Thomas2.2 Says:

    No pics of our starting RB Martin?

  2. BucWild007 Says:

    Its weird seeing 24 and it not being Caddy….
    Thanks for the pics, Barron is a big dude!

  3. Joe Says:


    No pics of our starting RB Martin?

    He was so far away Joe couldn’t see him. At best, players came within 35 yards of Joe.

    But Joe did interview Martin. You’ll see some stuff later.

  4. 941-Bucs Says:

    Hehe Kenji “Jackson” is a Safety wearing the #36? I wonder if anyone informed him that jersey might have bad luck?

    The last Jackson to wear it got booted a month ago!

  5. BucWild007 Says:

    @941 — maybe Kenji should wear 28 that T-Jack’s # before he sucked

  6. George Says:

    Joe needs to understand the difference between implicit and explicit. Seems if they were loud orders that would mean explicit… If they were clear and direct, most likely explicit… If the orders were “implied” rather than explicitly stated, then they would be implicit. That doesn’t sound like the case.

  7. RastaMon Says:

    well it good be surmised …that “implict orders”..were a word to the wise…and if one needs explict orders you might not have the right stuff..

  8. Dew Says:

    Thanks for the coverage Joe. Laughed my ass off at your comments about how far away the players were. Lets hope Coach doesn’t kill somebody. He’s not in Jersey anymore.

  9. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Thanks for the pictures and all the hard work Joe. Great job

  10. Sgt Mike Says:

    I’m soooo Stoked about this upcoming season. Trying to get tickets to the game in Denver as I will be stationed there later this year. Go Bucs!!!

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