Greg Schiano Conducting Some Espionage

May 4th, 2012

In football there is a term called “self-scouting.” This is when an assistant monitors the tape of a game or a practice and pretends to put himself in the shoes of an opposing coach.

This way, said assistant may find things or tendencies that the coaching staff may totally miss on. It’s not unlike when someone proofreads another person’s work.

Even though it is rookie mini-camp, new Bucs coach Greg Schiano may have tipped his hand a bit on why he has so many guys from the Big East on the Bucs roster, or trying out for the Bucs.

Sure, one reason Schiano selected so many Big East players is because he knows them. But just as important, Schiano said after practice today, they know him.

Maybe too well.

“Some of the guys we coached against,” Schiano said. “There are some guys here from Connecticut and West Virginia, I have visited with them. “What are you thinking?” Try to gain some insight into how people are thinking” when they faced the Schiano-coached Rutgers.

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