Bucs Clearly Sending Message To Roy Miller

May 4th, 2012

Last night when Joe learned the Bucs had signed Gary Gibson, many Bucs fans sounded like scared owls they asked “Who?” so often.

That’s exactly why Bucs defensive tackle Roy Miller should be concerned.

It’s pretty obvious that the Bucs are either trying to light a fire under the backside of Miller or, likely unhappy with Miller’s lack of production, are preparing to cut ties with the Texas product.

Gibson was a backup on a miserable defense with the Rams, bagging only three sacks last year. But Gibson’s sack total with the Rams in 2011 matches Miller’s sack total in his three-year NFL career, missing but one game during that same span.

When the Bucs landed talented defensive tackle Amobi Okoye in March, many took this move as insurance against Gerald McCoy and Brian Price, who have a hard time staying on the field due to injuries.

Joe took it as more of a shot across the bow at Miller. Drafted in the third round of the 2009 draft, Miller has been a non-factor thus far.

New Bucs coach Greg Schiano has all but said how critical he believes it is for the Bucs to put opposing quarterbacks on the ground. His defensive coordinator, Bill Sheridan, came from the Giants, where that is their specialty.

If the signing of Okoye wasn’t a wake-up call for Miller, last night’s signing of Gibson surely should have his attention. It’s time for Miller to make an impact or his Bucs days are numbered.

To Miller’s credit, he was drafted specifically to play a role in the heinous Jim Bates Experience. Bates is long gone and it’s a New Schiano Order now.

32 Responses to “Bucs Clearly Sending Message To Roy Miller”

  1. drbinshore Says:

    Also to his credit……

    He was asked to gain 25-30lbs his rookie season to play 2 gap.

    He then was asked to lose 25-30lbs his second season to play 1 gap

    He was coached by Todd Wash his first 2 seasons

    He plays nose tackle, which involves taking on a double team almost every play, getting sacks is LAST of the nose tackle’s responsibility.

    It’s been a revolving door of changes for this extremely young D-line……1 gap, 2 gap, “cocked stance”, “squared stance”, and season ending injuries to both McCoy (twice), and Price.

    For a 3rd round nose tackle, I’d say he’s played like a 3rd round nose tackle would under those circumstances.

  2. Meh Says:

    Just looks like they’re replacing McCargo to me.

  3. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Two words, Joe:

    Frank. Okam.

    What makes you so sure this is a message to Miller? Okam is the one who has proven completely useless.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I’d be really surprised if Miller was cut. Allowed to walk after the season is foreseeable, but an outright cut would raise an eyebrow.

    That said, I am very glad that DLine depth has been addressed.

  5. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    That could be it as well.

    I take these minor signings with a grain of salt at this time of the year. Unless it’s someone well-established, I don’t care until we see them on the field.

    Miller is not a starter, but he’s a good enough backup. He’s not a sack guy, but then, in all fairness no one was on the Bucs team until last year (Clayborn).

    It’s entirely possible that with improved Defensive End and improved Linebacker play, Miller may well get those sacks. I always felt he is better suited against the run, but again…no support in that role either.

  6. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    You forgot to add that he also didn’t have an established scheme up until now. Not only was Todd Wash a wash, Raheem Morris did no system development at all, and certainly did not teach his team anything.

  7. Meh Says:

    Well considering they released McCargo just a few days ago, and then added Gibson right after seems pretty clear to me. They’re churning the non-productive depth at DT. That isn’t Miller – yet. He’s been a disappointment but he’s still no worse than our 4th best tackle right now, and that’s giving probably too much slack to Okoye and the health of McCoy/Price.

  8. Heath Says:

    And to think the majority of these players won 10 games in 2010 with no scheme and the worst coaching staff ever assembled. I would be stunned if this team is worse than 12-4 in 2012.

  9. Paul W. Says:

    I’ve never seen someone with so much optimism.
    You’re being sarcastic right?

  10. Meh Says:

    Seriously, I really like the direction of the team right now, but 12 wins? That’s tough even for very good, established teams.

    I’ll be happy with 7 wins as long as we’re playing much closer games and not being blown out. I think this team is still a work in progress. It is going to take a year with the new coaches and probably at least one more offseason to fix the defense and add another piece to the offense (probably TE).

  11. Stevek Says:

    12-4 is a tough bar to measure. I’d be happy with a winning season at 9-7.

    Last time we went 12-4:

    2002 Superbowl Bound.

  12. GurS Says:

    Heath, you do realise that a 12-4 record would equal the best record in team history right? And that the only time they’ve ever gone 12-4 was in 2002 right? And that our defense currently isn’t even fit to be mentioned in the same breath as our Super Bowl-winning D right?

  13. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    12-4…man I would have such dreams…

    …with our luck the Saints would go 13-3 and we would still miss the playoffs while a losing team in another division gets in.

  14. bucfanjeff Says:

    The Saints and Falcons are teams on the decline. More so the Saints. Panthers have Cam-mania but he’s inconsistant with accuracy and that style of play is going to get him hurt. He’s arrogant and thinks he’s all world (I live in Panther country) and I’m predicting he comes back down to earth this season. Even still, the Panthers and Bucs are improving and would not be at all surprised if we can challenge for the division. That’s just the feeling I get.

  15. NJBucsFan Says:

    We has the ability to bring in 90 guys…why not create competition. Gibson is only guaranteed something like $400,000. He did get 3 sack last year but they were his first 3 sacks of his career and has been around the league since 2005. After Jim Bates we did not have a D Coordinater so Miller has not been given true guadiance or direction. Coach Schiano is a Jedi Master when it come to motivation and and getting the most from him players. If you don’t know already do some research on “chopping wood” – Rutgers.

    I’m stoked to be a Bucs fan!!!

  16. drbinshore Says:

    I have to say…..

    I’ve never seen a fanbase pile on a 3rd round nose tackle before….?…

    Does anyone remember Chris Hovan, Ryan Sims, Chartric Darby, Brad Culpepper (before Warren Sapp arrived), Anthony Bryant, ect?…

  17. drbinshore Says:

    Something else to consider…….Miller is an Army brat. He grew up around the Military……

    I believe Shiano’s coaching style and methods will bring out the best in Roy Miller and he will be on the final roster.

    Proper leadership and motivation can do wonders in a short time.

  18. Stanglassman Says:

    Before Warren Sapp?

    Seems like mixed reviews if not coming to Miller’s defense to me.

  19. Eric Says:

    If they hover near .500 and compete for a wild card it would be a hell of an achievement.

    If the defense can give up around the 2010 point total in the 330’s rather than that heinous 494 last year it would mean perhaps four more wins.

    Concerned about a snow ball effect if we don’t get a win pretty quick and we face cam, Eli, romo, and rgIII in our first four. That’s pretty tough.

    Bringing guys in for depth is good and a practice not employed very well by dominik during his tenure.

  20. CharlieB Says:

    I like how people lump RG3 in with probowl QBs already. The guy had one good year at Baylor and is on the Redskins.

  21. Dano Says:

    Miller hasn’t shown Anything since he was drafted. Time’s up!

  22. deminion Says:

    10-6 thats my prediction

  23. Dano Says:

    8-9 Wins

  24. Buconomics Says:

    Unless Price is 100%, GMac and Okoye probably start. Gibson, Miller, Okam fight for a rotation spot.

    I would guesss there will be more cuts coming to 2011 Bucs. Dom will be active once other teams starting cutting veterans.

    Coach Schiano needs guys who can tackle and keep playing the entire 60 minutes!!

  25. eric Says:

    Newton desroyed us as a rook.

  26. BigBear Says:

    Miller is never going to be a sack artist. He is a hard worker with a good motor. He has had ups and downs but atleast he has the effort on the field. From Bleacher Report: “What you see is what you get. Hard worker that isn’t athletically superior, but is very motivated.”

    I hope that we go into the season with 5 DTs because the injury bug is too much of a factor at that position. GMC, Price, Miller, Okeye, and Gibson. That gives us a good mix of different styles for the Nose and the under tackle positions.

  27. Snook Says:

    The Bucs need to cut whoever told him to pose in that photo.

    Horrible. Makes me uncomfortable.

  28. Meh Says:

    One thing I will say about miller, at the end of last season his play was improving while the rest of the team was collapsing. I mean, I don’t think he’s really very good at all, but he definitely seems to put the work and effort into his play.

  29. Snook Says:

    “Newton desroyed us as a rook.”

    Newton destroyed lots of bad defenses. He did nothing against good teams.

    Compare his TD/INT ratio against winning teams and losing teams.

    21 TDs/17 INTs

    Of those 21 TDs, 9 came against Tampa, Washington, Minnesota, and Indianapolis (4 bottom feeder teams).

    Of those 17 INTs, 14 came against New Orleans, Atlanta, and Detroit (3 playoff teams).

    I’m not saying Cam Newton sucks, I just think his numbers are a little slanted.

    We’ll see what he does this season…

  30. Capt. Tim Says:

    Wonder how Price is doing.
    Any word on where he’s at pyhsically?

  31. Nate Says:

    I have a feeling the bucs will run a 3-4 sometimes this year….

  32. funkymunkey Says:

    Ummmm….Joe, this is a message to not only Miller, but to Price and McCoy as well. They have to perform this season or they may not be around much longer period! They all have issues and hopefully can stay healthy and work on those glaring problems!