Another Beating For Blount

May 17th, 2012

Joe might need a new laptop just to keep track of all the LeGarrette Blount bashing — subtle and not-so-subtle — in the media.

The latest to take out the imaginary seal club was former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996), while co-hosting The Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620 yesterday.

Beckles was appauled by Blount’s rather benign comment in The Tampa Tribune that implied Blount is more motivated than ever after the Bucs drafted Doug Martin.

“Them drafting a running back might be what I needed to become an every-down back,” Blount said.

These were venomous words for Beckles.

“If he needs competition to take his crap seriously, what good is he?” Beckles bellowed.

 Beckles then wondered aloud why reporters are even quoting Blount since he hasn’t earned that kind of respect.

Beckles went on to say that Blount has so many shortcomings and offered a brief scouting report. “What makes him a bad short-yardage back makes him a bad running back,” Beckles said, referring to Blount’s running style and Blount allegedly not doing much without big holes to work in.

As Joe’s written before, Joe has never seen a young, exciting, productive player get pummelled so much — in any sport. Joe thinks some sociology professor should dive into studying the Blount phenomenon.

81 Responses to “Another Beating For Blount”

  1. Fatmosh Says:

    I stopped reading after “Ian Beck…”

    90% of what he says is garbage, this is no exception.

  2. Biglebowski Says:

    I typically take the opposite stance of Ian Beckles and rest comfortably knowing that I will have chosen the correct argument. Kudos on your Blount analysis, Joe.

  3. Retread Says:

    Beckles is funny. Give the man a break. He just hates almost all young players and thinks they’re crap.

  4. 941Buc Says:

    Ian has more football knowledge than all of us combined, including Joe. I have been supportive of Blount but his comments pissed me off too. He should already be motivated period. He is a professional and shouldn’t need to be pushed to become a every down back.

  5. BucsfaninMi Says:

    He sure is critical for below average ex player!

  6. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Schiano brought in competition at nearly every position. So by Ian Beckles logic, no one on the team is worth having.

    I swear…what is the point of a local station employing a hater like Ian? If 620 wants to know why their ratings are dropping, this is one example. It’s no coincidence that the ratings at 1010 are on the rise.

  7. David Says:

    He may have all the football knowledge in the world, but if he can’t communicate it in an intelligent and clear manner, then he is useless. He is useless.

  8. Miguel Grande Says:

    I agree with Joe for once. We need to get some one to write a doctoral thesis on why we hate. Especially 2nd string running backs on last place NFL football teams.

  9. Jim Says:

    @ Pete D., I agree 100% with you about Ian. He never has anything good to say about any of our sports teams….all negative.
    1010 is on the rise!!!

  10. Steve Says:

    I disagree with him most of the time but I’m with 941Buc. The guy went from undrafted to starting running back. Making table scraps compared to most starting RB’s but I still think $500k with the chance to earn a pay day in 2014.

    Aaaannd not to mention he is a professional athelete so he should be motivated to be the best back he can be regardless of who is on the roster. I’m glad to see he is motivated but he should have been already.

  11. Have A Nice Day Says:

    “Joe has never seen a young, exciting, productive player get pummelled so much — in any sport. Joe thinks some sociology professor should dive into studying the Blount phenomenon.”

    It is mystifying to say the least.

  12. BraveBuc Says:

    I wish the season would start already or I could make myself stop following Bucs news.

    I feel like some of the media ran out of things to complain about so now Blount is the new target. The guy is just using the competition to push himself. What is so wrong with that? A little extra motivation always helps no matter how committed you are.

  13. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Seemed like the entire team had a hard time staying motivated last season. Heck, people left and right were saying “the team quit”, but lets all now focus on Blount. smh

  14. ElioT Says:

    I used to love listening to 620. Then I realized that 1010 was there…

    Ian hates too much and Ron is getting more cocky and annoying every time I happen to check in and listen. I won’t even get started on the horrible quality of radio from 3-7… 🙁

    All the Blount bashing is really getting on my nerves. Isn’t there anything else to talk about.

  15. Bucnjim Says:

    It’s human nature that when your professional a$$ is on the line you push yourself even harder. I think he IS already motivated since the Bucs grabbed him off the practice squad and then he went on to be a starter in the NFL. How we forget so quickly all of the incredible runs he had including the one against the Packers where most of the rest of the team quit and he went out to play smash mouth football. The guy has talent! If the new coaching staff can keep him motivated; then we may have two excellent running backs. That is what you need to win in the NFL!

  16. BucsFanInChina Says:

    Doesn’t take a sociology professor to see that Blount is an easy target. He will carry the tag of “that guy who punched the Boise State player” probably for the rest of his career. He’s made a couple of quotes that I think were meant to express his sense of personal accountability rather than how he is going to own the backfield. Lets see the type of player Blount will be after his FIRST OFFSEASON with the Bucs, then you can call for his head.

  17. thibs5599 Says:

    Damn, I am with you on this one Joe. The had 1000 yards and started 7 games a friggen undrafted rookie who got plucked off the waiver at the end of preseason. He had either the least or near the least amount of carries last year and still had over 4 yards a carry and 700 yards rushing. Put Blount on the Falcons last year and he has more yards and TD than Turner. Adrian Peterson use to fumble a lot more than Blount and I didn’t here nearly this much bashing. Half of Blounts fumbles came in about two or three games throughout his career. 2 of those games were pouring rain, 2010 Redskins and 2011 Titans. Give the kid a break, never had a full off season with the Bucs, he now does, and has a great RB coach in Byner.

  18. Brad Says:

    First about Blount; me and my brother in law talk about the criticism Blount gets constantly and just don’t understand or get it. For the short time he’s been in the game I think he’s done an awesome job with limited coaching. Does he need to work on some things? Yes but who on the team doesn’t ?

    Ian Beckles; this guy needs to stick to his variety show and trying to convince who he interviews that he played in the NFL. He’s more negative about the Bucs than anyone I’ve ever heard. His show consists of Birthday challenges, talking about girls racks, running batches, music etc., etc., etc. With a sports update thrown in every now and then. So to hear him comment on Blount makes me laugh.

  19. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Blount just said what everyone is thinking. And to some degree, Blount would have been worn out last year if he was used on every…single…down.

    So maybe having someone who could sub in on 1st and 2nd down, which Lumpkin could never ever ever do, enables Blount to work 3rd downs too?

    Could be a stretch, but it’s worth a thought. Which Beckles doesn’t do. He’s hauked up on painkillers from his 18 surgeries last week, and his reality is a little skewed. Someone toss him a steak.

  20. Brad Says:

    As far as 620.. If the powers to be would put a local program from 9-12, Ron and Ian would be looking for work. They’re only popular cause there’s no other local stations in that time slot so how hard is it to be number 1. But I can’t listen anymore.

  21. Sam Says:

    Blount made a comment that he thought was safe. He choose the wrong comment but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t giving it his all last season and it’s definitely not a reason to keep pounding on the kid. He was one of the few bright spots on a terrible team last year. He gets a pass for everything negative up until now and a clean slate with the new regime and a chance to be part of a very potent backfield. Go prove them all wrong Blount!

  22. David Says:

    I wonder why reporters are even quoting Beckles since he hasn’t earned that kind of respect.

  23. Eric Says:

    I am pretty sure we all need some psychological eval and follow up treatment.

    The bottom line is when your winning folks can say all kinda crazy stuff (Simeon Rice) and its colorful.

    Lose ten straight and the frustration level is so high people get upset over anything.

    I wont submit a bill for my diagnosis……….

  24. jvato24 Says:


    I think its rather simple … The only time Blount really gets noticed is if someone in the media says something negative .. This dude has nothing interesting to offer anyone accept for saying something that might get him attention.

    Kinda like Howard Stern, except Stern is good, funny and uses Women on his show to help with the shock value. But i think the whole difference between Stern and this guy is that he is actually Good, oh yeah he has more than 13 listeners too

  25. dma4000 Says:

    Can anyone disagree that Blount has been very ineffective in short yardage situations?

  26. buCncRaZy Says:

    I can’t wait to see what good coaching can do for Blount!

  27. Garv Says:

    “Beckles then wondered aloud why reporters are even quoting Blount since he hasn’t earned that kind of respect.”

    Garv now wonders on why anyone is quoting Beckles since he hasn’t earned any kind of respect.


  28. Nick2 Says:

    Beckles has never liked Blount and has regularly bashed him on his radio show. I like Blount alot but that being said the most mystifyling thing to me is how a guy that size is not a good short yardage runner. To me size is everything when running in short yardage situations. I do think Blount has some motivational issues but I still want him carrying the rock and pounding the defense late in the 4th quarter. I am tired of all the Blount bashing but he does deserve a small amount of it. He does needs to use his size to overpower defenders in short yardage!!!

  29. Kirk Says:

    I can think of nothing that could be used to measure my indifference to anything Ian Beckles says.

  30. George Says:

    These guys have to make a controversy out of something. It’s the nature of media. Saying something reasonable like, “Blount has some weaknesses, and we’ll see if he’s able to improve on them with some competition and better coaching,” doesn’t get ratings. Making a mountain out of a molehill is how these guys make a living.

  31. Kirk Says:

    We are so lucky to have The Commish at noon. Ron and Ian over reach and have little or nothing relevant to say anymore.

  32. KWBucfan Says:

    I don’t live in Tampa but I get 620 on Internet radio, how can I listen to 1010? Can anyone help?

  33. flmike Says:

    This is getting nuts, I’ve seen at least 4 stories today about LGB, behind this O-line the guy is absolutely capable of a 1500+ yd season and everyone is bashing him, incredible.

  34. rhenry Says:

    Beckles is a fat ass loudmouth. He should do us all a favor and die.

  35. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    I agree with Fatmosh: I quit reading at “Ian Beckl…”

  36. Digger Says:

    Blount’s such a terrible running back that in one and a half seasons and being underused, he’s the star of the Bucs highlight reel and seven Packers couldn’t bring him down

  37. DP4LIFE22 Says:

    Ian was average at best in his career on a crappier football team. Has anyone noticed how Ian has to identify himself as x-football player to everyone he interviews cause no one knew him before or after football. Blount is just trying to say the right things and they still bash him. If he says he will continue to work hard as he has been, they would bash him for reaching his potiential with current work ethic and that he is no good. The guy is young with potiential and thats what you look for in a young player. #40 Alstott fumbled all the time adn we excused it to him giving effort (sounds like blounts fumbles). tHESE RADIO guys just kiss his but so much (alstott)

  38. Patrick Says:

    Hey Ian, shut the fuc.k up. Blount is a much better player than you ever were for us.

  39. Eric Says:

    This wouldnt be happening if we hadn’t released the driving force of the team.

  40. KMAC Says:

    I agree with Ian and for those of you bashing Ian for this you have no idea what you are talking about. Ian said everything that was true about Blount, he is extremely athletic and amazing in the open field but short yardage and blocking are his downsides.

    Ian likes Blount he is just saying that he needs to improve a lot, which is very true. Hopefully now that we have Earnest Byner teaching Blount how to be an NFL running back we will see Blount become a Pro Bowl caliber running back.

  41. RustyRhino Says:

    As a fair to poor ex NFL player that Mr. Beckles was maybe he needed to follow his own advice when he was in the NFL in his quote
    “If he needs competition to take his crap seriously, what good is he?”
    I’m lucky I’ve never listened to any of his rantings. Who was Mr. Beckles again a bad olineman on some bad bucs teams.

  42. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    I would rather listen to Glenn Beck than Ian Beck.

  43. Patrick Says:

    At least Glenn Beck was funny

  44. Eric Says:

    What only guys who played on successful NFL teams can comment?

    And exactly how many of you guys meet that qualification?

  45. RustyRhino Says:

    We can only wish that was true Eric, but Joe wouldn’t have as many posts/hits on JBF now would he.. And I am grateful for having a great Bucs news outlet like Joe has provided for us nonplayer NFL fans.. like you and me Eric…

  46. CannuckBuc Says:

    Hey guys I am glad that living in Canada I don’t have to listen to a below talent ex-pro complain about one of the most exciting RBs to play in the last two years. Sounds like Ian needs remember who he is and was (not ever considered the best at his position on this team,and all the pressure that comes with it) I think Blount is unable to say any thing with out being crushed by the local media.Ian is just showing his radio job is just as good as his OL play.

  47. Buc Neckid Says:

    Anybody remember How Much Alstott used to Fumble?
    Only problem with Blount is his reported, so-called, “bad attitude”.
    There was a different culture in Bucdom last year.
    Some took advantage of the loose environment.
    Things have changed.
    Blount will change his attitude and start biting the footballl or else he is gone.
    Only thing that i do not like is evaluating a player
    both for performance and attitude in a contract year,
    And i think Blount is up for a contract after this year.
    Every NFL Team is going with a RB by committee
    It takes two these days

  48. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Short yardage running has more to do with the line than the back. If an offense needs 3 yards, two of them are up to the line and one up to the back. The back pushes for the extra yard but the line creates the majority through blocking.

  49. lightningbuc Says:

    Beckles and the recently fired Shaun King should do a show together. They could call it the “Debbie Downer Hour”. Unreal how no one seems to be able to measure up on the football field quite like how these two played (which was rather mediocre at best).

  50. Eric Says:

    You mean six time pro-bowler and three time first team all -pro Mike Alstott?

    That guy?

    Wonder why anybody liked him?

  51. OAR Says:

    If Ian Beckles and Shaun King were drowning and you could only save one, would you go to lunch or read the paper?

  52. DP4LIFE22 Says:

    We all like mike alstott but he did fumble, we gave him the breaks , why not blount afforded the same break.. (hhmmm color maybe)

  53. tonytwocents Says:

    I would never listen to a 40 something year old man who still dresses like he’s in high school. All I have to say, is the manchild is trying to stir up controversy for ratings.

  54. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @OAR HAHA! That’s brutal, Funny, but brutal.

  55. 941Buc Says:

    I must be in the minority but I thin the Ron and Ian show is the best we have in this market with a close second going to T-Kras on 1040. They are hilarious and talk about life not just sports. Unfortunately we dont get 1010 in Sarasota, I would love to be able to listen to the Commish more often.

  56. Eric Says:

    The affection for 40 has nothing to do with race, but rather, heart, desire, skill and what he brought to the football team and community, which was a lot.

    Dunn, Brooks, Dungy, Sapp, and many others are similalrly revered. (not so much on the community for Sapp but you get my point).

  57. thomas 2.2 Says:

    What Ian says is as accurate, and undeniable, as the earth being round.

    Blount is/has and is always likely to be a bad short yardage runner and a liability in the passing game – only about 30% of which relates to his ability to catch a football.

    70% of the passing game responsiblity for a RB is diagnosing the defense like the QB, determining if there is a blitz, who is blitzing and then making the correct determination about who to block . . . . .

    after all that, if you determine that you are free to release into a pass route – you have to run the correct route, the correct distance, catch the football, not fumble, while making a positive play.


    That was the conclusion of Mike Bellotti, Chip Kelly (for 2 games bc he was suspended for the rest), Rahrah Morris and Greg Olson.

    Everyone agrees that Blount is prone to a highlight run every so-often, more frequently then a lot of players because he is big, and a good athlete for his size.

    Blount would be an animal in the sandlot.

    The NFL is MUCH more sophisticated for a RB than – Lagerrette go left, Lagerrette go right. Something so simple that he even screwed that up last year, ask Freeman.

    The point: Blount is a VERY flawed player best suited to be a backup. Something even Lagerrette has now admitted.

    Yet you fanatics cant see the objective proof – I feel sorry for you.

    Root for Doug Martin, your starting RB.

  58. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care what any of them say. Blount is a beast and he’s in great shape. He is one big solid hunk of humanity. The best thing for Blount is to take his Coach’s advice from Day 1: “1 team, 1 voice, Schiano”.

    Not everybody has an army of speech writers and a teleprompter every time they speak, even when addressing 1’st graders. After a few times of having your comments shredded or words taken out of context, you should learn to keep your mouth shut.

    Blount needs to keep working hard with the rest of his teammates and let his play on the field do the talking for him. I think Blount will return to being a walking top 10 highlight reel this season. Let the haters hate and the doubters doubt. Put it on film and nothing else needs to be said.

  59. Joe Says:


    That was the conclusion of Mike Bellotti, Chip Kelly (for 2 games bc he was suspended for the rest), Rahrah Morris and Greg Olson.

    Uh, oh! Thomas is using Raheem Morris to reinforce his premise.

    Mark this day down on the calendar folks.

  60. Joe Says:


    I typically take the opposite stance of Ian Beckles and rest comfortably knowing that I will have chosen the correct argument. Kudos on your Blount analysis, Joe.

    Thanks man!

  61. BigMacAttack Says:

    If the Bucs didn’t have Blount in 2010″, their record would have been 6-10 instead of 10-6. I think, as some others, that rookies should get 3 years to be properly evaluated. Blount has 2 now, and many players step back in their sophomore season. We’ll see how he does this year, and good or bad, you’ll have a better evaluation point with solid coaching and more experience.

  62. Brad Says:

    I know Ian is wrong if Thomas agrees. Thomas your not impressing anyone with you chapter long responses that founds like blah blah blah… Quit wasting your time. No one reads your crap.

  63. George Says:

    To say he’s unable to do it is a little ridiculous. In his 2 years in the NFL thus far, this is the first time he’ll have an offseason OTA program to hone a variety of skills… Let’s see how he does with better coaching and a full offseason training program. He’s a smart guy with a lot of athletic ability. There is no reason he can’t become a more complete player. He’s gonna have a coaching staff letting him know in no uncertain terms that “dancing” instead of “bashing” in short yardage is unacceptable… but until Blount proves it, he’s gonna be behind Doug Martin, at least on third down and short yardage. That outta serve as motivation.

  64. @eric Says:

    Ian has Shaun King sydrome………hater and thinks he was a lot better than he was….Ian / King could’ve been, should’ve been but never was…..nor even close…let it go and get behind the Bucs or move to Buffalo

  65. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @George You make sense. Unlike “you’re all idiots blah blah blah I am superior” guy.

  66. OAR Says:

    I thought I saw a pig fly by my second floor window at work!

  67. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Well Joe, those were Blount’s last 4 coaches, they all agreed. Even a blind and deaf squirrel finds a nut at some point.

    I neglected to add: Greg Schiano – who traded up into the first round to draft his starting running back.

    So that makes 5. Listen, I know you all get excited when Blount jumps in the air – well he can do that at airheads in Tampa. Or, he can do that with his 6 carries per game as the backup RB.

    Nobody is arguing that he should be cut, he is too valuable because his pay is so low. Once he has enough years to earn more – bye bye.

  68. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Not saying that this means anything bu it couldt:

    reportedly, blount was a non-qualifier academically out of HS which is why he went to junior college, he had numerous academic problems at oregon and was suspended 3 times at orgeon (for various problems) and we know what has been reported about his work-ethic here.

  69. JonBuc Says:

    Blount led the league…or was near the top of rbs in ” yards after initial contact “. All of the hate for a undrafted guy is stunning to me.

  70. dom Says:

    yea pretty bad on blounts part.. his work ethic was already questioned before all of this. but i mean if he steps his game up then so what. i really dont give a damn who starts at rb this year, cause 1st of all they will likely spilt carries and 2nd of all as long as we win, i dont think it matters

  71. Nate Says:

    I am SOOO HAPPY to know that I am not the only one that wants to drive myself off a bridge when Ian Beckles starts giving his opinion. I remember when Sileo used to get blasted for talking about his Miami Hurricane days, but Ian is RARELY called out when he prefaces every comment by somehow stating “when I played”… He’s so bad with that, I told my coworkers that we need to start doing an over-under on how long it will take Ian to let everyone know he used to play. Tomorrow my prediction is under 2 minutes from the beginning of the show.

    As for Blount: Dude has played 1 1/2 seasons. One of those he ran for a 1000 yards and averaged the most yards per carry in the league. Is he perfect? No. Can he improve? Of course. Again, dude has not played a full 2 seasons in the league. Who had a worse season last year? Blount or Freeman? Where are all the Freeman haters? (There shouldn’t be any of those YET either). Ian and the idiots that accept his diarrehea of the mouth as wisdom need to stop hating and give Blount a chance to show himself this season. Don’t base Blount’s effectiveness in any aspect of the game in Greg Olson’s crappy offense that wouldn’t work in a junior midgets league.

  72. Mark Says:

    Ian spoke the truth about Mr. Softy Ruud. And he’s not saying anything new about Blount. If he would just ram his 260lb body into the line when they need it. Remember the ATL game?

  73. KMAC Says:

    For all of you using the excuse “not bad for an undrafted player” there was a reason he was not drafted!! Its not like he was a running back for a D-2 school or something that was looked over. Everyone in the NFL knew who he was and they all passed on him.

    I like Blount and I believe he can become a good running back but he needs to improve greatly.

  74. Chris Says:

    Joe –

    I don’t think anyone can argue about his short-yardage success so far in his EARLY career. He has not gotten it done, which angers many people considering his size.

    Of course the Atlanta game in 2010 is a prime example, but not the only one. Unfortunately he hasn’t learned to be decisive yet in short yardage. He “dances” a bit too much.

    Hopefully he will change this, both for his, the Bucs’, and us (the fans’) sake.

  75. BucFan20 Says:

    And here we have the same idiot 2.2 down on Blount as usual who says you can’t compare QB fumbles and RB fumbles. So even though the coach said FREEMAN better get his act together about fumbles they are still ok according to coach 2.2. So when the other team scores we raise hell with Blount. BUT, When Freeman fumbles coach 2.2 says it’s ok if the other team scores. After all, we don’t compare Blount 5 fumbles to Freeman 9.

    This is why I ignore any comments he has and never answer him. Just let him argue with himself. Anyone who thinks it’s ok for anyone to fumble and the other team score, well????

  76. BigMacAttack Says:

    So if Blount is not an academic scholar, how exactly did Mo Claiborne get through 4 years at LSU???

  77. hamilton Says:

    ian said no big time fa will play for the bucs,an look what happen.

  78. 1976Buc Says:

    Can someone tell me how many undrafted running backs have gained 1000 yards their rookie season?

  79. 1976Buc Says:

    Did someone say just 2?…….In the history of the NFL! Enough said. Beckle is an idiot.

  80. Stevek Says:

    Beckles ain’t nothing but a baby back bitch.

    His points are somewhat valid, but his hatred and piss poor attitude are just too much.


  81. Jeff78280z Says:

    This year I believe Blount will surprise some people in the media and fans. As for the media they all seem to play follow the leader on some stories. Cause if they all say it it must be true right? As for the fans that have watched Blount carry the ball. He is at least fun to watch and good for a highlight reel every other week. But I believe he is more than that. Especially with a running back to compliment him. And with the acquisition of Carl Nicks. Not to mention his FIRST full off season to learn to pick up blitzes on pass plays. Not every running back picks up blitzes in there 1st and 2nd years well. Some things take awhile to learn. I am optimistic on Blount this year. I believe he will open a few eyes. I really want to see him catch some screen passes this year. LOL! Go Blount!! And Go BUCS!!