“Tiger Pittman… Tiger Michael Pittman”

February 5th, 2012

As all football fans wait for today’s Super Bowl, Joe brings you, courtesy of the NFL and its Internet partner Hulu.com, a Super Bowl nine years ago that Bucs fans had keen interest in: the NFL’s No. 1 defense vs. the NFL’s No. 1 offense. Defense wins championships.

25 Responses to ““Tiger Pittman… Tiger Michael Pittman””

  1. RCH Says:

    We need to get back to them good old days it has been far to long.

  2. SensibleBuc Says:

    Shaun King looking svelte!

  3. BigEl Says:

    Didn’t see that same excitement, dedication and termination this year. I want more ” boom-boom-boom “

  4. Vince Says:

    Seems so long ago

  5. buddah Says:

    Tackling…it’s a beautiful thing.

  6. Mikenice Says:

    I have this game on DVD..if only our current D looked anything remotely like our D back then. We shut down offenses.

  7. Cmurda Says:

    As a fan-base, we had a saying that went something like this, “we make good quarterbacks look really bad”. It wasn’t just our run against Garcia, McNabb and Gannon. We did it all year. We need a defense that gets back to that. That was fundamentals and talented players. I could see it happening.

  8. Jason Says:

    One of the happiest days in my life…I miss that team! I’m not sure if I will have the emotional attachment to the Bucs again only because those players were so outstanding…World Class!

  9. thomas Says:

    man i’ve seen this 100 times and i STILL get teary eye’d! =)

  10. Patrick Says:

    Had a great super bowl team, only for it to be gone the year after.

    Still, a great memory.

  11. thibs5599 Says:

    John Lynch….What a LEADER

  12. Brandon Says:

    Ahhhh, memories. So sweet.
    And I still don’t see that Jerry Porter maintained possession of that ball on the TD in the back of the endzone. That was not a TD. Even with the BS TD, Bucs defense 21, Raiders offense 15.

  13. Steendahl Says:

    first game i ever watched!
    and the reason i started cheering for the bucs when i started getting a real interest in the NFL 3 years ago
    hope ill get to see a team like that soon!

  14. Capt.Tim 2.2 Says:

    Man that’s a beautiful thing! Makes what’s happening now, and the last few years, piss you off even more!

  15. Rickster Says:

    Would be cool if we still got fewell from nyg…. Sigh. Prob not anymore.

  16. ElioT Says:

    That might have been one of the last times the Bucs ever beat the crap out of somebody. Good memories! When is the last time the Bucs even got close to scoring 40pts?

  17. Patrick Says:

    FACT: the Bucs have not scored 40+ point in a game since the Super Bowl. The most they’ve gotten is 38. Pretty pathetic.

  18. D.P.Boo Says:

    i miss chucky

  19. K2theSoldier Says:

    Goose bumps man. Goose bumps. I miss those guys so much. Derrick Brooks, Sapp, Simeon, Ronde, Lynch and Alstott feel like family to me. Our current team could learn so much just from watching that video. Some of these guys we have could learn a thing or two about heart from those guys. If there was any thing to describe that team, it was HEART. They had it man.

  20. MTM Says:

    Does the current Bucs roster have anybody on defense that could play with that Superbowl winning defense other than Rhonde. No way. That’s what’s killing this franchise no talent. See Pop Star/Glazers.

  21. I_Miss#40 Says:

    I love Lynch….” You can’t run it up our GUT” damn I miss that type of D.

  22. RustyRhino Says:

    The 2001 superbowl champion defense team players were aquired when? 1999, 2000 No in reaility they started collecting them from 1996 no 1-2 year big plan to collect all the players needed to get to & play in the superbowl. I think the armchair / boosterchair / highchair GM’s need to take a moment and reflect on that. And before you get your pannties in a wad, coach Dungey didn’t draft 99 or 55 that was the coach before him, who chose a fast undersize LB from FSU and took the risk of drafting a fast alleged pot smoking DT from the U. Those where gifts in new coach’s players. We had those two and 47 play several years together before they became elite…. Give our new coach some time with players he inherited and a few draft choices of his own and we could be playing for something in Feb again.

  23. JS1506 Says:

    Damn… i miss our core players… Alstott (UP THE GUT!) Lynch Brooks Sapp… good old days..

  24. eric Says:

    Best day of my life.

    And IMO the best coaching job in our history, by the much maligned Jon Gruden, and of course the great Monte Kiffin.

    Sure miss both of those guys.

  25. Adam Says:

    I love hearing Jerry Rice whine like a girl.