Barber Wondering “If I Fit In”

February 12th, 2012

Why wouldn’t Greg Schiano want Bucs icon Ronde Barber on his roster next season?

Joe can’t answer that question. It seems like a no-brainer that Schiano, who says he craves competition in every drill, would want a versatile, solid cornerback like Barber on his team, a guy who doesn’t miss practice. And Barber just happens to a future Hall of Famer.

That written, Barber says he doesn’t know what he wants to do and he’s going to wait and see “if I fit in,” so he told Tampa Bay Times beat writer Stephen Holder last night at a local charity event.

Like most things in the NFL, Joe suspects a lot of Barber’s decision will come down to money.

 And some of it might come down to whether Barber is willing to accept a lesser role. If the Bucs draft allegedly can’t-miss cornerback Morris Claiborne and still have Aqib Talib on the roster, Barber’s playing time would diminish.

32 Responses to “Barber Wondering “If I Fit In””

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Hey can you do something about the audio that plays all the time on the “One Of The Most Prepared Guys In The Business”


  2. passthebuc Says:

    And i thought the audio was because of a computer glitch on my computer.

  3. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Sounds to me like Ronde just wants his ego stroked a little bit. My guess is he hasn’t heard from Schiano yet and this is his way of saying he wants to talk…..a phone call from Schiano (along with a good contract) would probably go a long way.

    Ronde had an off year last year, but my opinion is that had more to do with the effort and scheme around him than his age….been saying this for years now but I still think Ronde is one of the better corners in the league close to the line of scrimmage

  4. astrobucs Says:

    ronde is a db he could play saftey or nickle . also it wont matter whos back if line backers dont play alot better

  5. Cmurda Says:

    Thought the same thing passthebuc. I was giving my laptop the finger. Between the lines, it seems like Barber is saying the biggest factor is whether he gets the playing time. Like Joe mentioned, a lot of that would be determined by our first pick. If Trent is there and we draft him like I’m hoping, Barber’s role would be vital and I think there’s a better chance of him staying. I really don’t think it is about money. That has never been the future hall of famer’s style.

  6. BucForce Says:

    I thought he was gonna retire if his boy Raheem got fired? What happened to that angle?

  7. Mr. Patrick Says:

    I really do admire Rhonde and always have. However, the schemes that coach Schiano runs always uses physical corner play not letting receivers get off the line, bumping them off their routes with tight man press coverages, and that is not Rhonde’s strong point. Rhonde is a cover 2 or zone corner and since thats not what the bucs will be doing any more, maybe he’s wondering if he really does ‘fit in.’

  8. Qbkilla99 Says:

    Ronde please come back.

  9. gotbbucs Says:

    @Mr. Patrick
    It’s been 16 years, probably should have been able to learn the spelling of his name by now. Especially since you admire him so much.

  10. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Just don’t play Barber at LB anymore. The guy is not built for that role and it took a toll on his performance this past season. He could use a lot less than 996 snaps as well to keep his legs vigorous for the entire season.

    I as well concede part blame for his drop off is due to coaching and scheme for Barber’s play to an extent.

  11. gotbbucs Says:

    Split his time between Free Safety and Nickel Corner. He still has plenty of value, especially if they draft Claiborne like they might have to, although his leadership hasn’t seemed to have much effect on Talib.

  12. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @Cmurda – FA starts b/f the draft, so it’s likely we’ll already know if Barber will be back.

    @Creamsicle – PR reported that Ronde said he had already spoken with Schiano.

    @Patrick – I agree, for whatever his asking price might be to come back a 16th season, it’ll certainly have to reflect his expected playing time on the field. Barber is past being a man coverage corner. Yet, he’s better than any of the other options if Talib is in jail.

  13. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @gotbbucs- Thanks for the typo notice. And by the way, ‘bucs’ has only one ‘b’. Like the safety idea though if he would be open to it. That position needs a lot of help and has a lot of issues.

  14. Jonny Says:

    Thanks a lot for your splendid services Ronde. Time to find your replacement.

  15. Buc Neckid Says:

    Yes it is time to find his replacement.
    But there is No need to send him off like D.Brooks.
    Too many holes to fill in the Secondary in one off-season.
    Even if it is at Nickel,
    the less playing time would keep him fresh.
    He could also step up to fill in as needed.
    Definitely not a bad insurance policy to have.
    And the Bucs have plenty of room to “fit him under the Cap”

  16. RustyRhino Says:

    If Ronde “fits in” that will be a decision he and the coaching staff will need to make, If he decides to hangup the cleats on his HOF career I will be happy, if we bring him back and his play slips more, like it has been the past several years. Will the fans accept this, and the cost to bring him back? We have been lucky to have a CB like Barber here for a very long time. But time waits for no man… Ronde gets older every day just like the rest of us. If he decides to not Hang it up and goes to another team, how will the Faithful fans look at that? Cheap Owners, bad GM, foolish coaching decision! We can’t have it both ways keep vets just because they are vets and their play has been slipping but they are veterans.
    I say good Luck Ronde Barber Thanks for the memories #20!!
    Just do not come back to play one more season because you feel you can come back because the team feels you can still be productive on the field.
    Don’t just do it for the $ I don’t believe this is the type of man he is, the clock is ticking on what will happen….

  17. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @RustyRhino- Well said. Agree 100%

  18. RCH Says:

    Hey don’t mess with the fosil guys. Ronde has earned the right to do what he wants at this point imo. Also if anything Talib’s playing time should diminish before ronde’s. C’Mon Ronde give us another year.

  19. RastaMon Says:

    What a load of crap..”has earned”…Ronde has earned nothing but respect for what he has accomplished…..when camp starts and the final 53 is formed he better have earned his roster spot !
    Fact jack….Ronde has been picked on by opposing QB’s and abused by opposing WR’s the past 2 years and has had flags thrown his way…..

  20. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Just once….just ONCE…I would like to see one of the guys from the last era sign on in some sort of coaching role. Barber could be an assist. cb coach…or whatever.

    I would love to see him play one more year…but I said the same thing last year.

    I would say if he’s willing to take a backup role, resign him.

    Talib will either be in jail or suspended come the start of the season, so we need someone with experience there. HOWEVER, that’s assuming we don’t draft AND sign cornerbacks.

  21. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Rostamon, let me guess…you were one of the ones complaining that Ruud, brooks and lynch were let go?

  22. RastaMon Says:

    PeteDouche…3 strikes…urr out !

  23. BucForce Says:

    These guys from the old era don’t need the money to be a coach and have to work 90-100 hours a week. They’ve earned their retirement and if they want to get back into the game, they can try announcing like Lynch and Sapp.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:


    I believe that screen name belongs to the Guy that made the number famous. You might want to find something more appropriate, that honors that name as opposed to stealing it. Your call, just saying.

  25. Capt.Tim 2.2 Says:

    Just so you know. Ronde was by far our best DB last year, and still the MVP of the defense.
    Talib sucked on the field, as bad as he sucks off the field last year. Expect the new regime to dump his problematic ass.

  26. Capt.Tim 2.2 Says:

    Just so you know. Ronde was by far our best DB last year, and still the MVP of the defense.
    Talib sucked on the field, as bad as he sucks off the field last year. Expect the new regime to dump his problematic ass.

  27. Patrick Says:


    Maybe that really is him? Wouldn’t be surprised.

    Joe could probably tell us, we all put in our e-mail addresses.

  28. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I think Rhondes’ time is up. He should retire so the Bucs don’t have a riot when they cut him. Make it easy for the team and retire a Buc. We have a terrible secondary!! That is fact. If the draft goes our way we could have 2 great CBs and an amazing RB that should’ve stayed for one more season in college to showcase his talents. Lucky for us though, he came out and should be there in the 3rd round.

    Round 1- Morris Claiborne CB LSU
    Gives us an instant starter/shutdown corner for many years!

    Round 2- Chase Minnifield CB Virginia
    Gives us another Starting Corner to compliment Claiborne. This guy is legit and would be great against teams #2 WRs!!

    Round 3- Ronnie Hillman RB San Diego State
    Rushed for 3200 yards in less than two full seasons. Had 38 TDs in that timeframe as well.

    IF Minnifield is gone when our 2nd round pick comes up. Then I would look at the top Safety available. Maybe Markelle Martin out of Oklahoma State. He would fit great with Claiborne. Or look at LaMichael James out of Oregon. I would prefer us to get Minnifield/Martin and draft Hillman in the 3rd. But James is a beast who would give us a huge upgrade and a solid compliment to his Duck alumun Blount

  29. Wisconsin Bucs fan Says:

    Move Ronde to safety and blitz with him, very good at tackling when coached.

  30. eric Says:

    Do we have anybody better than Ronde?

  31. Capt.Tim 2.2 Says:

    Funky monkey- don’t agree about Ronde, but really like your ideas for the draft.
    But means we gotta get at least 2 LBers and a speed WR in FA

  32. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    IF we sign FAs and draft well. We can revamp our entire secondary fairly easily. I could see him being used in a blitz package as @eric said. But he has lost a step as far as coverage goes. I say both parties would be better served if he would retire. Thats only if we sign and draft well in the secondary.

    The CBs I said in the draft, Michael Griffin in FA, another safety, and another CB. The FA pool is loaded this offseason. I hope we “finally” spend money. There are some great players out there on both sides of the ball.