Derrick Brooks Is Not Going To Be A Bucs Coach

February 12th, 2012

There are few if any former Bucs players more popular than Derrick Brooks. As ferocious as he was as a linebacker, he is that personable of a person when meeting him on the street.

It seems Brooks has a smile for just about anyone.

And as intelligent as Brooks is, specifically his football knowledge, Bucs fans will not see Brooks stalking a Bucs sideline, no matter how many pine for him to do so, as evidenced in a recent TBO Bucs Q&A.

Q: In the hopes that you have the ear of someone within the Buc’s organization or that at least a few of the decision makers read these columns, how about Derrick Brooks as an assistant coach? Maybe it’s just me but I’d vote for the guy if he ran for president. While they’re at it, why not checkout some of our other retired greats, Mike Alstott might be ready for a change of pace!

Scott Sparenberg, Homestead

A: I think the Bucs would gladly take on some of their past greats as coaches if the greats were interested. As of right now, Derrick Brooks is rather busy running the Arena Football League’s Tampa Bay Storm. I think he’s looking more at a future in management than on the field, much like Doug Williams and Shelton Quarles.

Woody Cummings

It ain’t happening, and Joe will explain, in dollars and cents.

Brooks is a millionaire, and not just from his football earnings. Brooks is a savvy businessman. Aside from running the Storm and working for SiriusXM NFL Radio, Brooks has many business holdings where he makes a pretty penny.

Why would Brooks want to step away from that, take a pay cut of at least 50 percent if not more, and work twice as many hours?

Brooks is content with coaching his son in youth football. Before Bucs fans will ever get a chance of calling Brooks “coach,” they will likely have to use a different title.


15 Responses to “Derrick Brooks Is Not Going To Be A Bucs Coach”

  1. Brad Says:

    I think he could replace Dominik right now. I believe that’s what he’s interested in doing at some point. He’d make a great GM.

  2. mjmoody Says:

    Senator Brooks. I have absolutely no problem with that. Can we pass a law that makes lobbying a full contact activity? The guy is unbelievably astute in interview and has a masterful grasp of where he wants his life to go.

  3. RCH Says:

    I would vote for him.

  4. sandbagrudy Says:

    ladies and gentlemen Derrick Brooks has left the Building and he won’t be comming back. A staple in history a stand up guy a solid man possibly when his money becomes long enough he can buy the Buccaneers and bring back the glory days Warrick Dunn Derrick Brooks and Tony Dungy should pool together what they can and buy out the Glasers. Three men with integrity and a commitment to win mentality. I realize Dunn has a piece of the Disco chickens sell that stock and invest in your past. I know nice story that won’t happen like Jesse Jackson would say Keep hope alive

  5. scott Says:

    Why would he have to give up other business interests because he was employed as a coach? Assuming he is not working full time at those other interests, why could he not do both?

    And why on God’s earth would anyone vote celebrity for public office just because they liked the way they performed on stage? That’s down right ignorant.

  6. RastaMon Says:

    playing is fun….coaching is TOTALY consuming….

  7. Brandon Says:

    Yeah, there are a lot of people that think Derrick Brooks or Peyton Manning will be great coaches… those people are called…. “IDIOTS.”

    Folks, coaches work 80+ hours a week, get almost no time off, and don’t get paid nearly as much as players do. Multi-millionaire superstars like Manning, Brooks, and whomever else the idiot fans can think of WILL NOT be coaching.

    And if anybody wants to point out Mike Singletary or Jim Harbaugh… I said, “superstar multi-millionaires.” Jim Harbaugh and Singletary may have been millionaires (Harbaugh) or superstars (Singletary) but not both. Harbaugh made his money as a coach, Singletary’s career ended before salaries skyrocketed.

  8. Garv Says:

    I am surprised that any intelligent Buccaneer fan would think Derrick Brooks would want to coach here. I suppose if you didn’t know he made a lot of money, and about his current job, and all his other interests you might think it plausible but I think most of us are aware of those things.

    Besides, rarely do players who played on such a high level make good coaches when the few of them who want to try it.

    Oh well. Free Agency starts in a month and we’ll most likely have completed our new coaching staff with a DC hire this coming week………

    Things will get going again soon!

  9. eric Says:

    I am sure Mr. Brooks has better things to do with his time, and I doubt he has a very high opinion of our GM.

    He would probably coach with FSU before the bucs.

    But, if he ever did decide to do it, he would do a great job.

  10. Fear The Glow Says:

    I forgot what a real linebacker looks like in a Bucs jersey.

  11. sandbagrudy Says:

    Fear the Spear not the glow that why they make eyeblack F.S.U. all day baby

  12. sandbagrudy Says:

    Keenan Mccardell would be an asset to this team he could teach Sgt Winslow how to push off without being flagged for it it’s all in the technique rool off on routes

  13. PoundThatRock Says:

    Senator Brooks. Got a nice ring to it.

  14. Paul Says:

    Morris/Dom kicked him to the curb when he was heads and heels over our whole, clueless LB’ing core. Kept Ronde, his homeboy, even though his play fell off years ago. Granted Derrick Brooks is past his playing years now for sure, but the way he got treated, I’d be surprised if he wanted anything to do with this organization.

  15. RustyRhino Says:

    @ Paul
    Um hey brother did you see any of the 2008 season where #55 was hobbling around, his speed fading before our eyes, yeah he was close to being in the right places to make the tackles, but missed plenty. Great Buccaneer player! HOF player. He changed the way his position was played. But don’t tell me he was just kicked to the curb. The eye in the sky don’t lie they all say. And what was happening in 2008 was not good for Brooks or good for team, remember 55 never coming off the field even when injured. Man Up! You say? But at what cost?
    I am proud of Derrick Brooks career few other players where as good as him. But time never stops, the body keeps getting older. Yeah we could have kept him one more season, but for what? The great D that coach Morris put on the field? Yeah 55 might have made it slightly better, but I still seeing The Great Derrick Brooks limping down the field after the ball.
    Not how he used to play…. Thanks for the memmories 55
    Let’s Go Storm!