Thumbs Up On Schiano From Justin Pawlowski

January 26th, 2012

Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski was geeked this morning when he learned that Rutgers coach Greg Schiano was hired by Team Glazer and Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik to replace jettisoned Raheem Morris.

Few locals have their thumb on the pulse of Big East football like Justin, who is the pregame and postgame radio voice of USF Football, and he has always been impressed with Schiano.

Given his experience with big time programs at their height, Penn State in the early 1990s and Miami in 1999 and 2000, Justin understands that Schiano knows what it takes to play football at its top level, and how to play disciplined football.

Justin explains in detail on his blog,

With my work on the USF Bulls radio broadcasts, I’ve had a chance to follow what Greg Schiano has done with the Rutgers program. Unfortunately, most fans are so naive to look at his total record with the program, but they forget to take into account how bad the Rutgers program was before Schiano got there. This was a Rutgers program that struggled to win one or two games a season. Schiano not only turned Rutgers into a contender in the Big East, but also developed some excellent NFL talent while he was there.

Schiano’s intensity and energy will also resonate throughout One Buc Place. Yes, Raheem Morris had energy, but while Raheem’s energy was more “rah rah,” Schiano’s energy is genuine and comes with an idea that he’s going to kick someone’s ass. He’s aggressive and commands a presence.

Justin believes that Schiano’s hire may just open the door for linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who Schiano coached at Miami, and running back Ray Rice, who played for Schiano at Rutgers.

Imagine Vilma with the Bucs, who Dominik has coveted before? Buh-bye Quincy Black.

Imagine teaming Rice with LeGarrette Blount? Smashmouth football at its finest.

This is enough for Joe to pry open a cold bottle of Yuengling.

85 Responses to “Thumbs Up On Schiano From Justin Pawlowski”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Vilma is a possibility but I don’t know whether Baltimore will let Rice go so easily. Still, if the money is right Rice would probably love to play for his former coach…who knows. We can dream. That would free us up to take Claiborne with the #5 pick and leave Richardson alone.

  2. paul Says:

    No way they let Rice walk and Vilma is an injury concern. More importantly when will Justin return to the radio?

  3. Gomez Says:

    Justin is not on 620 anymore [not true. — Joe].

  4. kh Says:

    what happened to Justin?

    Sounds like this guy might be the new OC:

  5. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    As long as we’re drawing up wish lists on FA’s, let’s bring in Cortland Finnegan

  6. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Rumors bucs may ask permission to interview cardinals WR coach John Mcnulty about OC positition. He used to be OC for rutgers under Schiano. I hope that he just runs the DAMN BALL!!

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    @kh, nice find

  8. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I find it absolutely hilarious how so many fans were sure they were hiring Marty and then yesterday they were sure it was Sherman. The Bucs leaked that they were interviewing all these older, veteran guys as a total ruse…a decoy for the numbskulls out there. They pretended they were going to hire the exact opposite of what they were really considering: a younger college coach. How funny is that? Gotta respect the Glazers’ ability to run a game on the dimwits out there! Ha!

  9. jvato24 Says:

    Vilma is under contract with the Saints. I cant fathom them letting him walk. He will probably take a paycut to stay.

  10. Jared Says:

    Joe, what was B I G D O G ‘ S take on schiano?

  11. jvato24 Says:

    Winslow is already working on buying his ass a ticket out of town

    on PFT there is an intvw where he mentioned he wanted CHud 3 times.

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    No to Vilma, sorry, Justin.

    Foster is out MLB, and under Schiano’s system he will likely flourish.

    I would LOVE to get Rice…but the Ravens will franchise him and then work on a long term deal. If they are dumb enough to let him hit the market for even a few hours, we better snag him instantly.

    IF we were to get Rice…as bad as we need a CB, I say take OL (OT?). It would do us no good to get a RB if he can’t run because of a poor OL. Dre will likely drop in the draft. Maybe we can trade Trueblood for a 2nd or package him with out second to move back into the 1st. One thing Dominick can do is get something good for something bad.

  13. kh Says:

    Vilma is spoiled goods, pass.

  14. Cmurda Says:

    Put me down as 100% with the Commish. Very happy to welcome Schiano Paisano to Tampa.

  15. jvato24 Says:

    Winslow mentioned at least three times that he wanted Chudzinski. “I was really hoping for Coach Chudzinski who I was with at Miami and Cleveland,” Winslow said.

    Smart Move dude … He must want out to say something this dumb

  16. kh Says:

    Winslow can go for all I care… he’s not worth whatever we’re paying him.

    Joe- what is the truth about Justin and 620 then?

  17. northend Says:

    Vilma will be a cap hit for sure.We got to snag nicks from the saints. If Coach can get Davis in here(recruiter of Reed,lewis,Morgan,Vilma,Wilfork at mia-Quinn,Couples at UNC)I think we can get some of that Defensive swag back.Great eye for defensive talent .He def will have Bowers and clayborn on the right track

  18. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Foster is not a MLB, he is small, slow (4.75) but has good instincts for avoiding blocks if he has space and getting his nose to the football.

    Mason is a textbook, utilize the space that the will gets (since not being over the TE) and finding the football. MLBs too often have to immediately deal with the guard, full back or center – not Mason’s strength.

    I believe that he was an OLB at Wash until the end of his career where they moved him inside out of necessity, Schiano will not be an idiot like the RahDom regime and force players out of position.

    The Bucs will sign or draft a Mike, slide Foster over to Will and bring in someone to battle with Quincy Jane and take his job. Now, Schiano make like Black’s size and speed and believe some competent coaching can improve him – Dom will beg for this so he doesn’t look dumber – my bet is Jane starts day 1.

    The entire secondary should be discarded, save Ronde as a nickel and Maybe E Mack as a 4th corner. THC Jax has some talent but he is horribly undisciplined, Sean Jones is a pro but not talented, Talib should be imprisoned, and if not I want that cancer gone – send him to Washington.

    Schiano will be fine, I hope he cuts Winslow tomorrow morning. That guy (and Talib) epitomize the complete disaster that was the old regime. I want all of those that represent the unprofessional, incompetent joke of an org that we have had since Gruden left – gone (Rah, Talib, Winslow most notably).

    Let’s go Coach – I will be Schiano’s biggest fan.

  19. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ jvato24

    Funny how you leave out this little nugget,

    “But, you know, we got another guy in Greg Schiano who I know and heard he’s one of the best coaches people have been around. And he’s got a lot of enthusiasm and [is] real energetic so I’m excited, man.”

    or this one

    “I’m happy with Greg Schiano,” Winslow said. “You know, I was just kinda hoping that it would be Chud. But Greg Schiano is fine with me, man.”

  20. jvato24 Says:

    Still MAN … even with those …. its like YEAH … im OK with the new guy .. BUT I REALLY WANTED THE OTHER GUY … What an idiot …

  21. Garv Says:


    Can’t wait to hear who the staff on this year’s team is, to get going.
    I really think this is an excellent hire and am totally on board with it.

    Of course Ian Beckles and Shaun King may change my mind as I hold their opinions in such high regard…………

    As for K2. He’s only another player trying to make this team now. No more carrying the flag onto the field or screaming at the QB when he feels HE should have caught the TD instead of whoever else did.

    Welcome Greg Schiano! Welcome to Tampa Bay!

  22. MOBucs Says:

    Had never heard of the guy before today, but I’m impressed by what I’ve read about him. Good job Bucs! Gonna be really exciting to see who’s OC! Go Bucs!

  23. SensibleBuc Says:

    @ Jvato

    I agree that he probably should’ve been more tactful (especially with his history w/ the media) but I appreciate his honesty. The NFL (and pro sports in general) is predicated on being real with yourself and your co-workers.

    K2 has his flaws (he’s slowing down, pushes off too much, and thinks he’s better than he is) but if Schiano gets salty over these little comments then his skin isn’t thick enough to lead a professional franchise.

  24. Noleriff Says:

    @ Garv

    …okay, after seeing this, this is exactly the kind of coach this “yungry” (sorry threw up a little in my mouth) team needs….have a feeling K2 won’t be screaming at Josh anymore…

  25. K2theSoldier Says:

    STOP IT with the Ray Rice stuff, he’s not leaving Baltimore and everybody knows it. THIS IS NOT THE MLB AND NBA. If you’re seriously hoping for Ray Rice you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. So let’s quit that.
    And Joe, I was under the impression that Justin wasn’t with 620 anymore, could you shed some light on that?

  26. Pete Dutcher Says:

    8 Games. That’s my bet on how long it takes Thomas to turn on this coach.

  27. Architek Says:

    Thomas, where did you get Mason Foster measurables? He is not a small LB. 6’1″ 241 lbs. is good size to play the MLB position. He’s young and one of the few young players that other people respect and recognize on our porous roster. You need to re-check your sources because he is young but he can definitely play. Give him some time and the right coaching, not Joe Baker.

  28. SensibleBuc Says:


    “Schiano will be fine, I hope he cuts Winslow tomorrow morning. That guy (and Talib) epitomize the complete disaster that was the old regime. I want all of those that represent the unprofessional, incompetent joke of an org that we have had since Gruden left – gone (Rah, Talib, Winslow most notably).”

    I disagree about Winslow being a bad apple. By all accounts, he works hard & plays hard week in and week out, he’s paid modestly ($4 mil/year roughly), and we don’t have a tight end to replace him. Most of his negatives (pushing off, fumbling, getting in Freeman’s ear, etc) are imminently fixable with strong leadership from the coaching staff. He’s the least of our problems.

  29. K2theSoldier Says:

    And Jvato, chill out with the Kellen stuff. He’s not going anywhere. Best player on our offense is staying right where he is. If Kellen wanted Chud so what? I like his honesty, and he had good reason to want Chud. It’s not like he said he doesn’t like Schiano, he just wanted his guy. Relax. Sensiblebuc was very sensible in posting the rest of his quote where he complimented Schiano.
    This town has such a stupid way of hating good players. Very frustrating.

  30. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Welcome Head Coach Greg Schiano! Welcome to Tampa Bay Paisano if you are reading this!
    Cacchiatore and Son’s in Tampa has the best Italian Sausage, in case you were wondering.

  31. K2theSoldier Says:

    Geeez and then I see Thomas’ quote on Kellen. SensibleBuc basically took what I’d say, anybody saying Kellen is a major problem is a tool. People really wanna cut the guy that’s led the team in receiving the last 3 years? How stupid are some people? A guy that’s had zero off field problems with the Bucs and has a few incidents of getting into it with his quarterback. Big F’ing deal, some people are so freaking soft. LOL but I’m sure Luke Stocker is such a good replacement right? hahahaha, c’mon people.

  32. Joe Says:


    Joe is not going to speak for Justin.

  33. raphael Says:

    for now ^^^^^

  34. Garv Says:

    K2 can try and make the team like anyone else. If he does, fine.
    But this guy recently said the Buccaneers would be “ruined” if Raheem were fired and played like he wanted him to be.

    But if Coach Schiano wants him on the team, I’m all for it. Same goes for the other 53. Fresh start for everyone IMO.

  35. raphael Says:

    that was meant for 2.2 know it all dude

  36. Garv Says:

    @ Noleriff

    Thanks. Like the in house family stuff. It’s a TEAM and Coach Schiano will bring that IMO.

  37. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Actually, Winslow played for Schiano…so he still got his guy 😉

  38. raphael Says:

    @pete I say preseason game # 3

  39. Patrick Says:

    I hope Schiano works out……I’ve heard nothing but good things about him today so that’s a plus. But I’m really still trying to get excited about this just to be honest.

    Butch Davis would be a very good hire. Lot of experience and a track record of success.

    We MUST get the right OC!! That’s going to be the most important hire. Seriously, John Mccurly from Arizona?? pass. I want someone proven at the position, maybe Marty if he’s willing to accept that. Todd Haley would be a good option.

  40. Brad Says:

    What about Hue Jackson as OC. If not Davis for DC. Jim Leavitts. Just a couple names to throw out there.

  41. raphael Says:

    I am betting on mcnulty and davis..oc and dc

  42. k1ngAdroc Says:

    This is a hire i will get behind. Obviously off the radar but let’s see what he brings to Tampa… OC, QB coach, etc… and free agents are a #1 priority.

    d’qwell jackson could be our next hardy nickerson and solidify this defense for years to come. Move Mason over to his natural spot and this front seven can go hunting.

    Let’s go Coach Schiano, Time to chop some wood! GO BUCS

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I actually agree with a lot of what Thomas said (hang on while I throw up). However, I don’t really understand the hatred for Winslow. The guy has played every game for us, and he has been pretty successful. He didn’t have a great year last year, but honestly, who did? I have never heard of one report (on or off the record) that he has been a problem in the locker room either. Now if you think he’s lost a step, I would probably agree with you, but I don’t think that’s what you are saying. He is still the best TE we have (by far), and I see no reason to get rid of him unless we replace him with someone better (easier said than done).

    As for Talib, you want him imprisoned? Why, were you there? If he’s guilty, then fine. But it’s funny that as an (alleged) lawyer, you can just bypass the entire legal system and convict him on what you “think”. I doubt you are a very successful lawyer with that type of attitude. I’ll be fine if we do cut him, but I would prefer to keep him, but on an extremely short leash (assuming he’s found not guilty of course). It’s not like we have corners behind him that are ready to take over. I’m also a little giddy about the possibility of a Claiborne, Talib, and Barber secondary. That actually has the potential to be pretty good, IF we can get some LB’s that can actually play.

  44. Pete Dutcher Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc
    Dominick looks good today, so Thomas is shifting targets….again.

  45. raphael Says:

    JOE ..’ a script on the page is causing computer to run slow” I am told its from the web page. is there a fix ?

  46. Stevek Says:


    How bout your rock star, I am stoked, he pulled the trigger with his cojones hanging out, and just took a gamble on one hell of a coach.

    O’l Greg is going to be an instant burst of life and discipline that these youngry sumbiotches need. 🙂 two thumbs up!

    Now, time for Chud to come over and work his magic thrice.

  47. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Wow some of you guys are idiots!! We cannot just go and get another teams OC or DC unless that team allows it, which is unlikey. Nowe are not getting Chud, or zimmer as coordinators!!! Jeez

  48. BucFan20 Says:

    I can almost say for sure this man will not be called Greg! It will be COACH!! Welcome to Tampa Coach.

  49. hamilton Says:

    winslow is the best player on the bucs team,k2 said he is happy with the pick as coach,schiano is a miami guy the u .

  50. eric Says:

    winslow was at least upset about losing.

    be foolish not to bring him to camp and
    see how he works withi new coach.

    if rah is responsible for no accountability lets see how they respond with it.

    dont cut off your nose despite your face. if they exhibit piss poor attitude cut them.

  51. Patrick Says:

    You all are being complete idiots for wanting to get rid of K2. All that’s gonna do is create another hole for us!! Under a GM who in the past hasn’t proven he’s willing to upgrade in free agency.

    What has K2 done that is so bad?!! Tell me!! He commits too many penalties? Yeah, he does…..but notice that this WHOLE team was committing penalties! The WHOLE team was undisciplined and pathetic this year. Schiano seems to be MUCH MORE of a disciplinarian than Rah was……and that will have an impact. A lot of it was coaching……now we have a better coaching staff. There’s going to be a different culture in that locker room come 2012.

    I hope Schiano is half Gruden-half Dungy.

    Half-Gruden: be a loud, hardass, mo-fo that disciplines and doesn’t take any crap from the players.

    Half-Dungy: be a good people person at the same time, have good relationships with your players (Gruden’s biggest flaw).

  52. Bobby Says:

    Actually, it’s ‘don’t cut off your nose to spite your face’ ………

  53. jdog Says:

    @clayburn94 I agree. It annoys the sh*# out of me when I read that! And they actually believe it. That’s the funny thing about it. Chud for OC Zimmer for DC YEA!!!!

  54. kh Says:

    Winslow was constantly banged up last year, read an article on PR that said he was nursing about 5 different injuries the entire year. Admire the toughness but his body isn’t going to stand up much longer. The same article said TE has been a major focus of Bucs scouting for the draft and in free agency, that’s not a coincidence. Unfortunately the pickings at TE are slim this offseason unless there’s a unknown gem out there somewhere.

    On top of that I feel he had a negative affect on the offense at times this year, always getting in Josh’s ear. I’m not sure what he was saying but from judging Josh’s body language he wasn’t really interested in hearing it.

  55. kh Says:

    McNulty for OC – dont know anything about him but we’re all in with Schiano.
    Davis for DC – like it, former NFL HC and SB-winning defensive coordinator.

  56. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Also hearing the press conference is at 1 tomorrow. That sucks because im at friggin work!!

  57. Plbuc Says:

    Apple Roof Cleaning is right on! Cacciatore & Sons has the best sausages. As for Schiano, I’m fascinated and optimistic with this hire but he needs to be allowed to assemble a quality staff and buy some new groceries. It’s good to be a Bucs fan again now that the stench of the prior staff is gone and a new era has begun. Time for a makeover. Good Luck Coach Schiano, the fans are with you. BTW, Bruce Arians and Butch Davis are available.

  58. Stevek Says:


    Call out sick tmrw u idiot.

    Just returning the favor. Would Asst. HC and OC be considered an “upgrade” and let Chud come on over?

  59. Meh Says:

    Thumbs down from me. I hate this hire. No significant NFL experience. Rutgers flat out sucks. Very disappointed.

  60. Mike Says:

    Appreciate the comments, but Joe’s not about to get into a man’s job and personal life here.–Joe

  61. Stevek Says:


    Schiano made Rutgers relevant, has a knack for talent, and runs a tight ship.

    Give it a chance, it could be a great hire.

  62. Garv Says:

    @ Meh


    Very serious unless you are not.

    Read about what Coach Schiano did for the Rutgers program, know what you are typing.
    This is a damn good hire and most Buccaneer fans know it and are optimistic for the first time since……since…..London.

  63. gotbbucs Says:


    I’m guessing those will be the two names that Schiano will push for. Schiano and McNulty are very familiar with each other and McNulty put together a pretty massive season up there when they had both Ray Rice and Kenny Britt. He’s worth a chance IMO and actually has quite a bit of time put in with the NFL. I think he’s due for a shot.

    As far as Butch Davis, I always kind of wonder how it will work out when the mentor is working under his former assistant. Obviously the credentials are there so I would support the hire if it happens.

  64. Meh Says:

    A .500 coach of a subpar program with almost zero NFL experience. A guy known for his horrible offense. I’m dead serious. I’m heartbroken over this hire. Seriously. I am totally unimpressed by his record at Rutgers, abd I think we needed a coach with NFL experience badly to rebuild this organization. I hate this hire. I don’t think we could have made a worse choice.

  65. Raphael Says:

    Smh @ meh

  66. ClayBURN94 Says:

    Lol @stevek good comeback. As for chud, the only way you are able to bring in an assistant under contract from another team if he is the HC only and that. It would be a great hire but it wont/cant happen.

  67. Patrick Says:

    Meh…..I agree. The hire is ok, but I’m doing my best to get used to it. Marty and Zimmer would’ve both been better.

    He only had 3 years as a DC coach for the Bears.

    This came as a complete shock this morning. The guy wasn’t even anywhere on our list of candidates until I came on here and read the surprising article about them finalizing a deal with him.

    He needs to hire a guy that has been an offensive coordinator before, not a wide receivers coach. No to McNulty. This will be the most important hire for us. If we can get a great offensive coordinator in here, we’ll be fine.

    Wonder if Butch Davis is really coming here. If he does, that will be a great hire. Very experienced and a proven winner. 2 SB rings with the Cowboys.

  68. eric Says:

    i find the whole thing curious. tbe súper positive reactions are from those who would do the same if we hired the equipment mánager at ucf.

    drew brees and company are an entirely different kettle of fish than ucon.

    however will be fun to watch him give er a go.

    not very packer/steeler like though.

  69. Patrick Says:

    *3 years as a DB coach

  70. Jerry Says:

    Im not thrilled with this eaither. Big East is a joke of a conference and his record was like 28-49 vs Big East teams.

    But the big thing Im waiting to see is if the Glazers are willing to spend money and willing to make moves needed to improve this team. If they dont do anything in free agency, I think a lot of fans will be done with this team.

  71. Patrick Says:

    and he needs to hire someone that has a lot of NFL experience and someone who’s been an OC at the NFL level.

  72. Meh Says:

    Look, I’m going to give the guy a chance, but I have no idea how you guys think this is a good hire. This is another hail mary experiment. College coaches with limited NFL experience very rarely work out. And his record at Rutgers isn’t anything special. I know he improved them, but they still stink. He had a .500 record in a really weak Big East. Zero big east championships. Some bowl wins, but midling bowls. I just think this is a huge mistake, but we’ll see I guesd.

  73. Garv Says:


    A damn shame.
    Hopefully you’ll understand the man took over a desperate program and turned it into a very sucessful one that has turned out many NFL players. In fact, Only one college in the country has more players in this year’s Super Bowl.

    You mention Schiano’s .500 record at Rutgers. Of course he actually had a winning record but the point is he took over a horrible program and after losing records in his first four seasons while changing the culture of the program including making Rutgers a school players wanted to go to, he only had one losing record after that. In fact, his record after his fourth season was FAR over .500 at 56-33.

    Did you know he also coached in the NFL? 3 years as an assistant with the Bears. It’s not like he knows nothing about the NFL and it’s players.

    I’ll also have to, be forced to, rely more on the recommendation of men like Bill Belichick than the incredible negativity of a message board poster freaking out over a hire he knows absolutely nothing about.

    So lighten up or follow the Dolphins because it’s happened. I myself am grateful to move forward with justified optimism. BTW, if you are giving up your tickets……where are they?


  74. eric Says:

    from unproven young guy to unproven young guy.

    dont get it.

  75. Garv Says:

    @ eric

    You actually comparing Raheem Morris’s record with Grag Schiano’s?
    I though you were smarter than that.
    Google them both and tell me there’s a legitimate comparison to be made. Like, maybe, previous experience as a head coach prior to coaching the Buccaneers?

    Come on.

    On another note, don’t want to start a war on what is for me a very positive day. Sorry about the 2.2 reference.
    I really think even those who seem to think this hire is a mistake will be pleased when the coaching actually starts.

    Give it a chance guys, give this hire and this man a chance.

  76. Meh Says:

    Meh2.2? Shove it. You guys can’t have a single discussion without turning to insults. I’d respind to every single one of your points but I see no point in bothering when you just go to the insults. And shove your go follow the Dolphins comment. I’ve been following the Bucs since the 70s.

  77. eric Says:

    lots of folks said good things about rah too but didnt help his lack of experience.

    bellichick has raved about a number of his assistants who failed as nfl coaches.

    head scratcher imo.

    no conclusions just skeptical.

  78. Garv Says:

    @ Meh

    Sorry for that comment. Got out the above apology too late it seems.
    How about this? Give it a chance? Nothing to lose and not much of a choice anyway.
    Besides, the man hasn’t even had a chance to sign a player you don’t like or cut one you do…….LOL

  79. Meh Says:

    Eric, Bellicheks son goes to rutgers

  80. eric Says:

    i feel wayyy better than i did when rah was hired.

    this guy is better credentialed.

    just surprized they would go this high risk high reward route.

    may work out great.

  81. Meh Says:

    Garv, classy apology. Thank you. I may be a pessimist sometimes but I try to be fair. I didn’t like the Morris hire but gave him a chance until halfway through last season. I’m going to give this guy a chance too, but I’m not going to shy away from what I think. I WANT him to prove me wrong, but I am just not feeling this hire at all.

  82. Joe Says:


    Schiano was in charge of a defense (Miami 2000) that was one of the best in recent memory.

    Previously, he was a secondary coach when Penn State was at its zenith.

    Later, he brought a program that was a complete toilet with little revenue and modest facilities and got had six winning seasons in the last seven years.

    Raheem was a get-back coach.

    MAJOR difference between the two.

  83. eric Says:


    go check out one of schiano’s postgame press conferences.

    extremely impressive.

    gave me a good vibe big time. may have something here.

  84. eric Says:


    i may be guilty of opining with insufficient info

    from the knowledge and command he showed at the presser i just viewed i can see why he was impressive in interviews.

    no bulldogs!

  85. Joe Says:

    Nah, you are cool eric. Just wanted to point out there is a major difference between Raheem Morris circa January 2009 and Greg Schiano January 2012.