A Different Look At Mike Sherman

January 25th, 2012

Learn a lot more about Bucs head coaching “finalist” Mike Sherman in this video. Here, Sherman is a passionate speaker at the Texas A&M summer graduation ceremony. The former English teacher calls himself “analytical” and defines his “core values:” truth and love.

34 Responses to “A Different Look At Mike Sherman”

  1. D.P.Boo Says:

    He will be a good coach for us.

  2. Brown Bag Back On? Says:

    Joe, your ongoing posts that focus on Sherman are like a small boat in large seas. We keep vomiting over and over.


    Maybe you are doing your part to show the Glazers their latest actof distraction is working so they can focus on landing a great coach we can all be excited about.

  3. Brad Says:

    This will not be a great hire. The people that support Sherman are in the minority.

  4. jb Says:

    I’m NOT impressed.

  5. Brown Bag Back On? Says:

    Florio on Dumig last night pointed out that there are alot of retired or transplanted green Bay fans in the area. Ask anyof them, Sherman is not a coach for the future.

  6. JLM Says:

    Mike Zimmer-HC
    Joe Lombardi-OC
    Jim Tomsula- DC

  7. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    Seems like a man of honor, integrity, and passion a for people. Doesn’t mean he’ll be a good HC for the Bucs. Raheem was all of those things as well.

  8. RED MAN Says:

    Rotoworld is reporting that Chud is getting 2nd interview with Bucs…please let this be true. Sherman is not the answer!!

  9. jvato24 Says:

    Make Sherman the OC then … Just not HC

  10. eric Says:

    Heres something to make everyone feel better.

    In 2005 Sherman hired Jim Bates to be his DC in Green Bay. Naturally the carnage that ensued cost him his job. Is that the connection with rockstar?

    Also, his “coaching tree” is atrocious as I cant find a single assistant he had on his staff in GB that progressed to any other positions of note. As a mater of fact many have taken lesser positions and never gotten back to where they were.

    Those facts give me no warmth in terms of a joint effort with rockstar to assemble an outstanding staff.

  11. stimpy Says:

    I dont have a good feeling about this guy…

    Well know soon enough who they pick.

  12. William Says:

    I thought I was going to turn off the video after 5 minutes but he got me. Great to know him this way. I’m looking forward to Marty or Sherman as coach for the Bucs. Great Speech! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Hey Joe, when are you going to post the rest of your interview (parts 2 and 3) with Keith Millard? Looking forward to reading them.

  14. Patrick Says:

    @Redman…….lmao what the hell makes Chud a better candidate than Sherman? I’ll take Sherman over him. Chud is the worst candidate out there.

  15. Buddhaboy Says:

    I dont think sherman wrote that speech, plus, it seemed to be all about him

  16. eric Says:

    Gotta give him credit though – damn good commencement address.

  17. Higher728 Says:

    Thank you for posting this Joe. These are the things that Morris and Gruden didn’t teach, but Dungy did.

  18. Brad Says:

    I hear the interview is happening today. We heard about this days ago. Why are these interviews taking so long. Come on Glazers interview a real candidate. Not this baffoon.

  19. HolyBuc Says:

    NFLSTROUD Rick Stroud
    Joseph Person, Charlotte Observer, says there’s ‘buzz,’ at Sr Bowl Panthers OC Chudzinski will get 2nd interview with Bucs. Not confirmed.

  20. Bobby Says:

    I think before we give this team to an unproven coordinator we are going to bring in a proven HC to get them back to playing disciplined football. I just think we have to at least have the horses broken before we have some greenhorn trying to ride them. I’d prefer that be Marty and not Sherman but I’m not going to cry if it is Sherman.

  21. RED MAN Says:

    @Patrick….please tell me the last coach that went on to have success after being fired from his 2 previous HC jobs. Chud has proven he can develop and have success w/ QBs based on his work with Derek Anderson and Newton, which is something we desperately need for Freeman. He would be a much more intriguing HC than the retread Sherman. Thirdly, Chilly is far and away the worst candidate out there.

  22. stevek Says:

    Amen to RedMan,

    Give me Chud over Sherm. Chilly can get lost.

  23. stevek Says:


    We just gave this team to an unproved D-Coordinator from the Big-12 (worst Defensive conference in BCS).

    I am all for bringing the guy who made Mr. Anderson a probolwer, and set rookie records with Cam Newton.

    He also made Steve Smith look like Steve Smith again.

  24. bucfanjeff Says:

    These “2nd interviews” could all be a smoke screen. After all, we heard nothing of Chip Kelly until the 11th hour.

    I’ll support whomever we get until there is a reason not to.

    That said, I have my preferences like everyone else: Billick HC or OC, Del Rio as DC (though he’s rumored for the DC in Denver)

    The Bucs can’t keep waiting though, they need to make a move soon.

  25. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    In this video, he looks like the freaking Anti Christ in that stupid robe.
    Some people think it was Sherman, all along. All the other “interviews” were simply created diversions.
    The Chip Kelly “attempted signing” could have been a staged event, a win win for Kelly and the Bucs.
    A win for Kelly, because it shows him as a “hot commodity”, and a win for Tampa because it shows how “diligent” we were in our “search for a coach”.
    LOL, he was Never coming to Tampa.

  26. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    SteveK, Cam Newton would make anyone look like a genius brother.
    He is everything we hoped Josh Freeman would be.
    Face it man, we have fallen WAY behind the NFC South, and much of the NFL, in overall talent.
    Tampa needs a wholesale rebuilding, and can afford no more draft day mistakes.

    It appears Mark Dominik is running this team, lock, stock, and barrel.
    We went 10 and 6, then we collapsed.
    This next year will tell the story of it is just coaching, or something much worse.
    I suspect is is something much worse.

  27. eric Says:

    Standard Commencement Address attire.

    I hardly think it could have been a ruse with Kelly as he had already resigned and a new Oregon coach selected before he backed out.

  28. Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Eric, perhaps he “resigned” only to re sign, knowing he could get away with it.
    Washington is extremely active out west, going after players that Would have went to USC, that Oregon has basically been “getting by default”.
    If I were a Washington Recruiter, I would spread rumors that Chip Kelly will abandon Oregon soon for the NFL.
    By Kelly “accepting” the Tampa head coach position, and then “changing his mind”, it would act to assure his recruiting class that he is dedicated to Oregon.
    Plus, it could have given Tampa Fans the Illusion that the Rockstar and the Glazers “left no stone unturned”.
    IOW, a marriage of convenience Eric.

  29. Northend Says:

    There is NO conspiracy, can we move on. Sherman seems like a solid teacher and a nice guy.we could do a lot worse. I have 0 issue with him if he is hired and I’m sure he will shape up our group of underachievers.

  30. jarrett Says:

    sarkisian anyone

  31. mark2001 Says:

    I didn’t say that I wouldn’t want Sherman as a neighbor….or speaker at a commencement.

    I just don’t want him here as a HC. Agree with Steve D. that the Glazers need to make a big splash. And that isn’t Sherman.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    This is the second time today my comments haven’t posted. I don’t understand. No swearing or anything. Must be me. Maybe I got banned, LOL.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Guess not, must have been a little blasphemy.

  34. White Tiger Says:

    A decent man, good father, just a consistent “meh” performer..

    I hope this has no merit…