Keith Millard Talks To Joe (Part II)

January 25th, 2012

Now a defensive line coach for the Tennessee Titans, former Bucs D-line coach Keith Millard talked all things Bucs with Joe last week.

Perhaps the most magnetic and electric member of Raheem Morris’ staff was defensive line coach Keith Millard, who joined the Bucs in 2011. Aside from the two-time All-Pro credentials, Millard is a commanding presence at 6-6 with a raspy, booming, old-school coaching voice. At training camp, Joe remembers talking to Aqib Talib and other defensive players who said they felt Millard’s presence pumping up the entire defense.

Of course, Millard was fired along with the entire Bucs coaching staff nearly three weeks ago. He has now joined the Tennessee Titans as a defensive line coach.

Last week, Joe had an in-depth football discussion with Millard and found a man who has found a mant that was dejected about losing the opportunity to work with the Bucs’ young defensive linemen, a group Millard thinks is an extraordinary collection of talented, high-character players that can become a standout unit in the NFL.

Joe talked to Millard about the Bucs’ defensive line and more — some on the record, some off — and below is Part II of the interview. Part I ran last week. Albert Haynesworth seemed to be doing his share of freelancing on the D-line and was in and out of his gaps. Was that a problem when you’re trying to coach young guys?

Keith Millard: When Albert got here, I remember when Albert played at Tennessee, he was a very disruptive force. But they didn’t really play a lot of technique. [Former Titans defensive line coach Jim] Washburn was about getting off, getting up field, but not about reacting to the run and technique to react to the run. Albert was a little behind in that facet when he got to Tampa, even in the preparation to know what’s coming and how to help yourself, He just wasn’t schooled on anticipating and taking things away before they even happen. That was all new to him. Even his stance, that made it different for him to the play the blocks [Tampa Bay] would get week in and week out … He was getting two-hole scooped. They were blocking two guys with one guy. … He was pretty beat up when we got him and and not practicing much and only playing on Sundays. That really didn’t create a situation where he was going to improve much with us coming in late with little practice time.

Joe: The Bucs’ run defense had a miserable year. Where do you think the big failures were there?

Millard: It was a combination. Tackling was a major problem across the team. I already talked about what losing Gerald [McCoy] meant to the whole defense because he was making guys better around him. Other injuries. Albert [Haynesworth] getting two-hole scooped. You can’t really point it to one thing. We certainly take our responsibilty on the D-line, but it wasn’t all on us.

Joe: How would you compare and contrast DaQuan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn? Who was the better player when the season ended?

Millard: They’re both young players. Clayborn played more. Bowers had the slow start because of knee. He was healthy; It was just precautionary coming off surgery. As the season rolled on he played his way into shape mentally and physically and he made plays. For both guys, you had no offseason, OTAs, or a full training camp. You’re trying play catch-up the whole time with their technique. Clayborn had a pretty good year for a rookie. Clayborn could have been better, for sure, with a better supporting cast. The one thing that really impressed me was he put the time in. He put in the film work. He didn’t miss practice. You couldn’t get him to take a snap off. He can improve on everything, but he had a great start. And it’s a good young group. If they can get some depth over there across the line, then you’ll have something special.

Joe: Do you think the Bucs’ D-line has the personnel to play a 3-4 defense?

Millard: That’s a lot of speculation and I really don’t want to get into that. Not every 3-4 is the same. A guy like Michael Bennett could be a pretty good outside linebacker. I’m not really sure about Clayborn. You gotta have the speed to be a rush backer. You got to be able to come out of a 2-point stance. You gotta understand coverages. But a lot of guys have done it and have done it with success. Whether that’s a good fit for Bowers and Clayborn, I can’t say.

Joe: Given the makeup of the current Bucs roster, do you see a real locker room and/or on field leader coming from the D-line?

Millard: To me, it has to come from there. Because of their age, we have legitimate bonafide future leaders in that room. Brian Price, Mike Bennett, Gerald McCoy. They’ve vocal. Gerald hasn’t been healthy, so it’s hard, almost impossible to lead when you’re not on the field. It’s really hard to voice your opinion or get your guys going if you’re not out there. But those guys have the toughness and character to lead. You want to follow your warriors who put out for you every Sunday. I’m telling you, Mike Bennett definitely is one of those guys.  … Roy Miller more leads by example. Clayborn’s probably in the category, too. I’m telling you though, it’s a great core group of dedicated guys that really can become the best group in the league. I really believe that and I miss those guys. These guys were coming in on Tuesdays looking to work, watch film, anything. They’re hard workers.

Joe: What went wrong in the second half the season? Respected former players, from Deion Sanders to John Lynch said a lot of Bucs quit on Raheem Morrs. Was that fair criticism?

Millard: I’m not going to get into that. You look at the film and judge for yourself. It’ll answer your question. Anybody can look at the film and see that. We lost 10 games in a row. I really don’t want to get into that. I know my guys didn’t quit. They played hard week in and week out as hard as they could. They were running to the ball.

47 Responses to “Keith Millard Talks To Joe (Part II)”

  1. Dave Says:

    For the McCoy haters out there:
    “what losing Gerald [McCoy] meant to the whole defense because he was making guys better around him. ”

    This coming from the guy many of you panned as the greatest D-Line coach ever…

    Like I have been saying since the middle of 2010…. you can see mcCoy getting better and better and being disruptive. You could see Clayborne getting sacks because of McCoy’s inside pressure.

    He, along with a fit an helathy Price and Bowers and Clayborne and Bennett will be a dominant force with the right coaching.

    The issue right now is LBs.

    Maybe I was wrong on wanting Ruud gone, I don’t know, but I didn’t see him do anything in TN either.
    Maybe the team would have been better with Ruud in the middle and Foster at an OLB spot.

    All I do know is, I hope they get a vet LB and draft an LB in round 2.

    But do not worry about the D-Line… they are well on there way

  2. Buc N' A Says:

    Cue the Thomas 2.2 negative response in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  3. Jrock Says:

    I get the whole “clean sweep” thing, starting with a tabula rasa. But why couldn’t we get this dude back? Millard is going to have a stellar coaching career, I bet, and it won’t be with us or our young D-line. =[

  4. Vic Says:

    Why do I get the feeling all the real juicy stuff was off the record.

  5. bucfanjeff Says:

    In other words, the guys that quit were LB’s not named Foster or Watson, and DB’s not named Barber.

  6. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Really loving this interview, Joe.

  7. gotbbucs Says:

    I don’t think the Linebacker and Secondary rooms are going to be very fun for these guys next year. Whoever comes in to coach those units is going to have to watch about two series from any game in the second half of our season to realize who wanted to play and who wanted to collect a check. Jackson, Talib, Jones, Black, and Hayes are all on very short leashes and I wouldn’t be suprised to see that list cut in half by free agency IF the new staff has any say over personnel.

  8. Brandon Says:

    The DL was one of the few areas of promise this season. They were overmatched at times and decimated by injuries inside, but Michael Bennett was playing hard every snap, as was Clayborn and Bowers when he got in. Those three guys are impressive and are going to be strengths of the team moving forward.

  9. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I never saw the DL quit. Clayborn, Bowers, Miller, Price, Bennett were all giving it their all….. some just have more to give than others.

  10. stevek Says:

    @ Dave,

    McCoy needs to be healthy for a true evaluation. He and his biceps are 0-2.

    As for the team quitting on RAh, not schocked.

    We put ourselves in a bad spot by not participating in FA last offseason (other then a soccer player).

    Why did we not have depth at DT?

    That forced our hand in picking up Hayneswurf.

    We need some new LB’s, more DL depth, and rid ourselves of a quitter and a joker (Hayneswurf).

  11. Real Talk Says:

    On the 3-4 issue… “But a lot of guys have done it and have done it with success. Whether that’s a good fit for Bowers and Clayborn, I can’t say” = nice way of saying.. NO

  12. Dave Says:


    I agree that more time is needed because McCoy has had bicep issues. I just hate the argument that some make by saying he is a “bust” because of it. Those issues are over now and, by all medical accounts, it should not be an issue going forward. His bicep ligaments should be stronger.
    It does not change the fact that when you look at the games he played in from day one to the last game, he continually got better, got more disruptive and demanded more double teams. He was making those around him better.

    Regardless, I kind of hope the new coaches bring Millard back, but I doubt it.

  13. Vince Says:

    Millard already has a new job I believe.

  14. Architek Says:

    Millard is so classy. Joe it’s interviews like this that keeps me blogging here. Other than that the daily “Popstar” rhetoric shuns me away because the true mess this team is in is not depicted. With that being said, Millard is correct, the D-Line did not quit. Not very good but they played with effort.

  15. stevek Says:

    Agree with Architek 110%

    “Pop Star” is the main reason we are where we are.

    He hired Raheem, Jagodzinski, Bates, and couldn’t play nice w/ Bissachia.

    Re-upped Michael Clayton, Q. Black,paid Derrick Ward, and was a lame duck in FA last year (other then a soccer player).

    BC of our inability to draft/FA Depth, we had to have hayneswurf on our team.


  16. stevek Says:


    You said it! All quitters should be exiled from this team. It is a shame that the “pop star” can’t get it done in the Draft and FA.

  17. thomas 2.2 Says:

    It is a waste of time to argue with those who use this “subjective eyeball test” (through the lens of a fanatic) to find some basis to argue that McCoy is improving.

    Here are his career stats: 39 total tackles (solo + assists) and 4 sacks in 17 games (13.5 in 10 and 3.5 in 11).

    Here are Geno Atkins (Bengals 4th round DT same draft): 63 tackles and 10.5 sacks. Geno did not start from day 1 but adapted very quickly. In his last 19 games he has 9 sacks. 10 if you add in his playoff sack this year.

    Henry Melton (2009 4th Rounder Bears who did not play much in 09) has similar numbers.

    You don’t hear people in Chicago and Cinncinatti arguing that it “seems” or “appears” like Atkins and Melton are playing well – because the stats support it. They are putting up numbers – their is a correlation between pressures and sacks – it isnt like any player is a 100% sack to pressure player – Consequently, the players with more sacks almost always have more pressures.

    Let me dispel a myth: 5.5 of Clayborn’s 7.5 sacks came when GMC was out injured. His tackle numbers were better when GMC was out injured. Clayborn was more productive when GMC was nursing one of his 3 boo boos.

    The bucs best run defensive performance was when the Bucs beat the Saints at home: the bucs held the Saints to 70 total yards rusing on 20 carries (3.5 average). Guess who was out nursing an ankle boo boo? that is right.

    BTW: all of you fanaticals arguing the biceps are healed. Consider this: GMC has had 4 injuries in 2 seasons requiring missed games, in addition to the 2 bicep injuries he left the 49ers game early and missed the Bears and Saints game with an ankle injury. He missed pre-season games with a shoulder.

    The guy get injured everywhere – he is fragile – he is weak (see the combine).

    I have maintained that he is not a bust, yet. But he has wasted nearly half of his contract value (over 20 million of 60 million by being bad and hurt.

    You sheep need to quit coddling this baby just bc the pop start mistakenly drafted him #3 overall. That is the point of my problem with GMC, not that he is on the team, but that he was taken 3rd overall, given 60 million, and then forced on to us as a leader before he accomplished anything.

  18. thomas 2.2 Says:

    Now chime in the sheep with the weak a– arguments about things seeming or feeling bla bla bla:

    The bucs were not 4-2 with McCoy, stop saying that. He did not play a play in the Saints win at home. They were 3-2 in games he played in this year.

    In 2010, the team was 3-1 without him or 4-1 if you count the Redskin game where he left at halftime and the defense played MUCH better in the second half after he was hurt.

    Also, the Bucs are 2-0 vs. the Saints with McCoy since 2010, and 0-2 with him.

    The Saints totally gameplan to his weaknesses – let him try to jump a gap and he will ruch himself out of position and create huge running and passing lanes for slants from the slot, tight end hot or pop passes, screens etc.)

  19. thomas 2.2 Says:

    2-0 without McCoy . . .

  20. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    lmao Thomas is so weak with debate.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    What does Millard know guys? Nothing compared to the great Thomas. He continually brings up the Saints games, yet makes mountains of excuses for why we won those games (they didn’t try to win the first one and Payton getting injured cost them the second one). However, when discussing McCoy, the only reason we won is because he didn’t play. This is the very definition of spinning facts Thomas, something you accuse others of doing. I know you are not intelligent enough to understand this concept, so I don’t know why I bother. You can’t argue any point without calling others “sheep”. That’s because you have nothing else. If I had a choice between being a sheep and whatever you are, I would be a sheep anyday. You are so predictable that we can all predict your response (well done Buc’N’A), yet you are so stubborn that you still can’t resist. If it was me and someone said that, I would either not respond or I would respond in an alternate way. You have made it abundantly clear that you are unhappy with everything this organization does, probably as a result of being unhappy in your day to day life. I can’t imagine anybody in this world actually enjoying your company, and I’d be willing to bet there aren’t many that even bother pretending.

  22. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    By the way genius, McCoy went down in the first quarter, and the Redskins moved the ball even better in the second quarter. It was after halftime the adjustments were made and we slowed them down. But nah, it was all GMC’s fault because he was the #3 pick and isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet. We should just cut him now. Why don’t you evaluate the college players coming in and let us know which 4th round DT we could pick that will be in the H.O.F. You talk a big game big boy, why don’t you man up and say something before it actually happens. You never once give an alternative. Every draft you keep your mouth shut and never say who you think we should draft, then when we do draft someone, you complain as if you were against him from the beginning. So go ahead right now and tell us who the master wants.

  23. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc Brutal, brother. Just brutal.

  24. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    God almighty 2.2- get over it. Raheem is gone and almost all of us including myself can now agree thats the for the best. McCoy is still here and those of us who are excited about his future aren’t imagining anything. Its true he hasnt “proven” anything yet but he has shown enough for anyone with eyeballs to know that if he can stay on the field he will be a positive for the team. If you want to bust his balls for for being injury prone go right ahead. No one can really argue that at this point. But don’t pretend you didnt see a different Bucs defense on the field early this year before he got injured because you did. You pretended that you knew Raheem Morris sucked even when he went 10-6 and the chips fell your way this year on that issue even though you were just guessing and hoping he would fail due to your ulterior motives for hating Raheem. But your insane if you think your odds for coming out on the right side of the McCoy debate are anywhere near as good. Luckily I wont have to wait for McCoy to prove you wrong to shut you up since you will inevitably get yourself banned again and hopefully this time Joe will have the good sense to make it permanent.

  25. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Hawaiian- amen brother- I guess thomas still wishes we could have drafted Suh. An overrated DT who gets all his sacks by selling out against the pass and ignoring the run to his teams detriment. At least when McCoy is off the field its because of an injury out of his control rather than him being a psycho with rage issues who likes to stomp his cleats on people when they are down.

  26. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    I, for one, am glad we got “glass” McCoy rather than rageoholic “facestomper jr.” Suh.

  27. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Nothing else to say:

    See above, those are called facts. I know it stings to read them – Mccoy’s stats compared to a 4th round draft picks, Buc performances with and without McCoy. I have repeatedly cited authority (from many other former players (king, Culpepper, beckles) in agreement that McCoy’s performance has been poor), yet you guys want so badly for this pick to work out (and me to be wrong) that you can’t/won’t accept the truth so far we have wasted 20+ million on this disappointment.

    Let me clarify my definition of sheep: fanaticals who, even when the team and org are performing poorly, refuse to acknowledge obvious problems with the team or organization that move the team further away from being a consistent winner; ie promoting an unqualified and incompetent D Backs coach to head coach without interviewing a single candidate for about 10% of the going rate for that position.

    Every person who believed that the Glazers made that move bc RahRah was the best coach available should feel like an idiot.

    They did it bc they weren’t sure if Gru would take another job and wanted the cheapest possible replacement if he didn’t. Gru wouldn’t dump all the salaries that Rah did and if you add it up – releasing all those players and replacing them with the players they did saved WAY more than the cost of paying Gru and Rah.

    BecklesHeartsRuud is not a sheep. He accepts that GMC is a disappointment but believes that he will be a good player. I don’t know yet bc the sample size is small and defective.

    Hawaiian on the other hand is a sheep. He swallows all the junk that the org spews like Thanksgiving Turkey. He fell head over heels for the Rah Dom charade, and was one of the last to accept that the earth is in fact round.

    It took 42-0 in 1.5 quarters (just ponder that) before Hawaiian would say – maybe this team is poorly coached?

    Listen, don’t agree with me – I could care less. I was adamant with you all about 2 things: Rah is incompetent and GMC should not be taken 3 overall: so far I have hit the Nail right on the head.

    Can anyone honestly say today that GMC is worth the investment (20 million so far) and if they had it to do over again that you would?

    If you answer that question yes – you might be a sheep.
    If you think that the rebuild wasn’t really scaling the budget back further? You might be a sheep.
    If you think Dom is a rockstar based on services to date? You might be a sheep.

  28. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    ProFootballFocus, a site that is used by players, coaches, and team executives for its accurate grading and evaluation, has never graded McCoy in the negative in run or pass. He has always received positive grades and reviews for his play based off of every single snap he has taken. They are in the business of providing accurate ratings. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be in business and teams/coaches would not be using their stats/grading. I believe them over Thomas.

    Millard is in the business of teaching these guys. He says McCoy has been solid. I’ll believe him over Thomas.

  29. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    FYI – the 2010 1st round has produced 7 pro bowlers and the draft in total 13 pro bowlers.

    That list includes but is not limited to: Geno Atkins, Jason Pierre-Paul, Eric Berry, Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Markice Pouncey, Antonio Brown. . .

  30. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    First: I am not a PFF supporter. However, it is a lie to say that PFF rated McCoy well in each game he played this season.

    For the first two games of 2011 McCoy did not get a positive rating. In fact against Detroit, they rated McCoy 0 out of 26 pressures to pass rush attempts – that is 0 for 26 (you could not get a lower pass rush rating). He also was offsides twice. They did give him a positive rating against Atlanta but admitted he had 0 tackles, 0 sacks and 0 fantasy points.

    If you are going to argue with me dont falsify your stats bc I will catch you.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You are full of sh!t Thomas. First of all, I said a change needed to be made well before the Atlanta game. That is a straight up lie, which negates anything else that your worthless arse could type. There is a difference between accepting what the organization does versus loving what they do. I had no idea who Raheem Morris was when we hired him. I had no idea who Mark Dominik was either. However, as long as they are working here, I will support them. What choice do I really have, to be like you? No thanks. And for the record, I fully supported Jon Gruden as well. I never wanted him to be fired, nor did I party when he was. I did, however, move on.

    I have always stated I wished we would get more free agents. We haven’t drafted the player I have wanted since Cadillac (with the semi-exception of Bowers last year). But you will never see me come on here and b!tch and moan about it. I am no GM, coach, or scout, and I know that. When someone puts on a Bucs jersey, I will support them to the best of my ability. When they are gone, I move on.

    No, GMC has not lived up to the money he has earned yet. I would argue the same for just about every single player on this team, including Freeman. However, their careers are far from over, and I truly believe they will be great. If I am wrong, then I’ll be wrong. I can live with that. I cannot, however, live with being a negative pr!ck about any and everything Buccaneers. If that’s going to be my attitude, I would just find another team (it would be a helluva lot easier seeing as though I spend buttloads of cash every year to watch the Bucs play in person). So you can pound your little chicken chest all you want when you are right, but I wonder does that really make you a happy person? It doesn’t make you any better or smarter than me or anyone else on this board. It just makes you a jack arse that is nothing more than entertainment for the rest of us.

  32. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Thomas 2.2- If you are referring to Geno atkins as the 4th rounder(i dont know havent fully read all your previous posts. It can be hard to read through all your posts fully sometimes due to your extreme negativitiy) I agree that Atkins as proven more on the field at this point than McCoy. But unless you are a Bengals fan you wouldn’t know that Atkins is an elite DT unless you were a PFF follower. If you are going to give Atkins is due because PFF lauds him as maybe the best pass rushing DT in football these days then its complete hypocrisy to discount McCoy seeing as how the same media outlet has lauded McCoy as being an up and coming force in his admittedly smaller sample size. What I dont understand is why you are so quick to want to discount your own teams player.

    Why Thomas? Just because Raheem and Dom drafted him doesnt make him a bust. Just because his small sample size shows promise also doesnt make him a future hall of famer. But for the sake of the new coach and the team going forward wouldn’t you like to hope McCoy fulfills his promise rather than assuming the worst? Even you should be able to admit that McCoy had a better pedigree coming out of college than Raheem did when he was handed an NFL job. McCoy’s two season ending injuries to start his career were bad luck. Matt Stafford experienced the same before turning his career around this year.

    Be a fan. Root for McCoy. Stop acting like he’s tied to Raheem in some way that he should have been cut when the coaches were fired.

  33. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    I hope McCoy delivers.

    Maybe, just maybe, I grew to appreciate Atkins by watching him play, not to mention the fact that he was voted to the Pro Bowl despite playing in Cincy.

  34. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    Thomas- As to your point about the Glazers hiring Raheem because it was cheap- maybe they did and so what? It was a shot in the dark on an elite position coach and it worked out in 2010 not so much in 2011. Were the Steelers idiots for hiring Mike Tomlin? I know you like tomlin so that was rhetorical. But what was the difference between Tomlin and Morris before their head coach hirings? Practically nothing. The Glazers took a gamble. Whether it was a cheap gamble is really immaterial. They gambled on the same kind of horse. The difference was that Tomlin inherited a Super Bowl winning veteran team and Raheem inherited Santa’s proverbial sack of coal to bad kids at christmas time.

    The fact is the Glazers are succesful progressive businessmen. They proved that when they bought the most valuable sports franchise in the world(MAN U) and they proved it when they tried to bring Chip Kelly and what would have been a new and unproven but potentially revolutionary offensive mind to run this team.

    Raheem was a gamble that didn’t pay off. I wish the haters would stop seeing it as some massive conspiracy to screw the fans over in order to line the owners pockets. If these guys didnt care about winning a coach would already be hired. A coach hasn’t been hired because the Glazers care more about hiring the right head coach than snapping up coordinators. The right head coach can find good coordinators regardless of who ever the “big names” are that have already been taken off the market.

  35. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:


    Even if the purchase of Man U put the Glazers behind for a bit in the their NFL pursuits make no mistake their endgame is to put BOTH of their sports franchise over the top. Why would an owner who owns the most successful sports franchise in the world hang on to another franchise just to let it languish in failure. If the Glazers didnt care about the Bucs then there would be a big fat for sale sign on them. They could use the profits to further finance player purchases for Man U.

    Why dont they do that? I’ll tell you why conspiracy theorists. Its because the Glazers want a dominant Soccer team AND a dominant NFL team. These guys are playing in the big leagues WORLDWIDE not just in the states.

    Even if MAN U took precedence at first make no mistake the profits will eventually filter down to our lowly Bucs. Its trickle down economics folks.

    The money spent is coming. But because we didnt win the super bowl this year apparently its too late for some.

    Its cool though. I will welcome the haters back during the next Super Bowl run and there will be one. This ownership brought about one when there are far more long existing and storied franchises that have never won one. I trust that they will at least MAKE THE EFFORT FOR ANOTHER ONE.

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    How exactly do you watch the Bengals play Thomas? They are on the same time as the Bucs 90% of the time. Do you DVR them? Really, you expect any of us to believe that? You are a stat geek. You have not seen him play one single game you liar. Andy Dalton was selected to the Pro Bowl too, are you a big fan of him (from all those Bengals games you DVR’d this year)?

    I’m still waiting for you to predict who we should pick this year. Come on big boy, why don’t you stop talking after the fact and man up right now. Bet you won’t.

  37. BecklesHeartsRuud Says:

    If the Glazers didnt care about winning OR about the fans would Raheem still be the head coach? No credit given for doing what was needed to be done though right? I dont think im off my rocker to suggest some of the cheaper and more horrible owners in NFL history would have let Raheem coach out his contract.

    Glazerhouses right? Glazers=Culverhouse right?

    When did Hugh Culverhouse shell out the money for the worlds most popular sports franchise?

    Oh wait he didnt? But these Glazers boys are totally miserly little cheap old ladies who are scared to spend money.


  38. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas, you kill me. You never miss an opportunity to bash GMC. Then you call anyone who disagrees with you a sheep. Well if I fit your definition of sheep, then I a big horn for your little @$$.

    Does there ever come a point where you feel that you have made your point and that we can just agree to disagree on GMC.

    It is so monotonous that you post the same exact bash of him over and over every day. And to think that we actually stood up for you. Grow up, you’ve made your point but not a single coach has agreed with your ASSessment. Can’t you find someone else to pick on? maybe a Glazer? or a Dom?

  39. Capt.Tim Says:

    Thomas, thomas, I keep telling you. You lose your new found credibility when you bash McCoy. We all know Millard knows a Wee bit more about D-linemen than you.

    You wou credibility with you predictions of Raheems downfall.. Bask in the glow of your justly earned triumph. Haring on McCoy will just continue to undermine your newly aquired followers.

    McCoy is a beast. Our defense is ranked 5 spots higher with him than without him. He is the man.

    Pick on our sucky LBers our crappy secondary. We can all join in the fun

  40. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “Grow up, you’ve made your point but not a single coach has agreed with your ASSessment”


    But the ever so knowledgeable Shaun King has. Why would you believe what coaches and scouts across the league say, when you have the word of a hugely successful, future Hall of Fame QB in Shaun King. His word is final and trumps everyone else. Come on guys, you should all know better.

  41. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    @Thomas I didn’t falsify anything! I spoke of grades and in the two seasons McCoy has had positive grades in both rush and run. I never mentioned stats. You don’t “rate” stats. I was talking about grades and I know you know the difference. You are purposely and knowingly twisting my words and the truth. What depth will you not stoop to in your feeble attempts to defame with lies?
    Do not put words in my mouth or lie about what I’ve said. This is the exact reason you were kicked in the first place.

  42. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Read article 1 from Millard Tim. There was many negatives as positives referenced about McCoy.

    The pros: contrary to your PFF grading of McCoy 2010 argument, Millard said he (paraphrase) he had a lot of work to do improving McCoy’s game when he came in 2011.

    Further, almost every credible source (and I think it’s fair to include Millard) JBF and others places has agreed that McCoy stunk in 2010 – some sites calked him the biggest bust of the 2010 draft so far.

    The point many were making was that Todd Wash was responsible for McCoys failed development – apparently the pop star and Glazers agreed bc wash got canned.

    Tim, how can you celebrate a player who made 20 mil, played in 50% of the games and in those few produced almost nothing statistically.

    Pros: you can not got 0 for 26 in pass rush pressure stats and not “grade” negatively in pass rushing. You can’t, it’s like you don’t obtain a batting average until you get a hit. You said PFF has never graded him in the negative in run or pass – that isn’t true and I only looked at 1 game – Detroit game1.

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Again, complete BS Thomas. Your “paraphrasing” is incorrect in the fact that you are twisting words, which is apparently the only thing you are capable of doing to attempt to try to make any sort of sense. Not one person on this site is buying it. So either you are the only intelligent one and we are a bunch of idiots, or it’s the other way around. My money is on you being the idiot.

    Millard stated (paraphrasing of course) that had some technique issues that needed to be corrected (not sure of too many rookie DT’s that don’t need that), but that his ability and desire was there. He also stated he and Price are the best young DT’s in the league.

  44. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    I was referring to each season and his overall grade, Thomas. He has never ended either year with a negative grade in any area outside of penalties. Perhaps I should have worded it more clearly. Of course some individual games and plays will be negative in certain areas. As for every player.
    But for your info he received a +3.4 in the run against Detroit and did not have a negative overall grade in that game.
    For the season he graded +5.5 overall(+5.1 run, +2.6 pass, -2.2 penalties)

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    You said it yourself Thomas, there were many positives stated by Millard. Funny how you ignore all of those positives. That proves the type of person you are. Didn’t your mommy ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, or was she too busy whooping your arse? It’s fine to criticize, but like EVERYONE has told you before, it’s becomes stupid when you continuously state the same things over and over.

    For arguments sake, let’s just say you are right about GMC. He’s a bust, he’s awful, and he will never be any good. Why can’t you just allow others to have some hope? Do you want to come over to my house and tell my daughter Santa isn’t real too? Why do you feel so obligated to state your point and pound your chest? Is that a result of an unfulfilled life or something, because I truly don’t understand why you would want to do that. Do you think anyone on this site is confused as to your beliefs about McCoy? Like BigMac said, why can’t we just agree to disagree? But you would rather inject your stupid negativity to the rest of us, so you can feel like some sort of internet blog celebrity (which you aren’t).

  46. TheProsUseAdvoCare Says:

    ANd to say a player needs to record a tackle, sack, int, or pd stat to have a positive impact is outrageous.

    If a DT locks up with a guard and pushes him directly into the running lane of an RB, but doesn’t make a tackle, he still receives a positive grade for that play. Now, if he blocks off the lane and makes the tackles, he will be graded higher. It isn’t rocket science.

    Same goes for pass rush, if a DT beats his blocker but the QB fires off the ball because the coverage was bad before the DT can get pressure, the DT still gets a positive grade. Of course, if the DT beats the blocker and gets a pressure/sack/hit/PD they are graded higher.

  47. BigMacAttack Says:

    What do you mean “there’s no Santa Claus”???

    No no no, he comes to my house every year, eats my cookies, drinks my milk, takes a huge crap and forgets to flush the toilet. Oh he’s real alright. I have evidence and it stinks. I got a glimpse once and he looks a little like Mike Sherman, but would probably make a better head coach.