Raheem Morris: No Truth To Aqib Talib Rumors

May 4th, 2011

A few weeks ago, St. Petersburg Times Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud made a profoundly strong statement without quoting any source that the Bucs have made up their minds: troubled Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib was a dead man walking at One Buc Palace.

Stroud claimed that the moment the NFL (or the United States judicial system) gave teams the green light to make player transactions, Talib would be jettisoned in a matter of seconds.

Hold up, says Bucs coach Raheem Morris. In speaking with Tom Krasniqi on WHBO-AM 1040 this afternoon, subbing for the vacationing Fabulous Sports Babe, Morris shot down reports of Talib’s demise in Tampa Bay.

Tom Krasniqi: There have been rumors that once [the lockout comes to a close] you will cut ties with Aqib Talib. Is there any truth to that?

Raheem Morris: No. We have not talked about that. That has not taken place. We will, but that time has not come yet.

Now Morris clearly stated a decision on Talib has not been made yet but he was adamant Talib’s future status with the Bucs hasn’t even been discussed.

Joe finds that a bit interesting but Morris said it in his own words: The report that Talib is gone is not true.


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  1. loweredexpectations Says:


  2. Chris FWC :) Says:

    “Po-po-po-po-poker face.” Cartman

    Raheem Morris: No. We have not talked about that. That has not taken place. We will, but that time has not come yet.

    Come’on now, Rah. Not a word betwixt you and Dom? Not a peep? Did Gru teach Rah something?

    I can just imagine the phone call Rah gave Dom.
    March 22, 2011 7:15 am:

    “Yo Dom! What up? How’s the fresh haircut and collared shirt doing? OHHH!!, Did you see Talib got popped last night?!? YEAH! He shot his mom’s gun at his sister’s exboyfriend. What are we gunna do?”

    “Eh, Rah it’s 7:15 am! [Come on Chris, that’s a bit much. — Joe] Oh, ok. Were just gunna sit tight and let the U.S. judicial system work this one out. The more WE say the worse it will get.”

  3. becks Says:

    Julio Jones/Roddy White=Aqib Talib staying with the bucs

  4. CaliBucFan Says:

    Joe, you got a little typo to correct.

    “Talib shot down reports of Talib’s demise…”

  5. Dave Says:

    The more I think about it, I fully expect the Bucs to make a major play for Nnamdi Asomugha. He is 29 or 30 and has 5-6 great years left in him. IF they land him, Talib is cut. If not, Talib stays… for now.

  6. dimitrios Says:

    im glad raheem shares the same train of thought REAL bucs fan should have, WINNING….. who give a flying F about what you do off the field??? talib is a beast and important to us making a real legit run in the playoffs… you dont get rid of top notch players…. IF ONLY WE HAD TALIB AGAINST THOSE DAM LIONS WE’D BE IN THE PLAYOFFS AND GREEN BAY WOULD BE WATCHING….. WHOEVER WANTS TALIB GONE IS TRULY NOT A BUCS FAN BUT A LITTLE GIRL DOG

  7. Achetti523 Says:

    If you land Nnamdi why cut Talib? He has a very small contract with two years left. You can always keep him an not sign him after it runs out and It gives us time to see what we have with myron and ej. Outright Cutting him in the division we play in would be dumb.

  8. Joe Says:

    WINNING….. who give a flying F about what you do off the field???

    When players get suspended for doing dumb crap off the field and the team gets fined draft picks, you as a fan, damned-well better care.

  9. Funky Munkey Says:

    The guy is a top 5 corner in the league. No matter what he has done, you can’t just cut him. Someone will give a draft pick for him or stick with him and try to help him and his family. He was a known trouble maker when we drafted him and you have to stay with him. If we just cut him someother team will pick him up in less than a day. You can’t just get rid of that talent for nothing!!!

  10. Joe Says:

    Funky Munkey:

    The guy is a top 5 corner in the league.

    Joe will dispute that.

    1) Watch the Pittsburgh game again and then tell Joe with a straight face that Talib is a top-five corner. Top-five corners don’t volleyball touchdown passes to the opponent.

    2) Just how in the world can a top-five corner never play in a Pro Bowl? Just how in the world can a team go 4-1 (with the one loss an overtime loss) when said top-five cornerback wasn’t on the field?

    We’re not talking about Deion Sanders or Night Train Lane here. The same people that think the Bucs will collapse to a three-win team without Talib are the same people who will have you believe the Mossad had a hand in the Twin Towers collapsing on 9/11.

    Is Talib good? Of course. Is he irreplaceable? Of course not.

  11. Dylan Says:

    hahaaha.. its funny the slower the season rolls around.. the slower you realize the bucs are not releasing aqib talib. Like ive been saying since the actual shooting. Its over family, he is close with raheem and mark and they actually care about him and his future. He will be a buc for years to come. This was bad but he didnt go looking for this it came to him and it seems momma talib is ready to take full blame. If someone raped and beat my sister we would have a problem.

  12. Dylan Says:

    LOL joe please name 4 corners better then aqib??? you wanna know why he wasent in a pro bowl?? cause last year was his full year as a starter and corner is arguably one of the hardest positions to make a roster spot on. This year he would have 100% made it if he did not indeed get hurt. Even rhonde barber said he is the best corner he has ever played with in his career. And wow against the steelers game when mike wallace got a TD handed to him on a golden platter and that was pure luck? He is not replaceable unless you get nnamdi. your a biggers fan right? LOL at calvin johnsons season high Yds against the bucs and him individually taking the lions downfield to beat the bucs in OT and keep us out of playoffs. Your so biased towards thinking talib is bad when he is easily the best player on the buccaneers defense and after freeman on the team. Clearly you have a problem with talib. But his skill you cant even say anything about.

  13. Not A Rocket Surgeon Says:

    I started looking around at fineing draft picks…

    If the team does everything it can to prevent the issue from further occuring, goodell ain’t going to fine draft picks… more likely a monetary fine… not a big deal.

    If the team does something ILLEGAL to keep Talib around, then yeah – they’ll get nailed. (Patricheats issue with video lost them a 1st rounder if they made the playoffs or a 2nd and 3rd if they did not.)

    Worst case – Talib does it again and they get fined a 6th/7th rounder (it’s a guess) I’d give that pick up to keep a corner playing in our system who knows the scheme, is VERY talented and can be productive…

  14. admin Says:

    This year he would have 100% made it if he did not indeed get hurt. Even rhonde barber said he is the best corner he has ever played with in his career.

    So being better than Donnie Abraham and Brian Kelly makes a guy top-five in the league? Right.

  15. Joe Says:

    LOL You know as well as Joe does the Bucs didn’t lose to the Lions because of Biggers. That’s almost absurd to claim that. But for every person that claims Biggers can’t play because Calvin Johnson had a good game — GASP! — Joe will point to Talib gift-wrapping two touchdown passes to the Steelers.

    By using Calvin Johnson as a standard that Biggers can’t play is like saying Deion Sanders was a joke because he got fried by Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin.

  16. Mike Says:

    We need Talib on the team. The offence in the nfc south is getting better.. I knw the saints sometimes have 4 wide receiver packages..now the falcons have Julio,Roddy, and Jenkins..Am not saying Talib is the best corner in the NFL, but we need him…U knw what, in the nfc I cant see any corner back better than him. And we can go by stats if JOE wants..woodson might be a better slot corner,but not cover wise(they dont put him on the opponents best receivers..Trammon williams does that job, and he is not better than Talib) Asante is no shut down anymore,gives up big play too,I can say ryt nw that he gave more touch down than talib last year…going by stats we can say he is the best in the nfc…HE IS TOP 5in the NFL..And that is why he is 2010 NFL Alumni Defensive Back of the Year..

  17. Dylan Says:

    Ok joe but the POINT is.. that if you get your retarted wish and aqib gets cut! that he will have to cover ANDRE johnson, CALVIN johnson, Roddy white, greg jennings, miles austin, to name a few. and the point is if calvin had a hay day on Biggers. Then you know that andre and the other will too. Point being Without aqib our secondary because easy the weak part on our team. and being in the NFC south with the power house saints and falcons… no chance of holding the division crown. Wake up. We NEED aqib. And he is a buc atleast support him in a small way. Everyone knows he messed up but JEEZ. No one is perfect. like Months of you bashing aqib is soooo old

  18. Dylan Says:

    Admin who ever you are. Revis is the best then Nnamdi. After that who? honestly? champ baily he isent 35 years old or anything. Jonathan joseph? Assante? gets burnt every other play LOL.. Aqib in 28 games as a starter. He has 15 picks, 35 PD and 1 TD. Dont even add in he only started one full year. and that was 15games not 16. His talent is off the charts. wake up if the bucs cut him. No playoffs. simple as that. Raheem and Mark know that too buddy. Thats why he isent going to be released.

  19. Mike Says:

    only 2 corners (Revis and Nnamdi..no disrespect to Champ Bailey..he is Great too) in the nfl completely take u out..even last year Percy Harvin had a great day against Revis and also scored him..also for reference Raiders vs San Diego last year..Raiders wide receivers had fun against Nnamdi..We shuld show some love here.. as DYLAN said no one is perfect..E.J is gettin better and also Myron but we still need Talib.

  20. Mike Says:


  21. Mike Says:

    Also he wuld hav played in the pro bowl if he didnt get hurt.. and he was drafted 2008.. not bad at all…and that 4-1 u said might have bin 5-0.. Calvin will get his number but not what he had that day.. And if u remember 3rd and 20 against atlanta here in Tampa, which they converted (Roddy White catch)prob wont happen if Talib was on him..am just saying

  22. buc40 Says:

    @ dylan….”if the bucs cut him. No playoffs. simple as that”….

    Thats a ridiculous statement

  23. Mike Says:

    Also he wuld hav played in the pro bowl if he didnt get hurt.. and he was drafted 2008 making ut 1st pro bowl nw is not bad at all…and he will this year if there is a season..And that 4-1 u said might have bin 5-0.. Calvin will get his number but not what he had that day.. And if u remember 3rd and 20 against atlanta here in Tampa, which they converted (Roddy White catch)prob wont happen if Talib was on him..am just saying

  24. buc40 Says:

    @dylan…Without him, i believe they may not be as good. But, not making the playoffs this year will not fall all on talibs shoulders if that should so happen.

  25. bradenton bucs fan Says:

    i believe they keep talib but handle the situation inhouse if possible.. why hasnt there been any updates as to trail dates or any further details of the states case against him..? all the talk i hear is blog supported details on the original story… if this incident happened in florida he would easily be looking at 10 years max the fact this happened in texas is a different situation in itself who knows what facts might emerge outta this.was it a senseless act of stupidity? of course was he wrong for coming to the aide of his sister i doubt it if momma talib is willing to take the charge then all legal actions against him have to be reduced to maybe a simple battery..

  26. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    “Talib shot down”. Good one, funny guy.

  27. McBuc Says:

    Give Biggers a break. He had one bad game, he will get better with time. ALL PLAYERS at all positions have a bad game. Talib is better, and I for one do not want to see him cut, but there is no reason all of you guys keep ripping on EJ. He needs time to season just like most other players. you guys are starting to sound like Thomas with GMC (and all other buc related topics)…OK, maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean.

  28. BamBamBuc Says:

    When did the playoffs and the Super Bowl become more important than life? Hearing “He’s too good, I don’t care what he does off the field” really pisses me off. Nobody is so good that they can get away with anything they want to. To excuse behavior because of talent is absurd. That’s akin to a teacher that is the best and gets all the kids to learn the subject, but you find out they’ve been molesting the children… do you let them continue teaching because they’re too good? How about a cop that’s been busting thugs left and right, keeping the streets safe, but you find out that after hours he’s a serial killer…. but he’s so good at stopping all the other criminals, maybe we should forgive him for the other silly little things.

    Aqib Talib has been involved in violent altercations for several years now. At what point is life more important than a shot at the playoffs? And for those that say “don’t look at his past transgressions”, I have to ask why you would call Shannon Billings a scumbag? Is it because of his past? The fact that he had several counts of domestic abuse and a restraining order against him? If you can say he’s scum for his past incidences, then you should also say Talib is a violent individual. If you say he was protecting his sister, I’d like to know where you read that Billings was currently abusing her. My understanding was she only had a minor abrasion from her phone getting knocked out of her hand. Not bruised and battered, but you say we should wait on the facts for Talib yet convict Billings on his prior arrests. We shouldn’t trust Billings because of his past, but Talib is just “an angel”… If Billings and Aqib’s sister were just having an argument and yelling a bit, I think everything that Aqib and Mama Talib did were excessive. And it’s not like the sister is innocent either. With several counts of domestic abuse against Billings, that means she kept going back. A restraining order? Was broken earlier in the day when she had contact with Billings. When do her poor choices come under some scrutiny? Oh, no… she’s just a victim, poor sis.

    Don’t excuse Aqib’s poor choices just because the others around him are also a bunch of losers. If they all made bad decisions, they all should end up paying for them. If we have to wait an extra year or two for a playoff game or Super Bowl appearance, I’m ok with that. Life is more important. I waited over 20 years for the first Super Bowl, I can wait some more.

  29. Funky Munkey Says:


    I do believe he is a top 5 shut down corner in the league. His numbers don’t lie. Granted the Pittsburg play was forgetable. But dude is a baller who gets picks and shuts down WRs across the league. Even Revis, Nnamdi…they all get burnt. But, I never said we would be terrible without him. We will be playing a lot more zone without him but we can still be successful. I just said we can’t afford to get rid of him for nothing. Whether we keep him or trade him. You can’t just cut this kid.

    I hope he stays and this shooting gets cleared. I don’t know all the details so I haven’t said anything. But what I have heard. He was standing up for his family. I’m not saying its ok to just go shooting at people when something goes wrong. But given his enviroment he grew up in and the place where he still associates himself (IMO he has to change the people he is around!!!). It is not out of the norm, and some of the stories are saying he wasn’t the shooter anyways. So let it play out and hope we still have him next season.

  30. Funky Munkey Says:


    Biggers has had way more than one bad game. He gets torched more than any DB we have on this team. We can do a lot better than that guy. He has some potential, but only to be an average player in the league. Nothing superstar about this guy at all.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    The St. Pete times source wasn’t Raheem. It’s higher up. Talib is not a great CB, and the Comish has had it with his repeat offenses. He’s gone. Management is smarter then a few “don’t care ” Fans. Rhey aren’t gonna let this idiot destroy the team attitude and chemistry they are building. – with GReat players who are also good people!!

  32. sunrisejeff Says:

    I actually refuse to put that Lions game all on Talib not playing as well. I’ve seen CJ go off on many corners in his career……Biggers wasn’t his first and won’t be his last I assure you. That being said if the Refs don’t call a bullspit interference call on K2 I think we STILL win that game even with CJ blowing up. With or without Talib as long as #5 is behind center I have confidence in our chances to win.

  33. tj Says:

    Talib is not a top 5 db . As Joe said check the steelers game check how 38 year TO has man handle him with the bills and bengals. Revis, kid from Oakland ,#20 from Atlanta Charles woodson,cromortie , .Talib gambels and sits on too many routes and is inconsistenttop ten but not top 5

  34. Mike Says:

    @ tj..did u say Brent Grimes is better than talib? wow…wikipedia myt help u out with their stats.. go check their numbers

  35. tj Says:

    Sure did so is Samuel in philly grier for the saints . Grimes has 11 ints in the last two seasons a NFL best 23 pass break UPS check the game against us when we wore The retro jerseys he shut mike Williams down and had the game clinching int. You can Google his stats mike .

  36. tj Says:

    Tramon williams from the packers 16 ints in 3 years super bowl pro bowl is better too

  37. Mike Says:

    he played 16 games .. Talib played 11.. also in the last 2 seasons Talib has 11 int playing total of 26 games.. and Grimes played 32 games in last 2 seasons with 11 int..And the game u were talking abt, he didnt shut down Mike.. Mike had 6rec, 68 yds and a touchdown

  38. Mike Says:

    Tramon 3yrs 48 GAMES 16 int..TALIB 3YRS 41 GMS 15 INT..WOW…Also the key word here is GAME THEY STARTED IN D LAST 3YRS..TRAMON 35 GMS…TALIB 28 GMS.

  39. tj Says:

    Got Cadillac mixed up with mike ok. Talib is barley s top 10 db . Don’t fool yourself . TO in a wheel chair would be licking his chops. Yall act like we did not beat s saints team without him. Just as many plays he makes he gives up. As I said revies ,21 from raiders champ Bailey ,Samuel , cromortie,grier from saints, charles woodson , Tramon Williams ,Grimes who has barley played 3 seasons leads NFL in pass break UPS is better then you don’t like me when I am angry

  40. tj Says:

    That is not helping your argument out Talib could not not beat out phillip buccannon cause be was s stud whew. Top 5 no maybe top 10

  41. Mike Says:

    Jabari Greer…what,end of discussion..Let me see u get angry then..lol

  42. tj Says:

    Google top 5 corners of 2011 Talib will not be found period

  43. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Whether or not he is a top 5 corner is debatable. I happen to believe he is, but I think it’s fair for others to say he is not. As Joe correctly points out, he hasn’t been to a Pro Bowl, although most likely he was on his way this year. I don’t think anyone will argue that potential wise, he is absolutely a top 5 corner, maybe #1. But of course, that potential means very little if he is suspended or in jail.

    All that being said, we are not a better team without Talib. No one can really argue that with a straight face. We may be a nicer and more polite team (and law abiding), but better, uh NO! At the same time, I still think we can make the playoffs without him. One player, especially a CB, does not a team make. You will rarely find teams that win without a very good QB, however the same is not the case with CB. There have been many SB winning teams without a shut down corner, that is a fact.

    I, for one, do not want us to cut him, and I don’t think we will unless he is found guilty. However, I won’t cry if we do. We will be fine regardless, but the road to the playoffs will be easier with arguably our best player on defense. Hopefully, Joe and I can play corner, because it won’t matter because Bowers, Clayborn, and McCoy will be slamming QB’s to the ground!

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    The St. Pete times source wasn’t Raheem. It’s higher up. Talib is not a great CB, and the Comish has had it with his repeat offenses. He’s gone. Management is smarter then a few “don’t care ” Fans. They aren’t gonna let this idiot destroy the team attitude and chemistry they are building. – with Great players who are also good people!! Aqib has been given his chance, he’s been forgiven for splitting his teammates face open. Forgiven for attacking another rookie at the fall of fame Rookie Symposium. Forgiven for fighting with his coach on the side lines of a game. Forgiven for hitting a cab driver in the head while he was driving- for laughs!!, forgiven for trying to attack league officials in the tunnel, and having to be restrained. Forgiven for missing 5 games due to suspension. Forgiven for breaking the rules and going to a game while banned- ENOUGH!! He has some talent, but Pro football player says he plays selfish- he’s willing to risk giving up a touchdown to try for an interception, instead of knocking the ball away. Joe is absolutely right- Talib is not a great CB. The other players on this team will not put up with this guys selfishness, it will hurt the team. He will be cut, and replaced with one of Ten free agents who are better players and people than he is!

    BamBam- as usual, the voice of sanity!

  45. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    For your sake Captain, I hope you are right. You are setting yourself up for a TON of ridicule if you are wrong.

  46. Mike Says:

    @ Capt Tim..”The St. Pete times source wasn’t Raheem…BamBam- as usual, the voice of sanity!”….wow.lol..voice of sanity indeed..
    Well since Raheem Morris works for another Organisation not call Tampa Bay Bucs, he wont knw what Bucs owners want to do with thier players.. I guess they will Communicate with Sean Payton ryt or some other Head Coach in the league..U shuld have even said Mark Dominic does not knw abt the owners decision too.. that makes it more funnier.
    I dont what this Capt is saying..

  47. Mike Says:

    @Capt Tim..”The St. Pete times source wasn’t Raheem…BamBam- as usual, the voice of sanity!”….wow.lol..voice of sanity indeed..
    Well since Raheem Morris works for another Organisation not call Tampa Bay Bucs, he wont knw what Bucs owners want to do with thier players.. I guess they will Communicate with Sean Payton ryt or some other Head Coach in the league..U shuld have even said Mark Dominic does not knw abt the owners decision too.. that makes it more funnier.
    I dont what this Capt is saying..

  48. RastaMon Says:

    Talib…is/if.the stupidest swing dick ever to take a shower @ the new ONE Buc Place…he belongs on TMZ not NFL

  49. dimitrios Says:

    @joe talib has the ability to turn the game completely around unlike any other high quality guy we could get our hands on realistically (hoping namdi comes but doubt raminik have anough $ from the glazers to pull it off), this guy is a threat to take it to the house when he gets his hands on it ever since his kansas days, hes a freakish athlete playing corner and fits the system perfectly as far as risk reward goes from being the number one corner.. the pitts game was pathetic from every position in the game except blounts season debut runs… bottom line we are not talking about CUTTING him, if he was to be part of a trade package it better dam well make us a better football team than before the trade, which obviously everyone whos a bucs fan wants

  50. dimitrios Says:

    capt tim come on bro he turned the cincy game around for us and gave us the chance to win and we did, came up huge in another win against arizona where we needed his 6 points at th end of that shootout, and had a freakish int in baltimore that swung the game around and gave us another chance to win but got screwed by the refs, oh hey yea the refs that raheem was popping a vein on after the first half on the hideous pi call on biggins before the half that gave balt the deciding 7 points, those refs that he “verbally” went after and the league did diddly squat about, of all these bad things he’s done he STILL BRINGS IT TO THE DAM FIELD AND PERFORMS HIS PROFESSION OF BALLHAWKING VERY WELL

  51. Capt.Tim Says:

    STILL the claims that Talib is a great Corner??? No he isn’t. Not one single vote from a fellow player or Coach for the probowl !! Not one. No pro scouting mag has him listed higher than 18 in the NFC!!

    Where do you guys keep getting this “Aqib is great” delusion?
    No one in the NFL shares the opinion that he is anything other than average!

  52. dimitrios Says:

    dude your wild do you KNOW who made the nfc pro bowl last year??? tramon williams, charles woodson, antoine winfield, because the packers couldnt play in it do you know who the reserves were??? deangelo hall and brent grimes…… other than charles woodson (maybe tramon?) i wouldnt want any of those other players over talib… get real right now dude and if you tell me all those oter players are better than talib your just plain ignorant and annoying, throwing it out there

  53. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Capt. Tim,

    If anyone think he is really #18 corner in the NFC, they are smoking crack. Numbers don’t lie. He is a ball hawk, and he has the numbers to prove it. As for your belief that he went for INT’s over knock downs, that may be true, however that is the philosophy of Raheem Morris. During training camp, every ball they knocked down that could have been intercepted, they were forced to do push-ups. I happen to agree with Raheem’s philosophy, and it obviously worked very well for us most games last year. So it is incredibly unfair to blame Talib for that.

    I get it you don’t like him, and you are well within your right to not like him. I honestly can’t really defend him myself, and I don’t want him cut. However, you have to stop this silliness that he is not a very good corner. I don’t know if he is great, because in my opinion there are only a couple great players in the league, but he is not as easily replaceable as you think. His skill set fits perfectly within our system, and we will definitely miss him if he is gone. I think you are letting your dislike for him as a person cloud your judgment on his ability as a player. Again, the ship won’t sink without him, but it will hurt us.

  54. dimitrios Says:

    well said brotha ^

  55. BamBamBuc Says:

    I don’t care if he’s easily replaceable or not. That’s not the point. If he’s gonna continue to pull this kinda BS then I don’t want him on the team. I won’t cheer for him, and will hope the team succeeds despite his success. Life trumps entertainment, which football is. Nobody is exempt from penalty for failing at life, not even someone with exceptional talent. That includes movie and TV personalities as well as athletes.

  56. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I’m with you buddy. I just don’t know if this case is enough to tip the scale, especially if it can’t be proven he even touched the gun. If he did, then aloha Mr. Talib. If he didn’t, well I’m okay with giving him another chance. However, I am totally with you that his actions are getting old and need to stop – immediately.

  57. Matthew levanduski Says:

    Aqib Talib sure is a great corner, top five easily… These arguments are absurd that he isn’t a top 18 corner. Get real if you think there are seroiusly ten better corners in the game.

  58. John Doe Says:

    Pro bowls? That’s not even a statistic or real accolade, its a fan vote…im a little disappointed you take the pro bowl voting so seriously joe, we should be talking all pro selections which is decided on by a panel.

    Nnamdi was drafted in 03 and he didnt make the pro bowl until 07 but was 2nd team all pro in 06…probowls are highly overrated

    And comparing talib to the best corner in the nfl, i think we can wait another year until he makes the glorified flag football game.

  59. gitarlvr Says:

    Stroud’s report could easily have been a smokescreen. The Bucs may have sat down with him behind closed doors and asked him to push that rumor. They didn’t want teams trading ahead of them for defensive ends so they wanted teams convinced they were targeting a corner at #20.

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I never thought of that, but if it is true, that is one hell of a great smokescreen!

  61. Achetti813 Says:

    People who think Talib is not a top 5 corner are retarded, especially TJ who doesnt know how to speak english. Nnamdi plays for Oakland who tied for 2nd in sacks with 47! Revis plays for the jets who tied for 8th with 40sacks. Cant argue they are the best corners. With NO pass rush what so ever and only playing in 11 games Talib had 6 picks… the league leader had 8. ENOUGH SAID

  62. Jerry Says:

    I cant believe people actually think Biggers or Lewis is better than Talib. Are you people freakin serious? I understand you are high on this team but lets try to maintain some common sense here.

    If Talib is not on the field in week 1, and we don’t sign Asomugha, we will be torched by Calvin Johnson.

  63. Patrick Says:

    A HUGE reason why Talib hasn’t been to a pro bowl is because he plays for the Bucs! Everyone should know that. The team gets the least attention of any team in the league! His stats have been great his first year in 08. Last year he had 6 int’s in only 11 games. Mack sucks. Biggers isn’t horrible, just average at best (pretty good for a 7th rounder). While may have been okay in coverage last year, he didn’t produce the INT’s and big plays like Talib did. Talib was a big part of our team last year, I don’t care what anyone says.

    Really, I hate it when people bring up this pro bowl crap. It’s nothing but a BS popularity contest. Stat wise, Talib definitely deserved to go to the pro bowl last year, not Charles Woodson. He only had 2 INT’s compared to Talib’s 6! And he had much better talent around him ( Clay Matthews, AJ Hawk > Hayes, Black) Hell you could even make an argument for Barber cause he had 2. If Talib played for some big market team like the Cowboys, Giants or Jets, he would’ve been to at least 1 or 2 already.

    At least one Buc, Donald Penn, got a pro bowl he deserved. Freeman, Talib, and even Barber got snubbed since he had the same # of Ints as Woodson,

  64. Piratic Says:

    @ Hawaiian Buc.

    You are my favorite poster here.

    Your posts lucid and persuasive, without in any way being of the “all or nothing” variety…and your posts don’t read like a schoolteachers’ nightmare! MUCH thanks for that!!

    Check out the Message Board:



  65. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Thanks bro!

  66. Funky Munkey Says:

    If he is not a top 5 then he is def. a top 10. Which means the drop off from him to Rhonde or anyone else on our team is atleast 30 or so CBs better. The guy has off field issues yes, but as a teammate he is great. Works his butt off at practice and gets along with players.
    The no pro bowl arguement is not valid. It is a fan vote 1st then coaches. There are some big names CBs in the NFC with less talent now, but popularity wins pro bowls. I would take Talibs talent over Samuels anyday of the week.

    1. Revis
    2. Nnamdi
    3. Tramond Williams
    4. Cromartie
    5. Talib
    6. Charles Woodson (age) is why he is here
    7. Asante Samuels
    8. Jonathon Joseph

  67. Wednesday NFL Wrap Says:

    […] Morris: No Truth To Aqib Talib Rumors (WHBO-AM 1040) Hold up, says Bucs coach Raheem Morris. In speaking with Tom Krasniqi on WHBO-AM 1040 this […]

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