Chatter That Rams Want Cadillac

May 24th, 2011

Seems that talk is seeping out of St. Louis that the suits and powers that be with the Rams covet Bucs running back Cadillac Williams.

Of course, this is all just chatter and what we are left with as news in the dearth of information during this asinine lockout orchestrated by NFL hatchetman Roger Goodell.

The Rams are looking for protection for Stephen Jackson, who by NFL running back standards is middle-aged. The Rams believe Williams and his blocking and running off the bench is just such the protection Jackson needs, so reports ProFootballWeekly.com.

Chargers RB Darren Sproles remains the most frequently mentioned free-agent possibility in St. Louis as a change-of-pace backup to Rams RB Steven Jackson. But another attractive option generating some behind-the-scenes buzz at Rams Park is Cadillac Williams, who took on a new role this past season in Tampa Bay as an effective backup behind LeGarrette Blount. “Cadillac would be a perfect fit behind Jackson,” one team insider said. “I hear he had no problem accepting a part-time role in Tampa. The one thing you have to wonder about, though, is whether the Bucs would really be willing to let a guy like that leave.”

One of the reasons Williams was so valuable for the Bucs is that stud LeGarrette Blount isn’t yet proficient in blocking, especially on blitzes. Cadillac excels in that area and is a very, very important element in keeping Josh Freeman’s jersey clean.

Many NFL insiders believe if Barrett Ruud walks, the defense will wilt. Joe believes offensively, that could happen without Cadillac on the roster.

11 Responses to “Chatter That Rams Want Cadillac”

  1. Atrain WD40 Says:

    I agree with Joe on this one, I like Caddy and hope like hell he returns

  2. big007hed Says:

    I hope like hell that Caddy comes back, he did really well in that 3rd down role…. GO BUCS

  3. Atrain WD40 Says:

    Man our goalline offense was brutal…. you would think a back his size…….

  4. Capt.Tim Says:

    I agree Joe. I think the loss if Caddy would be more damaging than the lose of Ruud and Black. Caddy really helped set the line, when we had all the young kids in there. And he still has some gas in the tank! I personally love the guy, and wanna see him retire a Buc!

  5. GatorTee Says:

    The need to keep Caddy in Tampa is increased more with every passing day of the lockout. Without Blount being able to get in and work with coaches on blocking, Caddy’s value just keeps rising.

  6. Joe Says:


    Excellent point.

    With limited (to no?) offseason workouts before training camp, the veterans who already know both the offense and the defense are even more valuable and important.

  7. OAR Says:

    “Cadillac would be a perfect fit behind Jackson,” one team insider said.
    No $hit!
    “I hear he had no problem accepting a part-time role in Tampa. The one thing you have to wonder about, though, is whether the Bucs would really be willing to let a guy like that leave.”
    And $hit no!

  8. jvato24 Says:

    Im pretty sure that team insider is Art Valero, the Bucs old RB coach if he is still with the Rams. He was very close with Cadillac.

  9. Oahubuc Says:

    I would be deeply p*ssed. That would have repercussions beyond this year.

  10. Captain Stagger Says:

    Sproles, Bush, or Caddy…..which 3rd down back is the best fit moving forward? And let’s not forget about Locke, Grigsby, Fanin, and Divine…..

  11. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think it would be a bad move for Cadi. Pat (your buddy) Kirwan has Bradford rated ahead of Josh Fremann on his QB list. I think that is nuts. Bradford is good, but he can’t move, shed tacklers, run, run over people, and throw on the run the way Josh Freeman can. As others as well as I have said, I wouldn’t trade Freeman for any QB in the league, bar none. Cadi will do better and has a better shot at a championship with the Bucs than the Rams. It would be bad for Cadi and the Bucs if he leaves. Steven Jackson spends a lot of time injured and I don’t think Cadi’s knees will hold up to the every down punishment. He would be wise to stay put, make his $4-$5 Mil per season for a couple more and then call it a very fortunate career that could have been much shorter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cadi’s agent is the one that started this thing to help get more money from the Bucs, and Cadi is worth it. They threw away how much on Sluggo, Clayhands and Ward? Cadi needs to stay and I can’t see the Rams breaking the bank to get him.

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