Fear Of Goodell Will End Talib’s Days With Bucs

April 15th, 2011

When Aqib Talib was hauled off in cuffs by Texas authorities after he allegedly pistol whipped a man and allegedly shot at a fleeing victim, it was yet the latest in a troubling series of violent episodes that average more than once a year from the Bucs troubled cornerback.

The incident also will lead to his departure from Tampa Bay.

That’s the word from good guy Stephen Holder of the St. Petersburg Times. In a recent live chat on the paper’s site, Holder explained why he’s convinced fans have seen the last of Talib in a Bucs uniform.

Specifically, Holder explains that if the Bucs don’t so something severe to Talib, NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell will do something severe to Team Glazer and rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

jermainejermaine: Is there any hope at all Aqib stays?

Stephen F. Holder: Well, this book is a long way from being closed, but I personally believe you’ve seen the last of No. 25 in Tampa Bay. Bucs have defended him on too many previous occasions and they know if they do it again there could be hell to pay. And remember something else: Roger Goodell has said he reserves the right to punish teams that don’t hold their players accountable and continue to have character problems. You don’t want to start getting a reputation with Goodell.

LeoInCanadaLeoInCanada: Hey Stephen, thank for hosting this forum. I want to commend Coach Morris on a great job overall. In the past he has exasperated me with his comments concerning Talib. Any inside info on his mindset at the moment concerning Talib?

Stephen F. Holder: Nothing on the record that I can share, but I personally think we’ve seen the last of Talib here. Guilty or not, I think the Bucs know that if they take him back it’ll be seen as not taking a stand. And what happens if there’s another incident? They’ll havve no defense.

Holder makes a point Joe never factored: Last year Goodell went on record saying that if teams didn’t clean up their act, he, Goodell, would come after teams and may even take away draft picks.

Dominik covets draft picks like Joe does cold beers and the warmth of Rachel Watson’s bosom. Dominik has been uncanny with his ability to find solid players in the later rounds of the draft. So to lose draft picks due to Talib’s inability to control himself, it logically means the Bucs would lose starting players.

Talib will be suspended for a number of games when a new CBA is in place since he is a repeat offender. Given his dark track record, there is every reason to believe his name will again come out of the mouth of police authorities and given the escalating violent nature of Talib’s scrapes with the law, it’s downright frightening to think of his next tussle — and be suspended for a season.

To lose a player to multiple games, if not a season, for being a knucklehead and having to cough up draft picks (players) is a very steep price to pay and Joe doesn’t believe Dominik is willing to pay that kind of a price.

There are scant NFL players worth looking the other way in missing multiple games due to suspension and losing draft picks as well. Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald and Clay Matthews spring to mind. (No, none of these players have ever dealt with the long arm of the law to Joe’s knowledge.)

Joe’s not so sure Talib’s talent is worth that high of a price. Joe isn’t quite ready to suggest Talib is a top-five talent in the NFL.

32 Responses to “Fear Of Goodell Will End Talib’s Days With Bucs”

  1. Amar Says:

    “Dominik covets draft picks like Joe does cold beers and the warmth of Rachel Watson’s bosom.”


  2. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Roger roger why ya buggin’?

    Bucs should get something in return like a compensatory draft pick or Rachel Watson’s bosom.

  3. jvato24 Says:

    “after he allegedly pistol whipped a man and allegedly shot at a fleeing victim”

    Give me a break … The poor woman abusing, 14 yr old sexual assaulting victim .. Poor Him … If this was ROnde Babrber we would saying .. “This guy is a hero that was defending his sister”

    “Nothing on the record that I can share, but I personally think we’ve seen the last of Talib here. Guilty or not”

    Gotta love it … Even if you are innocent you should be cut

    IMO The Bucs need to let Talib ride out the last 2 years of his contract .. Maybe he goes a season without getting into trouble and we trade him .. Maybe he goes 2 season and we Franchise him.

    My point is .. If he is innocent and we cut him .. Mike Williams should have been cut last season .. and .. Dont release him without getting something for him or until you have a top 10 corner to replace him.

  4. Dave Says:

    The way I see it the Bucs stay with what they have at CB. Barber and Biggers will start and Lewis and Mack will backup. They might sign another but it won’t be a big name.
    They probably continue with their plan and get DEs and LBs in the draft.

    Next years draft is supposed to be loaded with CBs in the top 2 rounds so I see them grabbing one then.

  5. Ant Farm Says:

    Who says Talib is going anywhere? This case hasnt even gone to court. Talib has been a game changer for the Bucs. This guy is not only one of the Bucs’ top playmakers but he should be a pro bowler many times over.

    Now what if Talib gets let off scott free?? Does anybody seriously think Talib is getting cut? He may not even get suspended (the NFL Players are trying to get more lenency when it come to punishment of the players, its a big part of the current labor negotiations).

    Withold judgement until this this get worked out in court. As it stands, Talib is a Buccaneer.

  6. IMHO... Says:

    if this is tha case, expect us cutting ties with Geno and Tanard as well. I seriously doubt we lose draft picks, I mean Big Ben raped 2 women and what happened. Sad but true, racism plays a part in all of this along with tha NFL, BSPN and numerous outlets have a certain hate 4 tha Bucs and our owners and coach. We got certain beat writers that deep down hate any success we have. Look at how piss poor and unenthusiastic our coverage is from them. It’s happy stories when we lose and hardly any stories with praise when we do win.

    From trashing spygate tapes, jacking up fines for owners sake and his personal bias toward players Goddell is a horrible commissioner. Big Ben raped ladies, paid his victims off and gets his suspension reduced from 6 to 4 games. Santonio Holmes, Super Bowl MVP, smokes bud, gets suspended 4 games and is sent packing. It’s a double standard and shameful but it is what it is.

  7. Achetti813 Says:

    We cant afford to not have Talib on the roster if we want to be serious contenders the next 2 years. End of story. I like myron and biggers but they just arent ready and mack couldnt cover a candle

  8. Macabee Says:

    Sometimes things are aren’t always like they appear to be. Mike Vick is contending for the Madden cover, Rothlisberger is entering marital bliss, Ray Lewis was just featured on NFL network. My moral compass is all aflutter – there is no question the guy has a problem, but people change and strange things happen. Ed Reed missed 6 games and made the Pro Bowl. One minute I want to join the mob and run the guy out of town, but I keep having visions of all those interceptions coupled with my manical desire to win at all costs and I want to give the guy another chance. Time will settle this matter and it may just weigh in Talib’s favor.

  9. WeNeedDefense Says:

    Somebody said this yesterday:

    “Aqib Talib is the best player on the Bucs defense easily. ”

    Okay, but that’s not the problem. No one is saying that Talib can’t play football. In fact, most are talking about how losing Talib hurts the football team. But his talent is NOT the problem.

    The problem is Aqib not being able to stay out of trouble. He got arrested. Would you rather no one discuss this? This is at least his 5th incident since being out of college. Ignore this? Of all the guys getting arrested this off-season, an “Aggrevated Assult” felony sure sounds pretty serious to me. In fact, Goodell may not even have a say so once Talib goes to prison (sp… I have never been nor have I been arrested).

    But if Talib gets off, history proves Goodell will have a say, and the Bucs ownership will bend over for the NFL just like they did for the UK Home football vacations.

    (FYI, if you season ticket holders don’t get reimbursed for that lost home game, you should sue the Bucs).

  10. Kryq Says:

    I say Talib is giving another chance and he learns from thi mistake. Also if he stays without being suspended I think he’ll make the pro bowl.

  11. Casey Says:

    I think we should chill Talib has only been suspended for 1 game in the past if he isnt guilty he should only be suspended 4-6 if that not a season he didnt suspend big ben for a season

  12. Meh Says:

    If charges are not filed or, if they are, he is found not guilty then he should not be shown the door. Period. It is not fair, it is not right, it is not just.

  13. Ish Says:

    Can the NFL do anything (or require the Bucs to do anything) to Talib? Technically, there is a lock-out and he no longer represents the team or the league. He can’t come in and they can’t reach out.

    Plus, doesn’t sound like this is going to trial. No gun residue, shaky witnesses, his claim to be defending his sister (jury sympathy) all make this case very weak for the DA and strong for the defense.

    As to Goodell, I’ll agree with IMHO, he is a terrible commissioner. He’s undoing Tag’s good work, he won’t punish a coach who admits to a history of cheating, and he over punishes some players while going lenient on others. Very uneven-handed, very much a jerk.

    He’s ruining my league!

  14. Joe Says:

    The problem is Aqib not being able to stay out of trouble.

    There you have it, as Weneeddefense wrote.

    No one wants to see Talib gone. No one is questioning his talent.

    It boils down to dependability, no different than Tanard Jackson other than Jackson never physically harmed anyone, never brandished a firearm… and on and on.

    It’s pretty hard to build a defense when you have no idea when your best player will be available or suspended… or worse.

  15. Derf Says:

    Speaking of the pothead….What’s the status of Tanard Jackson?????

  16. Joe Says:


    Hasn’t changed.

  17. digitalone Says:

    I like holder and I love Joe but come on now. Talib will play. Tanard will play. They are both too good to do with out and be a serious contender. The only reason we are talking about this is cause there’s nothing else to talk about. I understand dependability yada yada blah blah blah but this is football. Ben raped TWO women. Mike Vick went to prision. etc. Talib pistol whipped a douchebag beating on his sister allegedly. Pro football players will never be pillars of morality. Get over it. This is big business and Tailb is MONEY because he is a game changer. If you really believe the Glazers are not all about money and are all about character than I have some swamp land down here for you to look at. “Oh Talib has seen his last day in a Bucs Uniform..” Are you kidding me you fricken hack(Holder)? Go cover Polo if you want boring and uninteresting people.

    P.S.-Can we have a Rachel Watson Day? Here at JBF.com?

  18. gitarlvr Says:

    This is nothing but pure conjecture. Do we really need an article on every single local and national media guy’s opinion on whether the Bucs will or should keep Talib.? What if all charges against Talib are dropped and it turns out there is no evidence Talib fired a gun or did anything but chase off a guy who was assaulting his sister. If thats the case Goodell can’t do a damn thing to Talib. Im not saying thats likely but its still way too early to be guarantee the Bucs will release Talib out of fear of the commissioner.

  19. Joe Says:


    P.S.-Can we have a Rachel Watson Day? Here at JBF.com?

    Every day is Rachel Watson Day here at JoeBucsFan.com! 🙂

  20. OAR Says:

    While I have mixed emotions/opinions about Goodell, he did punish Bilcheat and the Patriots!? He was fined 500,000 and the Patriots were fined 250,000 and they had to forfeit thier 2008 1st round pick!

  21. IMHO... Says:

    @ OAR

    U call that punishment? 500k is chump change compared 2 his 4.2 million salary at tha time. $250k compared 2 a team worth a billion plus is laughable. Forfieting tha #31 pick after coming off a 16-0 season is a joke. Belichick is one of Goodell’s best buddies.

  22. Weneeddefense Says:

    Do we really need an article about news? Of course JBF does. I mean the recipe of JBFs success is that they release 5 to 8 articles a day. EVERY DAY. Rather than surf around and see the ESPN stale Bucs page or TBOs whack Bucs page, JBF comes with activity everyday. It keeps everyone coming back. I don’t always agree with Joe, but who cares? That’s life, people don’t always agree. But the one thing JBF is, is its consistent with fresh and updated articles. And that is why JBF is winning over everyone else.

    Sorry to give your secret recipe Joe. 😉 of course, for anyone to compete they would need to have your drive day in and day out which can’t be easy. I rarely see websites this active with articles. That and you have some good contacts to boot. So taking you down Joe will take some effort.

    I am surprised the bosses at Trib and the Times don’t force their sportswriters to compete with you. And having a twitter account doesn’t count.

  23. Matthew levanduski Says:

    Aqib Talib did not brandish a weapon, the gun that was found belonged to Billings. An ex cop that is stepping forward as a witness said Talib NEVER had a gun. Talib’s sister tried to call 911, but Billings took the phone from her and broke it. The police never showed up, so eventually Talib had to do something. I will not renew season tickets if the Bucs just release their best player. Watching Drew Stanton destroy the secondary was pretty miserable, we win that game easy if Aqib plays. If we win that game, we are the wildcard spot that the Packers used to win the Superbowl

  24. Ish Says:


    Belicheat was fined, and the Patriots received a fine and lost the 31st pick of the draft. True.

    Is that a fit punishment? He showed no remorse. He admitted it was a long standing practice of his. He hinted that he’d go back to it when people stopped looking.

    Name another sport where a team is caught cheating and is not forced to forfeit that game? Pete Rose was banned from baseball for LIFE for betting on other baseball teams (not even his own games!), and this guy influences game outcomes and is fined a about 15% of his salary and forgiven. This right after Goodell came down hard on several players because they brought shame to football.

    Goodell should have kicked the cheater out. Anything less was unfair to the players he was merciless with and to the fans.

    16-0, my @$$! 15-1 and a black mark on the NFL.

  25. OAR Says:

    I didn’t say if it was THE RIGHT punishment! I just stated the fact that he did get punished, to which Ish said he did not get punished. Part of MY MIXED feelings towards Goodell, includes such uneven/unfair punishments.
    BTW I didn’t know there was your definiton of “punishment” and the rest of the world’s? It is, what it is, PUNISHMENT! Right or not. Also, that fine is the largest ever imposed on a head coach, whatever their salary was.

  26. OAR Says:

    See my post to IMHO. Just stating he did, when you posted he did not. But, go ahead and give it to me anyways?????
    BTW I could really care less about the Patriots and Bilicheat!

  27. Ish Says:


    Ooops!! I came off hotter than I meant to. Seems we are much closer than I initially inferred.

    Yes, you are correct, he was punished. And, it sounds like you agree it was an insufficient punishment. I, it seems, am just more easily provoked over the degree.

    Again, sorry for firing off both barrels when one would have been too much. 😀

  28. OAR Says:

    No problem! Sometimes, I do scratch my head and want to slap Goodell in the back of the head!

  29. OAR Says:

    Dang, I kinda sound like Talib!

  30. Brad Says:

    I think the issue is Goodell. His high and mighty attitude is wearing thin. I don’t care what Talibs done in the past . If the dude is not convicted then nothing should happen. So we cut him he cleans up his act and another team gets him for nothing. IMO the guy is not raising my kids. As long as he can play the Bucs should keep him.

  31. fernando Says:

    I don’t know why we are making him guilty, please review the following.
    1. No gun residue test was done. there goes the shooting.
    2. defending his sister from douchebag. Child molester.
    3. Talib will buy best team of lawyers money can buy.
    The guy walks, it’s up to Roger now.
    WE WILL SEE!!!!!

  32. Pete Dutcher Says:

    1. No gun residue test was done. there goes the shooting.
    2. defending his sister from douchebag. Child molester.
    3. Talib will buy best team of lawyers money can buy.

    4. No witnesses that saw Talib shoot a gun
    5. No witnesses that even saw Talib handle a gun
    6. Claims against Talib are solely being made by the woman abusing and child molesting “victim”

    They should not cut him, they should reward him in my book 😛