“Donuts And Milk Only”

September 21st, 2014

SappHallHas the NFL gone soft?

Aside from all the wacky new flag football rules, teams frown on any kind of rookie hazing and have hired vegan nutritionists, and players practice about 20 percent of what they used to 10 years ago. [read more]

Bowers Came Up Empty

September 21st, 2014

BowersreturnsYes, Da’Quan Bowers was in Atlanta for the beating of the century Thursday night.

Bowers played more than half the Bucs’ defensive snaps by Joe’s count, but the fourth-year defensive end didn’t show up on the stat sheet.  [read more]

End The Josh McCown Fantasy; Move All-In Now With Mike Glennon

September 21st, 2014
Glennon big

Joe is now a sanctioned General in the Mike Glennon Mob

Joe repeatedly cautioned fans all offseason that it is virtually impossible to win the NFC South title, let alone a Super Bowl, with the worst quarterback in the division.

Therefore, Joe painfully and loudly ached and trumpeted for the Bucs to draft a quarterback with “franchise” potential because every other viable QB option was a waste of time.

In the spring, Josh McCown and Mike Glennon represented hoping for a football miracle at the position. So the smart move was to recognize the need at quarterback and attack it in the draft. That didn’t happen.

Now, in McCown, the Bucs have the fifth best quarterback in the NFC South. Yes, Joe would take Panthers backup and Bucs killer Derek Anderson over McCown.

Joe is finished hoping for the McCown miracle that Lovie Smith banked on. Once again, it’s time for the Bucs to make a decisive, smart move at quarterback. It’s time to relegate McCown to the bench permanently. [read more]

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September 21st, 2014

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“We Never Looked Like We Weren’t Heading In The Right Direction”

September 21st, 2014

HermLovieBucs fans often will hear Lovie Smith talk about his desire to simply improve each week.

As a new regime with an overturned roster and new schemes on both sides of the ball, Lovie has been clear that all he can ask for is getting better every game, and the wins will come. [read more]

A Major Joe Announcement At 9 A.M. Sunday

September 21st, 2014

joemugshotStay tuned.

“Full Speed” On Monday For Jeff Tedford

September 20th, 2014

Tedford rightJoe’s pulling for offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford to get healthy. Seeing him coach again soon would be nice, too.

Lovie Smith, in a new video on Buccaneers.com. offered hope for Tedford’s speedy return. [read more]

“Appears That Not Many Guys Know What The Hell Is Going On”

September 20th, 2014


A former glory days Buccaneer joins a longtime NFL personnel man in being completely stunned by the ineptitude and poor technical play of the Buccaneers defense. [read more]

Picking Apart The Debacle

September 20th, 2014

Devin Hester

Outside of Danny Lansanah’s pick-six, Joe can’t think of a damned thing that went right Thursday night. Trailing 56-0 at one point — the worst deficit in Buccaneers history — the alley-beating was the nastiest Joe had ever seen delivered.

Something must change. You can’t just do the exact same things and expect a different result. That was appalling. [read more]

Poor Technique, Discipline, Fits Are Burning Bucs

September 20th, 2014

johnthan banks 0728The Buccaneers’ defensive performance on Thursday night was so dreadful that only marginal credit is due the Falcons.

That’s the assessment of longtime NFL personnel man Chris Landry, who has worked as an assistant coach and scout for Bill Belichick, coordinator of the Titans scouting department, among other positions in pro and college football.

You don’t want to miss this breakdown. [read more]

Nursing Home Neglect Should Never Happen

September 20th, 2014

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Nursing home neglect should never happen.


Lovie’s Defensive Prowess “A Myth?”

September 20th, 2014
lovie smith 0920

Pat Yasinskas of ESPN suggests Thursday night’s debacle in Atlanta shows Lovie Smith’s defensive coaching acumen to be “a myth.”

Greg Schiano was supposed to be a defensive guy, having been a defensive coach all his adult life. He never trailed a team by 56 points in a game, at least not in the NFL.

Raheem Morris, long considered by many Bucs fans as simply nothing more than a baffoon, had his share of beatdowns as a Bucs head coach, especially in his final season. Raheem, who learned the hard way it is hard to control a team when you are at the bars, never trailed in a game by 56 points. [read more]

“Everything Is On The Table”

September 20th, 2014

lovie smith 0919

When an NFL team trails its division rival by 56 points, it doesn’t matter how much confidence a coach has in his system; it doesn’t matter how smart he may think he is at talent evaluation; doesn’t matter if he believes winning ways are just around the corner.

Changes must take place. [read more]

What Does McCoy’s “Scar” Feel Like?

September 20th, 2014

gerald mccoy 0916Yesterday, Lovie Smith talked about how Thursday’s massacre at the Georgia Dome was one of those rare humiliations that will leave “a scar” on every Buccaneer.

Joe’s concerned about how that scar may or may not heal on Gerald McCoy. [read more]

Report: McCown To Miss “Several Weeks”

September 20th, 2014

josh mccown 0920

The way Josh McCown was playing in the first three games of the season, with his reckless disregard for ball security while the losses mounted, it seemed inevitable that Mike Glennon was going to be called in from the bullpen.

It appears that scenario has been pushed up considerably. [read more]

Is Lovie Fingering Vincent Jackson?

September 19th, 2014

lovie smith 0807Lovie Smith had an interesting comment this afternoon at One Buc Palace.

The subject of Josh McCown’s future came up and Lovie offered a unique defense of his hand-picked turnover machine quarterback. [read more]