We “Bring Different Things To The Table”

A Bucs tight end talked tight ends this week.

A Bucs tight end talked tight ends this week.

It will be one intense competition at tight end this season.

And Cameron Brate shed interesting light on that Tuesday.

Brate generously gave his time with fellow Bucs at a local elementary school, where the team donated physical education equipment. There, Joe asked Brate if he felt like the Bucs’ No. 1 or No. 2 tight end late last season, considering he got the second-most snaps (Luke Stocker was No. 1) and Austin Seferian-Jenkins had returned from an early-season injury.

“Whenever I was on the field, really, I didn’t really think about who was the No. 1 tight end or who was the No. 2 when me and Austin [Seferian-Jenkins] were together. I mean, we both kind of bring different things to the table,” Brate said. “I was just so thankful that even when [ASJ] came back, Dirk [Koetter] kind of found ways to get me involved. I hope to build off that this year.”

Joe raised an eyebrow when Brate said he and Seferian-Jenkins “kind of bring different things to the table.”

Brate is not a blocker, so he must be referring to an aspect of catching the football. But isn’t Seferian-Jenkins supposed to be the do-it-all tight end, a second-round pick who is a manbeast of a brawling basketball-style tight end? Is Brate hinting at being a better route runner? He’s certainly not more athletic than ASJ.

Those mysteries aside, 2014 free agent signing Brandon Myers is still on the roster, and he has more career catches than Brate, Stocker and Seferian-Jenkins combined.

Oh, and the Bucs drafted a new tight end/fullback/”superback,” Dan Vitale out of Northwestern in the sixth round. He’s wearing at tight end’s number and has speed and hands, and is considered a special teams star.

Brate said he’s pumped to have Vitale in the mix, a fellow “Chicago guy” from his neighborhood.

So who’s the odd man out?