Top-Of-The-Class Consensus

July 2nd, 2024

Todd Bowles

Even those on the Falcons’ huge bandwagon agree on one subject:

Buccaneers boss Todd Bowles is the best head coach in the NFC South.

Joe and Ira Kaufman agreed on the Ira Kaufman Podcast, as did NFL Network gurus Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah on their Movin’ The Sticks podcast.

Bowles, winner of the past two NFC South titles, doesn’t have much competition.

He’s up against dismal Dennis Allen of the Saints, who was miserable as Raiders head coach. Allen has never made the playoffs. Then there’s first-timer Dave Canales and Raheem Morris, who lost 10 straight to close the 2011 season as Bucs head coach. Morris was 4-7 as interim Falcons head coach in 2020.

So the Bucs have the division’s best head coach. Joe also believes they certainly have the NFC South’s best defensive front-7 and safety (Antoine Winfield, Jr.). Tampa Bay also returns a Pro Bowl quarterback to complement the division’s best receiving corps.

Still, the oddsmakers and know-it-alls see the Bucs as an eight-win team at best.

Joe has to wonder. If so many folks really are so sure Bowles is the division’s best coach, then why are they so convinced he won’t muster a winning record in 2024?

26 Responses to “Top-Of-The-Class Consensus”

  1. Boss Says:

    “The best of a bad lot”

  2. BucsFan55 Says:

    so you’re saying, there’s a chance?

  3. Ed Says:

    The Bucs need to win the games they should win, first off in their division. The Saints are in a rebuild mode, the Falcons have no playoff experience and the Panthers were the worst team in the league. There’s too much expectation for Kirt Cousins, now in a new system and coming off a bad injury. I think the Falcons are getting too much respect and the Bucs not enough.

    Outside the division the Bucs get some good home games early with the Commanders, Eagles and Bronco’s coming into hot/sweaty Tampa for September games. The Bucs improved in 2023 playing better at home than in recent times. They need to grab those games.

    Those December back to back road games at Chargers and Cowboys are the toughest road games as well as playing at Kansas City. Earlier road game at Lions, another tough one. If they lose all of those very difficult road games but can rack up wins vs Saints, Panthers, Falcons and the NFC East clubs they could come up with 6-7 wins there.

    Then it comes down to upsetting a couple of playoff teams at home such as SF and Baltimore.

    8-9, 9-8 or 10-7 are probably where they should finish.

  4. Dave Pear Says:

    Todd has a unified locker room. His players love him, love playing for him.

    He has learned that losing head coaching records are not sustainable for future employment, so this year, look out for positive changes to philosophy and schemes to produce an 11 win regular season.


  5. Dude Says:

    We have a bridge QB leading our offense that’s in an install year, that’s why

  6. Fan of the South Says:

    If you look at the others past you certainly should mention Bowles dismal stop at the Jets.

    Allen is 16 and 18 over two seasons with the Saints finishing 3rd in Division his first year and 2nd last season with 2 more wins.

    Bowles would be 18-16 in the regular Season had he needed to play the Starters the final game in 2022. Bucs win total has not increased.

    Yes Bowles Wins but it’s not by much. NFCS is a three horse race with an additional long shot that might just determine the winner.

  7. Hodad Says:

    Until someone else wins the NFC South, we’re the best team, and Todd is the best coach.

  8. First Name Greatest Says:

    I’d rank the NFC Coaches Like this


    Bowles & Allen are really interchangeable neither are good or bottom 5 in the league. They will keep a team just competitive enough to give their fans false hope but let’s be real neither are going to deliver meaningful playoff wins, like getting to a NFC Championship game or to a Super Bowl.

    Raheem has at least a 10 win season on his resume but his last season as a head coach was awful, like so awful it made Buc fans welcome Schiano. As a defensive coordinator he routinely got schooled by opponents while he had highly talented players.

    Canales, guy couldn’t even score a opening drive td with the Bucs talent does anyone think the Panthers get more than 3 or 4 wins?

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    I am not there yet, but Bowles is growing on me.

    He still has training wheels.

  10. BakerFan Says:

    No reason the Bucs should not sweep the NFC South teams. No excuses unless they get hit with the injury bug. If they do this then the division will most likely be theirs.

  11. Beeej Says:

    To be fair to Todd, nobody has done any better with the Jets since he left

  12. MarkV Says:

    That’s kind of like being named the tallest midget

  13. ChiBuc Says:

    ^^ so funny and so wrong on so many levels

  14. Buc4evr Says:

    Think it’s not Todd, but Coen that is going to make a difference. Todd is a good defensive coach, but needs lots of coaching help on the offense. If Coen can effectively game plan, find ways to score points early in the game then this team could go far in the playoffs. 11 or 12 wins would not be out of the question.

  15. Saskbucs Says:

    I am glad you touched on the front 7. Despite not having a proven high end pass rusher the Bucs are in good shape. Now I am not as up to date on the Falcons moves but they lost Campbell who was effective despite being long in the tooth and Jarrett had a major injury last season did he not? So he might not be as effective and Onyemata is still a good piece but who else have they added to the DL? This was a big reason I was happy they took Penix and not a top rated edge or DT at #8.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let’s play a few games and see……..maybe, maybe not….

  17. FrontFour Says:

    Love how Bowles gets no respect, but has won consecutive division titles and last year made it to the divisional round of the playoffs. Last season he started with a Swiss cheese roster talent-wise, an off the trash heap QB on his last stop before it’s back up and clipboard duty for the rest of his career and a first time OC. He did a great job developing a lot of young players and held a lockeroom together in the middle of a mid season losing streak. Knock the guy all you want but he’s rebuilding this team after the Super Bowl-Brady hangover while still winning the division. And we’re just now starting to come out of salary cap hell. Maybe give the guy his due.

  18. Bosch Says:

    How meaningful is it to rank only four of 32 NFL coaches? I guess you could say that given equal talent, you might expect the Bucs to have the best record in division games. But it could also mean (in theory) that if they ranked all 32 coaches, they could have Allen, Canales, and Morris as 20, 31, and 32.

    Saying Bowels is the top of this group isn’t much of an endorsement.

  19. Idroolpewter&red Says:

    I’m with Hodad on this subject. We’re the best in the NFC South until proven otherwise.

  20. Bakersbucs says Says:

    So canakes is going to b the big winner really he sucked last year now he gonna b the south savior plz don’t talk anymore that is BS

  21. SenileSenior Says:

    In Bowles I trust. 10-7 or better, then playoffs. We will then become more respected …. at last.

    Go Bucs!!

  22. Oddball Says:

    He’s the best worst coach ever.

    Actually, given the hand he was dealt ( Lefty, distracted TB, loosing most of your OL, etc..) I think he’s done a hell of a job. Besides time mgt

  23. Daniel Z Says:

    I’m pretty sure the other coaches know how to manage the clock and make adjustments in-game, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  24. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Canales made adjustments . The Green Bay and Jacksonville games reflect that. For a first year oc, he did well. He called a great game against the eagles in the first play off game. He didn’t “ suck”. Coen, too, will have growing pains , learning to match his system with what his talent dictates. Let’s see if he evolves along the way like Dave did.

  25. heyjude Says:

    Well said, FrontFour.

    Bowles is definitely best and has paid his dues, and still gets no respect. Canales is still a wild card. I like Raheem but his stats are only somewhat better then Allen’s. The Falcons OC and DC are entering their first year too.

    Bowles has this!

  26. Bucsfan77 Says:

    I like Raheem, he has done well through his career learning both offense and defensive sides of the ball. As a head coach that skill set will go a long ways to help him. Do I think he will make any difference? Absolutely not, while I like him as a coach and a person, he hasn’t shown at anytime that he’s progressed to the point of being a great HC. He has the skill set, now he just has to steer his team and prove himself to himself and the NFL.