Rachaad White: New VisitTampaBay.com Spokesman

July 10th, 2024

Where would you rather be?

So yesterday Bucs running back Rachaad White was on “The Rich Eisen Show,” seen and heard not just nationally but globally. And someone at VisitTampa.com needs to give White something for the effort.

Maybe without realizing it, White gave sports fans throughout the world ammo they need to come visit the Tampa Bay area and drop money on local small businesses. Or maybe move here.

White mentioned to Eisen that he was working out at One Buc Palace. Eisen seemed a bit surprised. Why not work out with a personal trainer away from One Buc Palace since in two weeks you will be there almost daily until maybe February?

“I love my strength and conditioning coaches here,” White said. “They put together a great plan for me. I was healthy [last season]. I played 19 games with no injury.

“I’m going the same route as what I did last year. I’m trying to stay healthy and they know my body and I know my body. This is where I want to be. …

“I love it out there. It’s Florida. I can’t complain. It’s like I’m out on a vacation every day I’m out here.”

Eisen loved White’s answer. White also noted that if he trained anywhere outside of One Buc Palace, it would be Arizona where he has connections with trainers from his time playing for Arizona State.

Joe likes this work ethic from White. And the common sense.

Think about it: Why go anywhere else but One Buc Palace? And White is right, Bucs trainers know him best and succeeded with his body last year. To end the season uninjured the way Dave Canales used him, why screw with success?

And Joe has to wonder how many people began moving plans hearing White talk about Tampa Bay? How is that for a sales pitch for the Tampa Bay area, a professional athlete working his tail off but because he’s in Florida, so it seems like a vacation?

Joe can see White becoming a new spokesman for a local travel bureau.

13 Responses to “Rachaad White: New VisitTampaBay.com Spokesman”

  1. TampaBayBucFan Says:

    Gotta love Rachaad……not camera shy.

  2. SenileSenior Says:

    I moved here 35 years ago. I love it here also. I converted to a Buccaneer fan within a couple of years. I have been blessed with seeing the development of two Superbowl winning team.

    Go Bucs!!!

  3. BucsFan55 Says:

    Go Bucs

  4. garro Says:

    Keep at it Rachaad! I feel like you will get way better this year! I also feel like you will love what Coen does for our offense and both you and Baker.

    Go Bucs!

  5. D-Rome Says:

    It’s Smart for White to work with Bucs coaches for sure. Jameis Winston could have been a great QB if his friends weren’t his off season personal trainers.

  6. Dude Says:

    For anybody who’s been paying attention, White has been doing the rounds all offseason and for as much as we get slighted in national media ‘Chaad has been a terrific brand ambassador for the Bucs this offseason.

  7. Dave Pear Says:

    Another Jason Licht patented good dude.

  8. David Says:

    I hope they use him and Bucky as a 1-2 punch. With the new O-Line, this could be a massive jump in production from the running game.

  9. Dave Pear Says:

    Having a two headed run game with both backs able to run and catch is a huge plus. Can Bucky play pass pro? We will find out.

    That was the end of Rojo, btw. He never really developed his blitz pickup and dropped too many passes. I did love how hard he ran. Remember Mathieu telling his mates that someone had to hit him hard because he was running like he was Walter Payton.

    In 2020 and 2021, the Bucs could have succeeded at ground and pound with that OL. BA just likes scoring more points with the passing game. A controversial subject I know.

    Scoring points is good.

  10. Dave Pear Says:

    If Baker struggles, Coen will put Wolford in before he puts in the Mike Glennon clone.

  11. SlyPirate Says:

    Just watched it. These young guns (White, Yaya, CK) are mature and driven.

    Started with Arians, JPP, and Suh.
    Leveled up with TB12 and Gronk.
    Continuing with Wirfs, Vea, AWJ.
    Building with White, Yaya, and CK.

    These walls, this drive, and their passion and work ethic is different than the Winston/GMC days. LOVE IT!!!

  12. ModHairKen Says:

    That’s a hell of a compliment to the strength and conditioning staff.

  13. heyjude Says:

    Loving Rachaad! A breath of fresh air.

    Agree with ModHairKen that it is a testament for the excellent training staff at One Buc Place. Go Bucs!


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