Longer Reaching To Doubt The Bucs

July 4th, 2024

Former Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales.

Joe now counts longtime NFL writer Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports among the ridiculously-down-on-the-Bucs national media types.

In a new Yahoo! video, Schwab wonders how much the Bucs will miss their departed offensive coordinator Dave Canales, the Panthers’ new head coach. Ok. Fair question. But in his chat with Yahoo! co-hort Jason Fitz, Schwab tries to sell the nation on how great Canales was and how the Bucs are probably going to take a step back without him.

“Maybe losing their coordinator is a big deal. Dave Canales had an awesome season for the Buccaneers last year,” Schwab said, later noting Canales “did everything right.”


Schwab even had the gall to compare Canales to former Eagles playcaller Shane Steichen, saying the Eagles missed Steichen so much after they made the Super Bowl following the 2022 season, and there’s a good chance the Bucs will do the same.

That’s where Joe had to pause and throw beer bottles around JoeBucsFan.com world headquarters.

Steichen had the No. 3-ranked offense (points and yards) with the Eagles in 2022. The Bucs offense under Canales last year ranked 20th in scoring and 23rd in yards.

Steichen had the No. 1-ranked running game in the NFL in 2021 with a rookie quarterback and with four different running backs getting significant work. Canales had the league’s worst rushing attack last season.

Canales did a good job with the Bucs, Joe believes, especially as a first-time offensive coordinator. The offense improved down the stretch. Quality adjustments were made and it was very good in the playoffs. But to say Canales was a special playcaller is a reach.

He might get there, but it didn’t happen last season.

Leadership was Canales’ strength, and Bucs players have said publicly that his positive energy was inspirational during their brutal midseason stretch. Still, Joe is looking at the results.

And Joe thinks it’s more than reasonable to expect new offensive coordinator Liam Coen to surpass the 2023 Canales body of work.

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23 Responses to “Longer Reaching To Doubt The Bucs”

  1. Hodad Says:

    This years offense will be much better.

  2. Todd Says:

    “We just have to get our football right.”

    That’s Canales’ mantra.

    I agree with him…if getting your football right means how he called plays last year.

    Bring on that awesome predictability!

  3. Buddha Says:

    What? Canales was part of the losing streak. Articulate guy but inexperienced and not a great playcaller. Not ready, not nearly ready to be a head coach. I give him one or two years.

  4. TB12 Says:

    Sorry but his offense was very basic and predictable for the first half of the season.

    Like he was overwehelmed.

    Bake saved him, not the other way around.

    This season will be MASSIVELY improved.

  5. Just Saying Says:

    It was Canales attitude that got him the Panthers job. Not his offense

  6. Dave Pear Says:

    Tards gonna tard.

  7. Buc4evr Says:

    Schwab is just making stuff up. Canales was a play calling idiot, that held the offense back most of the season. He is going to get his ass handed to him in Carolina. I couldn’t stand him when he was here and now I get to laugh at him in Carolina. Even Godwin’s wife thought he was clueless.

  8. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Agree with you Joe.

  9. GoneGator Says:

    Jesus, are these people even trying? They get paid real money to write about sports?

    Canales was a run 1st, play action 2nd dude. He opened things up when he had to but not before eg 3rd and long and playing from behind. He was married to X number of runs per game regardless of their effectiveness. I believe it was to, theoretically, keep the opposing team honest and keep defenders in the box.

    I believe (hope) Coen will be much more flexible in adapting his play calls to the defensive looks in game. That’s why there an emphasis on multiple play calls from the line of scrimmage. I also think he’ll be willing to tailor the offense to the players strengths – more so than Canales did.

    The comparison to Philly and Steichen is way the hell off. Steichen was a perfect match in Philly with Hurts. He ran the perfect offense for their talent and QB. Hurts is only going to be a top 20 QB, much less top 10, in that system.

    Even tho I thought Canales was mediocre as an OC I think he help lay a foundation for Baker and the offense. Now they have more chemistry, more hunger, and a little success to build on.

    I feel sorry for the guy… It was an opportunity he couldn’t say no to I suppose but the friggin
    Panthers are undoubtedly the most dysfunctional team in the league with the crappiest owner.

    Cheers to watching all these dumbf*+ks having eat their words and try to explain how they could be so wrong by seasons end !

  10. DCone Says:

    Canales simplified the process and eliminated the need for the QB to think.. Go thru progressions quickly and then get rid of the ball. Know where the check down is.

    If Coen gives Mayfield the freedom to ad lib and change things up at the line he will struggle and mistakes will increase.

    Bucs losing 6 of 7 in the middle of 2023 was not a big surprise. Four loses were against pretty good team, one was many a fluke against the Falcons, and one was against a good Colts team with a decent backup QB and a coach named Steichen.

  11. Dude Says:

    No OC can fix this

  12. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    There was a lot of ugly offensive football last year, although they did get better late in the season, except for the Carolina game.

  13. Crickett Baker Says:

    Canals didn’t just leave us in the lurch for money. He also poached some of our other coaches and two of our good players (Gill and Moore) at a time when our front office could have used a few days of rest. He is Judas to me. I hope Liam is a great OC and we beat The Panties every time we play them.

  14. Drunkinybor Says:

    Canales is a life optimism and positivity coach. Who learned done neat tricks from Pete carrol. He will be selling the secrets of a successful life books on television in a couple years. The new Tony Robbins will show you how to live your best life and the secret is inside all of us.

  15. Saskbucs Says:

    Good points Joe and I agree with what you have said. We won’t know what we have lost or gained until sometime during or after the upcoming season. I disagreed with Canales playcalling at times last year but I certainly wouldn’t call him a detriment to the team. His positive attitude and ability to motivate with it played a factor for us. I can’t be convinced otherwise. It was obvious from his first presser that he had leadership qualities and never came across as fake.

    Coen will not match his demeanor, of that I am sure, but hopefully Coen brings better Xs and Os, in game playcalling and it equals a net positive.

  16. garro Says:

    “Canales “did everything right.”

    Geez! I like Canales but come on man! There was alot wrong with our offense last year and it was not just the running game. Canales was part of the problem. Running behind Hainsey and Stinnie on most 1st downs comes to mind. Banishing Godwin from the game plan for much of the season also pops up in my head.

    Where do they find these guys who just spell some words correctly and call it sports journalism.

    Go Bucs!

  17. ATLBUC Says:

    Statistically speaking Leftwich was better than Canales

  18. heyjude Says:

    ATLBUC Says:
    “Statistically speaking Leftwich was better than Canales.”

    And that is pretty much it. Schwab and these other sports media are coming out of the woodwork with all these erroneous opinions and they will all be embarrassed soon. I read a couple of days ago that Panthers owner asked his wife’s input for the 2024 draft. Their fans are not happy. Did she choose Canales too?

  19. Jeffs grandpa Says:

    Tell me you didn’t watch many Bucs games without telling me Schwab

  20. Fan of the South Says:

    I read a couple of days ago that Panthers owner asked his wife’s input for the 2024 draft. Their fans are not happy. Did she choose Canales too?

    Being the Panther’s Chief Administrative Officer I imagine he would based on her Job Description below.

    Nicole Tepper
    In her role, Nicole’s focus is on growing a culture that values its people and partners, and further engrains the organization in the Carolinas communities.

    I think she has a pretty good idea what a real POS looks like and certainly does not want to bring any more in on her watch.

    If people like Dave Canales is the mold of people they are looking for I think she made the right choice if it was actually Nicole’s to make.

  21. heyjude Says:

    Fan of the South
    I like Canales and would have supported him a 2nd season. However, being graciously, he wasn’t a good fit especially with play calling. Baker and the team made him look good. He may do well as HC, however the Panthers have gone through their share of coaches. They made an error getting rid of Christian McCaffrey. What were they thinking?

    Yes, it’s great the owner’s wife is focused on their community. I applaud everyone including our players that do a lot for the community.

    How many other team owner’s partners are in the draft war room chiming in on the draft picks? Sounding a lot like Dave Snyder and that is probably another reason why the fans are upset too. They have a right to be disgruntled. And if the team does badly, this will be a bigger story during the season.

  22. FrontFour Says:

    Frank Schwab – Stupid writers that write stuff to fill their word count but know nothing about what they are writing.

  23. DCone Says:

    How many other team owner’s partners are in the draft war room chiming in on the draft picks? Sounding a lot like Dave Snyder and that is probably another reason why the fans are upset too. They have a right to be disgruntled. And if the team does badly, this will be a bigger story during the season.

    I’m sure Shiela Ford Hamp chimed in or asked questions in the Lion’s war room too. If Hamp’s partner was employed by the team and ‘chimed in’ would anyone batted an eye? Hope your outlook is not strictly based on the fact she is a woman.