Cody Mauch’s Grandfather Thinks Bucs Might Be Worse

July 6th, 2024

Farmer Randy Mauch knows a lot, including the intricacies of sugarbeet harvesting and football.

So Joe paid attention when the grandfather of Buccaneers guard Cody Mauch joined the 3 Borders Sports Network last week. He was a guest during a live broadcast from Cody Mauch’s youth camp in North Dakota.

The elder Mauch talked about his grandson’s leaner, meaner physique, speculating that he added between 12 and 15 pounds, noting of the Bucs. “They kinda wanted him to.”

Randy Mauch said he’s a regular at nearly all Bucs games — “I think we missed three or four during harvest” — after going to only one NFL in his life before his grandson was drafted by the Bucs. Grandpa said he was a Vikings fan before going all-in with the Bucs.

What intrigued Joe most was Randy Mauch’s response when he was asked for an assessment of the upcoming 2024 season.

He’s no rah-rah optimist or Bucs homer.

“I think the different teams that we play are maybe a little tougher, tougher schedule than maybe what we had last year,” Randy Mauch said. “So I don’t think we’re going to quite end up like we did last year, but it’s going to be a lot of fun to try.”

That response certainly made Joe take pause.

Does Randy Mauch think the Bucs will win eight game? Is he, as a former Vikings fan, on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon? Or does he think the Bucs won’t win a playoff game?

Maybe Cody Mauch should have Baker Mayfield call his grandpa and give him a pep talk.

39 Responses to “Cody Mauch’s Grandfather Thinks Bucs Might Be Worse”

  1. WiseCrack Says:

    I respect, cherish and LOVE the opinions of all generations. Unfortunately, I think there is a gap between the grand pappy Munch and todays generation.

  2. Mark Says:

    Let’s hope bad whiffs run in the family

  3. Eckwood Says:

    He said !! the Bucs are a lil soft !!

  4. Oxycondomns Says:

    At least he has valid points

  5. Jackjacksfan Says:

    Next joe will interview the bucs warehouse workers on their predictions

  6. SenileSenior Says:

    Of corse “there” is a generational gap. This i natural. It is an ever changing world.

    Go Bucs!

  7. catcard202 Says:

    Grandpa Mauch can look at the 2024 schedule & see a hum dinger setup before the bye week with tough road schedule the 2nd half.

    There’s a path to 10-7, but have to dominate the South to get there.

  8. WiseCrack Says:

    Fair enough, not like Cody couldnt fill the gap whenever he desired. Word has it, he will once football is done for him.

  9. BucsFanSince1996 Says:

    I agree with him in that we’ll have a tougher schedule. But we’ve upgraded some positions as well, so he needs to take that into consideration.

    His own grandson should be better with a year of experience and an offseason improving his strength. Many of last year’s rookies should take a big step forward, which will also help.

    We should be fine unless we get hit with serious injuries at a position where we lack depth. That could sink the pirate ship if it happened.

  10. Drunkinybor Says:

    I think he does what most people who have intelligence would initially conclude. Look at the teams we will play and oh my! There’s a lot of very good teams from last season. However a more nuanced observer, if Ì may, conclude LAST SEASON DONT MEAN DIDDLU SQUAT. Go Bucs baby!! Whoo Hoo
    Seriously though every season teams fall off from the prior year. Nobody knows. Like John Lynch said ” We let our play on the field speak for us.”

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Normally,I’d say “stick to sugar beet farming, Gramps” but he actually has a point.
    We will have to be a much better team than last year to win 10 games.

  12. Dave Pear Says:

    He’s obviously watched a lot of offensive line play and realizes his grandson was part of the infamous 3 Matadors gang, who couldn’t run block but at least they created the fast lane for interior DLs running to the QB.

    He’s a show me, results type guy. Like him.

  13. D-Rok Says:

    I think Grampappy Mauch echoes similar sentiments as most of us fans:

    “I think the different teams that we play are maybe a little tougher, tougher schedule than maybe what we had last year,” Randy Mauch said. “So I don’t think we’re going to quite end up like we did last year, but it’s going to be a lot of fun to try.”

    Can’t argue with his words, it’s what I think precisely. Good job ole buddy!

  14. Defense Rules Says:

    catcard202 … ‘There’s a path to 10-7, but have to dominate the South to get there.’

    Exactly. It’ll take going 4-2 in the NFC South (or better) to win the division crown. Just like last year, 2022 and 2021.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Dave Pear … ‘He’s a show me, results type guy. Like him.’

    Right on. At this point in the season, it’s all just talk. All he’s saying I think is ‘Hey, talk is cheap; prove what you got on the battlefield’. (Good advice for ‘leaner, meaner’ Cody too).

  16. Jay Says:

    Viking fans are rarely optimistic about there team yet incredibly loyal too a fault

  17. ScottyMack Says:

    He’s spot-on. As much as I was on the Bucs’ bandwagon last season and predicted a 9 or 10 win season (I cited a weak schedule numerous times), I see 8 or 9 wins as the max this season, again due to their schedule. If they get to 10 wins this year, the Bucs will be an NFC Championship contender.

  18. BoricuaBucFan Says:

    Bro who gives AF about Mauchs grandpappies opinion

  19. garro Says:

    My Grandpa says Cody’s grandpa can him after the next game at RayJay and he will help him understand. LOL

    That is some funny stuff Joe! My cousin Tom thinks so too!

    Go Bucs!

  20. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Pappy Munch?

    Who finally found Rod’s Tinder handle?
    Nice work.

  21. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    9 wins or less means Bowels should be fired.

    I’m sorry, but being 1 game over .500 as head coach for 3 years? Not nearly good enough. Really, 10 wins isn’t enough in my book this year…but if it gets us in the playoffs and we win there as well, things could change.

  22. Dave Pear Says:

    10 wins minimum for Todd.

    But he’s going 11-6 or better. Scoring more is a priority. Tightening up the pass defense is a priority.


  23. B Says:

    You just write an article titled “Cody Mauch’s grandfather thinks Bucs might be worse”. Now I’m no professional service worker, but that is a clear cry for help. Joe, I sincerely hope you get the assistance you need. Thoughts and prayers.

  24. heyjude Says:

    I absolutely respect Cody’s grandfather. Farming is hard work and grit. He said that Cody gained some weight because “They kinda of wanted him to.” That is a little nugget and at the same time Vea lost weight. Sounds like the players have been getting a lot of guidance about how to improve in all areas.

    Grandpa said they are all in on the Bucs so maybe he is being cautious since he was a Vikings fan before. Cousins only won 1 playoff game and the Vikings have never won a SB. He will be pleasantly surprised this season when we are in the playoffs again and possibly the SB. Go Bucs!

  25. Defense Rules Says:

    Bonzai … ‘I’m sorry, but being 1 game over .500 as head coach for 3 years? Not nearly good enough.’

    The current-day NFL is about parity thanks to the salary CAP, and the NFC South & AFC South seem to have taken that to heart more than any other divisions. The other 6 divisions seem to have 1 team (a couple have 2) who are still head-and-shoulders over their division foes, and consistently win 11-14 games per year.

    Personally I consider the current Bucs to be ‘scrappy’ but not ‘elite’. The elite teams are not just very talented but they’re also deep, and as such can afford to make some mistakes yet still win. Scrappy teams like the Bucs still have some decent starting talent but they typically lack true depth. Teams like that can still win by playing hard, but injuries & mistakes cost them dearly. Hard for teams like that to win consistently against elite teams.

    Back in 2020 & 2021, the Bucs moved rapidly into the ‘elite’ with the addition of several FAs (Brady, Gronk, Brown, Fournette) & through exceptional drafting (Wirfs, Winfield, etc). Both the offense AND the defense clicked, & moved into the Top-10. That in my book is one of the criteria for being elite. Notice last year’s division winners:

    o AFC East: Bills (11-6) … Offense: #6 – Defense: #4
    o AFC North: Ravens (13-4) … Offense: #4 – Defense: #1
    o AFC South: Texans (10-7) … Offense: #13 – Defense: #11
    o AFC West: Chiefs (11-6) … Offense: #15 – Defense: #2

    o NFC East: Cowboys (12-5) … Offense: #1 – Defense: #5
    o NFC North: Lions (12-5) … Offense: #5 – Defense: #23
    o NFC South: Bucs (9-8) … Offense: #20 – Defense: #7
    o NFC West: 49ers (12-5) … Offense: #3 – Defense: #3

    Bucs & Texans were the 2 scrappiest teams in that group. We didn’t really dominate any games (heck, we couldn’t even dominate each other, and it was ‘last man standing’ in their 39-37 win last year). IMO we’re on the right track, but our offense has to take a big step forward this year (into the Top-10) for us to be able to compete in the playoffs with the big boys.

  26. DCone Says:

    Farmers know about rotating crops. One high yield year of corn. Plant corn again the following season and output is not so good.

    2020 Bucs win Super Bowl and plant the same crop by bringing everyone back.
    This year Bucs brought in the usual amount of draft talent and replaced lost FA’s (whether you thought they sucked or not) from within, and re-signed the big names. Basically the same happy family as last season. Corn again.

    Bucs are treating the team like a family and not a hard business. This was about the time in their careers that the 49ers released Rice and Montana. Patriots let Willie McGinnest and many others go and went back and won numerous Super Bowls. Willie still retired as a Patriot with an Honorary Contract. Brady would have too if there was not still a demand for his Bucs Jersey.

    We’ll see soon enough whether the White/ Barrett or David/Evans move was the smart one. Sentimental decisions rarely come without consequences.

    Should of planted Beets

  27. heyjude Says:

    Great comment Defense Rules – “Back in 2020 & 2021, the Bucs moved rapidly into the ‘elite’ with the addition of several FAs (Brady, Gronk, Brown, Fournette) & through exceptional drafting (Wirfs, Winfield, etc). Both the offense AND the defense clicked, & moved into the Top-10.” Absolutely!

    Somewhat surprised that a team hasn’t picked up Fournette. Interesting timeline. He was picked up by the Bills in October 2023, OC Coach Dorsey was fired November 2023 (now Browns OC), Leonard released January 2024 from the Bills. Maybe Leonard will go to the Browns now.

  28. heyjude Says:

    DCone – I think Shaq needed a new environment. It may help him somewhat with the loss of his child here. You never get over losing a child, but a change may bring more peace. Evans and Lavonte were great choices to keep. And Lavonte played on the Cornhuskers. White, we will see how he does in Philly. He needed a change too.

    The teams are family to each other. We fans feel they are family too. I remember the 2024 NFL player team report card survey that the Bucs had an “F” for treatment of families. And we were not the only ones at that low grade. Something to be said about that.

    Planting seeds, working on a farm, and playing sports all go together too. Growing up in a farm area in NY I had many friends that always had us over and would share crops and take us on different machinery which probably was unsafe to do. Here I was a 70lb teenage girl learning the corn combine. It really gives you gratitude for their work ethic. I guess it is all sentimental too. And that is okay.

  29. DJB Says:

    And the “Beet” goes on. . .

  30. Oneilbuc Says:

    How many more weeks we have 6 weeks before the season starts? It’s almost time for them to prove it on the field. I don’t bring stats up like a lot of y’all do because of the rules. I look at the game and how it’s being played on that day good or bad . Baker throwing for 4,000 yards is not that hard anymore for any quarterback. White rushing for a 1,000 yards is not a big deal either I think we just want to see it because we haven’t had a runningback to hit 1,000 since 2015 and that’s a shame. But now days you have to look at the game that’s being played. Now sacks and int’s and touchdowns are the only stats that really matters. When did they throw the pick or get the sacks and score a touchdown is are the stats that matters in each game. We have

  31. Oneilbuc Says:

    We have to be ok giving up yards on defense as long as we don’t give up points. A scoring defense is the only stat that matters in football on the defense side of the ball . And the same goes for the offense but even with the offense it has to be broken down in context.

  32. gotbbucs Says:

    Newsflash: Old farmer states the obvious.

    In other news, water is wet and sky is blue.

  33. SlyPirate Says:


    Grandpa Mauch is as reputable a commentary as the other NFL Experts. Who cares? Go Bucs! 12 wins.

  34. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Old school NFC North fan’s take. AFC West is not tougher, they have the Chiefs and 3 mediocre teams.

  35. Booger Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with believing this. He could very easily end up being spot on. I just cannot believe he actually said it. I bet he won’t again.

  36. adam from ny Says:


  37. Deadwood Says:

    Saw Cody a couple weeks ago here in Deadwood. he looked bigger a leaner then he did last year.

  38. Noclu4u Says:

    You guys are crazy Bucs going 12-5 . Gonna be a top 5 defense without having to blitz near as much . Gonna be a top 15 running game and a top 5 offense.
    Baker going to be back there drinking coffee trying to decide who he wants to hit 15-25 yards down field . No more happy feet just straight balling .
    😉 As always GO BUCS

  39. Debbie⁴ Says:

    Grandpa Mauch has not followed the Bucs ever, he is a newbie. We will be the NFC South Champs once again, and will be in the playoffs. I believe we can get a third Lombardi this year. We have winners on the team. Go Bucs.