Worst to First & First To Worst

June 7th, 2024

Todd looks at the most likely options to turn it all the way around in their divisions this year and the impending fall of Dallas on the opposite end of the spectrum. The Todd Wright TODDcast is presented by Brandon Legal Group and Tampa Bay Downs Golf. Click above to listen or to download. Or listen via Podcast Addict, TuneIn and other platforms.


2 Responses to “Worst to First & First To Worst”

  1. Brian in St Pete Says:

    Well I thoroughly believe that (outside of a ridiculous string of injuries or something unforeseen) our basement is 2nd place.

  2. heyjude Says:

    Always liked Jimmy Johnson and will have to read his latest book. Agreed, I think the Patriots will not be the team that Kraft wants. Those dynasty years seem to be done, right after Brady, Gronk, and others left.

    No to the Commanders too. Although, it will be interesting seeing how Jayden does. I like Caleb Williams and the Bears will be on Hard Knocks. Not sure if I believe that he checked out while at USC. Just hearsay.

    The first to worst: Definitely cannot predict many things that may happen, including injuries. I actually think the Chiefs are more over confident than the Lions. Dallas is definitely a wild card. No contract deal for Dak yet and we all know this is McCarthy’s last season with them. Trey Lance could be their lead QB this season.