“There’s Not A Minute Wasted With Him”

June 19th, 2024

Bucs offensive line coach Kevin Carberry.

Another nugget telling Joe there’s been a significant change at One Buc Palace.

Joe keeps hearing about how offensive line coach Kevin Carberry is a taskmaster commanding a lot of respect. He replaced co-offensive line coaches Joe Gilbert and Harold Goodwin. They moved their ugly running game brand of teaching to the Panthers.

Gilbert and Goodwin were tough guys, but Joe keeps finding more and more evidence that Carberry is tougher and more detailed.

Right tackle Luke Goedeke chimed in last week and cracked a grin similar to others when they speak of the former Saints and Rams O-line coach.

“Yeah, he pushes us hard in individual and team and everything,” Goedeke said. “There’s not a minute wasted with him.”

Goedeke added that Carberry is “a great guy, fun guy, always comes to work and has something interesting to say every day.”

Barring a Robert Hainsey miracle or an injury, the Bucs will have two new starters on their offensive line this season. Perhaps they’ll have five starters with a jacked up sense of purpose.

19 Responses to ““There’s Not A Minute Wasted With Him””

  1. Dave Pear Says:

    Sometimes I thought the ginormous coaching staff concept was more of a mistake than a smart design. Having one guy to coach the line as a unit sounds better than separate coaching for tackles and guards – and apparently the center got left out.

    LFG- the evolution of Todd.

  2. Boss Says:

    goedke, wirfs, barton, and numerous gaurd options…none of which are slouches.

    If this OL is not top notch it is because of coaching… OR bake staring down mike until the OL breaks down and the other WR routes are finished and bake is running around…..just like last year.

    so, a lot is on bake and coaching….we have the OL talent. If they do not shine tell bake to see the hole and deliver and stop stressing the OL.

  3. JimBobBuc Says:

    i was a little concerned when Cars was hired as he had only 1 season as head OL coach at the Rams. But looking deeper, he’s worked with Bill Callahan and Doug Marrone. I also like that Cars and Pic have specialized in run game blocking in the past. I hope Jensen is still around to help Barton.

  4. Buddha Says:

    Good point David Pear. The hole was greater than the sum of its parts.

  5. Bakerfan Says:

    Boss. Anyone ever tell you how full of crap you are?

  6. Dude Says:


    4 Years coaching under David Shaw is nothing to sneeze at either. Coached OL and was run game coordinator there. Shaw inherited that team from Jim Harbaugh after being his OC and we know coach Harbaugh likes to pound the rock.

    The deeper you dive into Carberrys’ background the more you see he’s had to coach a position group and usually had some type of hand in the run game. That’s a good guy to have in the circle for Coen to lean on in efforts to getting this offense going.

  7. SlyPirate Says:


    RANK: 29th

    Do you have to have a potent running game?
    Do you have to know now you score points?

    Atlanta led the NFCS in rushing. They finished top 10 in the NFL. How’d that work out?

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:

    @Sly Pirate

    The only issue I have with that point, is that we went on our win streak and won a SB with a better run game than the regular season ranking.

    From week 14 forward these were our rushing yards per game:

    14- 107
    15- 51
    16- 111
    17- 94

    Wildcard – 142
    Divisional – 127
    Conference – 76
    Super Bowl – 145

    In those 8 games we were averaging like 106 YPG or what would have been 21st

    In the playoffs we averaged 122.5 yards per game, which would have ranked 13th.

    We don’t need an elite run game, but we need to be closer to average to truly unlock the offense and score in the top 5-10 IMO.

  9. Pickgrin Says:

    I for one was glad when our former OLine coaches jumped ship to swim to Charlotte so they could continue coaching with Mr positivity….

    Seems to me everyone the last couple years put all the coaching blame for the terrible running attack on Leftwich and Canales – while the “run game coordinator” never seemed to be held responsible for lack of better scheming.

  10. BillyBucco Says:

    I agree with Cornelius. If you remember the commentators even said this team CAN run the ball when they WANT to. They just scored at will almost passing the ball and points win. They were balanced when they needed to be in the playoffs.
    Last years team WAS better down the stretch too. But NOT near where they NEED to be.
    I just wonder if the running game is better, do people point to Bucky or an improvement to the O Line. Or maybe even Coen? The O line will be my choice

  11. geno711 Says:

    I hope you are correct in this hype of Carberry being tougher and more detailed than the last guys.

    This is the coach on the Bucs that I am most concerned about. He has never been the main OL coach in the pros or even college.

    All good to have nice sayings or seem cocky at practice. When it comes to understanding what needs to be done to win offensive line battles in the NFL, well he has just too much inexperience to feel comfortable in that.

    Hope we found a gem. Kinda, guess we found a below average coach.

  12. Buchen61 Says:

    Yeah I don’t think we need a “bigger” run game to be more effective we just need to be more efficient with what we have. If we can start to be more efficient with runs between the tackles a lot of other things will fall into place.

  13. Scotty Mack Says:

    I’m far more interested in seeing the Bucs up there yardage per carry numbers than yardage per game. As long as when you DO run, it’s to be respected, it creates more space in the passing game. This IS a passing league now, after all, and few, if any, teams can match the Bucs in pass receiving options.

  14. Dude Says:

    “He has never been the main OL coach in the pros or even college.“

    From 2018 to 2022 Carberry was the OL coach at Stanford & for the LA Rams. That’s primary OL coach experience at both levels in a 4yr span.

  15. Defense Rules Says:

    Lord C … We don’t need an elite run game, but we need to be closer to average to truly unlock the offense and score in the top 5-10 IMO.’

    Yea verily. Last season Bucs ranked #23 in rushing attempts (439) and #19 in passing attempts (568). Factor in 40 sacks (presumed passing attempts) and we ran on 41.9% of our 1047 total plays.

    Interestingly Bucs ranked #17 in total passing yardage (a tad better than our #19 pass attempts ranking), BUT we ranked #32 in total rushing yardage (MUCH worse than our #23 rushing attempts ranking). It would seem safe to assume that our running game dragged down our passing game last year. It wasn’t that we didn’t run enough, it was that we sucked at it (far too often wasted a down because we didn’t get much yardage out of it?).

    The NFL offense passing stats seem to bear that out in 1 category in particular: 1st down running attempts. Bucs passed it on 1st down on 33.1% of our passing attempts (we ranked #18 in the NFL in that category BTW … mid-pack). Of the 17 teams who had a LOWER 1st down passing attempt percentage, only 2 of the 17 above us made the playoffs (they passed LESS percentage-wise on 1st down than we did). Of the 14 teams who passed MORE percentage-wise on 1st down than we did, 11 made the playoffs. They all had better rushing attacks than we did also.

    It seems that if the Bucs could improve the effectiveness of our running game (not necessarily more attempts but certainly a higher YPC average) AND use the passing game more ‘creatively’ our offense would do far better. We pigeon-holed ourselves too much last year, and need to think outside the box better.

  16. heyjude Says:

    Hearing Goedeke say that Carberry pushes them and there isn’t a minute wasted with him says volumes.

  17. BucU Says:

    I look forward to another stellar season from Carolina. I think they double their wins from last year!

  18. Gipper Says:

    O Line is bound to be better this year. The start of solving a problem is acknowledging you have one. Bucs have done this. Might not be readily apparent in early games but believe the O line will develop quickly.

  19. garro Says:

    Show me Coach Carberry!

    Goodwin should have been gone with Leftnut. Gilbert is a legend Joe!

    Go Bucs