The Bucs And Baker Mayfield

June 19th, 2024

Baker Mayfield

Over at BSPN, Seth Walder, a guy who never met a number he didn’t like, decided to go over every meaningful NFL transaction to determine which teams had the best and worst offseason.

Overall, Walder gave Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht a “B” grade. If Walder had a quibble with Licht’s moves, it was with — guess who? — Baker Mayfield.

While Walder fairly gave Mayfield props for a strong 2023 season, he’s no fan of Mayfield. Simply put, Walder believes Licht should have offered Mayfield another prove-it deal.

Ball out again and prove last season wasn’t a blip, then you pay him.

… Though he had a bounce-back season in which he ranked 18th in QBR, there’s a reason Tampa Bay was able to sign Mayfield a year ago for just one year at $4 million. If the Bucs had guaranteed something like $27 million — what Geno Smith got a year ago — would anyone have topped that? I would have liked to have seen Mayfield do it again.

Joe sees Walder’s point but there’s a difference between 2023 and 2024. Mayfield totally bottomed out in 2022. That’s why he was had for $4 million plus incentives last year.

In March, Mayfield was coming off a career-year and maybe a few plays away from getting the Bucs to the NFC title game. As desperate as teams are for quarterbacks, you can’t tell Joe that Mayfield’s agent didn’t receive phone calls/texts from other teams.

Joe doesn’t believe Mayfield’s contract is outrageous. Yeah, Licht has proven over the years he has a good gauge of the market.

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42 Responses to “The Bucs And Baker Mayfield”

  1. Dom Says:

    This was a very fair contract. Baker showed flashes he can be the guy but needs to be more consistent. He got the average QB contract for an average QB and it’s basically only a two year deal with a team option for a third year. Didn’t kill the bank and with flexibility to quickly move on. Still getting a laugh out of the dorks in here that demanded we pay him 40-50M on a long term deal

  2. Mike Says:

    Teams continue to overpay QB’s in general. I think it was a fair deal for both the Bucs and Mayfield.

  3. PowerOfPewter Says:

    Considering what QBs are paid now, Mayfield is a fair bargain. Even if he could have been signed for another 1-year ‘prove-it’ deal, once he again proves it his market value would be close to $50M/yr. BucsLicht did good to sign him for $33M/yr, and Mayfield finally gets his payday with enough spare to pay his supporting cast. Fair all around.

  4. Marky Mark Says:

    Baker looks like an extra soldier in a Vietnam war movie.

  5. Please Says:

    Licht did the gentleman’s prove-it deal. 3 years with the third being an option, at $30m/year, doesn’t disrespect your player.

    This is why he is GM and Walder is a data-analyst; he doesn’t obviously doesn’t understand the importance of relationships.

  6. Craig Says:

    The salary is cheap, so far. It all depends on Mayfield and this season. He has never had back to back great seasons. He had a mediocre season after his other good season. He has to break free from that and play well, otherwise he will an over-paid, mediocre QB.

    I have hope he can do it, but I have to see it.

  7. Chad Says:

    Bakers deal was good for all sides, offensive line is better, the running game will be better, baker will have more time in the pocket, he will be allowed to choose between 2 or three audibles at the line, Godwin is back at the slot. Its all looking up

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Meh if he did another ‘prove it deal’ at $27m-30m, then we’d be looking at $27-30m this year and then $50-55m+ next year if he plays well.

    The contract was perfect for the situation IMO. Weird thing to nitpick at. Especially after seeing what Cousins got.

    He’s the 17th highest paid QB… that seems totally fair and if anything a bargain seeing some of the names above him like Carr/Cousins/Daniel Jones/etc

  9. Harold Stone Says:

    First off I would like to say that I LOVE ❤️ your website..along time Buccaneers fans since the Tony Dungee days, when they were in the same division as Green Bay,Minnesota,Detroit and Chicago.. I would drive to Minneapolis to watch them play against the vikings.. Doug Martin (Thursday night/🥳) anyway..The experts are picking the Falcons NOT because of Kurt cousins .. but because the Falcons are playing 12 teams that BetMGM predicted WONT win fewer than 8 games including all the division games/plus the Broncos,Raiders,Commanders,Giants,Steelers,Vikings & SeaHawks..Four teams that finish .500 or better they’re Chiefs,Eagles,Cowboys & Chargers. The Falcons get three of those Four @ HOME

  10. Bakerfan Says:

    Everyone is always smarter than the guy making the deal and writing the check. These guys actually would not ever have a winning team just a team made up of spares

  11. LetsBucs Says:


    I mean neither has Trevor Lawrence. And he’s now the NFL’s most highest QB.

    In fact Baker had a better record and 17 more TD’s at the same point in his career with less games played.

    As for Walder: Geno is literary the only QB contract he could have picked since any other established player earns more. Baker is the 17th best paid QB in the NFL with his new contract which in addition has a team friendly structure. Finding any complaint in this is madness, never mind making it *the thing to pick on*.

    Our off-season literary hinged on this deal as well. Without it Mike’s gone for example. Gave us a QB + the financial flexibility to resign everyone.

  12. Dave Pear Says:

    It is astonishing that the QB who looks most like Geezahag Bundchen is now the highest paid QB in the league. Go back and rewatch the Bucs destroy him and the Jags offense. One of the few times Todd’s defense dominated (and even then there were egregious coverage busts).

    The dude is more like JaMiss Winston than anyone, and JaMiss is now backing up the Perv on the league’s worst franchise. Hilarious.

  13. First Name Greatest Says:

    Baker is a bargain for his production even if Ira can’t admit or see that

  14. Smashsquatch Says:

    If Bake just performs at average, his deal will be viewed as shrewd. If he balls out, it’s a three year steal.

  15. Boss Says:

    both sides eft something on the table=fair deal.

    still not sold bake is the next great qb, but at least they got a discount.

    we will be drafting a qb next year.. AND WR.

    we might have a high draft pick, so there’s that!

  16. JimBobBuc Says:

    It’s silly season for football writers. So many of them don’t talk to the players or coaches and have nothing to write about.

  17. catcard202 Says:

    At this point, Baker’s deal looks very reasonable vs the new market rate for QB1’s…With only $6.9M against the cap in 2024…So, it’s a good deal…Until it isn’t.

    If he balls out…It’s a win for the FO.
    If he plays at a top15-20 QB1 rating…It’s in-line with his coin.
    If he regresses…There’s a 2025 out clause baked into the contract.

  18. dls5492 Says:

    It’s a fair deal for both sides. The Bucs were right to get it done sooner rather than later. If the Bucs did another “prove it” deal, as Walder’s suggested, and if Baker has another solid season (which I think He will), then next year’s contract will be really expensive. The longer a team waits, it just get more expensive.

  19. westernbuc Says:

    Baker was underpaid last year and over performed. Trying to get him to do another “prove-it” deal is bad for business. Not only would he just have gone to Atlanta or Vegas, players and agents would’ve noticed.

    Baker proved it. Every writer saying otherwise should have their keyboard taken from them.

  20. heyjude Says:

    Their deal was great for both sides. Licht did a good job. The money for Trevor is insane.

  21. Let ‘em bake Says:

    I like was Please said. The third year is a respect move. To be fair to Trevor Lawrence, he was ballin last year until injuries hit him. I stated the Carr deal was what I thought baker would get, but I had no qualms with his deal. If he has a monster year this year…a possible early extension may be on the table. 30 tds, 8 picks, 4500 yards.. 9-8. Deep play off run.

  22. Buc4evr Says:

    Walder is an idiot and a moron. There are teams out there that would have signed Baker for a lot more than the Bucs did if Jason tried to give Baker’s agent another prove it offer after Baker proved it last season. It’s not fair dealing to induce a player with a prove it offer, only to come back the next season with another prove it offer. Just ludicrous that so called football experts write such garbage.

  23. JustVisiting Says:

    If Baker had agreed to come back for another prove-it year (a big if), and he proved it, imagine the price he would have commanded next year. And that’s if he wasn’t pissed off enough to go somewhere else for the same big $.

  24. KABucs Says:

    Agree with most comments above:
    (1) Baker would have gone elsewhere for a larger/longer contract if we weren’t offering what we offered. Being a place he learned to love with team mates that accepted himbwith open arms is why he was fairly inexpensive. I truly believe he could’ve made more elsewhere. He’s doing what Brady did in NE, allowing the Bucs to keep talent at other positons. Jax and AZ will feel the pain of those two contracts on guys they hope become worth it… because they weren’t last season.
    (2) See above. Bakers contract was half of what T. Lawrence’s is. Based on potential… but Freeman & Winston had the P word.
    Trevor’s 2023 stats:
    4,016 yds – 21 TDs – 14 Ints – 88.5 passer rating

  25. KABucs Says:

    … but Trevor is tall and fast and has golden flowing locks…

  26. Booger Says:

    It was a fair deal for both. It was at the top end of my walking away price tho. I’d much rather been more around that $90MIL including all incentives, and I believe Licht prob pretty easily could’ve gotten closer to there, IF he had wanted to play hardball. But (and I agreed at the time), there is something to be said about (as someone else stated above) ‘relationships’ and also showing trust in someone that you believe he is THE GUY! It’s like the happy wife – happy life ordeal… Especially at THAT position. You want your starting QB and team leader to be happy, confident, and feeling appreciated. I believe he went out there last season and earned it. The market was NOT what some people want to make themselves believe it was for Baker. It just wasn’t. Anything more than what he got would only had been us bidding against ourselves. There was no other team out there looking or willing to hand BAKER some huge monster contract. Name ONE, then… Absolutely NOT the Broncos (Peyton wanted a rookie to mold into the next Drew Brees and they didn’t have the CAP to begin with, after eating Russ), & STOP-IT about the Steelers. The Vikings wanted to start over fresh through the draft with a young guy to pair with Jefferson… IF they really wanted to PAY-UP $40MIL+ preseason on a long term deal, then they would’ve re-signed Cousins. Period. End of Story. It just did not exist. There was nowhere else, for Baker. And, he really didn’t wanna go anywhere else anyway, I wouldn’t think!? We were prob only bidding against ourselves to begin with, but as I said above, you wanna do good by the team and Ol’ Bake. And, that is WHY it is essentially, just a 2-year deal that we can very easily move-on from if need be… One-Year, if we had to.

  27. siant141 Says:

    Booger. Atlanta dude. Atlanta

  28. WyomingJoe Says:

    So sad yet hilarious that many of “fans” on this site keep underestimating Baker without truly examining why he’s had inconsistency in his career. Baker has yet to reach his ceiling. Stay tuned.

  29. Bucs4EverMore Says:

    Baker Lit a Fire of Enthusiasm and Togetherness with Our Team! It Will Bigger and Brighter, with Intense Energy. Go Bucs!

  30. Buchen61 Says:

    Only the libtards over at efpn use qbr….I’m sure to put Mayfield in the worst ranking they could find.

  31. Buchen61 Says:

    Listen to Wyoming Joe…best is yet to come.

  32. Zoocomics Says:

    What we haven’t talked about is the reckoning that’s going to happen on some of these ridiculous QB contracts. Ask Denver how they’re liking it.

    1 of 2 things will happen with these inflated contracts…1. you live with your QB good or bad until that contract expires, or 2. you trade him, and you’re paying that other team to take your starting QB. These QBs will not be traded with the receiving team good with acquiring their current deal.

  33. Larrd Says:

    Baker Derangement Syndrome strikes again. Licht made a great signing. Best QB situation in the division, by far.

  34. GoneGator Says:

    Baker undoubtedly backs up last year’s success and exceeds it statistically, and with wins this upcoming season!

    I’ve been watching this dude since he turned pro. He’s got a cannon arm, he smart, he’s got the “it” factor (leadership, “the chip”, etc) and FINALLY is in a situation with some stability, security, better coaching, more talent etc.. etc..
    I think he’s 1 of the few young QB’s that would not have been destroyed by the bullsh*t that he’s dealt with since joining the league. It’s made him smarter and mentally stronger from all indications!

    Mark my words, Bakers leading the Bucs back to the promised land within 2 years
    * if the team can stay healthy, the IOL can solidify, the defense can stay good in the red zone and improve against the pass outside of the red zone, Coen knows how craft a creative, explosive offense that takes advantage of our multitude of weapons – all of which I’m optimistic about 🙂

  35. Farmer Says:

    It’s laughable to see the money that is being given to QBs right now and yet still hold the opinion that giving Baker a 33m a year contract was anything other than the correct decision. If the Bucs offered him another “prove it” deal then he would likely be on another teams roster right now making 40m a year.

  36. Booger Says:

    Siant141 – Did you seriously not know that they SIGNED COUSINS, right!? IF they wanted Baker, then they would’ve SIGNED BAKER. And, for much LESS. The signed Cousins. FIRST. They had their choice. It’s not some major coincidence that Baker immediately signed with the Bucs AFTER Cousins signed with the Falcons. It wasn’t the other way around, where Baker signed with the Bucs first, BEFORE Cousins signed with the Falcons. Come on man, wake up! Or, just admit it. It was very plain to see as long as you weren’t looking through your ‘rose colored’ Baker galasses.

  37. Booger Says:

    Nobody is “underestimating” Baker. I said it was the right move. I’m only stating the facts about his market value. Don’t shoot the messenger. And, hate to break it to y’all, but this still is mostly a “prove-it” deal. One they can walk away from scot free after year TWO, & can get out of very easily after just ONE. People wanna act like he had all of these options and that there were a dozen teams out there clamoring to pay big money for him. That was just far from the case. And, that is WHY he got what he got.

  38. Gipper Says:

    Saw Baker in single game in Cleveland complete 22 straight passes. He did something similar with LA. Baker just needs like all QB’s time to throw. When he gets it, he is very accurate. New OC will not be as predictable. Hopefully, he will use the passing game to set up the running game rather than the Canales approach.

  39. Bakersbucs says Says:

    Welcome back Wyoming joe,don’t bother reading booger head post they r worthless

  40. garro Says:

    Good thing BSPN and Walder don’t get any say so on what Jason and his folks do. Huh Joe?

    We would have beat Atlanta to a Gimpy QB and the world would be laughing.

    Go Bucs!

  41. Oneilbuc Says:

    😂 you guys go waay and beyond about Baker Mayfield lol 🤣🤣 I guess he’s a hall of famer now according to some of y’all. Man you guys can’t even be reasonable about Baker Mayfield. I guess Baker ball out all 17 games last year man I the season can’t get here any faster.

  42. Oneilbuc Says:

    Wyoming. Justin Fields was in a worse situation than any quarterback that came the past 7 years. And people blame him for Chicago losing those games and he didn’t have nothing at runningback or receiver with a trash defense and you talk about Baker Mayfield situations who had Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, a good I line with good receivers and a good TE ok lol 🤣🤣. Baker has 18 td with 17 picks 2 years ago but none of it was his fault. Look Baker ain’t winning a super bowl here with the bucs. And it’s not like you can’t win one with him but after drafting Bucky Irvin mean they are going to throw the ball to much just like they did in Cleveland. Baker can’t put a offence on his back and win games. He’s a game manager just like Nick Foles did and Brad Johnson.