Special Day Coming For Rachaad White

June 19th, 2024

Joe hopes Team Glazer hears about this.

Why? Because it speaks to what it’s like to be a common fan.

Buccaneers running back Rachaad White loves Kansas City, Missouri. He grew up there and he speaks highly of his hometown where he was a high school superstar. White also talks about how he was a huge Chiefs fan as a kid. In fact, White’s high school is just 12 miles from Arrowhead Stadium.

But guess what? White has never been to a Chiefs home game, so he told Starcade media during an interview earlier this year.

White dropped that nugget while talking about how he’s very much looking forward to his first-ever trip to Arrowhead when the Bucs face the Chiefs there in November.

This is a great example of why Joe often lobbies for the Bucs to do whatever they can to expose fans to the team in person — whether it be opening training camp practices to the general public, having a free practice at The Licht House or keeping game-ticket prices affordable (at least for some games).

Joe wonders what obsessed Bucs fan is a budding young NFL talent in the Tampa Bay area but has never been to a Bucs game? It would almost seem criminal if that young man exists.

17 Responses to “Special Day Coming For Rachaad White”

  1. BucOff813 Says:

    He has been to a Chiefs game. I seen’t it!

  2. TiredBucsFan Says:

    I’ve been a fan since the Bucs have existed. I’ve had season tickets 2005-2009, 2022-2024. I had to cancel my tickets after this season. The cost is just too high, even though we have some of the lowest ticket prices supposedly. Inflation is taking away entertainment money, but so are these crazy ticket prices.

  3. OMFS Says:

    Raymond James is too darn hot!

  4. Joseph C Simmons Says:

    Agreed with TiredBucsFan.

    Was a season ticket holder 1995-2009 then again in 2021. Can’t do it now. Prices too high, income not keeping up.

  5. ^^mtn^^ Says:

    Yes, another RW article!


    “I gotta have more cowbell!” -Bruce Dickinson

    ey Joe,

    hows about some articles on another RW?

    Like, say, Rachel Watson?

  6. D-Rome Says:

    I remember reading years ago (on this site) about a Bucs rookie player who’s first NFL Sunday experience was the game he was playing in.

  7. Boss Says:

    On the Chiefs he would be a 1,500 YD RB.

  8. heyjude Says:

    How sad Rachaad never was able to see his team play and he lived right near the stadium. This happens so much. Agree with Joe. So many kids that play and love football never get to see an NFL game or practice in person. There has to be more chances for that to happen.

  9. Zoocomics Says:

    My buddy who’s been watching the Bucs since their inception, used to get free tickets through the boys and girls club, I heard you could get free tickets at Kash n’ Karry in the 80’s, probably 90’s as well, until the new stadium was built. The old sombrero had 74K seats. 10K more than RayJay right now, and they couldn’t sell out a home game at the sombrero during the “black-out” rule era despite giving tickets away for free. Not sure if a study was ever done on whether the “black-out” rule ever accomplished what it was intended for, but I think the rule hurt more than it helped Tampa regarding introducing new fans to the Bucs. Albeit, the team had some really rough years, so maybe not a ton of fans, but perhaps a bit more. That potentially could have led to filling more stadiums actually, which is what the black out rule was intended to do. You really have to love your team’s football, in order for the Black Out rule to force you into going to a game. We think the RayJay game experience is bad now dealing with the elements at 1 pm. Imagine the metal benches in the sombrero.

  10. Mike C Says:

    Can we have some more people complaining about the price of going to a NFL game, that would be great 👍.

  11. Crickett Baker Says:

    I saw lots of Buc’s games. I volunteered to work in the stands selling hot dogs, etc. I was only needed during halftime and before the games. Other times, I was watching Alstott, Bell, Batman, etc.

  12. BucU Says:

    Like the NFL suits care about whether some unfortunate local kids ever got to see an NFL practice or game. That’s #6,295,275 on the list of concerns.

  13. Tampa2ATL Says:

    My parents were too poor to do anything – even with tickets freely given away in the parking lots before games in the Culverhouse era. To be fair, didn’t learn this until much later in life. Anyhow, I remember a Bucs player coming to our school Twin Lakes Elementary. Thought it was the coolest day ever.

  14. Ed Says:

    Ray Jay needs a makeover like the Dolphins did. Build out a motorized shading system to block the sun that bakes the upper decks. Put in some state of the art fans to keep the air moving. Sept/October 1:00PM games are unbearable to sit in a seat for 4 hours without clouds or shade.

    The NFL and the owners have to make it a more enjoyable experience to keep the fans at the games. The also need to add AC to the bathrooms and add more of them.

  15. teacherman1983 Says:

    I’ve never understood why we don’t line the outside of the stadium with huge fake palm trees.

    Why can’t we get more shade over the stadium using trees? Real of artificial?

    Even build a huge state of the art Arab Tent over the entire stadium.

    Like Dubai. The Glazers are Hebrews. Abraham, Jacob and Josef all lived in tents.

    The ancient Hebrews lived like Arab nomads.

  16. Mad mikey Says:

    We need a domed stadium in Tampa.

  17. garro Says:

    Wow that makes me wonder if KC does any work with the cities young people at all. A high school star? Never been to arrowhead? Something don’t quite make sense there.

    Go Bucs!