Bucs’ Offense Could Be Sneaky Good

June 18th, 2024

A thirst for offense.

When Joe reads one of the many reasons why #NFLMedia thinks Bucs quarterback Baker Mayfield will drag down the team, one common naysyer claim is that Mayfield has never had consecutive strong seasons.

OK, Joe doesn’t deny that, and does Joe not deny Mayfield could regress this season. He had a career year last year. Just by simple math, a regression wouldn’t be a shock.

That doesn’t mean Mayfield will bottom out, however. “Regression” just means fewer yards or completions or touchdowns.

One guy not ready to claim the Bucs will nosedive because of Mayfield is Albert Breer of, the longtime NFL insider.

Breer believes the Bucs might be a sneaky good offense this fall.

Like the Eagles, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had the need to get younger the past few years, and the spring showed signs that it’s happening. And that starts at a pretty exciting spot—receiver. The Bucs already have, and have had, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin at the position. But the former turns 31 in August, the latter is 28, and as reliable as they’ve been (Evans has 10 consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, Godwin’s hit the mark in four of his last five), it’s not going to last forever. Which is where Jalen McMillan and Trey Palmer come in.

Palmer flashed his big-play ability as a rookie, playing in every game, starting six, and hitting for a 56-yard touchdown in the Bucs’ playoff win over the Eagles. He took another step over the past couple of months, along with the third-rounder McMillan (like seemingly every player coming from the Washington offense into the NFL this spring), who was outstanding in his early work.

Add to that improvements on the interior of the line—second-year guard Cody Mauch put on 15 or so pounds of good weight this offseason, and rookie center Graham Barton was a middle-of-the-fairway first-round pick who should transition quickly—and Baker Mayfield and OC Liam Coen will have a pretty intriguing unit to work with in training camp.

Well, right off the bat the Bucs should get better production from Chris Godwin because he will be back at slot. Joe isn’t sure what departed offensive coordinator Dave Canales was thinking moving Godwin to the outside.

Late last year, Joe thought Cade Otton had turned the corner. No, he will never be foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski when it comes to blocking but it sure seems like his strong last few games of the 2023 season have carried over to this past offseason.

With Trey Palmer, Joe hopes new Bucs offensive coordinator Liam Coen uses him more for short passes. Since he’s so damn quick getting out of his route, get him the ball since he’s open right away and let those wheels take over like he did against the Eagles in the playoffs.

Joe has more faith in Coen the Canales when it comes to opening up the offense and seeing that guys max out their skillsets.

If this rookie Jalen McMillan is all that, the Bucs could have a dangerous offense once again.

45 Responses to “ Bucs’ Offense Could Be Sneaky Good”

  1. Beeej Says:

    Unlike most of the others, THIS guy actually knows a little about the team

  2. Dude Says:

    All the fans assuming Coen is going to be some dramatic upgrade over Canales right out the gate are going to be the same fans that are going to hang him out to dry the moment they see something from him they don’t like.

    I’m going to stay cautiously optimistic. Also super interested in Coens’ connection to Ryan Day & Mark Whipple in his coaching career well before he met Sean McVay, tho I know that’s the closest coaching tree to tie Liam to it should be noted he’s worked under some other reputable football minds.

  3. Boss Says:

    I do not see this OC doing much different than the last. Short of Brady we have never had a great qb. Brady, Garcia then brad…..the rest have been meh.

    Garcia saw the field and mad stuff happen brad knew his role and delivered as a pocket passer…..they rest..not sure what they were or want to be.

    It all hinges on bake seeing more than just Evans

  4. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘Joe has more faith in Coen opening up the offense and seeing that guys max out their skillsets more than Joe did with Canales.’

    So do I Joe. Canales was AROUND some very good play-callers in his career, but he himself had very limited experience designing plays & deciding what to call at what time. Coen’s got considerably more experience along those lines. Plus he’s at least got some familiarity & experience with Baker from the Rams’ 2022 season.

    Just based on the changes we made this off-season, our OLine HAS TO improve over what we fielded last year. Our RB position group SHOULD be stronger, as well as our TE group. Despite our inexperience at DE/OLB, our defense SHOULD do at least as well as it did last season, and improve in 1 area in particular: TAKEAWAYS. That helps the offense too, big-time.

    Bucs have an excellent chance IMO of finishing 10-7 or better, winning the NFC South, and doing some damage in the playoffs. Personally don’t feel like we’re in the ‘elite’ category yet, but this year SHOULD put us a lot closer to that goal.

  5. Bucben61 Says:

    Boss spreading his negativity and misinformation early today.

  6. heyjude Says:

    Thank you for sharing. This was a solid SI article by Breer.

    It is a great offense unit to work with. All in on Coen. Palmer is only 23 and still growing. This could be his year too.

  7. garro Says:

    Wow another guy who somehow did his homework before spouting off on the Bucs. Amazing! Breer from SI no less.

    However those that are positive that Baker has reached his ceiling I think are wrong. Plenty of room for Baker to improve. Second year in a similar offense? Great weapons all around him? Better O line and running game? It would be amazing to me if he doesn’t put up better numbers.

    Go Bucs!

  8. Towered Says:

    Ok, so the guy hasn’t had back to back strong seasons. Why would that mean it will happen again? It’s just as likely to say that he’s due for success at this point.

    I don’t think his up and down career says anything about his future ability. He has matured as a QB and is in a more stable situation.

  9. A Bucs Fan Says:

    If the Bucs offense can stay healthy they will average 6 points more per game over last season. Easy.

  10. Booger Says:

    Breer seems to be one of the more serious analysts, who doesn’t just spew secondhand information, by regurgitating weak empty narratives from the douchebag blowhard crowd.

  11. PowerOfPewter Says:

    2 days ago SI said Mayfield would regress this season. I don’t know why anyone pays attention to that click bait rag.

  12. Trey Says:

    I love how every single time Joe posts Liam it’s with him and that damn water bottle 🤣🤣

  13. BillyBucco Says:

    I noticed that too lol.
    We really haven’t heard from him much!!!

  14. Alanbucsfan Says:

    NFC Final 4: Lions, Bucs, Packers, Rams /49ers

  15. Gene Says:

    Boss says:” it all hinges on Baker seeing more than just Evans”

    Why open your mouth at all if thats what comes out?! Evan set new career playoff highs and again went over 1000 yards. Godwin ALSO went over 1000 yards and Baker sometimes targeted 6 receivers in a game! Everyone has an opinion but that one wasn’t valid, useful, or observant! If they dont have Baker in 2023, the BUCS were going nowhere! What were they going to do…run the ball?! ROFL! A non mobile QB like Cousins or Wilson would’ve got killed last year! Baker was PERFECT for Tampa last year and while You’re wiping the crap off Bradys rear for him, try remembering that with almost the exact same squad, Brady got his hat handed to him by Dallas the year before…DALLAS! 😆😂🤣Try pulling your head out long enough to give credit when its due and you might make more sense. If you appreciated anything you’d find enough guts to just say “thank you.” You’re the latest in a long line talking about how great Brady was( and its true) but when Baker plays better for a season with the same squad you puke on your shoes! If its great when one guy gets the field mopped with him by Dallas, then how exceptional was Baker in 2023?! You doubters and haters have to find some consistency if you expect to be taken seriously! 🤣 By the way, Baker became the first Tampa Bay passer ever to throw for 300-plus yards and at least three touchdowns in a playoff game this year and he did it twice! Mayfield’s final passer rating for the 2023 playoffs is 106.3, based on a 62.3% completion rate, 8.9 yards per attempt and 6-2 TD-INT ratio. That’s the highest passer rating by any quarterback with at least 25 attempts in Bucs postseason history. His yards per attempt (8.9) and touchdown percentage (7.8%) are also new team postseason records.

    Highest Career Passer Rating, Buccaneers Postseason History (min. 25 attempts)

    Baker Mayfield: 106.3
    Tom Brady: 89.8
    Brad Johnson: 66.5
    Jeff Garcia: 60.5

    Most Career Touchdown Passes, Buccaneers Postseason History

    Tom Brady: 15
    Baker Mayfield: 6
    Brad Johnson: 5

    Id say Bakers off to a pretty good start here and looking forward to seeing this team in 2023. Go BUCS!

  16. heyjude Says:

    @Trey and BillyBucco – I was thinking the same thing with the water bottle. Healthy to be hydrating so much in the hot sun!

    @Gene – Agreed, Baker was the best QB to come in after Brady. Those stats don’t lie and he hasn’t been in the NFL as long as the others listed. And Baker has already had eight coaches/six seasons as QB and still perseveres. He is definitely off to a great start with the Bucs and they all love and respect him too.

  17. Boss Says:

    so, what we can’t post unless it rah rah bucs rule?

    I post positive stuff as well. check yo stats.

  18. Dude Says:

    “Godwin ALSO went over 1000 yards and Baker sometimes targeted 6 receivers in a game!”

    Bragging about a QB targeting 6 different WRs in a game lets you know how mid that QB is because you have to blow something as simple as targeting variation to make it seem like he’s doing more than he actually is.

    Mentioning Tom Brady, when you as a 28 yr old had a slightly better statstical season than a 45 yr old legend you’ll never ever compare to is not a flex lol

  19. SlyPirate Says:

    Boss Says:
    I do not see this OC doing much different than the last.


    You think he’s going to run up the A Gap every 1st down even with a stacked box?
    Bowles and Baker have remarked Baker has more audibles.

    You don’t think Godwin will have a better year?
    This article and several others have discussed moving Godwin back to the slot.

    You think we’ll have the 32nd ranked rushing attack?
    Graham Barton, bigger Mauch, 2 new LG options, Bucky Irving.

    Nothing, huh? Me neither. Exactly the same.

  20. Dave Pear Says:

    I predict the Italian Dessert will fade in the rear view mirror as Todd demands more production and points from Coen, and Baker is given more freedom to adjust the final gameplan and at the LOS.

    11 or 12 wins coming.

  21. geno711 Says:

    When you’re looking at regression, it’s not just regression. Oh no, it’s something way more special. It’s regression to the mean.

    Regression to the mean! It’s more like saying, “Hey, you thought you were exceptional? Guess what? You’re going back to your average self!” It’s life’s way of saying, “Don’t get too cocky, Joe!”

    One minute you’re flying high, the next minute, BAM! You’re back in the middle of the pack. It’s nature’s little reminder that no matter how far you swing, you’re always gonna come back to what you did in most of your past NFL life.

  22. Lou. Says:

    @Boss — You may not have seen Doug Williams in his prime but that was a sight to behold. Strong doesn’t begin to describe the arm. Tough — played with his broken jaw wired shut. Electric — so a game on like 5/16 passing for 188 yards. A Culverhouse casualty and a Super Bowl champion.

    On Mayfield, sometimes you have to look past the end of your nose. He was the #1 pick in the draft for a reason. He showed talent, poise, and leadership in Cleveland post-season games. He had down times with injuries and turnover, both the coaching and team kinds. There’s ability there, so coaxing top-tier results out is the next step for him — and for the Bucs.

  23. JustVisiting Says:

    I wish sportswriters and such would stop casually throwing around the term “regression”. Regression to the mean is a statistical term that requires a large sample size to mean anything. I doubt there are many players who last long enough in the NFL to have a whole season that’s a statistical outlier, and Baker certainly isn’t one of them. Regression is mostly relevant to actions that happen a lot, like shooting percentage in basketball. Baker might perform better or worse next season, but he won’t “regress”.

  24. infomeplease Says:

    Can’t wait for September!

  25. Cobraboy Says:

    Experience > Enthusiasm

    I’ll take Coen over Canales any day.

    Canales talked about a good game, but Lord, that team was sluggish in most games, especially early in the game.

    It seemed the Bucs were playing from behind all season.

  26. Permanently Moderated Says:

    It would be nice to see Baker get the chance to play in the same offense for a few seasons.

  27. infomeplease Says:

    If the O can pickup and execute the new offensive playbook early season, this will be a 30 point per game team. I for one, am looking forward to a competitive and rewarding Bucs season!

  28. Dude Says:

    Canales got a 6 year head start on Coen as an NFL employee. Canales was on an SB winning staff while Coen was coaching at Brown University lol c’mon man

  29. The daily corner Says:

    “If they can’t score, we can’t lose”. Just give me a safety or field goal. That’s Bucs Super Bowl, winning football.

  30. Dude Says:

    “Please stop conflating “career year” with “good year.” They don’t necessarily mean the same thing.”

    If your career has been mid at best, then of course it’s easy the first season you show some signs of stability in your play you can have a “career” year.
    Joe already has argued (with data) that Mayfield was better in 2020. Many Browns fans would say he was at his most impressive as a rookie. -Joe

  31. GP Says:

    I don’t think Baker has had a stable team behind him yet. Last year was the closest he has come. I believe we have improved this off season and this will be the best group he has ever played with.
    IMO, the arrow is pointing up.

  32. Marky Mark Says:

    No one is factoring in experience, learnjng from one,s mistakes, and injuries. He was younger in 2019 and hurt in 2021. If he stays healthy he will play smarter and thus better.

  33. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Did Joe take down my comment after the fact? Wow

  34. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Weak play, Joe. Why even have a comment section if you’re going to sanitize it?

    I’ve been reading your site near daily since you opened shop. I didn’t join the conversation until a couple years ago, but I’ve seen far worse posted here over the years.

    My comments may not always align with your own opinions, but they always follow the rules. Everybody around here has a different opinion about the Bucs. These threads have witnessed many a disagreement over the years. What’s different now?

  35. Dude Says:



  36. Buc1987 Says:

    Gene…yikes Boss did his job riling you up.

  37. adam from ny Says:

    i think the offense can be much more well rounded this year…

    the last couple of years it’s been kind of like we get what mike and chris give us, and whatever else we can scrape up…

    no longer the case imho…

    yeah the offense still might run primarily thru mike and chris, but the seemingly new abundance of weapons and younger guys who’ve developed some, like rb1 and otton – give this team way more weapons offensively than a year or so ago…

    the team now seems to be deeper in playmakers…well at least on paper…for now

  38. Boss Says:

    gene is on that purple drank early

  39. Tom Denham Says:

    Hey “Boss”:\

    How old are you? 25? Before you start throwing around tropes like the Bucs “have never had Brady, Brad Johnson and Jeff Garcia? Did you ever hear of a guy named Doug Williams? Vinny Testeverde wasn’t bad either. Here’s a tip for you: Never use the term “never, always, etc.” you could have said the Bucs haven’t had a lot of great quarterbacks…leave yourself a qualifier…

  40. Bakersbucs says Says:

    Alanbucfansays u listed 5 nfc finalist you ment 4 rite?

  41. Bakersbucs says Says:

    Dude says what a stupid post name really thought out moron u r post suck anyway,DUDE

  42. Bakersbucs says Says:

    I come to this post site for positivity in life negative Suck for real

  43. Bakersbucs says Says:

    Gene says that was a classic whipping of that jackass (Boss)of B’s that is

  44. SenileSenior Says:

    Baker will not “regress” but he will help the team “matriculate down the field”. 😊

    Not only that he will perform more as a field General because he will be entrusted with making decisions about which plays to execute in a given situation. This is one way that differs between how Canales and Coen do things as OCs.

  45. Urdad Says:

    Fart….oh sorry I didn’t see you guys sitting there. Psych, fart