Chris Godwin’s Dominance Underrated

June 8th, 2024

Consistently good, too.

Fans marvel at the consistency of future Hall of Fame Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans, and he sort of has overshadowed another receiver who is on a helluva streak of consistency himself.

Since former Bucco Bruce Arians took over in 2019, Chris Godwin has had 1,000 yards receiving in every year but the Bucs’ Super Bowl season. It was also the only season in which Godwin didn’t play in at least 14 games.

And the way Bucs coach Todd Bowles talked up Godwin now that he’s back to being a slot receiver — which is where Arians moved him and his hot streak began — it’s hard for Joe not to get geeked over the through of Godwin tearing up defenses again in 2024.

Godwin may be overshadowed by his future Hall of Fame teammate, but that doesn’t diminish what a value cog Godwin has been over the years.

32 Responses to “Chris Godwin’s Dominance Underrated”

  1. View from 132 Says:

    They better not let him walk. He’s got a lot of great years left in him.

  2. Dude Says:

    The most reliable set of hands on the team and there’s been no drop off since the ACL surgery, like NONE stop saying that nonsense. All that production with 3 different QBs on different points of the QB talent spectrum, Chris is that guy.

  3. Bucben61 Says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious what the bucs are going to be doing on offense and it’s not going to be run dominant…not by a long shot.Even the addition of Bucky Irving says hey we are throwing it now try and stop us.i think the run game will be better for it.

  4. Scott Says:

    Godwin deserves to be a WR1 somewhere. It doesn’t seem like he’s usually the first read and he is getting missed because Baker has to check it down with the pressure In his face.

  5. Bucben61 Says:

    I’d say Godwin is definitely on the trade watch as we speak. Can we get a Godwin for Joey Boss deal done. Herbert gets a wr1 and we get our pass rush

  6. Bucben61 Says:

    Godwin for Joey Boss….win win for everyone

  7. Dave Pear Says:

    Godwin is a great Buc. Sucks a grinder when he has to be, he loves mixing it up in the run game.

    I love Godwin.

  8. garro Says:

    Which Joe is this? I’m confused.

    Get Godwin signed sooner than later! He is our go to for critical 1st downs.

    Not to mention he is fearless over the middle. Try not to get him killed though Baker. Brady did a great job of hitting him in ways that minimized the hits…for the most part. 2022 being the exception when he was trying just to get the ball out without gertting killed himself.

    Go Bucs!

  9. Dew Says:

    I think it’s possible we trade Chris so we get something for him. Only so much money to spend.

  10. Biggun Says:

    Yeah and I’m STILL pissed the Saints defender that targeted Godwin”s knee that year and sidelined him, could have been 5 consecutive year’s over 1K

  11. Biggun Says:

    Typo 6 consecutive years!

  12. Bucnjim Says:

    Moving Godwin back to the slot and signing Shepard shows the Buc’s commitment to sustaining drives on offense. These two have been getting first downs their entire career. Throw in Cade Otton and I’m confident we will experience more scoring and better time of possession this season.

  13. geno711 Says:

    For me personally to use the word dominant for him, I would like for him to have more TD’s. He has been one of the two main receivers on the field for the bucs and the last two years is getting in the end zone 1 of every 6 games.

    I remember dominant offensive guys who have averaged essentially a TD every game.

    Valuable guy for me. Just not dominant.

  14. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    F the cheap shot taking Taint’s. They tried to end CG’s career. I hate them.

  15. Dr Says:

    Godwin may have a resurgent year in the slot but otherwise disappears in too many games. Jalen McMillan is an obvious replacement following a year of development, avoiding Godwin’s contract renewal next year, unless and until he proves to be invaluable.

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucben61 … ‘I think it’s pretty obvious what the bucs are going to be doing on offense and it’s not going to be run dominant…not by a long shot.’

    Interesting take. I personally agree with you. Todd Bowles knows better than any of us that you keep your job by winning, and you do whatever it takes to win. Despite what some say, Todd doesn’t exert undue control/influence on the Bucs’ offense IMO. Back in 2022, Leftwich (from BA’s ‘Bombs Away’ school) only ran the ball on 33.3% of Bucs’ plays. Last year, Canales increased that to 41.9%, very much in-line with what his previous team (Seattle) ran the ball while he was there (roughly 40-45% in various seasons it looks like).

    With the addition of Bucky Irving, plus what we HOPE will be a stouter OLine that’s better at run-blocking, and a new OC, I expect that the Bucs will run the ball in that same 40-45% range. Coen’s previous team (Rams) ran it on 43.6% of their plays last season. That seems to be ‘sufficient’ to keep defenses off-balance with the run game.

  17. Booger Says:

    I think the only way they trade him Dew, is if they’re already out of it at the deadline, & are like 2-6 or something. Then, that could be a good move depending on what we can get back in return… If you could get a 2nd, then I think you’d have to pull the trigger. Cause, chances are they’d be drafting a new future QB in the first round of the upcoming draft and that extra 2nd could go a long way in helping to move up. If this scenario arrives, I just hope to God that they don’t reach and draft a QB just to be drafting one, if next season’s class is weak and a potential ‘franchise-type’ QB does not exist. I would like to hope that they are patient enough to decide to wait until the next draft, while loading up on/stockpiling assets, etc. in order to do so. If that class at the top looks much better. But if everything goes accordingly to plan and the offense is explosive, with Baker and Godwin both having great years, and the team gels (etc), then I believe they will try everything in their power to resign him. And, I don’t remember very many WR’s averaging at least a TD per game… Only just a few RB’s.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    ^ Totally agree DR. Somewhere around the ~40% range seems ideal, especially if it can be more effective / efficient

  19. Crickett Baker Says:

    Chris holds the franchise record for catches in a game. In week 13, 2021, he had 15 of them in one game. He is still fantastic. If he isn’t thrown to he can’t catch.

  20. Dude Says:

    “Godwin may have a resurgent year in the slot but otherwise disappears in too many games.”


  21. Defense Rules Says:

    unbelievable … ‘especially if it can be more effective/efficient’.

    That to me is the bottom line: how effective & efficient is the run game, not how much do you run. Keep the defense off-balance & ALL plays (running AND passing) become more productive.
    Theoretically at least that SHOULD lead to more points scored, the real bottom line.

  22. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Chris is a nice #2 receiver. He’s not a number one. He has lost a step since his knee was torn up due to the cheap shot. The Bucs can’t afford to sign him for 20M+ next year. McMillan or Palmer will step up. You can’t tie all your money up in your receiver room.

  23. BootyLover Says:

    Regarding CW’s TD production, I recall him being tackled just short of the goal many, many times in his career. Not that he’s being caught from behind, but from exceptional effort trying to get there.

  24. Dude Says:

    “Chris is a nice #2 receiver. He’s not a number one. He has lost a step since his knee was torn up due to the cheap shot.“

    He caught 187 balls for 2047 yard & 5 scores with time missed in since the ACL surgery, that’s sure is pretty impressive whether he lost a step or now AND that’s split between 2 different QBs in 2 different systems. Pretty clear that much like Mike, scheme & QB really don’t matter if the opportunity is there production will be generated. This narrative that Godwin has lost anything is tiresome.

  25. Bucben61 Says:

    I have tried several times in several different threads to simply put forth the idea of a trade proposal and it keeps getting moderated into oblivion. Now that makes no sense…nothing derogatory…nothing slanderous…why would the site keep flagging a trade proposal…makes no sense Joe”s…aren’t these open forums

  26. Gipper Says:

    CG runs precise routes. If Baker gets a little more time this year, Baker will get the ball out to him in the 12-15 yard range with room to turn it up field. Reasonable to expect 6 catches per game and another 1000 yard season. A lot depends on how much the rookie WR spells CG and ME. Sort of believe rookie will be on the field for 40% of offensive snaps. Think the new OC will use the pass to establish the run, completely opposite of the Canales approach.

  27. ghost Says:

    fan of CG but where is all this cap money coming from?

    20mil+ for evans
    20mil+ for AWJ
    30mil for baker
    17mil+ for vita
    wirfs deservingly will make almost 30mil a year

    roughly 120 million, or half the salary cap, for 5 players

    CG is already making 20mil a year, doubt he is taking a cut

  28. Pablothepoolboy Says:

    Any thought of getting rid of Chris is assinine and just plain stupid. He and Evans scare the crap outta defenses and for good reason, they are the best tandem of receivers in the league PERIOD. And they’re not diva’s, they are coach’s to the young guys with no ego’s and team players all around, you don’t let those kinds of players go, not in todays NFL unless you are blown away by a trade offer. From what Joe said that Jason said about Chris I don’t think he goes anywhere. You don’t move great players. And that dirty hit, that’s an NFL screw job, thank you.

  29. Rod Munch Says:

    I too am a fan of Godwin, but I too wonder where the Bucs get the money to bring him back. If you dump Mayfield and draft someone next year, perhaps, but the Bucs pushed off nearly all of Bakers deal onto next years cap.

    To me, Godwin will need to have a monster year for the Bucs to find the money to bring him back – and I think with Todd Bowles gaining more and more control over the offense, I don’t see that happening as the Bucs will be punting a lot more than last year.

    I’d love to see Godwin have a huge year and force the Bucs hand. However the Bucs drafted the kid in the 3rd round, who’s tape reminds me a lot of Godwin, for a reason.

  30. Booger Says:

    It just depends on how the season goes. If they’re 12-5 thru that schedule and make a deep run in the playoffs, & he and the rest of the offense is explosive and lights it up, then they’ll re-sign him and make a run at it the following season. The cap is only continuing to go up. He’s already making $20MIL-per, so if he accepts another $20MIL-per, then it’s all nothing but a big wash anyway. It’s THE NFL. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Everyone else seems to find a way, & so will the Bucs, if they truly want to and are willing to part with spending the CASH. We’re not very far off and away from Championship Teams having TWO $20MIL+ Receivers on their rosters… Maybe, even THIS season.

  31. garro Says:

    Wow some of our experts have been watching….somebody else…. Lost a step? disappears? Nice #2?

    Ridiculous! Did he mess up your fantasy stats guys?

    Go Bucs!

  32. Buckeyebuckchuck Says:

    Heck yeah he’s underrated. Everybody focuses on ME, and he’s terrific. Big plays and all. But Godwin is Mr Dependable, higher catch percentage and moves the chains. The O would be screwed without either of these guys