“Overcoming Those Small Town Obstacles”

June 25th, 2024

Community servant.

Bucs guard Cody Mauch can’t hide from Joe in Harvey, North Dakota — population 1,621.

Mauch, a proud North Dakotan, was on the football field this week at a youth camp hosted by Cordell Volson, the Bengals starting guard who was a year ahead of Mauch at North Dakota State.

It’s a safe bet, Joe believes, that Volson’s NFL success — and the attention he got in before the 2022 NFL Draft, helped Mauch’s stock in 2023 when the Bucs made him a second-round pick.

The camp’s theme was about helping rural kids get training and resources usually reserved for more populated areas.

Mauch talked to the local CBS affiliate — based in Bismarck nearly 2 hours away from the camp — about how he’s excited to help kids strive for more than what might be available to them at home.

“You’re a small town guy, you get overlooked at little bit, and so I think that the kids came out and are taking the first step to just go to these camps is the first step to overcoming a lot of those small town obstacles,” Mauch said.

Mauch grew up in Hankinson, North Dakota, and that’s where his family is based. The summer camp, per Google maps, was a four-hour drive from there.

If Mauch made that drive for the kids, that makes his community service even more special.

13 Responses to ““Overcoming Those Small Town Obstacles””

  1. Irishmist Says:

    A 4 hour drive on roads that effectively have no speed limit.

  2. Dave Pear Says:

    Great dude. Jason has a roster full of great dudes. Easy to cheer for these guys.

    Thank you, Jason.

  3. Hail2dabucs Says:

    I for sure 2nd that Dave pear . Thanks to our future ring of honor GM , we have a team full of hard nosed , smart , want to work hard and get better for the love of the craft football players ! Hey Joe, I stole that from you buddy 😉 go bucs !

  4. bucs bucs bucs Says:

    Cody is a good guy, getting better. I think that we have a shot at having an excellent O-line.

  5. teacherman1983 Says:

    Guards must have a die hard attitude.

    Cappa had it. Marpet had it. Mauch has it.

    He is not scared of anyone. And he he’s lucky to play next it a psycho bully like Goedeke.

    By the end of the year, they were United.

    The right side of the line is set.

    We just a LG in round 2 next year. (Hopefully a guy with center experience)

    After the Jensen debacle. And starting Hainsey. We lost 2 years!

    I want our LG be a 2nd round pick with starting center potential in case Barton goes down.

  6. Zoocomics Says:

    So, is this guy really serious about spending his whole f-ing career without 2 front teeth, because somehow that this look identifies as something? It’s cute if this guy turns into a glass eater, but I just don’t get shi* like this. SMH.

  7. DJB Says:

    They may not have a dentist in Harvey. Plenty in Tampa, time to get some implants, Cody.

  8. BucsFan55 Says:

    Good guy, I hope he shows out.

  9. Carr911 Says:

    we already have a LG that has Starting Center potential in Hainsey. Gosh the guy gets no credit at all

  10. heyjude Says:

    This was a beautiful piece about Cody and his continued caring for his small town community. He will be a hero and great role model for all the kids there. I can bet there is so much buzz and excitement when they know he is on his way there! Good stuff.

  11. Not My NFL! Says:

    @DJB Why are you planning on dating him?? That’s his own unique look leave it alone.

  12. garro Says:

    Wow! If I didn’t already have immense respect for the Giant Ginger I most certainly would after reading this. My family is from a tiny place in rural Indiana so I can relate a bit.

    Thanks Joe!

    Go Bucs!

  13. garro Says:

    If I didn’t already have immense respect for the Giant Ginger I certainly would after reading this.

    Thanks Joe!

    Go Bucs!