“He Didn’t Have No Hee-hee, Ha-ha.”

June 29th, 2024

Todd Bowles

Todd Bowles is a man of many personas. No, Joe didn’t say “personalities.”

Bowles is reserved in front of news conference cameras and a big fan of coachspeak. But he’s often lighthearted and more open in relaxed interview settings, and funny. Heck, the man sang for Tony Dungy on national television and he does fantastic impressions.

With players, he can be quiet and wait for them to come to him if they want to hear hard truths. He also can be aggressive with players and toss around a lot of jokes and trash talk.

Fans also see a largely stoic Bowles on the sidelines, but he does have his moments of passion that aren’t always caught.

Interesting guy.

So Joe was intrigued to hear edge rusher Yaya Diaby’s take on Bowles the personality.

“When I first got there, he was really like, he didn’t have no hee-hee, ha-ha,” Diaby said of Bowles on SiriusXM NFL Radio recently. “He didn’t really laugh a lot with the guys. But he has a really good sense of humor, you know, and the more you talk to him the more you see that. And it’s really cool to see that you can have a head coach like that [who] loves the defense and loves the team. And when you really talk to him and break down defenses and break down film, he’ll crack in some jokes in there and it just makes you feel more comfortable.”

Joe’s neutral when it comes to the Bowles’ demenaor. There’s no magic formula for a head coach when it comes to his persona with fans, media and players.

17 Responses to ““He Didn’t Have No Hee-hee, Ha-ha.””

  1. Dave Pear Says:

    Let’s go Todd!



  2. WilieG Says:

    I don’t really care about a coach’s demeanor either, as long as the team is winning and players are held accountable. But I think instant accountability was needed and lacking. For example, when BA was coach, I think the O-line knew he’d be on their asses if they screwed up. He’d greet them loudly as soon as they came to the sidelines. I do believe that made them play better. It shouldn’t have, but I think it did, especially with Donovan Smith. His play slipped dramatically after BA left.

  3. David Says:

    Fans perception is irrelevant. As long as the communication is there and he’s getting through to players. One of the best defensive minds in football, I’m still on the border whether or not he’s the answer at head coach though.

  4. Hearty Dikerson Says:

    Stoicism is fine if the results are there. But this team almost always starts out slow, and it’s justifiable to wonder if the team leader’s complete lack of enthusiasm has something to do with that.

    It would also nice to see him actually communicating with players on game days. That literally never seems to happen, heck I’ve rarely even seen him open his mouth on game days.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Hearty Dickerson … ‘Stoicism is fine if the results are there. But this team almost always starts out slow, and it’s justifiable to wonder if the team leader’s complete lack of enthusiasm has something to do with that.’

    I think most football fans would agree that RESULTS are what really count. Some coaches are very demonstrative (McKay, Chucky?) while others are much more reserved (Dungy, Bowles?). John McKay went 44-88-1 here in Tampa with 4 playoff games (1 win), while Jon Gruden went 57-55 here in Tampa with 5 playoff games (3 wins). Tony Dungy went 54-42 here with 6 playoff games (2 wins), while Todd Bowles is now 17-17 in Tampa with 3 playoff games (1 win).

    Just looking at those 4 Bucs’ coaches, McKay & Gruden sport a 101-143-1 record with 9 playoff games (4 wins), while Dungy & Bowles are 71-59 with 9 playoff games (3 wins). All 4 had excellent coaching experience prior to getting the HC gig here. But nothing else is even similar: different eras, different players, different competition, even different NFL rules.

    HC ‘dancing bears’ on the sidelines don’t impress me, and ‘stoic’ HCs on the sidelines don’t bother me. Probably because I tend to believe that the OCs & DCs have a lot more influence on the games’ outcomes … once the game is underway.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Todd did a great job of holding this team together during the mid season losing streak last year.

    Canales, Baker, Evans, LD, Winfield and all the team leaders contributed – but it was the steady demeanor of the head coach that was reflected by the whole team which allowed the Buccaneers to go on a winning streak to end the season – win the NFCS and wind up 1 quarter away from playing in the conference Championship game.

  7. Rod Munch Says:

    He does these impersonations, I swear, you’d think it was the real people .

  8. OrlandoBucFAn Says:

    Defense Rules … McKay was the coach of an expansion team at a time when the NFL did not award expansion teams with extra picks and there was no free agency. The Bucs got the detritus other teams discarded. The fact that McKay got the Bucs to the NFC championship in their fourth year and then two more times after that is amazing. McKay’s record is a poor measure of his performance.

  9. RASH Says:

    Its not his persona its his mentalitty in his own words he said”we play not to lose then try to win” sounds just like another good person who was here but couldnt win… Tony Dumbgy 4 hall of famers on defense but wanted to keep it close and win in 4th quarter. A coin toss ,win it in the 1st 3 quarters. TRENT Dilfer took alot of grief here. He leaves and in 1st year in Baltimore wuns Super Bowl. In Tampa no less. Bowles has been a head coach 7 years now and is under 500% he is decent defensive coach. Not great. Remember year 2 wirh Brady. We rallied in playoff game wirh Arians…a winner…less than 2 minutes Bowles screwed up and left Cooper Kupp unguarded for bomb to lose. Why doo we keep giving him a free pass.Yes we won division couple years in a row. Worst division in football. Won with under 500 record. Get him outta here.

  10. Dave Pear Says:

    Did someone actually combine McKay’s Bucs coaching record which had 3 winning seasons out of 9 including an 0-26 start, with Gruden’s, who had 4 winning seasons out of 7, to make some point?



  11. Capt.Tim Says:

    He hs coached the team 2 years.
    2 years= 2 NFC South Champions.
    I really like him. Record wise, that makes him one of the greatest Coaches in
    Buc history.
    That makes me a big supporter!
    Whats not to Like?

    Now He just needs to Win a Super Bowl, to become the greatest Coach in Buc History.

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    OrlandoBucFAn … ‘McKay’s record is a poor measure of his performance.’

    Couldn’t agree more. And that was the point of the following in my comment …

    ‘All 4 had excellent coaching experience prior to getting the HC gig here. But nothing else is even similar: different eras, different players, different competition, even different NFL rules.’

  13. heyjude Says:

    Love the Bowles video and pics! His stoic demeanor is fine with me. But seeing how he handles the stress is something to be said too. He does have his moments.

    I think Todd can be stubborn, especially with those time-outs. I always think of the song, “Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care, we’ve all got time enough to cry.” We care and we get really frustrated.

    Blast from the past John McKay. From what I have read and seen about him, he gets applauds for his time with the Trojans and the great team he had at that time. My understanding is that he did stick up for Doug Williams for a better contract that unfortunately was not done, and Doug left. That was a big loss for the Bucs. But McKay tried. Says a lot about him.

  14. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    John McKay got his applauds from those one liners he was so famous for.
    Some real zingers.
    ‘I believe in this teams execution,
    I’m all in favor of it’
    ‘Capece is kaput’
    That man was hilarious.
    It’s too bad he got hamstrung financially by the owner, with keeping/signing good players, but stuff happens.
    Bowles to me is a tom Landry type. He seldom wears his emotions on his sleeve, like chucky did. 2 different styles with some good results!

  15. Buclover1988 Says:

    lol “didn’t have no hee-hee ha-ha”. that’s an incredible line. I love Yaya diaby.

  16. Buclover1988 Says:


    that’s a very awesome line of thinking. many people don’t look at all the variables when evaluating someone’s performance. had to make a roster out of castoffs from other team and as you stated, didn’t get extra picks for being an expansion team at that time. kudos to you for bringing this to light.

  17. Daniel Hammond Says:

    Todd rocks