Film Gurus: Trevor Lawrence = Baker Mayfield

June 27th, 2024

Joe likes a good Bucs bargain as much as the next fan, especially at quarterback.

Two noted film junkies see that in Baker Mayfield.

Historic Xs and Os guy Greg Cosell of NFL Films was talking NFC South with former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker today on Tucker’s popular podcast.

The subject of quarterback salaries arose.

As fans know, the top-dog QB when it comes to a contract currently is Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence, the 2021 No. 1 overall pick.

Tucker point blank asked Cosell if Lawrence, at $55 million annually, is a significantly different player than Mayfield, whose new deal averages roughly $33 million per year.

Cosell didn’t hesitate.

“Not at this moment in time. No,” Cosell said. “And I studied Lawrence really hard this year and I talked to some coaches about him, and what I saw on tape is exactly what coaches said.”

That had Tucker pointing out what a great value Mayfield is — while Cosell said Lawrence has more unrealized potential than Mayfield but Mayfield is very good within his game.

Spin it however you wish. The Bucs got a Pro Bowl quarterback in his prime for a very team-friendly salary.

Joe suspects this will be another season of NFC South team owners looking at Mayfield and wondering why they overpaid/overinvested.

29 Responses to “Film Gurus: Trevor Lawrence = Baker Mayfield”

  1. Rod Munch Says:


  2. JimBobBuc Says:

    Regular Season Rank (best to worst)
    Bake Lawrence
    Compl % 25th 15th
    Yds/Att 19th 18th
    Yds/Compl 16th 20th
    TD/Att 11th 26th
    INT/Att 13th 29th
    TD/INT 11th 30th

    Looks like Bake had better stats last year than Lawrence.

  3. westernbuc Says:

    Lawrence is the better physical specimen and doesn’t have the injury history that Baker has. The talent isnt that far apart.

  4. Dave Pear Says:

    Baker is better than the dude who looks like a chick Tom Brady would want to date.

  5. garro Says:

    Two totally different guys. Ridiculous!

    Cosell has been smokin that stuff with RG in the downstairs closet me thinks.

    Go Bucs!

  6. Beeej Says:

    but…..but…..but…. 54 QBR!!!!!

  7. CallTheSaltTruck Says:

    Trevor Lawrence in his first three seasons:

    52 Games Played
    21-31 Record
    12320 Yards (237 YPG)
    63 TDs
    44 INT

    Baker Mayfield in HIS first three seasons, including the playoffs

    48 Games Played
    25-23 Record
    11582 Yards (241 YPG)
    79 TDs
    44 INT

    I mean, Baker is clearly the better of the two, but Baker never got considered for the kind of bag Lawrence got. IMO, Baker is STILL the better QB, and hasn’t reached his full potential in TB yet. We didn’t just get a steal, we basically committed highway robbery vs the current going rate for QBs.

    Before anyone @s me about Urban Meyer being terrible for Lawrence’s first season, reminder: Hue Jackson + Gregg Williams + Freddy Kitchens, and that was Baker’s first TWO seasons.

    Advantage Baker, and it’s not even that close.

  8. D Cone Says:

    Had Mayfield kept his mouth shut and stuck to his business in CLV he probably would still be there and making TL money. Instead he got in a pissing match with OBJ. Mayfield must have thought he was the greatest thing ‘Ever’ like folks had been telling him all along.
    Stefanski didn’t give a shit what kind of juice either had and ran them both out of town.

    Mayfield started his career behind one of the best O Lines in the league, a dominant running game and, a competitive defense on the rise. He F’ed that up and also accepted the below market deal because of how things went due his actions
    Nothing like a serving of Humble Pie to change how a person goes about things.

  9. teacherman1983 Says:

    Big difference?

    Lawrence gets scared.

    Bane gets MAD!

    I love having a gangster pirate cowboy from Texas as our QB.

    Baker is the definition of a tackle breaking swashbuckler!

    Lawrence? Just a pretty boy.

  10. heyjude Says:

    Baker was definitely a great deal and we are so lucky he stayed here. He is the underdog that usually no one gives any credit to. He isn’t the shiny new thing. He is Baker Mayfield! Respected, humble, strong work ethic, and committed. The stats prove he is in the game. Trevor’s money was a shock when it came out. I think he had different injuries in 2023 including concussion protocol. Baker had no injuries in 2023 that took him out of a game. Baker ranked high for QB TDs. Higher than Lawrence. You better believe other teams are watching him and wondering why they overpaid for less, especially the Browns. Their huge error was our gain.

  11. WiseCrack Says:

    If we are comparing the numbers vs the talent and coaches over the first 5 years. There is a guy that would like you to Check Yo Sheet.

    Amazingly enough, yeah, DAAAA Bucs, let the better of the 3 go and signed the lesser of the 3.

    Which I like it, not complaining whatsoever. Just makes me that more confident that what I see in Kyle is real.

    Kyle breaks the mold of hyped QBs coming in and flopping. Sorta like that guy on the 49ers.

    Baker will be remembered as the bridge QB from Brady to Kyle. LOL

  12. Towered Says:

    NFL owners are largely impetuous children who think their ham-handed actions are brilliant surgical procedures.

    Paying your QB top dollar doesn’t command respect in the locker room. That money might as well come from the other players wallets, and it’s ridiculous to think it benefits your team. Why would a player respect their QB for taking more of the salary cap than they earn?

  13. Whodat Says:

    I’m going to say it one last time. Kyle Trask never started for his HIGH SCHOOL team. He is not a great or under rated QB. He is a decent backup, and seems to be a really good person. He is not however even close to Baker as a QB. Didn’t win a Heisman. Wasn’t drafted first.

  14. MRWright88 Says:

    I’m hoping for 2 good/great seasons from Baker, followed by an extension that gets him to the market rate.

    If Baker can demonstrate consistency at a reasonably high level, he becomes the Bucs long term answer. Don’t know if that’ll happen, but it’s what every Bucs fan should hope for. A “Duh!” comment I know…but having a stability at QB for 6-7 seasons would go a long way to keeping the Bucs in yearly contention.

  15. Bakersbucs says Says:

    OMG:beeger, wisecrack head,been,u people r jokers

  16. Diana Robertson Says:

    Baker is a superior person and player.

    Not even a comparison! I wouldn’t have given Lawerence anything but a 1year prove it deal but once again jags over pay a non performer.

    Baker, who just isn’t money motivated, gave TB the ultimate hometown deal. Love Baker Mayfield more and more and more. H e just continues to prove himself as a stand up and very talented QB for all time. With a decent organization, like Tampa Bay, there is no telling what Mayfield’s ceiling is.
    Boomer super Sooner!

  17. vadertime Says:

    I am not sure the two QBs are comparable. They have different styles and come from different college systems. The Jax Jags have not had good QBs under center for most of their 2 decade existence. Lawrence was good at Clemson, because Clemson had a great coach with a system that produced some very good QBs. Baker, on the other hand, appears to have raw talent and can improvise when plays break down. Making a statement like Lawrence having more headroom to grow is a stupid statement. In 3 years in Jax, Lawrence has not had a stellar year. Most years have been average or slightly above average. Baker had to deal with the mess that is the Browns and the Browns are still a mess after they overpaid for Deshawn Watson, who has failed to ignite the offense in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay is a much more stable club with a lot of talented players, which should give Baker the opportunity to show if he can be great. Go Bucs.

  18. Pinellas Paul Says:

    Whodat Says: “I’m going to say it one last time. Kyle Trask never started for his HIGH SCHOOL team.”

    And Michael Jordan was CUT from his high school team!!! LMAO!!!

  19. Pinellas Paul Says:

    Apples and oranges. Lawrence has played only 3 seasons to Mayfield’s 6 seasons.

  20. LANshark Says:

    Jordan was cut in Jr High, not High School. And that was before he grew.

  21. Goodbuc'nlife Says:

    Trevor Lawrence in IMO is the epitome of “Jock”. Doesn’t really put in the work and relies on talent and looks too much as an identity. I thought he was overrated coming out of Clemson. Baker is a freaking grinder. He puts in work to get better. He’s very self aware. I wasn’t much a Baker fan coming out of OK. I thought he was too arrogant but have always liked his grit though. I have a feeling Baker will get the Kurt Cousins treatment in two years. His huge bag is being filled up now. Mark my work.

  22. GoneGator Says:

    Most QB’s would be broken after the sh** that Baker’s been thru but he appears to have come out of it smarter, stronger, humbler, more mature and hungrier than ever.

    The Bucs got lucky. Baker got lucky too!

    After a few deep runs and/or a SB this will be discussed again. And Baker will cash in but in the meantime it appears he’s happy to have found a “home” and the type of culture he can thrive in.

    I’d take Baker over Lawrence without hesitation. And Tua, and Love, and the same is true of a MANY of these QB’s signing 45-55 mill contracts. Only a handful of QBs I’d rather have right now.

  23. Saskbucs Says:

    Call the Salt Truck is killing it on here with his posts lately. Well done. Only way I would take Lawrence over Baker is if you flipped their salaries.

  24. Shane Callahan Says:

    Callthesalttruck is smart. Dcone has no idea what he’s talking about.

  25. Shane Callahan Says:

    Baker would still be in Cleveland if it was up to his coaches and teammates. You look silly if you state otherwise. Period.

  26. Darncat Says:


  27. Darncat Says:

    D Cone: you obviously saw up close none of what happened in Cleveland. Baker was a model player and leader here and he got thrown under the bus simply because evil conman criminal Haslem was obsessed with the predator Watson. Here’s EXACTLY what happened:

  28. Darncat Says:

    So that’s that. Now Tampa Bay has a very good chance to be one of the only teams ever to win a Superbowl with a retiring HOF QB and then win it again with a new franchise QB within just a few seasons. Thank your lucky stars that Jimmy Haslem is a terrible human being and also a moron: because of this, the Bucs can keep the winning going when otherwise it would have needed a complete rebuild due to the salary cap situation. The Bucs dynasty is still in play, but the Browns won’t win a darn thing, I can tell you that.

  29. Fujfdfhh Says:

    What is wrong with this comment section?

    [Helps not to use different handles. So that begs the question, “Why are you using different handles?” — Joe]