Dave Canales On Being Hired By “Gassed” Todd Bowles

June 28th, 2024

Did his homework.

So new Stinking Panthers head coach Dave Canales decided to break up his vacation in the mountains of Washington state to appear on Peter Schrager’s podcast.

Scharger’s gig as co-host of “Good Morning Football” is up in the air as the NFL decided to wreck the best sports morning show, move it to Los Angeles and possibly have three new co-hosts. (Kyle Brandt reportedly is not moving but will make appearances on the show; Jason McCourty already said he’s out; Scharger is undecided).

But that doesn’t mean Schrager is unemployed. He’s got his podcast rolling and sponsored!

Canales, last year’s Bucs offensive coordinator, didn’t speak much about the Bucs other than to somewhat discuss his time working with Baker Mayfield. But Canales did have an interesting nugget about interviewing with Tampa Bay.

When the Bucs said they were going to interview a lot of folks for the position in January of 2023, Canales said they weren’t pulling anyone’s leg and he was the 13th or 14th coach Bowles interviewed.

And Canales said Bowles was physically fried by the process.

“I could tell he was completely gassed with the whole process,” Canales said. “‘How many more of these do we have?'”

Maybe that worked in Canales’ favor? Bowles may have been sick of interviewing people and just said to himself, “Aw, this guy will do let’s get this over with.”

So when the Bucs say they will do their homework, it appears they’re not lying.

24 Responses to “Dave Canales On Being Hired By “Gassed” Todd Bowles”

  1. BillyBucco Says:

    Glad Bowles waited for the right guy. Filling out 2 successful back to back OC jobs will be a tough task statistically speaking. Hopefully we got better.
    I think the roster is top 10 and analysts are missing the boat.
    I see more Boat Parades in the next 5 years.

  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Was hard for Bowles to find someone willing to work for him is my guess. Dave sure took off quickly.

  3. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    And I mean because of his past head coaching record before Tampa.

    If Liam Coen does a great job, I think Bowles might strike gold and find huge success.

  4. heyjude Says:

    I think anyone that has been involved in the interviewing processes are fatigued after a fourth interview. And if you have a list of over 14 interview spots, that is beyond exhaustion. Canales should feel lucky. Because of Todd, he got a HC job after one year of being an OC.

  5. Irishmist Says:

    Is a defensive coach really the best choice to chose an OC? That’s kind of like having Ozzy Osborne conduct interviews for the new conductor of the Met.

  6. Stanglassman Says:

    I think Dave took off because he was offered a head coaching job in the NFL. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about working for Todd. If you’re saying his job security wasn’t as secure as other NFL coaches, that’s fair.

  7. Pewter Power Says:

    Why’s wouldn’t Liam pop up on their radar last year for coordinator

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    Bonzai … ‘Was hard for Bowles to find someone willing to work for him is my guess. Dave sure took off quickly.’

    Come on Bonzai, that’s bogus & you know it. Todd’s defensive staff has been with him here since 2019. And go ahead & tell me that if someone offered you one of the 32 head coaching jobs in the NFL that you’d turn it down. Of course Canales accepted; huge jump in pay & responsibility. Isn’t that what almost all OCs & DCs aspire to?

  9. heyjude Says:

    Pewter Power Says: “Why’s wouldn’t Liam pop up on their radar last year for coordinator.”

    Good point. I think because he was already committed to coaching at Kentucky or maybe he interviewed and wasn’t first choice at the time.

  10. Dude Says:

    “Of course Canales accepted; huge jump in pay & responsibility. Isn’t that what almost all OCs & DCs aspire to?”

    After 14 years as an assistant?! It’s a no brainer to take an opportunity that’s essentially the pinnacle of the profession of coaching football.

  11. Dave Pear Says:

    @Irishmist — LOL — Ozzie at the Met. Brilliant!

  12. SlyPirate Says:

    Tough to hire a talented coach with $80M in dead cap and no QB.

  13. Pinellas Paul Says:

    That’s a lot of hopeful OCs thinking Bowles would be gone after 2023 and they would get the HC gig.

  14. BucFanforLife Says:

    After 14 interviews, I would have hired the guy on the spot if he only had a pulse! I’d quit if I had to interview that many people for one job 😏

  15. Crickett Baker Says:

    Talk about difficult. Judas Canals took some other coaches and 2 good players from us (Gill and Moore) when he left. No rest for the weary. I really commend the Buc organization for rolling with those punches.

  16. catcard202 Says:

    Doing your homework vs being indecisive…You choose.

    By the time Bowles hired Canales, the cupboard of worthwhile OC candidates was damn near bare.

    Luckily, it worked out – with the Bucs finding a way to clinch the NFC South after closing the season in a 5-1 tear DEC/JAN….But it sure as heck looked like a “WTF was Bowles thinking hiring this guy” season during the 1-6 slide OCT-NOV.

  17. infomeplease Says:

    DC is soon going to realize what great organizations he had been employed by. Seattle and Tampa. And why that is so important!!! That place he’s at now… Living hell!!!!!!!!! If it hasn’t sunken in yet… It sure will soon! 😎

  18. Daniel Hammond Says:

    We need some football games back this is just getting boring talking about this stuff that was last year now we have a new offensive coordinator hopefully he’s good but he did not leave because of bowls he left because he had a chance at a head coaching job

  19. Jake been there since the beginning Says:

    Give Credit to Canales minus the running up the middle knowing the outcome. We had a pretty good season. Baker came in on a mission and didn’t have much of a choice other than throwing the ball, and he did a really good job. I imagine there are going to be a few more interseptions second year but he has receivers and McMillan is ready. Palmer, I seen some talk about using him a little different. That sounds good!! He’s really fast!! Let’s Go Bucs!!!!

  20. 76 bucsfan46 Says:

    Come on guy’s what did Canales really do. Did you watch the play calls lol. The guy ran the football into the worst part of the OLine relentlessly, it was brutal to watch. The savior of our offense was Baker scrambling around like a mad hatter to try and rescue the play. Hell it almost put Baker out for the season because he had to run for his life. Canales is nothing more than avg.

  21. DayOnePaul Says:

    Good luck dave.

  22. Christopher Says:

    Not many coaches are willing to move across the country for a lame duck Coach. Fortunately for Dave Canales he was stuck in Seattle and needed a franchise to give him the opportunity to call plays and run his system. In Tampa he found a perfect opportunity to do both. Tampa didn’t have many options. In this case it worked out well for both parties. Boles is still likely a lame duck Coach and Canales got a big pay raise. I like Bowles and hope that Cohen’s offense performs as well as last years team did. But with the NFC South improving Tampa’s playoff window appears to be closing

  23. garro Says:

    I seem to remember a bunch of guys who had no chance, a bunch who were not gonna take the job anyway and a few who were Rooney rule guys…This Job was not an attractive proposition for lots of reasons. So yeah I would be surprised if Todd looked stoked at any of the interviews. Don’t think I would use the word “gassed” though Dave.

    Go Bucs!

  24. Debbie⁴ Says:

    Without Todd Bowles, Canales would not be head coach. He should not get so full of himself, and trash someone who gave him a chance. Unlike others, I do not wish him well, he is not a Buc. He stayed in the same conference. I don’t wish the Saints and the Falcons well either. Go Bucs!!