Catch Up On Your Ira Kaufman Podcast Listening

June 26th, 2024

Catch up on your Ira Kaufman Podcast listening

Plenty on the Buccaneers buffet in Episode 1 of this week. The Sage has lots on his mind. A new episode will post on Saturday morning.

The wisdom and fun of Ira and Joe is presented by Bill Currie Ford. Click play above or listen at Apple Podcasts or, Other platforms and here on the website, too.

3 Responses to “Catch Up On Your Ira Kaufman Podcast Listening”

  1. MDBucs Says:

    It’s impossible to hear the podcast. Audio was abysmal
    There’s clear audio. When posted yesterday there was an audio upload issue for about 30 minutes.–Joe

  2. Crack3r K Says:

    Looking for the good audio. Not updated on Apple Podcasts. Usually it’s also here on the JBF website. 🤷
    It’s there. –Joe.

  3. Crack3r K Says:

    Found it. Delete the previous download and redownload.