“Calijah’s Got A Pass Rush Guy”

June 26th, 2024

Second-year defensive tackle Calijah Kancey.

Tampa Bay players are on vacation — except the ones that aren’t.

Buccaneers Ring of Honor general manager Jason Licht might be on an island somewhere loading up on cold drinks, hot meals and tasty waves, but a few of his pass rushers have been busy.

It was a working weekend for defensive tackle Calijah Kancey and edge rushers Yaya Diaby and José Ramirez, the noted practice squad warrior and 2023 seventh-round draft pick.

Diaby hopped on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Movin’ The Chains last week and noted how he made the trek from Tampa to Miami to prepare for whatever Kancey had lined up for him.

“Calijah’s got a pass rush guy that’s going to help us out this weekend,” Diaby said. “I told [Kancey], I said, ‘Whenever you say pass rush, I’m down there.'”

Man, Joe loves the dedication of this Buccaneers roster and Joe thinks the bond of second-year defensive beasts Diaby and Kancey is underappreciated. It’s way too early to say they’re a Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks historic draft pairing (1995). But they’re certaintly no Adrian Clayborn/Da’Quan Bowers duo (2011).

If Kancey and Diaby each take the sophomore leap many good players do, then the Bucs are just about sure to have a dangerous defense in 2024.

52 Responses to ““Calijah’s Got A Pass Rush Guy””

  1. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Aren’t they going to pass rush summit held by von Miller and Max Crosby?

  2. A Bucs Fan Says:

    to the*

  3. D-Rok Says:

    What a cowinkidink – Gregory got a “guy,” too! 😉

  4. D-Rok Says:

    From the pic above, man look at them chiseled calves. Good quads, too.

    Let’s go! Go Bucs ! ! !

  5. DoooshLaRue Says:

    I’m getting excited about our D.

  6. Usfbuc Says:

    I don’t want to get too high on our guys and get disappointed but if they do make a jump this year and another guy steps up, we might have a solid line.

  7. Crickett Baker Says:

    Hearing players just saying the words “Pass rush” makes my heart glow!

  8. Let ‘em bake Says:

    Maybe the tech exists to clone Merlin Olsen and rosy Greer…

  9. Citrus County Says:

    I have concerns about Gregory being a negative influence in the locker room. However, given the makeup of this team, this might be just what he needs. Perhaps this locker room is so fundamentally sound with such strong work ethics and desire that the overall character will have a positive and beneficial effect on him. Just maybe a man with admitted social anxiety issues will find support, make friends and flourish. I’ll reverse my unkind ” dump him now” thoughts.

    So, with some nervous anxiety of my own, I’ll root for the guy.

    Jason Licht gets the benefit of the doubt.

  10. Citrus County Says:

    After some more thought, perhaps Gregory’s anxiety issues were viewed by the medical establishment as needing pharmaceuticals “for the cure”. Maybe Gregory said “no way Jose” and chose to go the CBD route.

    I’m giving Gregory the benefit of the doubt, for now.

  11. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Citrus County – what’s crazy is he’s only damaging himself. High dose and prolonged THC use damages the frontal lobe which increases anxiety and instances of psychosis.

  12. SlyPirate Says:

    Why aren’t JTS, Hall, or Braswell in on this?

  13. Citrus County Says:

    @A Bucs Fan Says:

    Knowing absolutely nothing about CBD’s, I’m hoping he has enough sense and guidance to be under sound medical advice.

  14. Citrus County Says:

    A Bucs Fan Says:
    June 26th, 2024 at 5:42 pm
    Citrus County – what’s crazy is he’s only damaging himself. High dose and prolonged THC use damages the frontal lobe which increases anxiety and instances of psychosis.

    CBD itself does not contain THC, but some CBD products may have small amounts of THC due to contamination or other factors.
    THC is a psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, responsible for the “high” associated with marijuana use.
    The legal status of CBD and THC varies depending on the jurisdiction, with CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC considered legal under federal law in the United States.

    A simple search of CBD turned this up.

  15. 74 Bucs Fan Says:

    I just arrived in Miami from Tampa – work trip. Can’t wait to see Miami in the rear view on the way back home.

    Hoping these two crush it this year.

  16. Citrus County Says:

    While more studies are needed to understand it, some research suggests that CBD may help conditions such as:

    Nerve-related pain

    This is found on WebMd.

  17. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @Citrus County right, yet Gregory is suing the league because he being fined for using THC infused products. Not CBD. In many cases that positive effect is a perceived effect rather than an actual improvement and leads to a negative impact over time.

    As someone who used Dr. Dedi Meiri’s research from The Technion Society as a foundation to assist in healing from a serious undisclosed medical
    issue I can attest to the many benefits and cautions of different ratios of THC, 140 different cannabinoids, and many hundreds of alkaloid compounds that influence the endocannabinoid system.

  18. BridleOaksBuc Says:

    A pass rush guy. From South Florida. JPP?

  19. teacherman1983 Says:

    @bucs fan

    Who taught you that?

    Totally untrue.

    It’s proven to be effective against concussions.- Israeli scientists

    Stop with the misinformation

    Free Mike James

  20. Citrus County Says:

    @A Bucs Fan Says:

    I stand informed and educated. If that is indeed the case, we don’t need him in the locker room.

    It doesn’t seem likely that Jason Licht and Todd Bowles were as uninformed as myself. So WTF is going on ?

  21. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Teacherman1983 – this is where diving deep is important. Dr. Dedi Meiri is the TOp Israeli scientist who has the largest research lab in the world on cannabinoids and he probably contributed to or helped create the research you’re referring to.

    I don’t disagree either. It can absolutely help with concussions, TBI, Stroke recovery immediately after it happens. It also treats many more conditions but it depends on the ratio of cannabinoids and THC. Each strain has its own finger print to treat a particular disease or condition. It is also true that high dose THC damages the frontal lobe, causes panic attacks and psychosis. It’s clinically proven. End of story. That’s why I caution high THC products. I would say that 95% of folks should stay under 30% unless on hospice care.

  22. Citrus County Says:

    @A Bucs Fan Says:

    My compliments. You appear to have a vast knowledge on CBD and THC. That indicates to me extensive study and/or a combined medical background.

  23. Rod Munch Says:

    I expect big things from Kancey in year 2, he’s got all the traits of a special player.

  24. Bakersbucs says Says:

    A bucsfansays after that post & total mumbo jumbo wtf who wants to take garbage whatever happened to just getting high on life drugs suck doesn’t matter what kind u take pharma or street drugs shove-um where the sun don’t shine real athletes get high on Life it’s for winners

  25. Bakersbucs says Says:

    THC is for LOSERS & Dopers

  26. A Bucs Fan Says:

    Bakersbucs – you have to be someone who has seen people gravely impacted by drugs. I am sorry for your experiences. I personally was never under the influence in the way you are referencing. I used a medically approved formulation for a finite period of time to aid healing from a condition I will not disclose. I did it with great success. It was not used to get high. Although I can appreciate your view of not wanting to be reliant on any substance and your responsible and resilient attitude. That’s a good thing to have these days. I actually agree with you and that’s why I advocate for restorative and curative care versus just the management of symptoms to enable people to be drug free and reclaim their quality of life. We can agree on that.

  27. Stanglassman Says:

    Isn’t Jason in Machu Picchu with his family?

  28. GoneGator Says:

    I don’t know how these comments get so off topic. An article about Kancey and Yaya turns into A bunch of yoyo’s debating THC and passing judgement (good or bad) about a man you DO NOT KNOW in a situation you’ve never been in.

    I understand the concern about the cultural fit but I’m confident the staff know what they’re doing. For those of you who are giving the man the benefit of the doubt, and who are hoping he gets the medical and mental help he needs to succeed and to be happy I salute you 👍🏼

  29. kb Says:

    JTS why arent you down there?

  30. Fred McNeil Says:

    I did dearly love the stuff till my health made me quit. One thing i can tell you is that the stuff they sell nowadays is much, much stronger than it was in the past. Another thing i can state for a fact is that any research these days will always reflect the hypothesis of the people funding it.

  31. Hearty Dikerson Says:

    “It’s way too early to say they’re a Warren Sapp/Derrick Brooks historic draft pairing (1995). But they’re certaintly no Adrian Clayborn/Da’Quan Bowers duo.”

    Is this just 20/20 hindsight? Or were there indications after just 1 year that Clayborn/Bowers had no work ethic?

  32. bucs bucs bucs Says:

    BakersBucs– Are you kidding me? Do you say the same about alcohol?

  33. Citrus County Says:

    Joe says: “Man, Joe loves the dedication of this Buccaneers roster…”

    I take responsibility for changing the topic of the thread. My comments were centered around the concern of a disruptive force being introduced into the obvious high character environment Jason has been building. That (in my opinion) will make us winners. I was not fully aware of the issue Gregory has with regard to his lawsuit. I thought it was all about CBD’s not THC. However, if Jason signs a player that consumes manufactured potent THC and then that player blows off mini camp, that is a bad message to send to the players and to the Bucs community. That does not reflect well on the front office or the head coach.

  34. Citrus County Says:

    Could it be that a player might want to be able to take CBD’s with a level of THC in them to cover up for the use of recreational wacky weed ?

  35. Citrus County Says:

    In no way am I condemning Gregory for his use of “supplements”.
    I’m not a casuist. As one who came of age in the ’60’s my eyes are wide open.

    Per nflpa.com; April 20 – August 9

    All players receive one annual test under the SOA policy. The SOA annual test does not test for THC.
    This testing may only happen in groups. Free Agents: you will usually be tested within a week of signing, and will be tested if you have not already had the annual.

    Perhaps that is why he failed to report.

  36. Citrus County Says:

    Maybe the front office doesn’t have a problem having a “toker” on the roster if he can produce 3-4 sacks.

  37. heyjude Says:

    Great hearing about Kancey and Diaby working out and their dedication.

    Gregory has a lawsuit in order to take alternative drugs and therapeutic measures. We do not know what has happened in his life for him to need help. But he like others have the right to fight for what he knows works for him. There are millions just like him and in the NFL. I sort of get the feeling he is fighting for them too. Opioids are not the end all. There are alternatives. Sadly, many that start off on an Opioid for anxiety, pain, et al, and then cannot get them, go onto street drugs. They mix the wrong drugs together from the streets and have an accidental OD. This happened to one of my young family members and it is something you never ever get over.

    We also have never heard of Gregory causing any problems in the locker room. If he had been, we definitely would have heard about it. Right now due to his lawsuit, it’s status quo. I am going to see how this plays out and not judge him for having mental health problems, like many others that are in the NFL and other sports too.

  38. Scotty Mack Says:

    THC – CBD, I couldn’t care less. Can the guy ball and be an asset to the locker room? If so, pop what you need, puff what you want (if approved and legal).

  39. Pickgrin Says:

    A Bucs Fan Says:
    “High dose and prolonged THC use damages the frontal lobe, causes panic attacks and psychosis. It’s clinically proven ”

    Clinically proven my a$$ – Thats a crock of BS. Cite your sources. Cannabis use does NOT harm the brain in any way, shape or form.

    Humans have built in cannabinoid receptors in the brain – and the human body even creates its own version of cannabis compounds called endocannabinoids. These are part off the endocannabinoid system – one of the largest neurotransmitter networks in the human body which help the brain and the body communicate with each other via nerve cells and acts as a homeostatic regulator (IE: it helps maintain optimal balance in the body).

    SOME people do experience anxiety from cannabis use (typically sativas more so than indicas) and a very very small % of individuals with pre-existing psychosis (like schizophrenia) can experience the negative effects of those disorders being amplified by cannabis use…..

    But saying smoking or ingesting marijuana “causes panic attacks and psychosis” as a blanket statement is completely false. And saying it “damages the frontal lobe” is even more egregious. Completely untrue!

    The vast majority of humans can safely use any form of this plant without ANY negative effects. (unless you’re fat and consider ‘the munchies’ a negative side effect – LOL)

  40. garro Says:

    I love it!

    However don’t the Bucs have a “pass rush guy” on staff?

    Wonder what the Bucs coaches and Jason think about this kind of thing.
    Just thinking …

    Go Bucs!

  41. heyjude Says:

    Agreed, Pickgrin. Well said.

    In fact many veterans will tell you how it helps their PTSD and other concerns. No clinical proof of it being harmful. But there are many side effects from mainstream Pharma drugs.

    I have never tried any alternative or Opioids but it isn’t up to me to say what works for another. Gregory knows what works for him and may be fighting for others too.

    The NFL players can’t consume CBD products that contain more than 0.3% THC. We can bet that approximately 70+ percent smoke weed. The NFL needs to evolve on this.

  42. A Bucs Fan Says:

    PickGrin- I don’t think this is place to further engage on the topic by posting sources on JBF. Joe doesn’t care for hijacker’s and this isn’t the space to do it.

    You obviously have some knowledge on cannabis and the body’s endocannabinoid system. That’s more than most. It’s also obvious you feel strongly about this subject and passion can be good. Except in this case it temporarily hindered your reading comprehension ability. I made no such blanket statement or claim about marijuana. My claims surround high dose or rather high potency THC which is one chemical out of almost 600 naturally occurring chemicals in the plant. It’s really like anything else in that too much of a “good” thing becomes a bad thing. The interest and push for higher potency THC products is what’s causing the increase in psychiatric effects and my primary motivation to caution folks. I mean even my recommendation of 30% or less is still considered high potency. Ideally people would stay between 6-15 unless they had a very specific condition they were treating that required a higher concentration. That’s harder to do these days with many street strains and big marijuana pushing products that have between 60-90% THC.

    You can also find plenty of research using the name of the professor/scientist I posted above. He’s someone who did not have any constraints, like many doctors in the US, in his search for the truth about the use of the plant.

    Again this will be my last reply on the subject. I recognize I engaged in the subject and I should not have because it takes a lot of communication to find understanding and this is a place for football. I admit my mistake and I’d like to keep it to football from now on. Thanks for your reply! Keep learning! Go Bucs!

  43. Jonny Says:

    Diaby is an average edge player with the skillset to max out as a solid starter and a second fiddle to a premium OLB/edge. Shaq was still our best pass rusher last year and that is how bad Bucs pass rush is currently.

  44. Pickgrin Says:

    A Bucs Fan –

    Your 1st post in totality:

    “what’s crazy is he’s only damaging himself. High dose and prolonged THC use damages the frontal lobe which increases anxiety and instances of psychosis.”

    It was a blanket statement and it was false – so thats why I called you out

    Sick of all the lies about this plant over the last 90 years – and you are just adding to them saying that ish.

    Of course “too much of a good thing” is at play. Thats called life and making decisions in the moment. If you eat 2 dozen Krispy Kreams in 1 sitting – you won’t like the results. If you drink a case of beer in one night you will probably be very sorry a few hours later. If you swallow an entire bottle of aspirin you will die. If you drank 10 gallons of water in 1 hour you would die….

    Most people apply a degree of common sense when using or ingesting anything.

    High THC flower and other higher THC cannabis products means less consumption needed to achieve the desired effect.

    Feel free to keep smoking your 9% dirt weed if thats what you think is best for you….. LOL

    I’ll stick with the top shelf 30+% flower thank you…. and even sprinkle some 60% thc hash on top for good measure from time to time.

    Life’s too short to smoke crappy weed….

  45. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @Pickgrin it would appear your position is grounded in self indulgence and not medicinal use. It’s also obvious you are defensive about your own personal choices and do not have the capacity to engage in civil discourse. Your desire to be right here is so deep you are experiencing episodic cognitive challenges because you continue to fail to comprehend that THC is not marijuana. THC is merely one compound found in the plant itself. Meaning what I wrote is true. It has been measured and repeated in the literature around the world. Not just the US research where admittedly the research is limited, restricted by law and is marred by greedy motives that undermines its reliability.

    It served its purpose in my life. I currently have no use for it. You are free to do as you wish. I wish you well.

  46. Pickgrin Says:

    Playing presumptive physician and psychologist all in one high brow response eh?

    How impressed you must be with yourself.

    “THC is merely one compound found in the plant itself.”

    Yes – the ONE compound that the vast majority of people who use cannabis are seeking.

  47. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @Pickgrin – I apologize. As individuals we are both equipped and limited by our own education, training, and experience. I’m sure in person we’d get along much better. Let’s agree to disagree.

  48. Pickgrin Says:

    Fair enough Bucs Fan.

    But its not a disagreement… What you wrote was plain and simply incorrect. LOL

    Cannabis use (regardless of THC level) absolutely does not “damage” the brain

    “panic attacks” only applies to a small % of people.

    and “psychosis” only applies (potentially) to those with pre-existing and usually severe mental illness.

  49. JoeyBuco Says:

    If they make the jump and someone else steps up you could argue we’d have the best slime in the keague

  50. GoneGator Says:

    @A Bucs Fan
    You’re obviously trying to give the impression you are more knowledgeable on the topics of cannabis, cannabinoids, addiction, anxiety etc. than you really are.

    Stay in your lane bro.

    Many millions of people use cannabis products in various forms to treat many many illness’s. Have for thousands of years.
    I got off of pain meds (heavy narcotics) with the help of cannabis. And ALCOHOL.

    I also stopped using benzo’s (Xanax , Ativan etc) prescribed for anxiety for years. This class of drugs, along with various SSRI’s and anti-depressants are the “usual” meds prescribed for anxiety and they’re ALL much more harmful than THC/Cannabis could ever dream of being. I treat my anxiety now with mindfulness meditation and hash 😊.

    The NFL needs to, and inevitably will, stop testing for THC. The argument has been settled. It’s being legalized everywhere.

    Back to Gregory. I know very little about the man (like most of you) but I hope things work out for him. If he comes to camp I hope he comes ready to ball out. If it doesn’t work out the we cut him and wish him the best.

  51. A Bucs Fan Says:

    @GoneGator -There’s no attempt at anything. I don’t need to be right. I am holding back plenty because I don’t want to give any identifiable information on the internet and I want to respect Joe’s space of keeping this football oriented. Consistently hijacking threads is a fast way to be kicked off here or have responses locked up for awhile (which is fair).

    In any case, congratulations on your personal successes and overcoming your demons. I am genuinely happy for you and outside of the incorrect personal assumptions about me I don’t think there is anything in your response I disagree with.

  52. GoneGator Says:

    @A Bucs Fan – fair enough.
    Apologies to Joe and the members who were trying to keep comments on topic.

    LFG Bucs!