Baker Mayfield Describes “Effortless” Jalen McMillan

June 4th, 2024

Todd Bowles is watching.

It sounds like the polish is dripping off Buccaneers third-round pick Jalen McMillan, the receiver out the University of Washington.

Baker Mayfield, apparently, has seen enough on the sun-drenched fields of One Buc Palace to make strong declarations.

“Jalen’s got such a natural feel,” Mayfield said McMillan.

“He’s extremely smooth, one of those guys that doesn’t look like he’s really covering a lot of ground because it looks effortless but he really is. He’s a guy that can run every route you have in your route tree. And so, really strong hands at the point of attack. He always attacks the ball when it’s in the air, which is great to see for a young guy, just [to] have that natural tendency.”

Joe loves hearing this because Joe doesn’t think Mayfield is the kind of guy to slobber over a rookie receiver before he sees him in full-contact football — unless it’s legitimate. Across the NFL, it’s underwear football only until very late July, no pads or hitting. So this Mayfield chatter is welcome.

While some coaches resist the NFL’s status as a pass-first league, that’s exactly what it is.

Joe applauds Buccaneers Ring of Honor general manager Jason Licht loading up on receiver talent. Hopefully, McMillan proves he’s more than a spring warrior.

17 Responses to “Baker Mayfield Describes “Effortless” Jalen McMillan”

  1. Jvato24 Says:

    J-Mac may be a player!!!!

  2. Dude Says:

    You can see it on tape, best thing about JMac is he runs route without wasted motion and can usually get himself open off his own fluid motion.

  3. Fred McNeil Says:

    You all make him sound like the second coming of Cris Godwin. I can’t wait to see him.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Much like Russell Gage…..let’s hope he stays healthy

  5. Dewey Selmon Says:

    We could have gotten Payton Wilson at LB and then a WR later. He will be a fan favorite up in Pittsburgh,

  6. JimBobBuc Says:

    J-Mac is a natural slot guy and he doesn’t have the top end speed of Palmer, so it will be interesting to see the packages that Coen uses him in. He may have a big adjustment playing slot in the NFL, since some scouts have knocked his ability to beat press at the line. He should compete with Palmer if J-Mac runs routes so well.

  7. Stanglassman Says:

    Wilson battled a number of injuries during his time in high school and college. He suffered a torn ACL during his final high school season, and a second knee injury early in his college career. He also suffered a shoulder injury that cut his 2021 season short.
    Shoulder injuries on off ball LBs are big red flag. Hopefully he stays healthy but this is why he fell in the draft.

  8. Buc1987 Says:

    JimBobBuc…yes sir, I’m with you let him compete with Palmer.

  9. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    This guy is the reason we won’t resign Godwin for too much money.

  10. westernbuc Says:

    We won a Super Bowl with Evans, Godwin, and AB. Licht knows how important wide receiver depth is

  11. SB~LV Says:

    Yout !
    Great to have some young legs and wanna prove themselves!

  12. geno711 Says:

    If you are under 4.5, that is all the NFL teams are looking for in a receiver. He hit 4.47.

    All the guys at WR that “won” the 40 times have almost all failed as pros.
    John Ross, Henry Ruggs III, Darrius Heyward Bey, etc.

    Justin Jefferson combine results.
    6′ 1″ 202 lbs. 33 arms, 9 1/8 hand, 78 wing, 4.43 40, 37.5 vert, 10.6 broad


    Jalen McMillan combine results.
    6′ 1″ 197 lbs. 32 arms, 10 hand, 77.5 wing, 4.47 40, 37 vert, 10.7 broad

    My point is that he has enough athletic ability to be very, very good. Has to be something else inside you to make you elite.

    Skill set does not just limit him to slot.

  13. heyjude Says:

    Wow, love hearing about McMillan from Mayfield. This is going to be a great season for the Bucs.

  14. Eckwood Says:

    May be Lichts best and most complete draft !!
    His tape is really really Good !! Very Skilled Receiver !!

  15. BigBucsFan Says:

    I don’t think he should be labeled in the slot he can play slots and be our number two I believe all four of our top receivers are very capable of lining up any wide receiver position with the offense on paper looking like a total well-rounded package I cannot wait for the season to start. I believe our defense is well enough we’re going to be in every game competing

  16. SlyPirate Says:

    Reminds me of Tyler Lockett.

  17. 1#bucsfan Says:

    This is good to hear but we gotta wait till the pads come on. Bin down this road before with other players looking great in underwater football then disappear when the pads come on. If he is good tho and the slot is his best position then it will be good for him to sub in for Godwin to give him a break. Can’t wait for the season to start