Standout Commitment For 2024 Mike Evans

May 9th, 2024

So Baker “I got paid” Mayfield was a Day 1 participant in the voluntary Buccaneers offseason program last month.

No big surprise there, but it definitely was noteworthy considering his wife had just had a baby.

All-World left tackle Tristan Wirfs was in the same boat and the Bucs published photos of him alongside Mayfield on arrival day.

Attendance for spring practices and meetings has been good this year at One Buc Palace, per new offensive coordinator Liam Coen.

And Coen stressed this week that the greatest receiver in Tampa Bay history also was in the April mix. That’s a rarity.

“Mike was here early on, the first few days, which I guess was the first time he’s truly been here [in April] in a long time,” Coen said.

Joe is impressed and pleased. Evans has every reason to stay away from One Buc Palace and stay mentally and physically fresh. He also has every reason to be at practice learning a new offense.

30 Responses to “Standout Commitment For 2024 Mike Evans”

  1. Abucsfan Says:

    Joe you are pleased anything Baker Mayfield does. He could throw for 500 yards and throw 4 INTs and be content.

  2. uhmmm Says:


    Didnt know there were bots on JBF too. I thought they were only on social media

  3. Larrd Says:

    Baker Mayfield: “A leader of men.”

    Some won’t ever get it!

  4. Larrd Says:

    The quote is Winston Churchill.

  5. The Fighting Schianoes Says:


    Not entirely sure you are.

  6. Tucker Says:

    Love to see the team bonding like this makes for a better team. Go bucs!!

  7. Koala Says:

    The Fighting Schianoes:

    Very Yoda-esque of you. WP

  8. heyjude Says:

    Sounds like Coen, Mayfield, Evans, and others are pumped up to get going this season. Awesome!

  9. A Bucs Fan Says:

    It’s always great to hear stories about Mike! Looking forward to what this season will look like for him and the rest of the offense with a seasoned OC at the helm.

  10. stpetebucfan Says:

    The two biggest pieces of the Bucs offense are INCREDIBLY motivated.

    ME13 is probably HOF already but another winning season and 1000 yards and he moves into “first round ballot” territory.

    Baker has always played his best with a chip on his shoulder. Last years taste of success followed by all the disrespect including some so called “fans” here on JBF will have him ready to compete. The contract, and the new baby, will give him the focus he needs. Everybody speculates he might “slide back”, to what? Carolina Days? Or the 2 great years he had at Cleveland or the injured OBJ locker room cancer his awful final season there.

    ANYTHING can happen. I get that. But why has everybody ruled out that the Heisman Trophy winning, 2nd place finisher in rookie of the year, Pro Bowl guy
    can’t get even better?

    Think about how very negative you have to be as a so called “FANatic” to look ONLY at the possibility he will regress instead of the other possibilities. He could play simply as well as last year….OR…eat it haters he could also actually improve!!!

    Rich Gannon was in the league 12 years, playing 11 of them, missing an entire injury due to a shoulder injury (does that sound familiar?) before hitting Oakland in year 13 and making the Pro Bowl…then winning 2 AP MVP awards, reaching the SB only to lose to the Bucs. Why is it so hard to even IMAGINE that could happen for Baker? What the efff is wrong with some of you negative nellies.

    NOBODY is asking you to risk your “cred” as a blog expert. Just try a little imagination for ONCE in your life.

  11. The Truth be Told Says:

    If you are not a Bucs Fan-why are You here? Let’s Get Baked!

  12. Boss Says:

    Now if he can just catch the damn ball when it hits him in the hands


  13. Birdie Says:

    Jalen Mc Millan to the rescue! no

  14. BillyBucco Says:

    This is an important year for Evans and probably even less of a chance than last year to hit 1,000 again. McMillan and a year 2 Palmer WILL take some passes away from ME13. I don’t see Coen being as worried about job security and force feeding Evans. Of course Baker knows who butters his bread.
    It’s good to see elite veterans BELIEVE they can show up and hit the ground running on a season that is hopefully an extension of the 6-2 finish.

  15. Mark A Swygert Says:

    Hey, truth be told, I’m pretty sure that some “fans” get on the sites of teams they actually hate because they think playing the role of troll and being constantly negative will diminish a team’s morale and help the team they really root for, usually a division rival. t is a pernicious tactic, and probably a waste of time, because while it does effect the local fans on the site, the players themselves probably seldom log on, if at all.

  16. Conner50 Says:

    Boss commenting with different names just to slander a HOF standout all around Buc. Pure pathetic, no real true Buccaneer fan has anything negative to say about Evans.

  17. ReturnGrudenToRing Says:

    “Joe you are pleased anything Baker Mayfield does. He could throw for 500 yards and throw 4 INTs and be content”.

    The Trask cult refuses to die.

  18. ModHairKen Says:

    Birdie Boss, what an impotent comment.

  19. Indio Mike Says:

    Not at all surprised that ME13 is around this spring. Consummate Professional.

  20. J Says:

    @Boss… the entire media woukd speak up if Mike was having an issue dropping balls, and seemed like a consistent issue. 2015 is the perfect example. Evans was having a tough year bringing in the ball, it was very noticeable, and he was constantly asked about it…but this, you have nothing to worry about. ME is his biggest critic, and very keen and of where he needs to improve.

  21. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Tom Brady work ethic. He taught they learned.

  22. JimBobBuc Says:

    I can’t wait to see Godwin tear it up in the slot! Let’s give Bucky some reps on blitz pickups – yeh I know there’s no contact. How healthy is McMillan?

  23. Shane Callahan Says:

    Not time for haters or trolls. That’s over until they deserve it.

  24. BakerBucs says duh Says:

    I wud b willing to bet baker has something to do with Evans& wirfs showing up to spring training.seems they b bro’s

  25. Shane Callahan Says:

    Seriously, they were 2-3 IOL, 1 Edge, and 1 or 2 D-backs away from a possible Super Bowl. PLUS, they have a much more experienced OC. Quit hating and root for them if you’re a fan.

  26. TampabayDJ Says:

    @Boss – Fixed is what you need your brain to be. Your not a Bucs fan , so please go away

  27. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I was going to rip into Boss but my fellow Buccaneer brethren already took care of that ME13 is going to have a fantastic year because he is going to work even harder than he did last offseason. My favorite Buc all time rite in front of Ronde. I think our team is going to win 11-12 games this year despite our schedule. Get ready for it.

  28. shak Says:

    @Proudbucsfan wasn’t our schedule graded as one of the easiest?

    Hopefully, we get off to another hot start but maintain it throughout. I believe we will rise again!

  29. BIRDIE Says:

    Boss makes a valid point,hall of fame receivers don’t drop balls in the playoffs.

  30. BIRDIE Says:

    P.S.I’ve been a fan since 1976